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Petition to NFL, Roger Goodell

Stop Blackballing Kaepernick!

Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed for exercising his First Amendment Rights and PEACEFULLY protesting police brutality. Fox News claims his current unemployment is completely due to ''football reasons''. However, according to his stats were better than Cam Newton, Eli Manning and Ryan Tannehill's. Another lame excuse they're using is Kaepernick's vegan diet. An executive unapologetically told Mike Freeman(Bleacher Report) that Kaepernick's protest were an embarrassment to football. This is the ONLY reason he has yet to be signed. Let's highlight some of Kaepernick's ''embarassing'' moments during this off-season: -Donated $25,000 to Black Youth Project, Urban Underground, Mothers Against Police Brutality, Causa Justa, Silicon Valley De-Bug, Gathering For Justice, Communities United for Police Reform, I Will Not Die Young Campaign, Black Veterans for Social Justice and, the Center for Reproductive Rights in New York, Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles. He has also donated $50,000 to Meals On Wheels, which Trump made budget cuts to and the same amount to Love Army for Somalia campaign. He put his money where his mouth was as so many people urged him to. -Aside from financial assistance, he started the Know Your Rights Camp, donated 50 custom suits to the 100 Suits for 100 Men organization. He and his girlfriend Nessa Diab personally handed out suits to ex-prisoners outside of a New York probation office. He also donated his personal shoe collection to Bay Area homeless shelters and orphanages.  HOW EMBARRASSING RIGHT? NFL, ROGER GOODELL THIS PETITION WILL SERVE AS A WARNING TO HOW MANY LOYAL NFL FANS YOU WILL LOSE IF COLIN KAEPERNICK IS NOT SIGNED FOR THE 2017 SEASON. EACH NAME ON THIS PETITION VOWS TO BOYCOTT THE NFL UNTIL HE GETS HIS JOB BACK. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE A PLAYER BEING OSTRACIZED FOR SIMPLY BRINGING LIGHT TO THE MURDERS OF INNOCENT AMERICANS BY THE POLICE.         

Andrea Diaz
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