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Petition to Roger Goodell

Boycott NFL Games 10/21/17 if players are still kneeling

  As patriotic Americans we take great exception to the blatant disrespect for our national anthem being shown by certain members of your league.   We understand their desire to bring attention to social injustices that they believe exist, however by using their weekly national spotlight to do so they have not only hijacked your league, they have done so in a way that disrespects the memory of our loved ones and all those before them who died protecting all of our rights and freedoms. It seems disingenuous, at best, to use those rights & freedoms to disrespect the memory of those that gave them to us.    The national anthem represents our country just as much as our flag and the soldiers of our armed forces who protect us.  By disrespecting it in front of millions of our fellow countrymen and women and children these members of your league have brought disgrace upon themselves and the league as a whole despite their stated goal of bringing awareness and unity to their cause.  Many of our youth look up to these individuals and the wrong message is being sent back.   There is no connection between our national anthem, and all that it represents, and the complaints they seek to have addressed.  As a practical compromise we propose that the following rule be considered: "Any member of the NFL who kneels or otherwise displays a visible deviation from the established protocol of standing during the performance of the national anthem during pregame ceremonies shall be fined not less than $50,000.00 for a first offense and not less than $200,000 for any subsequent offense and suspended without pay for a period of not less than one game and not more than the remainder of the season (inclusive of post season). In the event an infraction occurs during the final regular season game or any post season game the penalty shall carry over to the next regular season.  This rule should apply to all members of the NFL present at any sanctioned game during preseason, regular season or post season whether they are on the field or in view of any spectator, broadcaster, photographer, videographer or camera of any kind, including, but not limited to, cellphone cameras.   Members should have the right to remain out of public view during any portion of pregame ceremonies if they are unwilling to abide by this rule.   Members should not be allowed to record themselves or each other during pregame ceremonies regardless if they are participating or not.   If the above rule, or a similar rule, is not implemented by October 20, 2017 we hereby pledge to boycott all games on October 21, 2017 via attendance and broadcast media.  We do this to Protest the Protestors and show solidarity with our law enforcement, armed forces, veterans and fellow Americans.    

Steven Howell
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Petition to Roger Goodell, NFL

NFL Stop Allowing National Anthem Protests

 Being an American in the land of the free and the home of the brave is an honor and privilege not everyone in the world gets to experience.  Hundreds upon thousands of brave Americans have fought and died for this privilege for over two centuries at home and abroad.  Americans have always been drawn together and unified no matter what race, religion, age, gender, or political view for the short few minutes when the star spangled banner is played.  Whether it’s a little league game in Ohio or an NFL game in San Francisco the song and what it stands for remains the same.  Millions of Americans as well as myself and people all over the world are fans of the National Football League.  As with many other professional sports the national anthem is played prior to the start of these events.  Recently San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick has started a trend of protesting our national anthem by kneeling and not showing respect to what it stands for in hopes of bringing attention to racial inequality.  A number of other players and teams have joined him as we have all seen over the course of opening weekend on 9/11.  Trying to explain to my children why these players were doing this as I watched my American flag blowing in the wind out the window, it became very clear something had to be done.  I have instilled patriotism in my children as my father who was a United States Marine did in me.  How could this be happening? Am I essentially witnessing a form of treason? These are just some of the thoughts that ran through my head.  Prior to the start of the 49ers game on 9/12 Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid knelt side by side out in the open in front of the player’s bench as our nation’s anthem was played.  They did so some 20 feet behind men and women in uniform holding the edges of a giant American flag being stretched across the field.  I became even more enraged as I watched media personnel flock in front of them half way through the song to snap pictures and video.  When the song ended the camera stayed focused on Kaepernick for a solid minute to show him slapping hands and hugging teammates in support of his actions.   Let me be clear. I am not a member of any foundation or cause.  I am a blue collar American and an NFL fan.  This petition is not against any cause.  This petition is against the NFL allowing this violation of their own policy.  Make no mistake NFL players are contractual employees and do not fall under the same 1st amendment rights which they are choosing to exercise unopposed as a publicity stunt.  It does not say anywhere that players are required to stand for the national anthem, however, article 51 section 6 of the NFLPA and NFL states the following: Article 51, Section 6 provides that “The NFLPA and the Management Council agree that each will use reasonable efforts to curtail public comments by Club personnel or players which express criticism of any club, its coach, or its operation and policy, or which tend to cast discredit upon a Club, a player, or any other person involved in the operation of a Club, the NFL, the Management Council, or the NFLPA.” I beg this question: On what planet does kneeling for the national anthem and publicly giving interviews as to why, not fall under discredit?  All the while the NFL exercised there enforcement abilities by not allowing the Dallas Cowboys to wear a decal on their helmets commemorating the deaths of five Dallas police officers who were assassinated.  During the month of October the NFL basically lifts the same policy for players and personnel to where pink for breast cancer awareness month.  I'm not saying that either one is right or wrong, I am simply giving a strong example that the NFL has and does openly choose to enforce and not enforce certain policies.  There are plenty of foundations and groups these players could be a part of and donate to publicly in support of what they believe in.  Many players have done so and have been very successful.  Disrespecting our country in front of a worldwide audience to bring attention to these should not and can not be tolerated.  Please join me in forcing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's hand to show reasonable effort to curtail this discredit and bring a stop to this epidemic of blatant disrespect for our great nation.

Eric Sebahar
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Petition to NFL Commissioner

NFL Boycott

Today it became apparent that the NFL plans to do nothing to stop the controversary surrounding standing or kneeling. This is now not only happening on our nations soil, but during the London game as well. Whether you believe these players have the right to do so or not because of their freedoms, they are paid employees during their time on the field and they should not be allowed to take a political stance during such time. -Why this must stop? NFL FOOTBALL SHOULD BE ABOUT FOOTBALL, NOT POLITICAL STANCES. -How can we expect change? 1) Not watching NFL games on TV, listening to NFL games on the radio, or attending any NFL games. 2) Not playing any NFL related games such as Fantasy Football through ESPN, Yahoo, Draft Kings, etc. 3) Not watching NFL network. 4) Not purchasing any NFL products. -What would we like done? Give players the option to either come out and respectfully participate in the pregame ceremony or stay in the locker room until after it is finished. Once they walk onto that field there should be no division and no political statements being made. They are being paid to play football.   I am starting this petition because I am tired of NFL players, who we are ultimately paying by doing all of the above, using our American sport to take a political stance while playing for the National Football League. NFL football is supposed to be something that brings us all together even when we are competing. If the NFL commissioner refuses to put a stop to this, let us join together and refuse to spend money or time on the NFL all together.  I had season tickets last year, play fantasy, and planned to get club tickets for mine and my boyfriend two year anniversary this year. This is not a decision I take joy in, but it is a decision I feel I must make to be able to enjoy watching NFL football again. Let us all stand together and refuse to let our relaxation on Sundays turn into a political debate. If they continue to allow this, what will they allow in the future? 

Alyssa Daley
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