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Petition to Thunderbird Entertainment, YTV , Dan Signer, Netflix

Some Assembly Required Reunion

The YTV/Netflix original TV sitcom Some Assembly Required had been an enormous show for me to watch on my streaming console and I'd never seen one like that until I started watching it during the summer of 2017. Then, I've learned from the show's production company Thunderbird that they’re no longer doing production ‘cuz it was done after three seasons on the air in Canada and I was thinking of helping them with 1 episode, but it was too late. I know how it feels for them to end a fun show, but things change. Here’s the real thing on an episode that could’ve been made for the show. I was thinking months later if they’d do an episode with a spoof of The Wizard of Oz and the SAR cast as corresponding characters from the movie like:  Geneva Hayes (Sydney Scotia): Dorothy Jarvis Raines (Kolton Stewart): Scarecrow Bowie Sherman (Harrison Houde): Tin Man Aster Vanderburg (Travis Turner): Cowardly Lion Piper Gray (Charlie Storwick): Good Witch Malcolm “Knox” Knoxford (Dylan Playfair): Emerald City Guard Candace Wheeler (Ellie Harvie): Wicked Witch of the West P. Everett Knickknack (Russell Roberts): The Great & Powerful Oz Think about it and if this involves a reunion movie, I want to help bring this plot to it and would be enjoyable for fans to watch especially me. If you'd agree on this, then we can ask Netflix, Thunderbird, & YTV to make this happen with the right amount of signatures in this petition. So, if you really enjoyed the show nationwide, please support this and don't worry about what they're about to say. This is gonna be a great one for us to see. Let's make this grow with your voices heard and make this work for any fan who enjoys Some Assembly on Netflix or YTV with brains, heart & courage. We can do it! Sign the petition! #SomeAssemblyOz #SomeAssemblyReunion

Alex Dillard
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Petition to Bronwen O'Keefe, Viacom, Nickelodeon, Netflix

We Want a "House of Anubis" Season 4 & Spinoff on TeenNick or Netflix

We Have Been Waiting for a Very Long Time (Since 2013) & Would Love to Have "House of Anubis" Season 4 (& Spinoff) .. We Had Multiple Petitions that had Over 9,000 Signatures, But Closed the Petitions because they Gave Up, We Will NOT Give Up on "House of Anubis" .. If Nickelodeon / TeenNick Cant Do It, Then Hopefully Netflix Can.  Just Imagine: If There Was a Season 4 &/or Spinoff , This Would be The Cast: Dexter Lloyd (Jake Davis) Erin Blakewood (Kae Alexander) Cassie Tate (Roxy Fitzgerald) Trudy Rehman (Mina Anwar) Mr. Eric Sweet (Paul Antony-Barber)  Plus More New Students Would arrive at Amun Boarding School And Board Anubis House, Isis House, Mut House or Hathor House.   The Return of Sophia Danae (Claudia Jessie). She will some how no longer be a statue & search the grounds for something hidden by the Frobisher-Smythes..  It Would Teach us more about Louisa Frobisher-Smythe, Who was also cursed by Anubis. We Should get Frequent updates on Robert Frobisher-Smythe (John Sackville) in Egypt.  We Should also get an Update on “The Chosen One” Nina Martin (Nathalia Ramos)  Dexter, Erin, & Cassie to Continue Sibuna!  Someone who takes over Victor’s Old Job & lives in Anubis House. The New hire should have some connection with Anubis House.  There Should be a Mystery within all Other Boarding House (Isis, Mut, & Hathor) -@RealSeanSmart

Sean Smart
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Petition to Netflix, Hasbro

Please create a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cast reunion film

For years, fans have been disappointed that cast members from "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" - including Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger and White Ranger) Walter Emanuel Jones (Zack Taylor, the original Mighty Morphin Black Ranger), Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly Ann Hart, the original Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger), David Yost, Karan Ashley (Aisha Campbell, the second Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger) and Austin St. John (Jason Lee Scott, the original Mighty Morphin Red Ranger) have not reunited on any of the previous "Power Rangers" anniversary specials for various reasons, most notably the "Legendary Battle" episode of "Super Megaforce".  One major drawback to making a reunion happen is that most of the former Ranger cast members are now union actors and the series currently uses non-union actors on their show.  Fans have been waiting for years to see Walter Jones, Amy Jo Johnson, David Yost, Karan Ashley, Austin St. John and Jason David Frank all reunite.  We would also love to see other "Mighty Morphin" cast members appear as well, such as bringing back Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy as Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier and Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch, respectively.  Now that Saban Brands sold the "Power Rangers" rights to Hasbro, we, the fans, are excited at the idea of a "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" cast reunion happen and would love to see Hasbro work on creating a new reunion of some kind, possibly as a reunion film for Netflix.  If any of the other Ranger cast members, such as supporting cast members like Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy (who played Bulk and Skull) and the other three Ranger actors (Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam Park the second Black Ranger, Catherine Sutherland as Kat Hillard the second Pink Ranger and Steve Cardenas as Rocky DeSantos the second Red Ranger), would like to appear as well, fans would be more than happy to see them return.  Fans would also love to see past Rangers Jason, Rocky, Adam and Kat get their own Master Morphers and use them to access their other Ranger identities, like Tommy did with his own Master Morpher in the "Super Ninja Steel" episode "Dimensions in Danger".

Stuart Green
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