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Petition to President Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Doug Ducey, Environmental Protection Agency

Stop the Uranium Mine at the Grand Canyon

Every year, I visit the majestic waterfalls of Havasupai at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. People like me come from all over the world and trek 10 miles down just to witness the unrivaled beauty of these irreplaceable landscapes. These places are also a national treasure, and we should be protecting them with everything we’ve got. Instead, a federal judge has given the green-light to the Canyon Mine to reopen and resume uranium mining without the consent or consultation from the Havasupai tribe who live there. The mine could contaminate groundwater, hurt local wildlife, and impact the health of the people in Supai, Arizona.   Those who have come to love this part of the world don’t want to see the traditional homelands of the Havasupai people abused or contaminated. Corporate greed should not win out over indigenous rights, sovereignty, and the environment. I do not want to be swimming in contaminated or radioactive water, nor do I want to see the traditional homelands of the Havasupai people abused with a complete disregard for their tribal sovereignty.  If corporations can get what they want in a place like the Havasupai inside Grand Canyon, then nothing is sacred and off limits anymore.  I am standing in solidarity with Native American nations, environmental groups, and many others who are calling on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to halt the opening of the Canyon Mine.  This fight is also personal to me. I have not only seen the beauty of these places, but I have also networked with the Havasupai people and have gotten to know some of them. In August of 2008, I almost drowned in a major flash flood that hit the main canyon that made national headline news. People from the Havasupai tribe saved my life. With this petition, I’m hoping I can help repay the gift of life they gave me, and the sharing of their beautiful land with visitors. Let's raise our voices together to put a stop to this insanity. Tell the EPA that we are opposed to the Canyon Mine. It is too risky and must be stopped. Let's defend the beauty and stop those who may attempt to destroy it.

Nathan Arizona
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Petition to President of the United States

"Amend the Declaration of Independence - Amend the 27th Fact, Submitted to a Candid World"

The Declaration of Independence claimed within Fact #27, which quotes “He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.” This declaration laid the ground work on how America, as a new Nation, justified to itself and the rest of the World the onslaught of wholesale slaughter and genocide against Native Americans. The U.S. Government continued a war of terror on the Native American People that peaked under President Andrew Jackson. The Native American population was treated with less respect and rights that were afforded to slaves. It’s time this atrocity and sin be acknowledged and thereby removed from the Declaration of Independence. ABOUT CINDY DAILY: Cindy D. is a direct line blood descendant of an inherited line of Sto;lo Chiefs. She is a Registered Native American at the Sto;lo Research and Resource Management Centre (SRRMC) data-base records in British Columbia Canada. She is also recognized by the State of Oregon by birth as Native American, and in the Death Records of the State of Washington for her Mother's Certification as Native American and a member of the Soowahlie First Nations Tribe. Cindy originally sought to confirm her Native American bloodline. She is now a Registered Indian with Indian and Northern Affairs of Canada (INAC). Cindy filed in Canada under their C-3 Act, which was for people who have become disenfranchised or displaced from their heritage and rights, by no fault of their own. Cindy truly hopes to help other people who have lost their inherited rights, and want to regain it for the future. 

Cynthia Daily
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Petition to Concerned Citizens

Save Rassawek: The Monacan Indian Nation Capital

"Dear Governor Northam and Commander Patrick Kinsman of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: On behalf of the undersigned organizations, representing thousands of taxpayers, we ask you not to allow the James River Water Authority (JRWA) to proceed with constructing a pump station and pipeline project at Point of Fork. If permitted in its current form, this project would destroy the historic Monacan capital of Rassawek, first identified by Captain John Smith in 1612, in addition to several other significant historical and archaeological sites. It is not in the public interest for the Army Corps of Engineers to issue a permit to JRWA to destroy our shared history, especially when JRWA can construct its project at an alternate location and still provide water to Zion Crossroads for speculative economic development. JRWA has argued that locating the project at Point of Forks is the least expensive option, and unfortunately one way the project budget is being trimmed is through proposing archaeological approaches that do not reflect the significance and sensitivity of the site and will result in Monacan history being lost forever. This project is poorly designed and contrary to the public interest, and the Corps should not permit it in its current form. Human remains, the bones of Monacan ancestors, have been found multiple times at the Rassawek site. JRWA now seeks a legally required burial permit so it can proceed with the disinterment and relocation of Monacan people. The Commonwealth of Virginia should not permit the disturbance of Monacan ancestors and force the tribe to endure the traumatic and somber process of repatriating and reburying their ancestors. At a time when the Commonwealth and the nation are working to preserve and interpret the historic capital of the Powhatan Confederacy, Werowocomoco, it is disturbing to see such willingness to destroy the Monacans’ capital. We urge you not to permit this project, which will continue the mistreatment of indigenous Virginians using the excuse of economic progress that may never come to pass. We ask that the leadership of Virginia and the Army Corps conduct a systemic review to identify other options for the water intake and pump station project that do not destroy this irreplaceable history." This link contains the original petition. Please sign it! If you would share this to others, please share the original petition link above versus this Change.Org petition, though I would appreciate any help in this matter as I dont know many people.

Justin Haga
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