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Petition to Warner Brothers

Base the fate of the King Arthur: Legend of the Sword movie franchise on viewer ratings!

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is a stunning, entertaining, action-packed, artistic, unique twist on an age old story.  Guy Ritchie and an amazing cast managed to turn the famous tale into something refreshing and new.  However, due to poor marketing, problems with the release date and negative critic reviews, the film failed to perform in the box office.  My husband and I are both movie lovers.  We go to movies regularly and anticipate the upcoming releases of films we are interested in.  One day we were walking through Walmart and we passed a King Arthur cardboard cutout.  I turned to my husband and asked him if he knew what it was for; maybe a new video game?  At that point the movie had already been released in theaters and neither my husband or I had heard anything about it.  We'd never seen anything promoting the movie, not even a single preview.  Shortly after, we came across a few negative critic reviews.  Later in the week my parents asked if we'd seen the King Arthur movie.  They raved about it.  A few days later some friends recommended it, then a neighbor, then a co-worker.......  The only reason we saw this movie was because of the phenomenal, awe-inspiring word of mouth recommendations we received.   The fate of a film should not be determined by poor marketing and a few critics that don't represent the overall population, but by viewer demand and popularity.  The ratings for this movie are incredibly positive and the fan base for a movie franchise is large enough to support the production of subsequent films.  We petition Warner Bros. to continue the King Arthur movie franchise; with Guy Ritchie as director and the same incredible cast. We ask that you improve your marketing strategies and promote any upcoming films in a manner that better represents them as the magnificent films they are and could be.  Continue the Legend!      

Kristen Reams
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Petition to Warner Brothers, Orion Pictures, Milos Forman, Warner Home Video, Michael Hausman, Bertil Ohlsson, The Criterion Collection

Have the Theatrical Cut of Amadeus (1984) released on bluray

The Theatrical Cut of Amadeus has, basically, been extinct since the inferior Director's  Cut was released. Still to this day, there hasn't been a bluray release of the Theatrical Cut, the version fans and critics have loved since 1984. The new generation has been down-grading this masterpiece because of the added scenes and fans cannot enjoy it in all its glory like they did back in the day. These factors have affected the film's legacy and now it has become a forgotten masterpiece. Warner Bros, as well with the director Milos Forman and Orion Pictures, can act to make a difference and release the Theatrical Cut in a new restoration, that will be glorious to watch. Also, with the addition of Dolby Atmos and 4K, this could bring much more life into the picture and offer a greater experience. The PG rating will also attract young audiences into this film and learn the true beauty of cinema, as opposed to the longer, rated R version of the film that mostly patient adults will find enjoyment in.  The Original Theatrical Cut has always been my favorite film, since I first saw it on DVD when I was 11 years old. I have had other people borrow my copy and they too love this movie as much as I do. I watched it with my whole family and we all gazed up at our TV screen in wonder. Unfortunately the Theatrical Cut is very rare to come across these days, being overshadowed by the inferior Director's Cut that has already been transfered to bluray. I don't want to have the original cut become extinct and WE, the fans of the academy award winning masterpiece, can prevent that from happening by insisting on a new restoration of the Theatrical Cut we love and contacting the studio and director. Please sign this petition as this is very personal to me and many others. Just one signature from you can hugely helps us bring this cut back to life. Your signature COUNTS.

Aris Kapelanos
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