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Make Fire Marshall Bill: THE MOVIE

Fire Marshall Bill is a character who appeared in several sketches on the classic sketch comedy show In Living Color, which ran from 1990 to 1994. Fire Marshall Bill is a character portrayed by Jim Carrey prior to many of his most memorable roles. While Fire Marshall Bill has never been given notable exposure, he is still as complex and intriguing as Lloyd Christmas, Stanley Ipkiss, and Ace Ventura, in addition to all of Jim Carrey's other roles. His Modus Operandi is to annoy and destroy. He deserves his own movie, so that a new generation can follow his humorous antics and quips. Here, then, are my stipulations:  1. The character must be portrayed by Jim Carrey, no ifs, ands, or buts. Only he has the charm and wit to bring Mr. Burns back onto the silver screen. Very few alterations can be made to the character, and he must wear similar attire. 2. This film can explore Fire Marshall Bill's origins and psychology a bit deeper, and can be set a few years after the original sketches if need be, or in the present day. His wife, who appeared in the "Cruise" sketch, can appear. This, however, is optional. 3. The film must be taken seriously, and Jim Carrey must give the film his all.  4. The film must involve many humorous situations and injuries, in keeping with Fire Marshall Bill's general theme, but can still have a central conflict. 5. The film must conclude with a devastating catastrophe, either the detonation of an atomic bomb or the destruction of the Earth, or something of that nature. A less preferred conclusion would be the accidental saving of the world by Fire Marshall Bill and his acceptance into society, and possibly then another, more horrible catastrophe brought about by him. After, he must give one of his trademark quips. 6. There should be at least one passing reference to either Deadpool or the Black Night from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  7. Very little CGI. Fire Marshall Bill's injuries must come about from the use of practical effects, and all disasters should be enacted through the use of grainy stock footage. CGI is not the way to go with this character. 8. Good lighting and music throughout. Self referential dance numbers would be good. In particular, you should use Staying Alive by the Bee Gees, due to Fire Marshall Bill's amazing abilities of recovery, or Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, as a result of the many references to heat and firemen found throughout the song.  This, then, is my plea. A faithful, nostalgic, witty reinterpretation of my favorite Jim Carrey character. Let it happen. Hear our cries, Jim Carrey, and know that Fire Marshall Bill must return. Fire Marshall Bill is a manifestation of chaos and optimism in the face of chaos, and he must return, rise from the ashes, as it were, and chuckle like a lunatic skeleton once again. Thus, my petition ends. Please take note.

Nicolas Sequeira
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