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Petition to Pacific Islands Forum

Decriminalize and Protect the Rights of LGBTI People in the Pacific Islands Now!

As Pacific LGBTI leaders and allies with a view to the protection and promotion of human rights of gender and sexual minorities in the Pacific Islands, we respectfully call on the Pacific Islands Forum, the region's premier inter-governmental policy organisation, to immediately introduce supportive policies to ensure that all of its members uphold the values of its mission “to support full inclusivity, equity and equality for all people of the Pacific.” Seven of the 18 Forum member states* maintain colonial-era laws that criminalize the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people**, threatening gender diverse citizens with harsh penalties, including but not limited to imprisonment, whipping and other corporal punishments. Regardless of enforcement, such laws reinforce negative attitudes that enable an environment of persecution and harm to all LGBTI citizens in the Pacific. On behalf of all LGBTI citizens, and their families, friends, and allies, we respectfully call on the Pacific Islands Forum Chair, Leaders, and Member States to: Establish a process that leads to full legal protections for all LGBTI citizens in all member states, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the commitment to “Leave No One Behind”; Enforce a policy of full decriminalisation of colonial-era and other laws that restrict the freedom of expression of Pacific LGBTI citizens; Denounce homophobic and transphobic prejudice and discrimination, and lead the way by ensuring that the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat develops employment policies that protect its LGBTI, gender & sexual minority employees; Include gender & sexual minorities in leadership positions and in decision-making processes Because of existing discriminatory legislative provisions, LGBTI people in the Pacific face severe challenges and suffer disproportionate discrimination and abuse. They are rejected by their families, kicked out of their homes, bullied, and pushed out of school. Too many LGBTI people are jobless, homeless, without healthcare, and struggling to survive, including LGBTI Pacific citizens that migrate to Australia and New Zealand. The situation of transgender men and women is even worse. They have higher rates of homelessness, poverty and hunger. For individuals and their families, this is a personal tragedy. For society, it is a shameful waste of human talent, ingenuity and economic potential. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION TO HELP MAKE THE PACIFIC FREE AND EQUAL FOR ALL.  THANK YOU! *The Pacific Islands Forum member states are: Australia, Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, French Polynesia, Kiribati, Nauru, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu. **Some Pacific Islands Gender Diversity Terms include: Leiti or fakaleiti (Tonga), Fa’afafine (Samoa, American Samoa, and Tokelau), Fakafifine (Niue), Akava’ine (Cook Islands), Māhū (Tahiti and Hawai'i), Aikane (Hawai'i) Vakasalewalewa (Fiji), Palopa (Papua New Guinea), Ira tāngata, Takatāpui,Tangata ira tāne, Whakawahine, hinehī, hinehua (Maori). Sponsored by Leitis in Waiting Pacific Equality Project - Pacific Human Rights Initiative - Tonga Leitis Association - Pacific Sexual & Gender Diversity Network

Leitis in Waiting Pacific Equality Project
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Petition to Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Please Grant Commutation for Incarcerated Survivor Rae Harris!

Rae Harris is a transgender survivor who has been incarcerated in California for over 20 years. In an example of the extreme and disproportionate sentencing of trans people of color, Rae was sentenced to two life without parole sentences and two 25-to-life sentences in 1998 for “conspiring to commit” two murders that he did not commit. Rae is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and he was in a psychologically abusive relationship at the time of his arrest, a key context for his conviction. At 23 years old, Rae did not take the stand to testify at his own trial because he had no faith that he would be believed. Based on how he was treated pre-trial, he was convinced that no police officer, prosecutor, juror or judge would care that he was not at the scene of either death, or that he was trying to protect his mother from harm. Rae also suffered from an inadequate legal defense. His paid attorney practiced civil, not criminal law and had never tried a murder case. As an example, he hired his 17-year-old son to investigate Rae’s case. After he lost Rae’s case, he did not even attempt to collect the rest of the funds from the family (over $20,000), indicating that on some level he knew he failed to defend Rae’s life. After 20 years in prison, Rae is now 44 years old. He is well-respected as a leader by his imprisoned community and staff alike. Among his many accomplishments, he founded Peace Day and Peace Games in 2007. He came up with the idea after incidents of racialized violence in the prison and successfully brought communities together to build networks of solidarity and care. Rae is a Certified Mediator and he works daily to decrease violence, reduce the harms of imprisonment, and support his peers. Currently Rae serves his community as the first trans Chairperson of the Inmate Advisory Council (the prison’s elected, representative body of incarcerated people), a Domestic Violence Program Facilitator, and a mentor to incoming youth, all of which he truly enjoys. In Rae’s own words: “To be sentenced to death by incarceration wiped my hope with the sound of the gavel. Fortunately my spirit to survive surpassed the lost hope that was trying to be embedded in my heart by a hammer and robe. Now that there is hope amongst the community of people serving life without parole (LWOP), I feel like it took that gavel for me to rebel against its hopeless intention to ultimately prepare me for freedom. I humbly ask for your support with my freedom and continue hoping for a living chance for all people serving death by incarceration.” Please join us in asking Governor Jerry Brown to commute Rae Harris’ sentence from life without parole to a parole-eligible sentence.

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Petition to Judge David Gooding/Jewish Family Services Jacksonville

Let Nevaeh stay with her African American family

Two year old Nevaeh Alexander has been in foster care and around her family since she was born. She has a grandfather, great grandmother, uncle, aunt, cousins and etc that she knows and loves. A family in the North is trying to take her away from her family. Her cousin, Latrisha McFarland,  applied to adopt her after she found out that the other family had put in for the adoption. According to research, kids are hardwired to take cues about the world, and draw a sense of physical and emotional security, from their parents/ and when they’re taken from their caregivers prematurely, their development may stall and potentially suffer irrevocable harm. “These early separations have a profound effect on the overall capacity for people to function and be useful members of society,” van der Kolk says. “Your brain is a predictive system. If people get ripped away from you, you get a brain that will say, ‘People will mess with me. People will hurt me. People will take advantage of me.’ That becomes your basic orientation as you grow up.” Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, director of the Trauma Center in Boston and a childhood trauma expert According to The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), social developments at age 2 include toddler separation anxiety and begin to show signs of separation anxiety -- even if they didn't as babies.  There is the possibility the individual will permanently take on the “victim” or “victimizer” role. Long term control issues may be prominent. A serious effect may be the disruption in ego development, with an increased incidence of “borderlinepersonality” problems. Lack of self-awareness may be ongoing. There may be long term subtle language problems. As adults, these individuals may be rigid, inflexible, and not able to deal appropriately with aggressive impulses.  The courts have decided that she would be better off with this family (who live far away) because it would be "nice" for her to grow up with her older sibling they adopted some years ago. They are willing to devastate  this two year old little girl and her relatives by taking her away from blood family in order for her to call other people uncle, grandfather etc.  Why risk all of that to satify this family's need? The needs of the many outweight the needs of the one. Latrisha will file an appeal. Please sign the petition and tell the Jewish Family Services and the Judge that this African American girl should remain with her family. Thank you so kindly - God Bless .  

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