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Petition to Muhammad Ahsan

Take Action Pride Winnipeg!

An individual in our community has been terrorizing LGBTQ individuals, their family, and allies since June 2018. It is well known that there were many documented instances of this individual harassing and bullying individuals, spouting of racist, misogynistic, islamophobic, transphobic, and otherwise discriminatory remarks.  He has made people feel unsafe. He has been found guilty of cyber harassment, bullying, and stalking in a Queens Bench in a recent judgment  At this point, many others are seeking protection as well.  This individual has caused enormous damage to people's livelihood, reputations, and mental wellbeing. Examples of Horrific posts made by this individual, Example two, Example three, and attacking prominent members of the drag community.  We call on Pride Winnipeg to take action. Remove this individual from Pride Community events and ensure the safety of our community. We also call on Pride Winnipeg to remove organizations who pledge support or have aided him in terrorizing our community until they have accepted responsibility and issued a public apology with a public statement condemning the actions taking place against our community.  Pride should be safe for everyone! The fact that this individual was already deemed to be a danger to the community by the Pride Board should be enough for action to be taken to ensure that Pride 2019 is safe, happy, and focused on love.

Stand Up Against Hate Winnipeg
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Petition to Christine Blasey Ford

We are fifteen-year-old girls. We are with you Christine Blasey Ford, PhD.

Dear Dr. Christine Blasey Ford: We are fifteen-year-old girls. Fifteen. The same age you were when seventeen-year-old Brett Kavanaugh assaulted you, when he put his hand over your mouth so no one could hear you scream. We imagine you at that party, so young and vivacious, with your whole life ahead of you, and we see ourselves. Our hearts break for the fifteen-year-old girl who walked in, and how different that girl was who walked out. We feel connected to the 15-year-old girl still living inside of you, and are outraged by the seventeen-year-old boy still living inside of him. At seventeen he felt entitled to your body; to use, to hurt, to silence. That seventeen-year-old boy is now a nominee for a life-long appointment as a Supreme Court Justice. We know the possibility of Kavanaugh being in a powerful position has made it necessary to speak up. We know how scary that must feel—and we know you are probably tired of people feeling things for you. We hope you will take this chance to make your voice heard, to speak on your own terms, in your own way. We hope you will do this for yourself and for other fifteen-year-old girls. You never deserved this You speaking up is powerful. We can’t trust Kavanaugh to make decisions that will impact girls. He has not been accountable for the sexual assault. We realize the effects of what happened are impacting him as it has impacted you, only he has not been living with the consequences. He denies it ever happened. Being fifteen should never be traumatic. Fun for boys should never include exploiting girls. When you are fifteen you should be worried about physics classes, not whether or not you are going to be sexually assaulted.   Now is a courageous time and a brave time, too, to finally let your voice be heard. Telling your truth will get us one step closer to the world we want to live into; one where seventeen-year-old boys are taught that it is not ok to exploit girls and that fifteen-year-old girls know their bodies are their own. You are strong and the fifteen-year-old girl in you is strong. We are with you and so is everyone who signs this letter.  Layla, 15; Charlotte, 15; Jessica, 15

Layla, Charlotte and Jessica
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