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Petition to Michigan State Senate, Tom Barrett, Jim Runestad, Roger Victory, Jon Bumstead, John Bizon, Kevin Daley, Rick Outman, Aric Nesbitt, Kimberly LaSata, Michael MacDonald, Dale Zorn, Curtis VanderWall

Keep Trans Kids in Sports Aligned With Their Gender Identity

I am a young transgender person living in Michigan; I refuse to stand by and watch my elected officials push a bill that is so blatantly transphobic. Being trans* in any capacity can be a daunting and scary experience, let alone in a state with conservative-majorities both in the government and in the population. Every day I walk out my door, I have the nagging worry that I might not come home safe or possibly at all. I will use my voice to speak out against injustices for not only myself and my fellow trans* individuals, but for those who no longer can.Senate Bill 0218 (2021) aims to prohibit trans students from participating in sports based on their gender identity, but instead require that only those assigned male at birth may participate on boy's/men's teams and only those assigned female at birth may participate on girl's/women's teams. This bill would not only alienate an already marginalized and endangered group of people, but will greatly impact students' mental health and take away a safe space for students to freely exist outside of school. Senator Theis argues that allowing transgender girls and women to participate in sports for girls/women goes against Title IX; she goes on to say "Identity politics threatens all that was sacrificed and gained." (quoted from Detroit Free Press, Mar 10 2021). A main argument of conservatives and transphobes is that cisgender women and girls are losing opportunities, using a lawsuit against school districts in Connecticut that directly targets two transgender athletes that have won a combined 15 state championship races between 2017 and 2020. The lawsuit argues that the two students "deprived [cisgender girls] of track titles and scholarship opportunities." (quoted from Associate Press, Feb 12 2020). An important thing to remember: transgender girls and women are just that - girls and women. The Connecticut case is currently awaiting a decision, with the two transgender students issuing statements standing up for their rights to compete in sports aligning with their gender identity. Beyond this case, there are little to no instances of transgender athletes improperly winning awards or having an unfair advantage over their cisgender counterparts. Don't allow Michigan to be added to the growing list of states that place further restrictions on transgender individuals, speak up against the continued mistreatment and discrimination that transgender people of all ages face.

Arly Johnson
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Petition to Kyle McColly

Demand Upper Sandusky Mayor McColly Continue Pride Month Proclamation

For the last few years, Upper Sandusky has recognized its LGBTQ community with a Pride Month proclamation for the month of June. For many in our community, this has been not only a source of pride, but also a heartwarming note for themselves. Whether they’re older or younger, many in our community benefit from this simple show of support. A new mayor is in office this year and unfortunately Mayor McColly REFUSES to issue a proclamation, citing being “more selective” in proclamations he issues.  This is incredibly damaging to many in our community after years of support. To have that support taken away is a punch in the gut to the youth who live in homes that don’t accept them, the elderly too afraid to be themselves and the many allies in the community who support us.  We must demand that Mayor McColly reverse his decision and clearly explain his “selective” criteria and why that criteria does not include members of the LGBTQ community in Upper Sandusky. We must also ask our local businesses leaders to speak out to the Mayor and demand the same. Discrimination is not good business for anyone and showing support is vital to good business while attracting new people to our community.  Please be respectful, but firm when you demand that Mayor McColly reverse his decision on not issuing a pride mont proclamation.  Upper Sandusky Mayor’s Office: 419-294-3862 Upper Sandusky Mayor’s Email:

Brandon M.
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