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Petition to Mitch Solerno

Repeal the Anti-LGBT Rules at Monte Vista Christian School.

There are many reasons why I've made this petition. I'm determined to bring the LGBT community the justice they deserve, even though I myself am straight and have not experienced this prejudice...but with your support along with many others, we can begin to break down this barrier of hate. Monte Vista Christian School (Watsonville, California) is based upon important Christian standards like respect and treating each other with kindness.  While the school is strongly against discrimination and has policies against treating others wrongly, it has open anti-LGBT policies allowing bullying and harassment of LGBT students and punishments for showing LGBT behavior (holding a pride flag, being openly gay, dating someone of the same sex.) The Monte Vista Christian School Student & Parent Handbook states that (1) bullying and harassment could result in expulsion, but also states that (2) homosexual activity is not pure, it is wrong, and that it is immoral. What is truly immoral in this situation? Being born attracted to someone else? Or is the truly immoral act discriminating against someone simply because they are attracted to someone else?  From a Christian standpoint, we can conclude that only the Lord can judge you, NOT a school. Is it right to taint the social lives of students, effect their overall performance in academics, lower their self-esteem, and ruin their experience of a Christian environment simply because they are homosexual? Would it be right to deem our school a safe and loving environment when we are, in actuality, creating a space where students of different sexualities feel alone and unsafe? Students at Monte Vista Christian School can carry a Confederate flag, but not a pride flag. They can date someone of an opposite gender, but not the same. At MVCS, students who sin will be forgiven unless they are LGBT. We must repeal this aspect of the student handbook so every student can be treated with the love and kindness, and values based on respect and equality that the Christian values stand so strong in.  Please share this if you believe in the cause whether you are straight or LGBT. I myself am straight, but it is my belief that the cause is greater.

Cassandra Duca Lechler
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Petition to Buddy Dyer, Teresa Jacobs

Ban LGBTQ Conversion Therapy for minors in Orlando and Orange County, FL

This is a petition requesting that the City of Orlando and Orange County Government put forth an ordinance officially banning conversion therapy practices for LGBTQ minors. Conversion therapy (sometimes called reparative therapy) is a pseudoscience practiced by clinical psychologists as a form of treatment or spiritual counseling in an effort to change a person's sexual orientation from homosexual/bisexual to heterosexual. It is a practice rooted in the belief that homosexuality is a psychological complication. This has been proven false by the American Psychiatric Association. The real objective of most of these conversion therapy psychologists is simply to make money off of confused parents and already stressed LGBTQ youth. While many adults choose to undergo conversion therapy for many reasons (be they religious, social, or personal), this practice is often used by parents of LGBTQ children. Instead of supporting, understanding, and unconditional love to their child, the parents force their child into conversion therapy. This is detrimental to the child's mental health and overall well being. Treatment includes visualization, social skills training, and most often; prayer groups. However, many LGBTQ people have reported more extreme methods of treatment; including electroshock therapy, forced viewing of heterosexual pornography, and forced heterosexual intercourse. Such forms of treatment are opposed by the American Psychiatric Society, which labels this form of practice as "unethical". As of this writing, there are nine states and eighteen cities in the United States that ban conversion therapy. In Florida, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Miami, Wilton Manors, Miami Beach, Bay Harbor Islands and Boynton Beach have conversion therapy bans. Orlando (including Orange County) is the largest metropolitan area in Florida without such a ban. Orlando City leaders constantly promote the city as a welcoming and safe place for all. A city and county wide ban on conversion therapy would ensure LGBTQ children are not forced such abuse. Please sign this petition to send a message to Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs that we will not tolerate conversion therapy for minors.

Donnie Wannamaker
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Petition to Dr. Marcelo Cavazos, Kristen Hudson, Justin Chapa, Polly Walton, Dr. Aaron Reich, Bowie Hogg, Kecia Mays, John Hibbs

Start Arlington ISD High Schools After 8:30 AM

Research has overwhelmingly shown that teenagers, who require about nine hours of sleep, have a different circadian rhythm that delays the sleep cycle by two hours. The American Academy of Pediatrics' 2014 policy statement identified early high school start times as the most crucial factor contributing to adolescent sleep deprivation. After reviewing over 20 years of adolescent sleep research, the following health and education groups have joined the AAP in supporting all middle and high schools start the day at 8:30 AM or later: American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, American Sleep Association, American Thoracic Society, Centers for Disease Control, National Association of School Nurses, National Institutes of Health, National Parent Teacher Association, National Sleep Foundation, Sleep Research Society, Society of Behavioral Medicine, Society of Pediatric Nurses, and the Texas School Health Advisory Committee. Local support includes the League of Women Voters of Tarrant County, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Arlington LULAC, AISD 2016 Financial Futures Committee, and the AISD 2014 School Start Time Committee. High schools with later starting times show improved student grades, better attendance, lower dropout rates, fewer tardies, decreased disruptive behavior, and less depression. Starting Arlington high schools at 7:35 AM undermines optimal academic achievement and creates a public health concern for local teens. The Arlington ISD must start the high school day at a time that provides every student the opportunity for academic success and personal well-being. For more information see

Debbie Moore
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