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Ask Barack Obama to be a voice for our nation

Dear President Barak Obama, Where are you? This morning I looked at an old photo of you on my fridge and a tear rolled down my eye. I’ll never forget the morning I woke up and found out Mr. Trump had been elected President of our United States of America. There were tears, confusion, anger and even outright fear of what had just happened. My friends and family were left shell shocked as we looked around at each other and tried to provide ourselves comfort that we’ll get through it somehow. We looked to you to explain and didn’t get much reassurance. You looked tired and nervous but we all kind of understand your diplomatic approach had to be that of a  humble and strong leader for the sake of our nation.  I had hoped you would accomplish more during your presidency but I understood when you got to office realities must have set in. The job was probably more than you’d ever imagined and protecting our country, cleaning up foreign disasters you’d been left with, the economy (lets not even go there) all while dealing with a congress who stonewalled you must have been incredibly frustrating and hard. I don’t blame you for not giving us the change we needed and you’d promised. You did what you could, and in my opinion were the best president of character the country has had since Abraham Lincoln.  But what happens now? Whether it was some conspiracy that elected Donald Trump or just great marketing, its tearing apart our country and rippling through the world like the nuclear bombs he’ll probably have hailing over North Korea in a few months.  You see the same things happening as us happening and probably know more about things we can’t even comprehend. We are afraid Mr. President (and I mean you Barak when I say that). My children are in fear, the country is divided and we need someone to look to for leadership. You are the guy, we all know it. You were the voice for our nation who stormed into office with hopeful ideas and grace.  We love Bernie, I was all for him but he’s an old man now and doing only what he can. Hillary is done and while I gave her my vote we now know she was never the right choice. I know you can’t be our ‘Commander & Chief’ again but you can be our voice. You can help grassroots organizations become motivated. You can mentor the next bright young democratic leader who can charge into office in a few years and thwart this current administration. Where is your voice sir? We need it and we need it now. We have no one else but you or like you who can speak for us.  I’m sure it seems unfair, you have a family that you want to spend time with, a wonderful wife and a lot of tough years to try and recover from. But despite the gray hair you are still somewhat a young man. Have you lost your vigor after dealing with eight years of the job? Do you not care about the people who put you in office anymore? Remember us! We showed up and cheered for you at every rally, we went door to door telling the older generation why things needed to change, we donated our hard earned money to your campaigns. We worked for you when you needed us and now I’m asking for you to step back in and be a voice. A fearless voice, the same man we thought we’d elected over 9 years ago that would change not only the United States of America but the world. This won’t stop until we have someone to speak for us and at the moment there is no one else with a voice or a platform like you. You once said “Nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change”. This is true, however our podiums have been shut down and our representatives are weak and scared of a vindictive leader. Come back please, we need you now.  Respectfully,US Citizen

Ian Lawson
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Petition to Chris Sununu

URGENT! New Hampshire Needs a LGBTQ & Allies Resource Hub (One Stop Shop for Our Needs)

Out of the Box Hub Will you sign a petition in support of a new LGBTQ sanctuary? New Hampshire is very beautiful, but it is also one of the states that lacks a LGBTQ Resource Hub (or Center). Out of the BOX Hub  Whether you’re looking for services and support, searching for LGBT-friendly businesses, are a professional seeking opportunities or training, or looking to take part in fun social activities with the LGBTQ community and its allies, the Hub will exist for ALL of us.  It will be a vast array of resources that complement our core service areas—Recovery, Wellness, Family and Youth—so that you can seek additional support and connection when and where you need it.  In addition to the above, The Hub (or Center) will provide vital programs and services to support our evolving LGBT community such as drug rehabilitation, counseling, HIV/Aids support services, a medical center, library, theater, support groups, event planning, and more.  In order to make our vision a reality, Out of the BOX Hub needs financial, emotional, and physical support.  If you identify as LGBTQ or are an ally, please SIGN THIS PETITION and show other NH residents that you believe the Hub can provide a safe place where people of the LGBTQ community can get together with allies and have their needs met with respect and decency.  Your generosity will help contribute to this cause.  WILL YOU SIGN?  Out of the BOX HubJazmynne Young, Executive Director188 N. Main Street Ste 1 #4Concord, NH 03301Office 347-687-4295Cell 562-826-2900  "BECOME THE CHANGE, YOU WANT TO SEE"      

Out of the BOX Hub
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Petition to Jeremy McGee

Interfaith Site Should Break All Ties With Anti-LGBT Affiliates

Interfaith Site should break off all ties to the anti-LGBT American Center for Law & Justice and Trump's anti-LGBT lawyer, Jay Sekulow. The Backstory If you’ve been following the news about the Trump administration lately, you’ve probably heard the name Jay Sekulow. Sekulow is one of Trump’s legal advisors and is frequently referred to in the media as “Trump’s lawyer.”  He makes frequent appearances on Fox News. Sekulow has an extensive anti-LGBT history.  He is the chief counsel for the the anti-LGBT organization, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). The ACLJ was founded by Pat Robertson to oppose the American Civil Liberties Union.  Since 1991, Sekulow has been working through the ACLJ to defund Planned Parenthood, defend school prayer and government subsidization of religion (or rather, Christianity), oppose the Islamic community center at Ground Zero, oppose LGBT marriage equality in the US, and promote the criminalization of homosexuality in Africa. The connection between Patheos and the ACLJ is a matter of public record. Patheos and Affinity4 are BN Media brands, and Affinity4 funnels charitable contributions to the ACLJ, as well as several other right-wing groups like the National Rifle Association, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Focus on the Family, Gun Owners of America, Promise Keepers, Concerned Women for America, and the American Family Association. But that’s not all. Jeremy McGee, President and COO of Patheos, serves on the Board of Affinity4 together with Jay Sekulow. Affinity 4 is the link between Beliefnet (which now owns Patheos) and the ACLJ. (Patheos is also promoting Sekulow’s book.) Since Patheos was bought out by BN Media and Jay Sekulow has become Trump’s legal advisor, Patheos is now just one step removed from the Trump administration.  The same attitude that the Trump Presidency has toward free speech is reflected in the attitude of the new ownership of Patheos.  The anti-LGBT policies of the Trump administration are reflected in the anti-LGBT agenda of Patheos’ affiliates. This isn’t a coincidence, because the people in both organizations move in the same political and social circles.  As the degrees of separation get smaller, the similarities get larger. What’s more, BN Media also seems to have taken a page from the Trump playbook for dealing with negative publicity.  Since the Patheos controversy broke out, BN Media has taken active steps to obscure the relationship between Patheos and the ACLJ and Sekulow. Over two dozen Pagan authors have since left Patheos, due in part to concern about the morally problematic connections between Patheos and right-wing political groups like the ACLJ, which was of special concern in light of Patheos’ demand for increased editorial control over its authors. Patheos should break off all ties to the anti-LGBT American Center for Law & Justice and Trump's anti-LGBT lawyer, Jay Sekulow.

John Halstead
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