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Petition to Government of Quebec, National Assembly of Quebec, Simon Jolin-Barrette

Remove the Transphobic Articles of Bill #2 in Québec!

This petition aims to plead the National Assembly of Québec to remove the transphobic articles of the Bill #2 proposal that was tabled on October 21st (, on the basis that it would inflict the human rights of Québec citizens. Specifically, those who wish to live their lives without having officers of the law, bureaucrats, employers, and possibly others made aware of what their genitals look like. The articles that need to be removed or rewritten are articles: 23, 24, 26, 30, 33, 41, 42, 43 and 247. Bill #2 states that Birth Certificates would now not only contain a gender marker but also a marker for their “biological sex”, which means every trans or intersex person who has genitalia that doesn’t match their gender identity would be instantly outed to any and everyone who can acquire their Birth Certificates. This opens these populations to even more discrimination than they already face. The bill also stipulates that in order to change a “biological sex” marker they’d have to undergo surgery, which under the vague terminology used on the bill likely means sex reassignment and thus STERILIZATION of trans and intersex people who wish to live their lives without the Damocles sword that is the risk of being outed in a society that still discriminates them to this day. For more details on the matter and updates, you can consult the Instagram page for the Centre for Gender Advocacy as well as my own. As of now, the proposer of Bill #2, Simon Jolin-Barrette "listened to trans voices" when he originally tabled bill #2, and, clearly, that turned out to be a lie. He now has expressed his intent to pass the bill quickly before the end of the parliamentary session, a clear attack against trans and gender non conforming people, as well as willfully ignoring the thousands of citizens that have signed petitions against the transphobic articles of the bill. As such, it is of extreme importance for us to keep pressuring him and the members of the National Assembly into fulfilling their duties as our representatives until the end of the parliamentary session the June 10th. ______________________________________________________________________________ Cette pétition vise à plaider l'Assemblée nationale du Québec pour qu'elle retire les articles transphobes du projet de loi #2 déposé le 21 octobre (, au motif qu'il porterait atteinte aux droits humains des citoyens québécois. Plus précisément, ceux qui souhaitent vivre leur vie sans que les officiers de justice, les bureaucrates, les employeurs et peut-être d'autres soient informés de l'apparence de leurs organes génitaux. Les articles qui doivent être supprimés ou réécrits sont les articles: 23, 24, 26, 30, 33, 41, 42, 43 et 247. Le projet de loi n° 2 stipule que les certificats de naissance contiendront désormais non seulement un marqueur de genre, mais également un marqueur de leur « sexe biologique », ce qui signifie que chaque personne trans ou intersexe qui a des organes génitaux qui ne correspondent pas à son identité de genre serait instantanément révélée à tout et tous ceux qui peuvent acquérir leurs certificats de naissance. Cela expose ces populations à encore plus de discriminations qu'elles ne le font déjà. Le projet de loi stipule également que pour changer un marqueur de « sexe biologique », ils devraient subir une intervention chirurgicale, ce qui, selon la terminologie vague utilisée sur le projet de loi, signifie probablement de la chirurgie genitale et donc une STÉRILISATION des personnes trans et intersexes qui souhaitent vivre leur vie sans l'épée de Damoclès qui est le risque d'être outed dans une société qui les discrimine jusqu’à nos jours. Pour plus de détails sur la question et des mises à jour, vous pouvez consulter la page Instagram du Centre for Gender Advocacy et sur la miene.  Pour l'instant, le proposant du projet de loi #2, Simon Jolin-Barrette a avoir "écouté les voix trans" lorsqu'il a initialement déposé le projet, et, clairement, cela s'est avéré être un mensonge. Il a maintenant exprimé son intention d'adopter le projet de loi rapidement avant la fin de la session parlementaire. C'est une attaque contre les personnes trans et de genre non conformes, ainsi que d'ignorer délibérément les milliers de citoyens qui ont signé des pétitions contre les articles transphobes du projet de loi. À ce titre, il est d'une extrême importance de continuer à faire pression sur lui et les membres de l'Assemblée nationale pour qu'ils remplissent leurs fonctions en tant que nos représentants, jusqu'à la fin de la session parlementaire le 10 juin. 

Chloe Sena
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Petition to Justin Trudeau

Pass The Law To Make Conversion Therapy Illegal

We have to let the law that illegalizes conversion therapy pass. The reason for this is that people are suffering from conversion therapy, and that is not fair. Conversion therapy is when people that are a part of the LGBTQ+ community, are having people try to talk them out of being in the LGBTQ+ community. It's not fair that it can happen, because nobody has the right to talk anyone out of being themselves. Here are a few links to this subject: People SHOULD NOT be told that who they are is not normal. What's even crazier, is that some doctors conduct conversion therapy. Conversion therapy is not okay, it can lead to depression because the person is being told that they are not normal and that they should try to hide who they are. When they do hide who they are though, they are basically living a lie because people tell them that their true selves aren't "normal". To help, you can write letters to government representatives and sign this petition. There is a bill to let this law pass, meaning that conversion therapy will be illegal. my goal: I would like to get to 500 signatures overall, but to start let's get to 100! Thank You!! BTW THIS IS NOT A SCHOOL ASSIGNMENT!

Juliet Lajeunesse-Ucar
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Petition to Government of Ontario

Cover All Testosterone for Trans Males in Ontario

Right now, we have a political problem in Ontario that bars trans males from much-needed access to testosterone coverage.As a working trans male myself, trying to stay afloat in this economy and experiencing a range of coverage from private, to public, to employer health insurance, I can vouch firsthand how expensive testosterone can be, and how disappointing it is to hear that my financial situation can limit my access to gender-affirming care. In Ontario, there are four options for testosterone administration that can be prescribed to trans men depending on their needs. Testosterone is covered under OHIP, but for individuals who have private or employer health insurance, this ceases to be the case. Trans males have the option of taking it further and applying for the EAP (Exceptional Access Program) under the ODB (Ontario Drug Benefit), but by and large, this coverage is reserved for 50+-year-old bio men suffering from any of the ailments listed under Code 397 of the Formulary. Only one brand of Testosterone Cypionate is not listed as Limited Use. This leaves any trans male prescribed ANYTHING else unable to access the coverage provided by OHIP, and rejected by ODB, having to pay for their testosterone, which in Canada can range anywhere from $40-$400 dollars a month. This is outrageously expensive for essential healthcare targeted toward an already oppressed and medically alienated group of people. I was just told by my pharmacist that patients applying through the ODB are now getting their birthdates checked to ensure they meet the 50+ age requirement. This is in no way acceptable and removes financial surety and access for the many, many trans males that are below 50. To add to the problem, Hormone Therapy was delisted from the ODB in 2006. We are now approaching two decades of Ontario having limited-access healthcare for trans individuals. Gender affirming hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can be administered in a variety of ways, like injections or a topical gel. The type of HRT someone chooses is a deeply personal choice and depends on their unique health circumstances, their personal preferences, and their goals. As trans men, we should be in control of our bodies and how we choose to navigate our transition. Our community already faces significant marginalization and discrimination, especially in healthcare settings. We need better, easier access to life-saving gender-affirming care — not more barriers to accessing it. The government shouldn’t be dictating what type of testosterone is available. Trans men should be able to choose HRT that works for them. True inclusivity is impossible when life-saving medicine is not accessible.Cut the crap. Make a new code. Cover testosterone for trans males in Ontario.

Ronan Lapointe
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