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Petition to International Criminal Court, United Nations, Human Rights Campaign, President of the United States, U.S. House of Representatives

Stop Barbaric Kenyan Gov't Officials. #NoMore Murders, Landgrabbing, Injustices, tribalism

For ICC Hague in Netherlands ATTN: Kenyan Government Vs the people Dear Sir/ Madam, This is a formal request for ICC Hague to oversee the judgement against barbaric corrupt Kenyan officials. One governor is noted for using his brother every so often to threaten and cause destructions via corruptly utilizing government powers, even after being indicted. For now the names of those on the red list won't be mentioned. Many other corrupt officials have gotten off scotch free because many witnesses were shut from standing up for what was right. As of today we declare we won't keep silent until justice is done. No more inhumanity to our own kind;-Many lives including childrens lives have been mericilessly slaughtered in Kenya by the kenyan government.-People's homes have been vandalized and demolished and wrongfully grabbed leaving citizens homeless. These are homes that have been rightfully theirs. Yet the kenyan government want whats not theirs.-Students are left to study in institutions that are damaged and debris falling on students, others get hurt or killed.-Medications and jobs and foods and healthy lifestyles are denied for other tribes including children. This campaign won't stop here. We are a collected individuals who are willing to take our case as far as we can. We need a listening ear, this time No means NO!  Thank you. From the people.

Trish M
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Petition to Lauren Matsumoto, Tulsi Gabbard, Senator Gil Riviere, Della Au Belatti, David Ige

To save Mokuleia/Dillingham Ranch from development

Dillingham Ranch Aina LLC, affiliates of Kennedy Wilson INC. are attempting to tear up one of the last known legacy ranches on Oahu by turning it into a subdivision for multi-millionaires. What is now fertile land will become asphalt roads leading to 70 lots and a wastewater treatment plant! These lots being labeled as "farm dwelling" Ag lots will be unaffordable to TRUE farmers who honestly rely on crops annually to make a living for their families. Once construction starts there is no reversing it. THIS DEVELOPMENT SETS OUR FUTURE FOR MOKULEIA IN STONE! Some critical issues: Cultural:  Threat to cultural sites and Hawaiian gathering rights. There is a significant amount of archaeological sites scattered throughout the property of Dilllingham Ranch. Water:     Kennedy Wilson INC has stressed that they will not upgrade the current pipes that lead out from their property to the approximately 100 residential customers who currently solely rely on Dillingham for their water (City water cannot come out this far) in the Mokuleia community. This burden has been put on each individual home owner. Most are elderly and are on fixed incomes. This may force them to sell their property under market value and move from homes that have been in the hands of these families for generations. Sewage:    Kennedy Wilson will have to build a private wastewater treatment plant (WTTP). This alone is a threat to the largest aquifer on our North Shore that runs underground from Dillingham Ranch all the way into Haleiwa's First Hawaiian Bank. If this becomes contaminated it will jeopardize all farmers and future generations to come. As stated in the EIS "the alluvium layer is thin and unable to effectively impede the flow of groundwater to the ocean" (pate 3-15) this could potentially lead to sewage contaminating our beaches.  Traffic Impact:     Traffic will increase along Farrington Hwy which leads up to Kaukonahua Rd. This development will take approximately 10 years to complete, which means current Oahu residents will have to share the road way with a significant amount of semi-trucks, utility vehicles and the already increasing amount of military vehicles. When completed an increase in traffic coming from Dillingham will be a permanent problem with the only resolve being in the hands of future taxpayers NOT KENNEDY WILSON INC! THE EIS CAN BE FOUND ONLINE AT: search under Dillingham Ranch. Comments are a critical part in fighting this. By law Kennedy Wilson must reply to each one! PLEASE PASS THIS MESSAGE ALONG TO EVERYONE AND ANYONE WHO HAS LOVE FOR OUR AINA! IG, FACEBOOK, TWITTER...... PLEASE GET THE WORD OUT!!    

Jennifer Green
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Petition to Commissioner Charles Smith

Help to save 3-year old Layla’s playhouse in Ellenton, FL!

Layla has until the end of January to enjoy being a child in her playhouse or the county will start fining her family $100 a day! Layla’s dad built his daughter a playhouse to foster her imagination, creativity and outdoor play instead of plopping her in front of the TV! Her family lives in a flood zone in Manatee County Florida where it is required that ALL playhouses in a flood zone be in compliance with flood plane elevation, by applying for a permit. However, Layla’s parents are the ONLY family in the history of Manatee County who have been required to apply for a permit for a playhouse and Layla’s meets the flood code and building code requirements! A neighbor felt the need to complain who cannot see the playhouse and has since moved away, so Manatee County code enforcement decided to enforce only hers! Turns out the information Layla’s parents received and relied on from the county before they built their daughter’s playhouse was incorrect. Layla’s playhouse is on a vacant lot that they also own and in order to keep her playhouse there her parents would have to join the vacant lot with their adjoining property. Unfortunately, this would cause their flood insurance premium to increase by $2,000 a year! Please sign to let Manatee County know that you want Layla to continue to enjoy playing pretend, going down her cool tube slide, and swinging on her swings by creating a land use exception for playhouses!

Lauren Przybyla
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Petition to Town of Copper Canyon

Preserve Copper Canyon! Don't Allow Builders to Reshape our Town!

Copper Canyon Residents: After you sign please leave your physical address in the "Add your voice" section of "Join the Conversation" or the "I'm signing because..." area OR you can email it to me to include at Most of us either moved out to or have stayed in Copper Canyon to enjoy the laid back country feel and open spaces.  However, there are builders that are actively trying to reshape Copper Canyon into something that it’s not. The P&Z committee unanimously voted on December 11th NOT to rezone 646 Chinn Chapel Road from the current 2 Acre minimum to 1 Acre minimum as requested by a home builder. However, now a home builder wants the Copper Canyon Town Council to grant a exception and allow 1 Acre homes to be built in our 2 Acre minimum district and go against the vote of our P&Z committee.  The 1 Acre in front of the house at 648 Chinn Chapel Road (Burgess 2 Lot 24 S & SE Corner) is being considered to be converted from agricultural land into a build site to accommodate the builders request.  The new site will be directly outside the current resident's front door.  Besides the haphazard design of the lot and lack of consideration for the current home owner, the change will create a precedent going forward and welcome in a more urbanized and crowded Copper Canyon. We are petitioning the Town Council to maintain the rural and country feel of our town and not turn it into another crowded subdivision by way of precedent.  We want the Town Council to keep to the requirements of the current zoning districts and not to create exceptions to accommodate builders. Please join me in objecting to the Council granting 646 Chinn Chapel Rd to be turned into the first, of many to follow, crowded home sites in our larger acreage districts. Also, please join the Monday, January 8th 2018 Town Council meeting at 7:00PM to support in person!

Eric Rooney
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