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Petition to YouTube

#DoNotDemonetize Channels With Under 1,000 Subscribers

On January 16, 2018, YouTube unveiled a slew of changes to its YouTube Partner Program of which YouTubers must be a part in order to earn ad revenue from their hard work on the platform. These changes are the absolutely ridiculous new requirements of having at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within the past year. New channels had to immediately meet these thresholds before entering the YouTube Partner Program while pre-existing channels were kicked out of the program on February 20 if they did not meet both of these requirements. Thus, we are demanding that YouTube abolish these new requirements and undo demonetizing these small YouTubers for having under 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. Not only do these new rules obviously hurt already-established channels such as mine, but they also greatly hinder the ability of regular people with a dream to make YouTube their fantastically entrepreneurial job. For example, here comes a personal story, my personal story. My name is Shane Mumma and I'm the man behind the technology YouTube channel Warenotice. I started Warenotice back in 2015 when I was going through quite a hard period in my life. I was a freshman in high school and I was treated poorly by my peers, and I felt as if I was trapped in a horrible place. Then, I started Warenotice. It was my way out of whatever nonsense kids gave me at school. It was, to be honest, my "happy place." My videos were popular and I loved it. I've been totally dedicated to Warenotice ever since and now I have nearly a quarter of a million total views on YouTube. But you know what I don't have? 1,000 subscribers. So, when I read that YouTube was making these changes (you can read them for yourself here) it absolutely broke my heart. YouTube saved me from despair and makes me happier than I can even put into words. And the fact that this great feeling is set to be stolen from me soon is terrifying and deeply saddening. It's hard to justify to others spending hours upon hours working on videos if I'm not earning so much as a penny. It's also hard to even make those videos without money--I'm a tech YouTuber who needs to unbox things, and unboxings can get expensive. I also know a handful of other small YouTubers who are just getting started on the platform. The thought that the big iron hand of YouTube is set to crush their dreams too is also significantly saddening. It was bad enough that YouTube had set a 10,000 total view minimum for monetization earlier, but hey, at least that would only amount to give or take $10 of loss in the long run for YouTubers. But this early 2018 YouTube Partner Program change is absolutely ridiculous and inexcusable. I know that I will not stand by while YouTube crushes my aspirations, the aspirations of my friends, and the aspirations of small YouTubers worldwide in an effort to please giant corporate advertisers scared off by the disgusting likes of Logan Paul. YouTube, we all come from humble beginnings, and so do you. It's time you remember this and #DoNotDemonetize the up and coming YouTube star that every single last one of us is.   Sincerely, Shane Mumma CEO, Warenotice

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Petition to US Department of Commerce, Educause, Jarret Cummings, Kate McTurk, Jonathan Lang, Keith Gremban, Ashley Heineman

Educause: Allow two or more .edu domain names

In the early days of the Internet people or institutions bought up .edu domain names in a irresponsible manner. This created cause for concern because having an .edu domain name allowed people and institutions certain privledges. In response to this Educause, the company that manages .edu domain names, decided to restrict institutions to one and only one .edu domain name. Educause does provide a one-year transitional grace period during which institutions are permitted to hold two .edu domain names. In that one-year time frame the institution is expected to change every document, article, mobile connection, business card and web site to this new domain. Educational Universities often do not have the resources to complete this monumental task which results in important web based resources being lost forever. Responding to customer complaints Educause has created a proposal which allows all of their customers to retain two .edu domains indefinitely. This proposal was submitted with a variety of other proposed changes to the Department of Commerce and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and was subsequently shot down. Educause was asked to split up the proposals and submit them separately. Now the Educause Chief Technical Officer is releasing Requests for Proposals (RFP) on restructuring the registration process.  There is no reason why established universities should not be able to retain two or more .edu domain names indefinitely. All this restriction does is put more strain on .edu technical employees which in turn causes staff to grow and tuition prices to rise. Educause already has the mechanisms in place to allow two domains per university during the domain conversion phase. We ask that they extend this transition period to a easily renewable two year period for all Educause customers. This will provide time for the legislation to catch up with needs of the people while also providing instant relief and room for universities to grow and change in ways that make sense to them.  Please sign our petition and demand that the Department of Commerce, Educause, and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) take action on this proposal immediately.     

Justin Hickey
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Petition to United States Supreme Court

Save Net Neutrality!

The Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to dismantle landmark rules regulating the businesses that connect consumers to the internet, granting broadband companies the power to potentially reshape Americans’ online experiences. This will greatly affect start-ups, live streamers, and regular people like you. WHAT IS NET NEUTRALITY?Net neutrality prevents ISP's(Internet service providers) from giving preferential treatment to some people. For Example, For example, if someone launched a petition on against a company like Verizon, Net Neutrality prevents Verizon from blocking or slowing their customers’ access to our site. Without Net Neutrality, ISPs can choose what you see online, favoring some sources or blocking others. This means that big cable companies will have room to charge extra fees, block and censor users -- by removing ISPs from Title II of the Communications Act, a rule that means ISPs are subjected to tougher regulations that prevent them blocking sites, creating paid “fast” lanes, and throttling internet speeds. Basically, Net Neutrality prevents ISPs from creating paid “fast lanes” that would give faster delivery of content to companies who can afford to pay more. This would have a big effect on normal people and small business owners. 80% on Americans- Including 75% of Republicans- do NOT support the repeal of Net Neutrality. Join these numbers, and make your voice heard.

Xyno MetriX
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Petition to ScopeSky , earthlink iraq, TTNET , IQNETWORKS ,

Help to stop iraq internet Companies who steal people's money ...

Internet companies in Iraq is conducting large corruption, leading to a state of agitation for it's users, Where the companies recently established a disconnection for the Internet service for many days and reduce the speed of it's services to less than 1 megabits .. No one can judge them in Iraq because of their strong influence in the field and the user is the weak person stuck with these tyrannical companies, We are facing these problems for years, All what we ask for is better services with a reasonable pricing from all of Iraqi internet companies because we deserve what we're paying for. Sources of Internet supply in Iraq now are:1- IQ Networks | ScopeSky Communication and Internet Ltd. | check all these companies control the Internet inside Iraq and provide very poor services1- Details of internet plan in Earthlink company: Internet Speed: 70kbInternet price: 65$Downtime: 5-15H every daySpeed test: Test: And any other contact way on their official websites:Agent in iraq site: earthlink.iqemail of the agent: info@earthlinktele.com2- Details of internet plan in ScopeSky company: Internet Speed: 3-7MbpsInternet price: 35-65$Downtime: 1-5H every dayusers tests: And any other contact way on their official websites:Agent in iraq site: scopesky.comemail of the agent: info@scopesky.com3- Details of internet plan in AL-Jazeera company: Internet Speed: 20-80kbInternet price: 35-65$Downtime: 4-15H every dayusers tests: Details of internet plan in HRINS company: Internet Speed: 60-100kbInternet price: 55$Downtime: 1-15H every dayusers tests: And any other contact way on their official websites: We need to solve this problems by: Compensation for all users who paid the money and did not receive the Internet Solving the problem of corruption between company employees in order to upgrade the service. invite large companies in neighboring countries such as ttnet to Iraq for investment Reduce insane Internet fees to equal the speed they offer us.Internet companies (especially Earthlink) should clarify the reasons of disabling comments , ╲ ⎝ ⧹ ╲ ⎝ ⧹ IRAQI People's Need Help ⧸ ⎠ ╱ ⧸ ╱   شركات الانترنت في العراق تقوم بعمليات فساد كبيرة مما يودي الى حالة هيجان للمستخدمين في العراق حيث قامت الشركات مؤخراً بفصل خدمة الانترنيت لأيام عديدة وتقليل سرعة الاتصال الى اقل من 1 ميغابت يرجع السبب الى عدة تصريحات ف الشركات المجهزة للانترنيت في العراق ذكرت بان المشكلة حاصلة في قطع الكابل البحري وعند مناشدة وزارة الاتصالات يصرح المسوول الرسمي لها بان وزارة الاتصالات لا تعاني من اي مشاكل في بطئ الانترنيت والقطع الحاصل هو بسبب فساد الشركات المجهزة للانترنيت اي كيو نيتورك و سكوب سكاي ... ولا احد يستطيع محاسبتهم في العراق بسبب نفوذهم القوي في العراق من قبل باقي الشركات الداعمة لهم بسحب الخدمة وتوزيعها على المستخدمين مثل ايرثلنك و نوروز و الجزيرة وباقي الشركات التي تذم بعضها على سوء الخدمات والمستخدم هو الشخص الضعيف المتورط في هذه الشركات الطاغية التي لا نستطيع ايصال صوتنا اليهم بسبب الضغوطات من قبل الموظفين والنفوذ المسؤوليين ,نحن نواجه هذه المشاكل لسنين وكل ما نطلبه هو خدمة انترنت جيدة مع اسعار معقولة لأننا نستحق ما ندفع لأجله. كما أعلنت الشركة الوطنية الممثلة بالشركة العامة للاتصالات ان إيراداتها من الانترنت يبلغ (150) مليون دولار سنويا مقابل حصولها على (10 لامدا) فقط ، على الرغم من انها متعاقدة مع خمس شركات موردة للانترنت في العراق تصل سعاتها مجتمعة الى (90 لامدا) أي ما يعادل (900 غيغابايت). مما يعني بأن هناك حوالي 80 لامدا تُهرب بدون تسجيل، وتستورد من دول الجوار بدون علم الحكومة العراقية، وتدفع اجورهن من قبل خمس شركات رئيسية وهي (سكوب سكاي ‐ اي كيو – ونوروزتل ‐ ايرثلنك ‐ سرد). اذا ما افترضنا ان إيرادات الدولة ستكون 150 مليون دولار سنويا لقاء الـ (10 لامدا)، فهذا يعني ان (80 لامدا) المهربة تؤتي إيرادات للدولة تصل الى 1.2 مليار دولار سنويا. أي يتم سرقة الدولة العراقية حوالي مليار وربع دولار سنويا من قبل هذه الشركات في ظل سكوت هيئة الاعلام والاتصالات وحماية واسناد ودعم وزارة الاتصالات. في تموز الماضي توجهت وزارة الاتصالات لتمييع هذه السرقة من خلال مشروع يحمل الاسم (سمفوني) وتحويل الكابلات من غير شرعية الى شرعية وتحويل الباندات (الحزم) للمشروع الجديد، واعطتها الشرعية تحت مسمى المشروع الوطني للانترنت، وهو تحايل وفساد واضح، اذ ستكون حصة الحكومة من هذا المليار وربع نحو 200 مليون فقط في احسن الأحوال. ولا يخفى ان مشروع مد الكابلات الضوئية هو مشروع متلكئ، ومُنح قسم منه لاصحاب الأبراج، الذين مدوا الكابلات بطريقة عشوائية وخارج الضوابط، وبعيدا عن التنسيق مع الدوائر الخدمية والبلدية. والان المستخدم العراقي يعاني من مشاكل كبيرة في الانترنيت بسبب الصراعات السياسية و التجارية بين الشركات وهذه دليل بسيط لقياس السرعات الحقيقية لكل الشركات المتورطة المصادر التي تقوم بتزويد العراق بالانترنت هي : 1- شركة اي كيو نيتورك | شركة سكوب سكاي | مطالبنة من خلال هذه الحملة هي بسيطة ومن حق اي مواطن :  استرجاع جميع اموال المستخدمين الذين دفعوا مالهم ولم يستلموا كمقابل خدمة الانترنيت بصورة طبيعية .. او تعويضهم من خلال فترات مجانية مقابلة كتعويض بسيط من قبل الشركة المجهزةإصلاح المشاكل الحاصلة في شركات الانترنيت و إرجاع الخدمة الى صورتها الطبيعية عن طريق لجنة تحقيقية لمكافحة الفاسدين من اجل تطوير الخدمة وكشف التواطئ السياسي والجشع الحكومي في وزارة الأتصالات وهيئة الإعلام والأتصالات مع الشركات المجهزة والمصدرة لخدمة الأنترنيت.في حال لم تستطع الشركات الحالية اثبات كفائتها واستمرت في عملياته الملتوية لسرقة حقوق المستخدمين يتم دعوة الشركات العملاقة في الدول المجاورة لتقديم عروضها في معالجة الازمة الحاصلة في العراق مثل شركة TTNET التي تغطي خدماتها اكثر من 90 مليون مستخدم في دول المجاورةمن اكبر شركات تزويد الانترنيت في العراق هي شركة ايرثلنك للاتصالات وسيتم ذكر تفاصيل والمعانات الجارية لمستخدميها :‐ سرعة الانترنت : 70kbسعر باقة الانترنيت : 65$مدة قطع الانترنت: 5‐15ساعة يومياًقياس موقع فاست:قياس موقع سبيد :للتفاصيل اكثر هذه وسائل تواصل للشركة للتاكد اكثر : ‐موقع الكتروني: earthlink.iqبريد الكتروني :  

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