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Petition to Ken Wyatt

Free the Aboriginal Flag before its 50th anniversary birthday

Updated 19th February 2021, 4:00PM AEDT What do we want? A free flag! When do we want it? NOW! Since the Senate Enquiry in to the Aboriginal Flag released its findings on the 13th of October, there has been no visible movement or public statement on the actions to Free the Flag from Minister Ken Wyatt's office. It's time to #FreeTheFlag, it's time for #FlagRightsNow. In the 50th anniversary year of the Aboriginal Flag we are asking that the flag be free to celebrate! Our eyes are set on the 12th of July, the day the Aboriginal flag was first flown publicly in Adelaide at Victoria Square on National Aborigines Day back in 1971. The #FreeTheFlag campaign gained huge momentum in 2020 and lead to a Senate Inquiry following the mass support and public awareness during AFL's Sir Doug Nicholls Round.  The Senate Inquiry recommended that the Flag be free from the licensing agreements it is current shackled by. It's time to make that happen. It's time for #FlagRightsNow We cannot wait to see the Aboriginal Flag back in action and displayed proudly once again!  Let's make it happen so we can celebrate the Flag's 50th Birthday in style!  -------------- ORIGINAL PETITION STATEMENT: We've got something to flag with you. We're usually full of spark, but today we're full of passion.  We have been served a "Cease and Desist" from WAM Clothing for celebrating the Aboriginal Flag on our "Clothing the Gap" products.  Did you know that the Aboriginal Flag is copyrighted? Currently, WAM Clothing hold an exclusive world-wide licensing agreement with the Flag's copyright owner, Harold Thomas, to reproduce the Flag on clothing. We wrote to Harold Thomas in August of 2018 to ask for permission to enter a licensing agreement to use the flag on clothing, however we received no reply. This is not a question of who owns copyright of the Flag. This is a question of control.  Should WAM Clothing, a non-indigenous business, hold the monopoly in a market to profit off Aboriginal peoples' Identity and love for "their" flag?  We believe that this control of the market by a non-indigenous business has to stop.  Viable channels for new licensing agreements, especially those for Aboriginal organisations and businesses, must be created.  Unite with us to see the Aboriginal Flag celebrated, shared and worn for #PrideNotProfit as we lobby government and relevant bodies for action. For more information please contact:

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Petition to Shane Jones, Herewini Te Koha, Jacinda Ardern, Rehette Stoltz

No Port in Hicks Bay

A port development is being proposed in the ancestral waters of the Ahi Kaa o Wharekahika. This we believe will be detrimental to our taonga. Our kapata kai, the health of our river and the destruction of our sacred sites. We are a low income community and our people rely on our kapata kai to feed their whanau and our manuhiri during hui. A pre feasibility study was agreed to by the hapū-Te whānau a Te Aotaki and paid for by the beneficiaries of Te Rūnanganui o Ngāti Porou.  The hapū publicly did not agree to a full feasibility study thereafter and the matter was dropped with our iwi authority in 2018.  Shane Jones is now proposing a law change which would see Wharekahika/Hicks Bay designated a Special Economic Zone, part of a wider scheme: "The blue highway" If in the unfortunate event the Government decides to over ride the wishes of the whānau and hapū of Wharekahika/Hicks Bay, our tamariki, mokopuna will grow up with the sound of continuous logging trucks outside their bedroom windows, the right to "undisturbed possession of taonga" as well as the responsibility of kaitiakitanga would have been stripped of them and their children leaving it up to the 4th and 5th generation from today the mess to clean up their waterways.  Te Whānau a Te Aotaki and the wider community of Wharekahika/Hicks Bay unanimously opposes a port development in our very special and treasured backyard. Please support this petition as we take another step in our protest.

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