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Petition to Trey Gowdy, Department of Justice, Jason Chaffetz, Claire McCaskill, Pat Roberts, Lynn Jenkins, Kevin Yoder, Sam Brownback, Rand Paul, Barbara Lee, Mazie Hirono


Adrian Jones was a young boy brutalized and tortured to death by his parents Heather and Mike Jones. They abused him in the most horrific manner using tasers, starvation,beatings, handcuffing him outside in frigid temperatures, making him stay overnight up to his neck in a filthy pool, blindfolding him and strapping him with wooden planks, and this was uploaded onto apple i cloud. The house had at least 30 cameras which were used to film his abuse. Under the guise of "homeschooling" Adrian was never seen in public but was beaten to a pulp and starved at the hands of his wicked,evil parents going on for at least 9 months. When they finally murdered him through beating and starvation his small body was thrown into a pig sty and fed to the pigs.There can be no true justice in this lifetime for Adrian. We can only work to prevent such catastrophic abuse from happening to other children.He reported being hit and punched in the stomache by Mike Jones during an interview by Missouri Department of Social Services. No action was taken.  #AdriansLaw will be used to force any  child welfare agency whether social services,DCF,CPS, or other to be mandated to take immediate action to remove the child to a temporary group shelter at FIRST REPORT BY THE CHILD OF ABUSE until a full investigation is completed by a state court with guardian ad litem in place. No child should ever suffer abuse and to leave a child residing with abusers is tantamount to being culpable for his death. 

Lisa Cardon
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Petition to Scarborough Middle School

Freedom, for our students.

The students in Scarborough Middle School have been being violated by the teachers. It all started when a local bullying incident sparked the need for confiscation of every cellphone in the school. A students phone was taken after being caught on it. The teacher then proceeded to look through his phone. Many other students had their phones looked through by the same teacher. After seeing a text from another student on a phone, he decided to find the student who texted and take his phone. According to the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington in an article, they said "If school policy forbids having cell phones at school, then the school    can take your cell phone until the end of the school day. But even if the phone is confiscated, your school does not have a right to read, copy, or search its contents."   There was no proof that it was actually him. Therefore violating his 4th amendment rights. The search was therefore illegal, and evidence found could not be used against him. Then, at lunch, students decided to create a peaceful petition. After countless signatures, the same teacher that conducted the illegal search, took the petition and didn't give it back. This violates our 1st amendment, our right to petition. Us, as students, feel the need to be comfortable in school and with teachers violating our rights, we feel helpless and powerless to the abuse of power being exercised by the school officials. If you would like to stand up against the abuse of power and give the students back their rights. Then support our petition.

Jacob Keim
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