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Minimum salary rule for teachers and professors at Private institutions

Every state has a few government institutions, professors working there earn a decent salary which is as per rules of UGC. While public universities include institutions like IITs NITs IISERs central universities it also comprises of many colleges where teachers hardly pay attention to the students. Professors teaching in all of these institutions earn according to the set norms.  Even if teachers at  state run public schools  never  bother to take into consideration the actual needs of students, they earn salary according to the norms. Very few if not none of the teachers would send their kids to their own school However the teachers and professors at Private institutions could be paid anything depending on the mercy of the particular institute. A PhD candidate teaching in a Private engineering college can earn anything between 10-25k monthly while with the same qualification a person earning at public college would earn nearly 80-100k.  I request the Government of India to take into account the needs of dedicated teachers. Owners of the private institutions cash on the employment demands and lack of any such regulations. Interestingly most of the private institutions regularly charges huge fees from the students. I do not mean to undermine any teacher at  public institutions. I respect every teacher who puts their honest dedication towards the best interest of the students. But we all know the reality of widely growing need of private institutions.  

Harapriya Chakravarty
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