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Petition to Annie Campbell Washington, Abel Guillén, Noel Gallo, Larry Reid, Desley Brooks, Rebecca Kaplan, Dan Kalb

Reject a relocation fee ordinance that includes houses, condos, du-, tri-, and fourplexes

Do you own a HOME, CONDO, OR RENTAL PROPERTY in Oakland? Do you have hopes of renting your home because of life change or circumstances? Do you seek to return to your home in the future? Councilmember Kaplan along with support from Councilmember Kalb and Brooks are currently looking to pass a uniform relocation ordinance that will cover single family homes,condos, and all other properties that range in fees of $6,000-$12,000. There are no requirements for a renter receiving this money- no minimum length of stay or no means testing to identify need. Property owners are at risk of renting out their property should this pass! And this is guaranteed to be just a starting point of negotiation. How does this policy burden help the housing shortage we have in the Bay Area? More owners will take their homes off the market to avoid any problems and costs associated with renting. This short-sighted policy will make the market even tighter. This ordinance is just one of many policies this council has passed in the last 2 years making availability W O R S E and causing rents to rise. This item will be discussed on Tuesday, December 8th, Oakland City Hall. Read more here:|Text|&Search=kaplan ATTN ALL SIGNORS OF PETITION!Council scheduled Councilmember Kaplan's version of the uniform relocation ordinance for MONDAY, December 18th. This is a special evening meeting. This item will also be a FIRST reading due to lack of meeting public notice requirements(being published in a newspaper). It is also a non-consent item which means it will be heard after 7pm.BIG UPDATE: This version, if passed, will be retroactive to November 28th, 2017. Your opportunity to have your voice heard has not changed: call, email, sign on to this petition and attend the meeting. The agenda is not up yet but as soon as it is I will send it out.   Sign up to speak 12/18 at City Hall on ITEM 3# here: Contact ALL council members: Dan Kalb 238-7001                          Abel Guillen 238-7002                      Lynette Gibson McElhaney 238-7003 Annie Campbell Washington 238-7004 Noel Gallo 238-7005                        Desley Brooks 238-7006                 Larry Reid 238-7007                        Rebecca Kaplan 238-7008               Say NO to this crazy policy that has major unintended consequences for all residents of Oakland!    

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Petition to Kathleen Wynne, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, PC Leader Patrick Brown, Deputy Premier Deborah Matthews, MPP Vic Dhillon, Minister Tracy MacCharles

End Tarion’s new home warranty monopoly NOW: Give Ontario's new home buyers a choice!

Ontario's Premier Kathleen Wynne said the time for monopolies is over (National Post, Apr. 17, 2015). We think she’s absolutely right! Monopolies are notoriously inefficient and ineffective - the prices are too high and the production is too low - and they can "capture" the political and regulatory processes (CBS Money Watch, Sept. 18, 2014). And now Justice Cunningham has recommended ending Tarion's monopoly as a result of his Tarion Review! "...I am recommending the introduction of a competitive multi-provider model for warranty protection.  Introducing competition should encourage continuous improvement and innovation. This in turn can lead to better consumer outcomes such as enhancements in warranty protection beyond minimum amounts..." (Justice Douglas Cunningham, Tarion Review Final Report, Dec. 16, 2016). But the Wynne Government has not yet accepted Justice Cunningham's recommendation to end Tarion's monopoly.   Tarion is a private corporation created as a monopoly by the Government of Ontario to provide warranty protection to new home buyers and to regulate builders. The legislation was established in 1976 – 41 years ago – and many agree that it has never worked properly. Numerous media reports show that there are many serious problems resulting from the legislation and how Tarion is administering the legislation - and now Justice Cunningham has agreed!  The following summarizes the situation in three other provinces – and then in Ontario: Prov       2015 Housing starts    # of Warr Providers       Avg #        Alberta             37,282                         7                         5,326 BC                    31,446                        5                          6,289 Manitoba          5,501                           5**                      1,100 Ontario             70,156                         1                         70,156  This means that Alberta, BC and Manitoba offer a CHOICE of warranty providers AND, on average, the warranty providers in those provinces have a much more reasonable number of homes to service than Tarion.     Sign this petition to ask Premier Wynne to end Tarion’s monopoly and offer a number of warranty providers in Ontario -- like Justice Cunningham recommended -- and like other Canadian provinces are doing.  It's time for Ontario to catch up! ------------------------------------- * Statistics Canada  **effective 2017

Canadians for Properly Built Homes
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