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Petition to San Diego City Council and Mayor's Office

Implement Rent Control in San Diego

It is time for San Diego to implement rent control to protect its residents’ quality of life.  Renters are experiencing substantial rent hikes that are not consistent with salary increases, and hard-working San Diegans face the stressful situation every year of being forced from their home if they don’t pay exploitative rent increases.  When searching the rental market for a new place to live, people have some ability to compare options and even possibly negotiate with some success.  However, when they are already living in a rental unit and it is up for lease renewal, the landlord clearly has the upper hand.  Not only does the apartment management company have easier access to sometimes proprietary information about the market, but also they can substantially raise the rent because they know the cost and hassle of moving for the tenant can be substantial.  Moving is time consuming, from the housing search, to packing, to hiring movers, and to settling into a new home and sometimes new schools.  In addition, the financial cost of moving can be quite high, it creates an unstable home life, and it can take an emotional toll from being uprooted from one’s own home just because the landlord thinks they can fill it with another renter willing to pay more.  This system creates a lose-lose situation for renters – pay whatever the landlord asks or endure the hardship of a move.  Moreover, the current system discourages renters from making valid complaints for fear of reprisals at lease renewal time in the form of a higher rent hike.  This is not a system that ensures a good quality of life for renters.  Either they must give in to exploitative rent hikes that steal an increasing amount of their income or they must suffer from instability, lost productivity, and stress from moving frequently.  Housing is central to quality of life, and the system is currently favoring landlords over tenants.  The rental market is also reducing the standard of living for San Diego residents.  Over 50% of San Diego households rent housing[1] and they spend 44% of their income on it (compared to 30% for the country).[2]   Rents have increased 25% over the past decade and are expected to increase by 19% in just the next 5 years.[3]  In 2014, rents in San Diego increased 5-6%, the highest rent growth in more than a decade, and 2015 has experienced 9% increases.[4]  Meanwhile, household income is rising only less than 1% a year and has even decreased a total of 6% since 2009.[5]  With some of the most expensive housing in the country (San Diego was recently labeled the least affordable city in America by[6]), buying a home is out of reach for most San Diegans,[7] and renting is the only realistic option.[8]  While San Diegans are hurting, large corporations that own the apartments are winning big.  For example, Essex Property Trust that owns and manages 13 complexes in San Diego saw an annual increase in profit of 7.4% at its properties in 2013, a total profit increase of 14% in 2014 to over $200 million[9], and its top two executives receiving compensation of $3.4 million a year[10] (a 136% increase over the past 4 years).  Similarly, the Irvine Company, which owns and manages 12 complexes in San Diego, has seen recent annual growth of 8.7%,[11] and its Chairman Donald Bren has made $3 billion over the past three years (an increase of 25%)[12], making him the 30th richest American with a net worth of $15.2 billion.[13] Rent control (or “rent stabilization”) is needed to remedy this inequality between landlord and tenant and to protect the majority of San Diego households who are renters.  Rent control laws exist in 15 other cities in California, including the three largest cities in the state besides San Diego – Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Francisco.[14]  Vacant units can still be subject to pure market forces (“vacancy decontrol”), but it is time to protect the renter from exploitative rent increases for their current apartment homes. The San Diego County Apartment Association has used its deep pockets and team of lobbyists to effectively represent the interests of landlords to our local government, and it is time for us, the people of San Diego, to now petition our representatives – the City Council and the Mayor – to pass rent control measures. 10 Facts about Rent Control in California Please fill out our brief survey! Please remain subscribed to e-mails related to this petition to learn about updates regarding this petition and how we all can ensure that change does indeed happen. Your e-mail and address is not shared with the petition author or recipient.  If you would like to contact our growing San Diego Tenants United movement to get more involved, for media inquiries, or anything else, please email Renters should also fill out our survey and like our Facebook page.  Please share your stories and comments in the section below!  Your full name will only be displayed below if you choose to leave a comment. Other actions you can take include: Write a review (e.g., Yelp) about your rental Talk to your neighbors Share this petition! Contact your representative Understand and stand up for your legal rights as a tenant Footnotes* Cover graph: CBRE Econometric Advisors and RealPage, Sept 2014,  [1][2]  [3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14]

SD Tenants United
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Petition to NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, Premier Doug Ford, MPP Bob Bailey, Minister Ross Romano, MPP Stephen Blais, MPP Terence Kernaghan

End Tarion’s new home warranty monopoly NOW: Give Ontarians a choice!

Why has Doug Ford changed his tune since he became premier? Why has he not ended Tarion's monopoly? Could it be that he is now more interested in catering to builders/developers than protecting Ontario's consumers?  Tarion has been studied for decades - the problems are well known. Consumers and the media have reported serious problems with Tarion for decades. Justice Cunningham, who was hired by the Ontario Government in 2015 to conduct an independent review of Tarion, ultimately concluded in 2016 that Tarion basically needs to be dismantled.  Justice Cunningham laid out a comprehensive plan forward, with 37 recommendations, including ending Tarion's monopoly: "...I am recommending the introduction of a competitive multi-provider model for warranty protection.  Introducing competition should encourage continuous improvement and innovation. This in turn can lead to better consumer outcomes such as enhancements in warranty protection beyond minimum amounts..." (Tarion Review Final Report, Dec. 16, 2016).   In October 2019 the Auditor General of Canada issued a scathing report following a special audit of Tarion.  Despite the ON PCs committing to end the monopoly before the June 2018 election, unfortunately, then-Minister Thompson announced in 2019 that they were not willing to end Tarion's monopoly after all.  She said that this decision was based on "extensive consultations" by her ministry in 2019.  We asked Minister Thompson for information about those consultations numerous times, but she did not respond.  So, CPBH processed Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, and learned that there were no "extensive" consultations - but the Ford Government did allow some people to provide input.  Indeed, we learned via FOI that the vast majority of those who did provide input said to end the monopoly.  But the Ford Government covered that up and dug in their heels - continuing with the monopoly.   Each month the Ford government is FORCING approximately 5,000 families who purchase newly built homes to also purchase a warranty from the monopoly Tarion - a mandatory warranty that many agree is little to no good. What happened to Ford's slogan "for the people"? It's time for Ontario to catch up to other provinces like Alberta and BC and offer a CHOICE of approved warranty providers!  There is no perfect system, but it remains clear that the multi-warranty provider warranty option is the best model.  Sign this petition to ask Premier Ford to end Tarion’s monopoly and offer a number of warranty providers in Ontario -- like Justice Cunningham recommended -- and like other Canadian provinces are doing.  It's time for Ontario to catch up!

Canadians for Properly Built Homes
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Petition to Ron DeSantis

HOA Reform for Florida!

Florida is long overdue for HOA Reform! To The State of Florida Governor, Legislature, Counties and Municipalities, Open Letter We submit to you, very respectfully, the items below regarding the Proposed State of Florida HOA-Reform. I come before you to address the inequities, inconsistencies, unfairness, misunderstandings, and aimless wandering and without focus of HOAs Laws, Regulations and Support which are clamoring for HOA Reform! Florida HOAs are in serious need of reform. Everyone does as it pleases and owners have few if any protections whatsoever! Further, upon purchase there are no disclosures before hand regarding the history, practices, regulations, bylaws or status of an HOA. Even after purchase, it seems to be an ordeal to obtain any information or support. In order to correct this, provide protection to would be buyers and settle the current "got you" attitude, I am proposing that part of the disclosures of an HOA/COA property include the following. The following disclosures are to be made to all prospective buyers: 1. History of the HOA 2. Property Management Companies of the last 10 years 3. Financial Condition and Status 4. Legal Status - pending court issues 5. Copy of Articles, Regulations and Bylaws be provided. 6. Contact information for the Board and Property Management Company 7. Dues and Special Assessments 8. Services and responsibilities 9. HOA Quality Survey results to be done annually (assessing 7 key quality points) 10. Provide recommended standards for HOA/COAs based on size, (the number of units in the development) 11. Address the infrastructure requirements and standards for HOA/COAs 12. A state overseer to ensure compliance with the above and resolve member and community claims and issues   The above will solve many of the current issues buyers encounter only after the fact. For a closer look at the myriad of complaints take a look here: If this is not implemented, the State of Florida is going to suffer greatly since HOAs appear to be one of the most common HOA/COAs property agreements. Florida is now the highest HOA density state in the country, two out of three families are part of an HOA Community. Florida will not be able to sustain the growth it is faced with unless comprehensive HOA Reform is undertaken. Know your HOA Quality, please see the HOA Quality Factors Survey here Many thanks in advance for your attention and consideration of this matter.   Please share with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Thank you. Respectfully, Concerned Residents of Florida! (904) 900-8750 #hoas #housing #hoareform #reform #florida #homes #condos #hoamanagement #resources #information #answers #solutions

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