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Petition to Theresa May PM, Gavin Barwell, Sajid Javid, Eoghan Murphy MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Andrew Gwynne MP, John Healey MP, Amber Rudd MP, Damian Green MP, Phillip Hammond MP, Boris Johnson MP, Jeremy Hunt MP, David Lidington MP, Peter Holland CBE, Brandon Holland MP, Greg Hunt MP, David Cameron MP, Theresa May MP, Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Nicky Morgan MP, Nick Clegg MP, Mary Macleod MP, The Hon. Sussan Ley MP, David Laws MP, Vince Cable MP, George Eustice MP, Gabrielle Upton MP, Nicola Blackwood MP, James Morris MP, Stella Creasy MP, Karl McCartney MP, James Wharton MP, Paul Uppal MP, Marcus Jones MP, Kris Hopkins MP, Ed Davey MP, Sadiq Khan, Caroline Lucas MP, Steve Lucas MP

Bill of safety - RISK ASSESMENTS FOR ALL HMO BLOCKS & TOWERS - residential homes at risk.

Post note    IMmediate action to unlock Twyford House N15 fire escape - it has been locked from the outside - tenant on top floor (16th) fears dying !        Dear Prime minister, fire service , councils , government, minister of health, health & safety executive, and dear Media LMPS UK government Daily Mail The Telegraph Sky News BBC News ITV News ( please add to this list and repost) The Minister of Health, LLC Justice for Grenfell! @tradingstandardsdepartment I am appalled by the fact that in 2017 the British public services provided by our council taxes have failed 600 people in 120 homes. I am appalled that current conditions leave many other homes and humans at risk. I demand an immediate response and action taken to ensure that every home ( with priority given to those above 10 stories) has fire extinguishers/hoses/fire blankets/sprinklers  and working alarms in place. That risk assessments are done immediately on all HMO's.    I am unable to petition this action on your government led sight as it is closed due to general elections. furthermore I request a reason why the BritishArmy were not called upon to search and rescue at the Grenfell Tower residents at RPT I am calling on my Prime Minister to take responsibility for ensuring a new bill is immediately drawn up to ensure this negligence never happens again. Please find below a list of you and your governments departments failings that need immediate review and changes; 1. Emergency services must ensure they can access all residential buildings. 2. Installation of smoke alarms, fire hydrants, hoses , foam or extinguishers on all floors of residential buildings. With immediate action on all tower block accommodation as priority. 3. Designated fire officers to councils who are accountable for risk assessments and implementing changes and ensuring EAP & EVACS are drawn up and posted for the general public s access on council websites. 4. All flammable and coated with flammable or potentially flammable exterior surfaces / coating/ cladding is removed from blocks of flats. Everywhere. 5. Emergency exits are totally reviewed and where necessary external cradles or stairs are fitted. 6. A national audit of tower blocks and fire safety is published 7. A national apology is given for the above failings. 8. The public are given truthful facts of how many people have survived Grenfell Towers fire 9. British government immediately re-home adequately and safely all families previously living at Grenfell tower and meet deposits and rent indefinitely 10. provide all survivors access to health care and mental health care providers as a priority. 11. Ensure every survivor is given a new photographic identity in order to assist their legal requirements. This includes adequate support for completing forms signing of photos and payments 12. Fund and all funeral costs 13. Immediately release the requested Muslim bodies for Islamic burial & those of other faiths 14. Provide assistance for translation document filling, compensation trust funds and compensation advances ( Intrim payments no less than 1 years rent and income ) in Lou of legal action. 15. Provide support to community led groups i.e. Locations, finances and impartial legal assistance 16. provide private medical assessments and urgent NHS federal to all in need be that victims survivors Neighbour extended families or local residence for physical and mental health 17. Public address  by HRH Queen Or her next relative available,  to address her people who are beginning  to rise up against her failing government  Kind regards Nicolette Del gallo W5 1BQ London  

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Petition to Minister Eoghan Murphy, Joe MacGrath

Finish Glencree, Newport, Tipperary Residents in Glencree Newport are left angry and frustrated due to unfinished Estate. Glencree housing estate was originally built in 2003 where the majority of properties were sold off-plan. Such plans portrayed an idyllic setting displaying manicured green spaces, driveways, roads and street lighting. Plans to include 18 townhouses and a state of the art crèche at the entrance to the estate have never materialised. For those residents who have purchased homes, their reality is an entirely different picture. A number of residents have young families and said that it is fast becoming a nightmare scenario.  To date there has been no satisfactory action taken by Singland Homes Ltd., to finish the Glencree Estate. Residents are appealing to Eoghan Murphy, T.D. Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government to take action as the appalling, unfinished condition of the housing estate is putting lives at risk and hampering the social development of the local community. One resident described it as an absolute eyesore and is affecting normal daily living for young families. Another described the metal fencing surrounding the housing estate as unsightly and unacceptable. Residents are infuriated by the dilapidated Porto cabins, unused building materials and an out-building which remain inside the fencing. Many expressed concern that the footpath surfaces to the main Newport to Thurles road are unfinished and hazardous, forcing people off the paths onto the main road, particularly during heavy rainfall. Residents explained that traffic coming from the Thurles direction is immediately met with what now looks like a run-down estate and are outraged by the fact that their homes are becoming inequitable and say this is having a serious effect on their lives. Residents have been let-down by local T.D.s and Counsellors and feel strongly that Tipperary County Council and politicians have failed them. Residents are seeking support from local business owners and the local community as the unfinished entrance devalues the locality of Newport and not just the estate of Glencree.   Residents are now appealing to Minister Eoghan Murphy, to take swift action. They are demanding that their quality of life is restored and say that this is not what they bought into and is not what they envisaged for their family lives in Glencree 14 years later.  Please sign and share our petition and help give us a voice.  This petition is run independently of Glencree Residents Association   

Glencree Residents
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