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Petition to Woodlands Health Centre, Sarah Baker

Keep East Peckham Branch Surgery Open

In view of the impending decision of an NHS England Panel regarding the proposed closure of the East Peckham Branch Surgery, Woodlands Health Centre has received nearly 200 representations from local patients and highlight the strength of feeling in the village.  East Peckham Parish Council has also received many letters from residents expressing disappointment that this decision may be taken and this view has been echoed by Tom Tugendhat MP, Parish Councillors, Borough Councillors and our County Councillor. as well as many other village groups. East Peckham is a rural community which relies on its local services.  It is three miles to the nearest rural service centre, it is not served by a rail connection and has only one bus an hour travelling through the village.  furthermore over 600 residents in East Peckham are not in good health and rely on having a local surgery the most.  Taking this facility away will damage the lives of those patients who rely on a local surgery the most, particularly with transport to nearby alternatives difficult.  We have estimated that it could take up to two and a half hours to attend an appointment in Paddock Wood and that is if buses and appointments run on time.  Not everyone in our rural community have their own transport or can rely on lifts into Paddock Wood.  Taxis could also be cost prohibitive. I urge you to sign the petition so that East Peckham Parish Council can put pressure on the NHS England Panel to make the best decision in the interests of patients.  The short timescale between the announcement of consultation and possible closure has left no time for patients to find alternatives.  East Peckham Parish Council is also yet to be satisfied that every possible avenue has been explored to keep the branch surgery open.  In light of the short timescale, any decision to close East Peckham branch surgery will be premature and will satisfy neither the Parish Council or patients.

East Peckham Parish Council
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Petition to Irish Government

Equal Pay Scales for Irish Front-Line Public Sector Workers

Petition to abolish unequal two-tiered public sector pay scales in Ireland. Recently qualified Front-Line Public Sector Workers (including teachers, gardaí and healthcare workers) deserve to be paid in accordance with our country's Equal Pay for Equal Work values. **********Please sign and SHARE if you agree********** Women getting paid less or being treated like they are worth less is WRONG. People of different races or creeds getting paid less or being treated like they are worth less is WRONG. Yet, for some reason, in Ireland today, people who began work in 2011 as opposed to 2010 getting paid less or being treated like they are worth less is OK? Starting at the bottom of a single pay scale system is the way the public sector had operated fairly and justly for years. But recently, for the past 5 or so years there has been a significant split, with newly qualified Front Line workers being placed on a completely different and far inferior pay scale that will never reach the original. It means they lose out on well-deserved earnings over their careers while fulfilling the exact same roles as those who earn significantly more. This needs to end now. **********Please sign and SHARE if you agree********** These two-tier pay scales are damaging the quality of future workers in these vital Front-Line Public Sectors. A brain-drain from Ireland is under way. Many new nurses and teachers, educated and trained in Ireland, go to work abroad in order to secure fair and equal pay with their colleagues. This waste of resources and loss of talent is a direct result of a policy which discriminates against new entrants. Those of us who remain, struggle to make ends meet which leads to low morale. After 5+ years of this lower pay, we have had enough of this unjust disparity. These pay cuts, which only target recently qualified Front-Line Public Sector Workers, will have a detrimental effect on the future quality of each of these sectors in Ireland. These sectors are being seriously devalued, making them a less attractive prospect for capable young people who are considering their future career choices. Whether you personally know a young garda, teacher, healthcare worker or not, the chances are you will know someone who has been well protected, educated or cared-for by one. Please sign this petition and share it with whoever you possibly can! Hopefully it can help these Front-Line Public Sector Workers to get back to earning a just and fair salary and help strengthen our key public sectors for the future. **********Please sign and SHARE if you agree********** Thanks, Colm ************************************************************** Please follow and tweet unions, politicians and media using #PAYEQUALITYIRELAND @INTONews for primary teachers @ASTIunion and @TUIunion for secondary teachers @INMO_IRL for nurses @gardarep for gardaí @endakennyTD for the Taoiseach @paschald for the minister for public expenditure @richardbrutonTD for minister for education @michaelnoonanTD for minister for finance Please contact your local TDs, the new government ministers and their opposition counterparts to ask your questions and make your opinions heard: Facebook: Please follow Equal Pay For NQTs, Gregor Kerr Teaching Council, Voice For Teachers, Fightback and Carbery ASTI for information on future meetings and planned protests. INTO meetings are happening in your local branches as we speak, even if you're not a member, please attend and make your voice heard or just your presence felt by filling a seat. The INTO have only just been pressured into treating this as a priority, if you sit back and wait it simply won't get sorted. Here are the list of branch meetings and dates: Bring a colleague or two if you can, but please attend. Please contact me at if you have any contacts or have any suggestions to grow this petition. 

Colm Gogarty
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