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Petition to Hasbro, Meghan McCarthy, Josh Haber, Vincent Tong, Jim "Big Jim" Miller

Have Garble the Dragon Reformed in MLP Season 8 or 9

This petition is to try to get Hasbro to get Garble the Teenage Dragon reform. When he was introduced in "Dragon Quest", he was shown to be one of those dragons who had a dislike to ponies and think dragons are superior to them. In his later appearance "Gautlet of Fire", Garble tries to get the Gautlet of Fire in order to become Dragon Lord and try to destroy Equestria. (But for what reason? Hmmmm?). Of course, in the end Spike beated him and passed the position over to Ember (former Dragon Lord Torch's daughter) and got humiliated by being forced into hugging all the dragons he passes by. In his cameo of "Shadow Play-Part 1", Garble had Flash Magnus' shield and would refuse to give it unless Spike won him in a lava surfing race. Spike won but Garble being upset by this almost tries to clobber Spike before being saved by Rainbow Dash and they were able to trick Garble into giving them back the shield. So why start this petition you all may ask? Well there are a million reasons for this. Here's a list of some of them below. 1. A backstory - What do we know about Garble's baby dragon years and pre-teen years? Nothing! He was introduced as a teenage dragon. 2. His hatred towards ponies. -Why does Garble dislike Spike and ponies? Hmmm, some say he was just like most of the dragons being greedy, aggressive, etc. But then again........if we saw a different side to Garble (similar to the "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" Diamond Tiara arch) then maybe there's a good chance we'll know why he dislikes ponies or if he's insecure. 3. His voice actor Vincent Tong - I'm a lover of Vincent Tong's voiceover works on MLP:Friendship Is Magic and most of the characters he voices are hated by bronies and pegasisters. (Same thing goes with Flash Sentry). If Hasbro considered having Garble reformed and found a way to do that (just slowly and take their time on it since it shouldn't be rushed), then he would be hated less. 4. The possible end of Generation 4 and start of Generation 5 -Rumors have been going around that MLP: Friendship Is Magic may end before 2020 after seeing new concept art for some of the characters in a possible Generation 5. If this is true, then what will become of Garble, or Spike or Ember, or even the new dragon character Smolder? Will their personalities and designs change too? Now the chances of this idea does sound slim to not gonna happen but I think it's doesn't hurt for anyone to consider. Picture Used for this Petition:

Sean Horace
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Petition to Jayson Thiessen, Chris Savino, Dave Polsky, Charlotte Fullerton, Merriwether Williams, Cindy Morrow, William Anderson, Steffan Andrews, Rick Senechal, Corey Powell, Amy Keating Rogers, Brian Goldner, M. A. Larson, James Wootton, Sarah Wall, Devon Cody, Daniel Ingram, Stephen J. Davis, Meghan McCarthy, Bobby Curnow

Hasbro and Jayson Thiessen: Bring back unicorn Twilight in MLP: FiM

Please bring Twilight back as a unicorn and give up her princesshood in order to be able to fight more and more villains as the episodes and seasons go on. One reason I don't like Alicorn Twilight is because 1. I was used to the old Twilight and I always thought she would remain that way, just like the rest of her friends. 2. I don't want a new intro to the show because the one from before was always good as it was. I feel that it is unnecessary to give Twilight wings since she was only given them because of a Hasbro mandate. I also feel that Twilight shouldn't be a princess, but just herself as she always has been since the series first premiered. The change was too abrupt to me. I believe that Twilight being turned into an alicorn is quite hazardous to the show. The series will get a whole different intro and you should probably just wait until you do the series finale or whatever, whenever the series finale will be. Now I feel strange whenever I look at Twilight in older episodes. I am disappointed and is constantly reminded of her getting wings and is now an alicorn princess. And I think I know how to put an end to the alicorn version of Twilight Sparkle: If you guys ever start a new episode at one point again in Season 4, maybe it can start off with Twilight fighting off villains in her princess form. But then suddenly, the scene quickly goes to the average unicorn Twilight waking up and realizing that her entire missions and adventures as an alicorn princess were really all dreams, including the one in "Magical Mystery Cure." Then afterwards, everything just starts out fresh again and back to normal the way it was before Twilight appeared to become an alicorn princess. So just please, bring Twilight back as a unicorn, put everything back to normal as it was before, like in the previous seasons. Also because you really do not need wings to be a special unicorn, so I respectully ask the staff to change Twilight back into a unicorn and have everything else in the original plot go back to normal as it always was before "Magical Mystery Cure."

Susan Gonzales
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