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Petition to Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association President Jeff Follmer

This cop killed my son. He doesn't deserve a badge.

Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann shot my 12 year old son — Tamir Rice — less than one second after getting out of his car. Now Cleveland’s police union wants him back on the force. The Cleveland police department’s investigation after Loehmann murdered Tamir revealed that Loehmann had lied on his job application, claiming he left another police department (in Independence, Ohio) for “personal reasons.” In fact, he had resigned from the Independence Police Department when he learned they were going to fire him — because they had determined he was unstable and unfit to be a police officer. After discovering this lie, the Cleveland Police department fired Loehmann — but Cleveland’s police union immediately appealed the decision and is trying to get him reinstated. An arbitrator recently ruled against Loehmann and the police union’s attempt to get him back on Cleveland’s police force. That would usually be the end of it — but the police union is still fighting to make Loehmann a police officer again. Timothy Loehmann should never have been hired, and he should never have been in a position to take Tamir’s life. He’s unstable, dishonest, dangerous, and he’s already killed unjustly and recklessly. He definitely shouldn’t be on the streets with a badge and gun, and ever since he murdered Tamir I’ve been fighting to make sure that doesn’t happen. When Loehmann tried to get a job at another police department in Ohio, he was forced to withdraw his application after I spoke out, along with thousands of people in Ohio and across the country. Now it’s time for us to speak out again. Far too often, police unions succeed in quietly getting corrupt and dangerous officers back in their jobs after the public’s attention has moved on. That’s what they’re trying to do here. We can stop it from happening — and make it less likely in the future — by publicly confronting the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association. "Stop defending the officer who killed Tamir Rice and trying to get him back on the police force. Putting Timothy Loehmann back on the streets with a badge and gun would threaten public safety, and send the dangerous message that police officers are above accountability for their actions."

Samaria Rice
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Petition to Joseph R. Biden, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

We Need Stronger Gun Control

Sandy Hook Elementary School: 27 people killed, 20 of them young children  Las Vegas 2017: 58 people killed and almost 700 injured Pulse Nightclub, Orlando: 49 people killed and more than 50 injured  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, Parkland Florida: 17 people lost their lives, 14 of them, students  As of June 1st, The Gun Violence Archive has counted 244 shootings where at least four people were killed. The shooting in San Jose last Wednesday marked the 15th mass murder involving a gun since the beginning of 2021. As a country, we have experienced so much gun violence that it is becoming more normal every day. We can't wait for another Sandy Hook or Parkland to push ourselves to make the necessary change. That is why for my 8th grade civics project, I am calling on our elected officials to create nationwide laws that do the following:  1. Implement Stronger Background Checks  A mandatory waiting period should take place before anyone is allowed to buy a gun. During that time a thorough background check would be run. This process would then be repeated every 5 years to ensure that the gun owner is still fit to own a weapon. 2. Create Certificates of Ownership for Firearms  To own a gun, you should be required to have a certificate. Training, testing, and insurance are necessary. Making it harder to own a gun may reduce the number of guns that are in the wrong hands.  3. Ban the Sale of Assault Weapons No one should be able to purchase a military-grade or assault weapon in any state. A lot of the weapons used in mass shootings are these types of guns.  For each of these proposed ideas, they must apply to not only public sales but private sales and gun shows. This isn't enough, but hopefully, it's a good start at reducing the thousands of gun deaths and mass killings that happen every year. Please sign and share so our voices are heard. 

Isabelle Hulefeld
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