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Petition to Nancy Pelosi, Tammy Duckworth, Brad Schneider

Ban Downloadable/Plastic Guns and Bullets

In August of 2018, a United States Federal Judge blocked Cody Wilson and his organization, Defense Distributed from releasing their 3D printed gun blueprints. However, the judge did provide Wilson with other options, such as mailing USB drives with the information on them. In addition, Defense Distributed illegally released the blueprints to the public, days before they were scheduled to be granted permission.  In addition to Defense Distributed, Deterrence Dispense has become active. Unlike Defense Distributed, Deterrence Dispense has no leader, no address, and no known members. They also use peer to peer (P2P) sharing to share CAD files. Because there is no central server location, Deterrence Dispense is extremely hard to shut down. They are 100% anonymous. This makes is exceptionally difficult to take legal action against the group or shut them down. Now, we not only have loosely regulated CAD files for 3D printed guns but there are unregulated files from this new group circulating.  3D printed guns are dangerous because they can be made on demand and can bypass security checkpoints undetected. Also, they have no serial number making the guns untraceable. Kids, felons, terrorists, abusers and mentally ill people could all get their hands on an unlimited amount of guns, without a single background check. A new startup has also appeared on multiple news stations because of their frightening and absurd goal. They want to give blueprints for 3D printable bullet proof vest penetrating bullets to the public at no cost. Not only is this dangerous for citizens of the United States but this organization going under the name, Atlas Arms is also anti government and encourages the bullets to be used to murder police officers.  Safe Nation demands that a bill is passed, stating that all gun and bullet blueprints are illegal to be sold or given for free in the United States. If you agree, take a minute to sign the petition because every signature counts!  Safe Nation is a student led organization fighting to end gun violence. It was founded in July, 2018 and has been fighting 3D printable guns since. Text @GUNFREE to 810-10 to subscribe to text message updates! REGISTER TO VOTE! Text @FUTURE to 644-33! Follow our social media channels to support us and to help campaign! @oursafenation on Instagram and Twitter  Visit our website! Contact me with questions or comments! 224 358 3388 *PLEASE READ UPDATES BELOW FOR CURRENT NEWS AND GOALS*

Safe Nation
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Petition to US Senate, US House of Representatives, Donald J. Trump

Education, Registration, Legislation of Guns and A Complete Ban on Assault Weapons

As of today, according to The Gun Violence Archive, there have been nearly 300 mass shootings in 2019. Women, men, children. On a beach, in a shopping center, in schools, in their homes, and on the highway. In many of them, an assault weapon was used. Instead of coming up with a comprehensive answer to the gun problem in our country, those in charge of our nation have turned a blind eye. But this has happened on repeat and we cannot continue this cycle anymore. We propose our United States government to address this issue by following the philosophy of education, registration, and legislation. Through education, current and potential gun owners will need to be educated on how to use a gun, gun safety, types of guns and their uses, and have to complete a certain amount of training hours before being given a license. That license would expire and need to be renewed. Registration would require an individual to register their name, address, amount of guns, type of guns, and serial numbers. This would allow for transparency in the case of a gun being stolen or used in a crime. Lastly, our US Government needs to submit legislation that requires the removal of assault weapons and creates a process for gun registration and licensing. Far too often, we are plagued with sending "thoughts and prayers" for mass shootings that occur within our country. We no longer should stand idle as guns are made paramount to the lives and safety of those who reside in our nation. We must take charge. We must make a change. Please sign to help take assault weapons off of our streets, completely ban them, and implement sensible gun laws. 

National Stop the Violence Alliance, Inc.
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Petition to Board of Orange County Commissioners (North Carolina)

Change the Shooting Ordinance

We the undersigned wish to express our concerns about the shooting that has occurred regularly over the past 2 years, at a backyard firing range on Council Lane, near Hatch Road just outside of Carrboro, NC.  Our concerns include:  Excessive and terrorizing noise from hundreds of rounds of ammunition being shot, often over the course of multiple hours. The noise, which some have equated to "being in a warzone," is frightening to adults, children, pets, and veterans with PTSD; many residents are now afraid to be outside while the shooting is occurring. The threat to public and personal safety. Multiple neighbors with property downrange from the shooting have reported the sound of stray bullets hitting trees and branches.  This is a densely populated area, with hundreds of people in the immediate vicinity.  We are concerned that a tragic accident might occur. The potential for lead contamination of soil and water. The negative health effects of lead are well-established.  There is concern that the growing accumulation of spent lead at this particular location, which feeds directly into the Morgan Creek watershed, may leach into University Lake. Because this reservoir provides drinking water for Chapel Hill and Carrboro, this has the potential to affect a much larger segment of the population than those who live within immediate earshot of the shooting.  We respectfully request that steps be taken to change County ordinances such that gunfire is limited or no longer allowed in densely-populated Orange County areas in North Carolina.

Morgan Creek Safety Alliance
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