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Petition to Minnesota Governor, Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota State Senate, Mark Dayton, Minnesota State House

Protect Baby Shoshana

I am a mother of two, a registered public health nurse and a survivor of domestic violence.  Hennepin County Family Court has chosen to dismiss, minimize and ignore the abuse that has been perpetrated by my daughter's biological father against my son and myself during my pregnancy. Multiple court employees have assisted the abuser by failing to enforce perjury, denying due process and failing to accept real, factual evidence that has been presented.  Biased and false information have been allowed into court "evidence". Decisions about Shoshana that affect her safety and wellbeing have already been made based on the abuser's lies.  The father of my child has repeatedly (and blatantly) lied to the court, submitted heresy as evidence, slandered me, made false allegations against me as a parent and Hennepin County family court judge in this case has chosen to ignore evidence of abuse, child abuse, illegal and reckless firearm possession and brandishing, the testimony of every witness aside from the abuser and opted to hand a 13 month old girl to the abuser for multiple and lengthy unsupervised visits.  Like many abusers, this one is continuing his harassment and abuse of the victims through family court. And even though he has clearly demonstrated that he is dangerous, the judge has sided with him.  The abuser has threatened to kidnap Shoshana, has attempted to have me committed under false pretenses, has given drugs to other children, has strangled his previous ex-girlfriend, traumatized my autistic son with his abuse of me and the result is unsupervised visitation. He is a proud descendent of a KKK imperial wizard, owner of multiple, unregistered military grade firearms, and tried to get me to abort my baby, and when I refused, he attempted to drug me to induce a miscarriage.  Shoshana is currently being forced to participate in completely unsupervised parenting time three times a week, with two of those court ordered times requiring her to forgo sleep in order to accommodate the father's visitation. She is physically exhausted. She cannot yet speak for herself. Her behavior is becoming erratic and aggressive following visitation. She comes home ravenously hungry and thirsty. But she can't tell me anything about what happened because she's only 13 months old.  Please, sign. Please help me and my family be her voice. I'm not asking for money, no financial contribution is requested. All I am asking for is signatures.  Thank you. 

Kristina Scott
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Petition to Bernie Brenner, Neeraj Gunsagar

End TRUECar's relationship with the NRA

Drain The NRA is a movement that boycotts, protests and encourages divestment from the gun industry and its corporate partners. We were dismayed to discover that TrueCar advertises on the NRA's website and offers its car buying services as a benefit to NRA members. By partnering with the NRA, TrueCar is endorsing the gun lobby's practices of stopping sensible gun safety laws from getting passed and making large contributions to Congressional campaigns to ensure that politicians do nothing about the proliferation of guns and easy access to weapons of war.  By associating itself with the NRA, TrueCar is complicit in stalling gun safety legislation while we see more and more mass shootings in addition to the 315 people who are shot and 93 that die every day from gun violence. Drain The NRA is a new movement of mothers who want their children to come home from school or church or a concert. We're gun control activists who have seen firsthand the suffering that gun violence brings to families. TrueCar's relationship with the NRA spits in the faces of victims of gun violence and their loved ones. Those who sign this petition are asking TrueCar to no longer advertise its services to NRA members and remove its page from the NRA website. We will boycott, protest and divest from TrueCar until it decides to be on the right side of history, stand with the majority of Americans who want sensible gun safety laws and walks away from the NRA. 

Drain The NRA
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Petition to National Rifle Association

Call on Local Officials and NRA Leadership to Keep Our Children Safe

Stand with David Wheeler, father of Ben, age 6, killed in his first-grade classroom along with 19 other children and 6 of their educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12/14/12. As the 5th-year marker approaches, join us in signing David's (abridged) letter below to NRA President Pete Brownell (and CEO of Brownells, world’s leading supplier of gun parts) to call on local officials and NRA leadership to keep our children safe. Together with the concerned citizens of Grinnell and are proposing three calls to action: Call on your local officials to ask for universal background checks and let them know your opposition to the proposed Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. Call on NRA President, Peter Brownell, to engage with the public in a fruitful dialogue around the public’s concerns regarding violent marketing videos as well as marketing products such as bump stocks. Call for increased federal funding for gun violence research which will help save lives. We welcome all to stand with David, gun-owners and gun-reform advocates alike. _________ November 27, 2017 Dear Mr. Brownell, We haven't met, but like you, I’m the father of three. Also like you, I go to an office to work each morning. And like me, you might agree that our real job is being a dad: preparing our children, guiding them, and keeping them safe.  If you're like me, at times you feel like you've failed. These last five years I feel I’ve failed. Because I have another son—one I could not keep safe.  As capable and curious and as sparklingly wonderful as his brothers, he was killed in his first-grade classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School when he was six. I had one job and couldn't do it. I couldn't do it because no dad can. No dad can promise his child that he won't be murdered in his classroom, at the movies, a concert, or shopping center. Perhaps we can’t absolutely eliminate gun violence, but we can diminish it and I have a hard time believing that all dads wouldn’t agree on that. A few years ago my family took part in the making of a nonpartisan documentary, NEWTOWN, that showed our town as is like now—after the events of December 14, 2012. I invite you, as my guest, to the local screening. I also welcome you to a post-screening discussion as several of my friends from Newtown join members of your community including gun owners, clergy, doctors, teachers, law enforcement, and dads—like you and me—as an example of positive civil dialogue. One dad’s sense of failure--when sincerely joined by dissimilar voices--may help lessen the failure felt by all dads; past, present, and future. Sincerely, David Wheeler _________ We welcome all to stand with David, and it is particularly important to hear from fellow-fathers, gun-owners and gun-reform advocates alike. Thank you.  

Newtown Documentary
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Petition to Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell

Common sense enforcement of current gun laws to prevent mass shootings.

Mass shootings occur frequently in this country because of easy access to destructive weapons that have no sporting purpose. The National Firearms Act already provides language for regulating the sale, importation, and ownership destructive wepons that have no sporting purpose. However, modern assault rifles like the AR-15, semiautomatic kalashnikov rifle (AK-47), sig sauer MCX assault rifle, semiautomatic FN FAL rifles and their variants are not covered by the National Fire Arms act. This has allowed mass shooters easy access to powerful semiautomatic versions of military rifles allowing them to kill and wound countless innocent men, women and children. We are calling on the President and Congress to amend the National Firearms Act to include semiautomatic versions of military rifles, weapons that have proven themselves to be highly destructive, and to have no sporting purpose. This would force those wanting to purchase these destructive wepons to obtain approval from the ATF, pass an extensive background check to include submitting a photograph and fingerprints, fully register the firearm, receive ATF written permission before moving the firearm across state lines, and pay a tax. This would not affect the majority of the guns that americans use for hunting, target shooting, and self defense. Revolvers, lever action rifles, bolt action rifles, pistols, shotguns and semiautomatic rifles with out detachable magizines would not be affected. Additionaly start new legislation that would ban the sale of rifle, pistol, and shotgun magizines with a capacity greater than thirteen rounds. This would dramaticaly deminish the ability of mass shooters to fire rapidly, but still protect the sporting and self defense gun uses of the average american.  The National Fire Arms act was originally drafted in 1934 in response to gangland crime, and has been updated twice by congress in 1968, and in 1986. It is time to update it again for the needs of twenty-first century americans.

Christopher Flurry
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