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Disposable Bag Fee in Lafayette, Colorado

Greetings everyone, my name is Kenneth Duran and my goal for this petition is to set a price fee of 20 cents per grocery bag in my home city of Lafayette Colorado.  Ever since of their introduction, grocery bags both paper and plastic have cause countless of environmental damage not just on our coasts but including our landlocked states.  I work at King Soopers and I always see that the majority of costumers using grocery bags, at first I never put any thought of it until I noticed that a few of those bags are littered in the parking lot and on a windy day causes them to be blown away.  Also grocery bags that are used are sent to landfills and while we do have plastic film recycle bins, a lot is still thrown away, in fact paper grocery bags actually take up more space in landfills if they're thrown away. This still didn't convinced me that much since I thought it would be impossible to do anything, that is until I found out that in late 2012, Boulder county, Colorado enacted a 10 cent bag fee to both paper and plastic grocery bags and in just six months both kinds of grocery bags dropped by 68%.  Hearing that I now know that it is possible to do that and so now I need your help to convince the city council of Lafayette, Colorado to follow Boulder's example to put fees to this time a maximum of 20 cents per bag.  This will reduce the use of grocery bags and would also benefit both grocery stores and state since the fees for the bags would go to the store profit and state tax.  So please sign this petition to improve Lafayette's environment by putting the 20 cent fee on grocery bags. And who know's.  Maybe in a few years we might outright banned grocery bags altogether.

Kenneth Duran
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