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Petition to Janet Woodcock, M.D.

Make listing all ingredients in a product mandatory

Who do you know with an allergy? Is it a friend or family member? If not, you must have at least heard about what deadly allergies can do to people. Anaphylactic shock is a type of severe allergic reaction. Common allergies are to animals, bug bites, foods, and chemicals in drugs. People with allergies that are serious, and even life threatening, have to constantly be on alert. Common allergies, like nuts and shellfish, are listed on menus and on packaging for foods that contain these items. But what about less common allergens? I, for one, am allergic to cinnamon. Throughout my experience, I've been questioned about whether or not it's a legitimate allergy. It's less common than being allergic to a bee sting, that's for sure.  Avoiding my allergen isn't as easy as one would think, mostly because it's unlisted in the ingredient list of many foods. The phrases "mixed herbs and spices" and "natural and artificial flavors" are the bane of my existence, because for me, it's a gamble. Either I take the chance that there isn't cinnamon, and I get lucky, or I end up panicking as my throat swells.  When I go to get a coffee at Wawa, Starbucks, or some other restaurant, and I ask if there's a specific ingredient, the employee should be able to easily locate the ingredient list and tell me whether or not the allergen is present. Large companies can get away with listing the common allergies, and main ingredients. But for people with lesser known allergies, and who have severe reactions, unnamed ingredients could mean a visit to the emergency room.  What I want is for every ingredient in food, drugs, and bodily care products like soaps, shampoos, and bath bombs, to be listed. Labels like "mixed herbs and spices" and "natural and artificial flavors" are doing nothing to help, and are incredibly vague. I believe all ingredients should be listed, no matter how small. For some people, this is a matter of life and death.

Christa Anony
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Petition to Food and Drug Administration

Require companies to list all food ingredients CLEARLY -- no NATURAL FLAVORS blanket term.

I am allergic to more than 20 different types of food, including some that are allowed under the blanket term of "NATURAL FLAVORS."Some uncommon allergies to foods that I have are: Garlic, Squash, Spinach, Casein, Grapefruit, Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Orange, Rice, Salmon, Both Nut Mixes (does NOT include Peanuts), Baker's Yeast, Pork, Poppy Seed, Bean Mix, Carrots, Peppers (NOT peppercorns used for ground peppers) and Tomatoes.These foods are NOT required by the Food and Drug Administration to be listed as "May Contain" foods and may also fall under the blanket term of "Natural Flavors." Having the blanket term of "Natural Flavors" allows companies to put more than 1,000 foods under this category, which may not be known to someone with a lot of food allergies, such as myself and many others. This can be very harmful to us and even deadly. As I write this, I have just gotten home from the hospital for an allergic reaction to a food that is allowed to be listed under "Natural Flavors," which, unlike additives and spices, are not listed in the FDA knowledge base. I have no idea what my caused my allergic reaction because of this and it put my life at risk. NO ONE should have to live in fear of what they eat. Companies need to put all of their ingredients on their label, regardless of possibly revealing a "secret recipe." Keep a "secret" safe is not worth the life that may be taken from a person with a food allergy.

Corii S
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