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Student loan forgiveness for those working the front-lines of the COVID-19 pandemic

First of all - I'm just a humble father thinking about his children during this time of need and self reflecting what can I do to help from the current position I am in? After reading social media and news reports around the duress concerning our healthcare system and the families at home fighting their battles. I came up with this idea. When the Economy recovers and the big business begins to go for profits again we will find ourselves struggling to keep up again and the worries we had all along will have caught up to us. We as a country need to give back to those front line workers that kept this country running outside of a minimum wage single month stimulus check. This goes beyond a mortgage companies forgiveness of payments while we are in crisis, you will only have to pay it back at the end of the term. It extends past Insurance companies giving you back $50.00 for a single month premium on your insurance rate - this is wonderful, but I would expect a bit more especially since most except for those that are deemed essential employees should not be on the road, and those that are deemed essential employees should be 'gifted' their expense for working anyway .. again .. keeping the country running for those of us that can work from home. This petition is focused on the health care industry and those sacrificing their lives to an oath to a passion or calling that they felt when they were younger never expecting to run into an invisible enemy call COVID-19. It is our turn to support them in any way possible and get the word out to our elected leaders that we respectfully request that they initiate a bill to erase ALL student loans incurred prior to March 15, 2020.     In this time of uncertainty we have neighbor hero's that go not knowing what their personal impact will be against this terrible situation They have a high possibility of exposing those around them as well as their family when they come home. You hear about stories of mothers and fathers coming home self-isolating to protect those they love the most and leave their youngest wondering "why mommy or daddy can't give them a big hug and play" These individuals are giving their all and some are even giving the ultimate sacrifice   We as a United States of American can agree to put aside politics and come across colored isles in some ivory building in Washington DC and TRULY and FINALLY put the people first by having our elected legislation establish a bill to forgive all.student loans for those work the front line of the COVID-19 crisis. Filter out the wannabe scammers and TRULY help all those that sacrificed their and their loved ones well-being on a daily basis  We need to forget the Blue and the Red of our country for the moment and finally stand behind doing what is right by a human being. Forgive the student loans for all front-line workers  cheers to all.and please be safe and love your family  Steven M.    ** New to online petition making and this is the best photo I could find, please no offense to the person that might have copy-write ownership **   

Steven Morecock
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Petition to United States Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Allow U​.​S.-Based IMGs to Work in the U​.​S. for COVID-19 Support

27% of U.S. physicians are internationally trained with 65,000 unlicensed IMGs in the country. AMOpportunities connects international medical trainees with clinical rotations in the United States and has a solution to our healthcare shortages. You can learn more at We believe that an answer to the impending physician shortage in the United States and at present the global pandemic of COVID-19, necessitates U.S.-based international medical graduates. As such, we petition the United States healthcare system to allow IMGs to assist U.S. hospitals in any capacity. We're asking you to sign our petition to demonstrate your support and show the U.S. government and healthcare system the need for the expertise of IMGs. Our country is struggling to provide much-needed healthcare to the victims of COVID-19, which has infected more than 200,000 U.S. citizens. If we look at harder hit countries, it’s clear this number will only soar. Already, U.S. hospitals are calling on retired healthcare professionals and medical students to lend their support. Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey recently signed Executive Order No. 112 authorizing the Division of Consumer Affairs to grant temporary licenses to doctors licensed in foreign countries. The rest of the country must follow suit. The 65,000 unlicensed IMGs in the U.S. are the answer to strengthening the healthcare workforce and ensuring we slow the spread of COVID-19 and eventually eradicate the virus.  IMGs are limited to work by policy, geography, and cost. Many of them are unlicensed due to the lack of residency positions available. These 65,000 IMGs have medical degrees, and many have passed their board licensing exams, however these qualified near physicians cannot secure the necessary residency slots and thus can’t practice. In New York, IMGs that have completed three years of graduate medical education in a postgraduate training program accredited by the ACGME or the AOA can provide patient care services even if they’re unlicensed. This petition goes one step further. We ask all state officials and medical boards to pass policies that allow IMGs who are ECFMG certified to assist under the supervision of a licensed physician, regardless of whether they have completed any U.S. postgraduate training. The untapped knowledge and expertise of IMGs are precisely what frontline healthcare workers need to fight COVID-19. Join us as we petition the government and U.S. healthcare system to invite IMGs in the U.S. to lend their extensive medical experience. We all need to do our part to confront the uncertain time we find ourselves in.   Thank you for your support.   AMOpportunities Here are other ways you can help us gain support for IMGs in the United States to practice in the U.S. during COVID-19. 1.   Encourage your state to create an International Medical Assistance Program for a pathway to practicing in the U.S., similar to what Minnesota has done for IMGs. Washington is pushing similar action. You can see what other states have done to push a pathway for IMGs here. 2.   Encourage universities to create programs that strengthen IMGs’ likelihood in matching into U.S. residency positions, similar to this program at UCLA. 3.   Rural care has the greatest need of care from IMGs, and many live outside of major metropolitan areas, making it easier for them to practice in rural cities. Again, Minnesota has been working toward that same cause. You can also find more information here.

AMOpportunities Clinical Experiences
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Petition to Andrew M. Cuomo, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Phil Murphy

Safeguard the Right of All Laboring People to Have Support During COVID-19 Crisis

On March 21, the NYS Department of Health issued clear guidelines on treating patients in labor during the COVID-19 crisis.  These guidelines determined a support person, whether a spouse, partner or other chosen person, is essential to care for the patient during labor, delivery and in the postpartum period.  The World Health Organization (WHO) agrees.  We agree. As of March 26, all New York Presbyterian and Mount Sinai affiliated hospitals, and Staten Island University Hospital in the New York City area will act against WHO, CDC and DOH guidance and ban all support people--including spouses--from Labor & Delivery and Postpartum units.  This means people in labor will give birth alone and parent alone.  Parents will miss the birth of their child. Fundamentally, risks for the people laboring alone will increase substantially. Not only can partners and spouses provide physical and emotional comfort during labor and postpartum, they are also essential in alerting staff when something has gone wrong and the laboring patient cannot notify nurses themselves, like in the event of an eclamptic seizure or a fainting episode.  Timing is critical in these cases and monitors can be unreliable. We cannot expect nursing staff, already spread thin, to spend the limitless hours needed with each patient to ensure their health and their baby's health, to provide physical assistance and emotional support.  We know the hospital system is overwhelmed in this crisis.  However, the burden will only be increased by banning support people from Labor & Delivery. We must ensure no one gives birth alone. We must ensure the maternal mortality rate does not increase during this time.  

Jessica Pournaras
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Petition to Mary Clark, Nadine Laurent, David White

Fair Compensation for BAART Healthcare Employees During COVID 19

Today there are thousands of people suffering from opiate addiction in Los Ángeles alone. There are clinics around the city that serve as a daily refuge for many people affected by this epidemic. Substance Abuse Counselors make direct contact with hundreds of recovering addicts every day in order to provide essential care. These counselors are the primary link to essential mental healthcare, crisis intervention, and medication assisted treatment. Substance Abuse Counselors are working in clinics during this pandemic, making one on one contact with countless people everyday. The counselors, nurses, and other healthcare workers in these clinics are offered very little to compensate them for the risk they take to serve the LA population. The health insurance packages are insanely overpriced and no hazard pay is offered. We must demand that BAART Programs, a multi-million dollar company, compensate the front line workers that risk their personal health to allow them to continue to operate. Working face to face with a high risk population is hazardous to the employees of BAART, and they deserve adequate compensation. Please help the healthcare workers of Los Ángeles continue to support the people of our great city. Sign this petition urging BAART, a Baymark company, to fairly compensate employees with affordable health insurance or hazard pay 

Rich Helhman
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