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Petition to City Of Greater Geelong, EPA , Health Department, City of Greater Geelong Administrators, Hon John Eren, Hon Jill Hennessy, Hon Liliana (Lily) D'Ambrosio, Hon Jaala Pulford, Hon Richard Wynne, Hon Natalie Hutchins, Hon Matthew Guy, Hon David Davis, Hon Peter Walsh, Hon Mary Wooldridge, Kylie Grzybek, Anthony Aitken, Bruce Harwood, Municipal Association of Victoria

Planning Laws need change. #Nuchev Goat Feedlots threaten health and amenity

Farmers & Residents lifestyle, amenity, health (high risk of #Q-fever) and what they can or can't do on their own farms is being threatened by an application from Nuchev to set up a 14000 goat dairy feedlot on only 100 acres at Moorabool/Lovely Banks (just outside Geelong). This is within close proximity to schools, residents, rural living zones and future housing developments. (Note they actually wanted to put 28000 goats on this site and assumed that they could use the neighbours' farm to dump their waste water on). This site has absolutely NO BUFFER zone of it's own for quarantine or Bio-security protection or segregation. The odour spread map totally covers the next farm. Nuchev's other plan is to put another 4500 goat feedlot and milk processing plant on a 100 acre block. This is in a farm land area set up to act as a buffer zone for the township of #Lara from the industrial zone north of Geelong. This feedlot will be less than 1000 metres from the suburban areas of Lara, Lara Lake and the Grand Lakes estate. The state Government and local Councils need to get their acts together and look after their current residents and rate payers. Nobody should be expected to give up their rights on their own land. If these intensive industries want to establish a business they need to acquire enough land to fully accommodate their activity and any buffer zones it may require. Planning Laws need to be changed ensuring businesses actually own, lease or have an agreement to purchase all the land required for their activity and appropriate buffer zones. The State Government and Local Councils need to consider the interests of existing residents rather than big businesses seeking to line their own pockets. The current system is skewed in favour of the applicant seeking to establish an intensive industry. It is utterly unreasonable that families and small businesses are forced into expensive legal battles to simply protect their rights on their own land and to protect their own health. If these two proposed sites; Moorabool/Lovely Banks and Lara are allowed to proceed it will set the precedent for Nuchev to threaten others with similar proposals as they ultimately want to have 70000 goats. Other future sites could be near you and impact your lifestyle and health. The precedent would also allow other Intensive Farming Industries to attempt similar projects on small sites with NO BUFFER zones, and just use the neighbouring farmers' land as the buffer for the proposal. The West Lethbridge Food Production Precinct was set up for intensive farming industries. This precinct was supported by the Victorian government, with 10 years of work put towards it. There are 4000 hectares set aside and protected for intensive farming, and already has poultry and piggeries and the like industries present . Nuchev should be encouraged to set up the Goat Feedlots there.  Note: During an outbreak of Q-fever from dairy goats in the Netherlands in 2007, at least 30 people died AND approximately 300 others still have life-threatening health issues. More than 4,000 people officially contracted the disease. More information about these proposals and the affects can be found at:

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Petition to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

Rescind Adani's Unlimited Water License and support Aussie farmers!

As Queensland farmers, water is crucial for our livelihoods. As our climate gets hotter and drier, our water resources are even more precious. We call on the Queensland Premier to rescind the unlimited, free 60-year water license they are proposing to grant to the Adani coal mine. Background:  My name is Angus Emmott and I'm proud to be a third generation grazier from Longreach in outback Queensland. I'm committed to a sustainable future for farming in Australia and ask you for your support to protect our precious groundwater.  In Queensland, the proposed Adani-owned Carmichael coal mine has been granted unlimited access to groundwater. The mine, the biggest of nine proposed for the Galilee Basin west of Rockhampton, is expected to draw 26 million litres of water per day from its pits. Over its life this mine alone would total 355 billion litres of water and modelling already demonstrates that 2 springs will be shut down. As farmers we are angry about the special deal struck by the Queensland government to give Adani free water for its proposed coal mine. I am launching this petition today to call upon Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to support Aussie farmers and to rescind the water licenses that allow Adani access to unlimited water for 60 years. All over the country, farmers are battling to stop fossil fuel mining and fracking on their land. Nearly 90% of Queensland is currently drought declared, so why are we giving an Indian billionaire access to unlimited groundwater for a new coal mine? I'm asking all Australians, to stand with me in calling upon the Premier to rescind this approval before irrevocable damage is done to our groundwater systems and the long term sustainability of Queensland agriculture.  Angus Emmott with Farmers for Climate Action

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