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Petition to Australia Post, Rodney Boys, The Honerable Paul Fletcher MP, Hon Scott Morrison, The Honorable Mark Coulton MP, The Honorable Scott Buchholz MP, The Honorable David Littleproud MP, Gary Starr, John Cox, Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk, Hon Gladys Berejiklian, Hon Steven Marshall, Hon Daniel Andrews, Hon Dave Stewart, Hon Peter Gutwein, Hon Mark McGowan, Michael Gunner

Stop Australia Post from killing farm produce online

On June 30th  2021, Australia Post has warned it will no longer accept perishables through its network. For Toohey Farming, an organic farm in Tumoulin, Far North Qld, this is a devastating blow to their online business which reached new heights in 2020 whilst ensuring food supply even during rolling lockdowns. The farm now has a bumper crop about to be harvested, which despite huge efforts, still has not been able to replace the Australia Post satchel delivery service. When you consider a large number of these orders are heading into rural QLD, VIC, and NSW...maybe you can start to see the wider implication of what this means to online businesses that could be included in Australia Post's cull of services. Rural Australia is left cut off again even now as more Australians try and escape to a healthier lifestyle in the country. I am asking that this petition be circulated to anyone who values purchasing their avocados or garlic or any other designated "perishable items" delivered to their please add your name to the list and help us be heard. We weathered Australia Post post pandemic last year and our reward is to have our business decimated over night in peak season for 2021. Surely this is a very good example of how the government can practically offer support that keeps businesses running, people employed and people fed - instead of a handout, just ensure supply of service is there and rethink this blanket ban. #buyfromabushbusiness #‎smashanavoathome#buyavocadosonline #supportafarmer #buyfromthebush #farmgatetoplate #buyaustralian #smashanavo #supportsmallbusiness  

Nicki Dyson
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Petition to John Barilaro, Andrew Constance, Department of Regional NSW, Matthew Kean

Object to Mining Exploration Licence Application 6169 in Coolagolite NSW

The Department of Regional NSW is considering Mining Exploration Licence Application 6169 now.  A decision is due to be made very soon, possibly in the week commencing 8 February. At this stage of the process, the NSW Government can simply reject the application. However, if the application is approved, individual landholders would be required to negotiate land access directly with the mining company and go through burdensome and escalating arbitration processes if they object to granting access. The area proposed for exploration  - and potential future mining - is known as Coolagolite, located between Cobargo and Bermagui.  Coolagolite has: a strong working farming community; significant environmental assets in the form of national parks, remnant habitat, diverse flora and fauna, and catchment for the Bermagui River; cultural heritage significance for Aboriginal people; and vital tourism assets in the form of natural beauty and farming heritage.  Importantly, our community is fragile after the bushfires of 2020/21 that tore through Cobargo and Coolagolite, destroying property and environment and taking life. The impact of that catastrophic event is still felt by our community every day. Allowing mining exploration - and therefore forcing us to protect our homes, livelihoods, environment and heritage once more - represents an existential threat to the wellbeing of our community as much as to the beauty and assets of this region. Please sign this petition to urge the NSW Government to reject Mining Exploration Licence 6169.

Greg Lissaman
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Petition to Scott Morrison, David Littleproud, Michaelia Cash, Karen Andrews, Michael McCormack

EWE BEAUTY: Campaign for Wool

Australians have always had a great affinity with wool. As a nation, we became wealthy off the wool on the sheep’s back! The future of the wool industry is in innovation. To support this, we need to bring wool processing back on Australian turf. No longer can we rely on offshore scouring and processing of wool. Early-stage wool processing will promote:  - The return of manufacturing into Australia  - More investment in rural communities - New jobs - Increased yield to sheep farmers - Fibre innovation and greater demand for Aussie wool  - Added value to exports  - Stronger rural communities  - Lower carbon footprint  Planet Protector Packaging is on a mission to eliminate polystyrene. Our innovative WOOLPACK is made from 100% coarse waste wool for which there are limited applications. We don’t want wool going to landfill. WE WANT TO SUPPORT AUSSIE SHEEP FARMERS. Inspired by nature, WOOLPACK is transforming supply chains across Australia and New Zealand. It is being used as an alternative to polystyrene for shipping temperature-sensitive food, seafood and pharmaceuticals. To date, we have only been able to process our raw wool offshore because there are no facilities here in Australia that are able to process it! We are taking up this cause and "leading the push” to re-establish wool processing back in this country. If Australia has these facilities it gives us capability as a nation to recycle natural fibres, to work within the circular economy and to minimise the volume of these materials that end up in landfill. Sign the "EWE BEAUTY - Campaign for Wool" below and support us to bring wool processing back on Australian turf.

Planet Protector Packaging
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