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Petition to Games Workshop

Reboot the Sisters of Battle (Adepta Sororitas) army models in plastic.

It has been over ten years since the Sisters of Battle (Adepta Sororitas) range, that is manufactured by Games Workshop, had any genuinely new models. In recent years there has only been a digital copy of the codex rules. The bulk of the current models are dated from the Warhammer 40,000 game's 2nd and 3rd editions which dates from the late 90's to early 00's. There is clearly a demand for Sisters of Battle to be rebooted as a largely plastic range which is evident on online communities and forums such as the Sisters of Battle dedicated group on Facebook. Everyone who collects this army feels that it has been severely neglected despite responses from Games Workshop on the matter that Sisters of Battle have not been forgotten. Because of the lack of up-to-date models, a physical codex book or any other news of this ilk a lot of Sisters of Battle players have been forced to give up on the army. This is due to lack of new models and the current outdated range being far too expensive when compared to others available. To quote an active Sisters of Battle collector: "I belong to a Sisters of Battle page on Facebook, there's literally thousands of people worldwide that would buy them tomorrow! (if the models were rebooted)." It would, however, take a huge investment of time and money on Games Workshop's part to design the new models and then pay for new tooling and moulds to make said models in a different medium. This is why the signature target for this petition is so high. This would hopefully prove that many players strongly wish to see the Sisters of Battle range recieve similar attention and investment as many of the current armies available. Another very compelling reason to reboot the entire Sisters of Battle range in mostly plastic, though not the main one, is the pricing of some of the current metal models. To buy a set of ten Battle Sisters (the standard infantry for Sisters of Battle) currently costs £49.70. If someone wishes to collect a sizable army they would have to pay a very large sum for the infantry whereas for other armies, that are almost entirely made in plastic, only cost a fraction of this. An example is the standard Space Marine Tactical Squad, for £25.00 you get enough parts for ten models plus a lot of optional extras. By other comparisons with the larger models such as tanks, the Sisters of Battle tanks are priced quite reasonably when compared to similar Space Marine counterparts. One good example is the Immolator tank. At the time of writing, this retails at £22.50 and costs the same as a Space Marine Rhino tank and they are based on the same plastic model. Prices are obtained from the Games Workshop website.UPDATE: The comments on this petition have proven that the overall consensus is not the price of the current metal models being an issue, rather that players would like to see the vast majority of the Sisters of Battle range rebooted with new model sculpts and brand new models added to those already available. With this much demand and the immense potential to add new models to the existing roster of model types and characters it would be a great opportunity for Games Workshop.

Benjamin Hall
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Petition to Disney World, Disney Disability Services, Disney , Disney Accessibility Manager

Please provide toilets which are accessible to all

Disney World has millions and millions of visitors every year and is the most visited holiday resort in the world, yet they still do not have toilets in their theme parks which are accessible to all. Many disabled people- my little brother included- require a hoist to access the toilet and others require an adult changing bench and hoist to allow them to be changed cleanly, safely and with dignity (at least ¼ of a million people in the UK alone). On speaking to Disney World about this, I was informed that disabled children or adults who need a hoist have to pay to hire one themselves if they want to use the toilet. Otherwise they are expected to go all day without being able to use the bathroom. I asked if I could contact someone at the Disney parks to suggest they provide fully accessible facilities, but was told this wasn’t possible. Not only are mobile hoists heavy things to be carrying back and forth from the parks every day (along with pushing wheelchairs, carrying slings and everything else people normally bring to the parks), but it seems a little bit unfair for disabled people to have to pay to use facilities which able-bodied people are allowed to use for free. Especially as such a huge company would absorb the costs of buying and maintaining hoists in a second. Disney were unsure as to whether families would also have to pay to store the hoist once they got to the parks, if it was too heavy for them to carry around all day. The parks have a bed in their first aid area which can also double up as a changing bench if there is no one in the area or using the first aid facilities, but the bed isn’t in a restroom and again, there is no hoist available. The lack of hoist means that transfers could be unsafe (or impossible) for the person with disabilities, but also for their carer. I believe disabled children (and adults!) have just as much right to visit Disney World and experience the magic as able-bodied children, and that they have the right to be able to use the toilet whilst they're there. Fortunately there are two small things Disney World can do to change this!- Provide a ceiling track hoist in the companion bathrooms at the parks (in the meantime they should make a mobile hoist available for families that need it).- Provide an adult-sized, profiling changing bed in the companion bathrooms. Many places provide fully accessible restrooms and I don’t believe in a place such as Disney World “Where dreams come true” that disabled people should have to pay to access their otherwise inaccessible toilets. I really do hope WDW sees the dignity, comfort and safety of the disabled children and adults that visit them as important. The Parks, and especially their Cast Members, bring so much joy and pixie dust to so many people every year and I just hope they can make it so everyone can use the toilets at their parks. Disney World: please make these two small adjustments so that everybody can enjoy the magic of Disney equally! Everybody should be able to meet Mickey!For more info about Changing Places facilities, please

Lauren Senior
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