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Petition to Ракометен клуб Вардар (RK Vadar)

Bring back Roberto Garcia Parrondo to HC Vardar

HC Vardar is undoubtedly the most successful SEHA League team in the history of the competition, judging by the number of trophies in its “portfolio”. The same holds true for the most important European competition – EHFCL – where no other team has, up-to-date, claimed more trophies than HC Vardar. The past years have witnessed the team playing at its most competitive level, reaching EHFCL Final4 tournament (best four teams in Europe) for three years in a row and succeeding in getting back to Macedonia two such trophies (2017, 2019). However, for the current EHFCL season (2019/20), the team has seen a considerable loss in traction, seeming unable to rise up to the challenges of the competition and, as a result, suffering some heavy defeats. On a widespread scale, the supporters of the team have grown worried that some of the decisions of the management of HC Vardar – especially that concerning the appointment of the head coach of the team –, might not have been the most appropriate. In this context, there is a far-reaching preoccupation that the team might heavily underperform at the end of the current season, with consequences that might also put a drag on the strength of the team going forward. In this context, we ask the management of HC Vardar to consider the possibility of reappointing Mr.Roberto Garcia Parrondo as the head coach of the team. We are aware of the intricacies of some legal contractual clauses between Mr. Parrondo and the Egyptian federation, but we express hope that these can be settled without any conspicuous consequences. We express our opinion, as true and loyal supporters of the club, that this might be the best decision for the club at the current juncture. We also think this is the best and easiest way for the management of the club to make Skopje and Macedonia great again in the handball world and, as a result, in the world.

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