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Petition to Cupertino High School Administration

We Demand DeMuth.

As the 2018-2019 school year has come to a conclusion, the Cupertino High School administration has made some changes to the AP program to 'increase the number of students succeeding in the AP science programs.' What they have actually done is cause the resignation of our AP Physics C teacher, Mr. Williams and demoted Mr. DeMuth, one of our two beloved AP Chemistry teachers. Now, only two AP science teachers have over a year of teaching experience in a purposely cut-down curriculum to increase the number of As in each class. However, this is not only unfair to AP science students who have previously taken the course, it weakens the understanding of current students in their respective courses as well as worsens their ability to prepare and score well on AP tests. Though the name of the petition is called 'We Demand DeMuth,' our ultimate goal is to keep our AP science teachers and rigorous AP science classes the same. Conclusively, we, the students, urge you to sign this petition to force the administration to consider the viewpoints and requests of AP science students and teachers for the following 2019-2020 school year. To support the student body even more, join the Facebook group, 'We Demand DeMuth' to be a part of our final online protest in which we will send out an email to the administration (Mr. Wright, Ms. Armstrong, Ms. Salazar, Mr. Walzack, etc.) every day at 3:25pm stating our demands until we receive a response. Joining the Facebook group is crucial for our protest to work!!  

Owen Guan
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Petition to West Virginia Public Employees UNITED, West Virginia State Senate, West Virginia State House of De

Challenge the West Virginia State Senate’s Leadership on Education Reform

By being signatory to this Petition I believe that the the leadership of the West Virginia Senate has failed to exercise its legal and constitutional duty, in that: The Senate leadership has been fiscally  reckless by repeatedly advocating an education reform bill that is overwhelmingly opposed by the citizens of West Virginia. The Senate leadership has caused its members to ignore the majority voice of citizens and educators while giving preference to non resident special interest groups. The Senate leadership has disregarded scientific data that quantifies and qualifies educational needs in West Virginia. The Senate leadership with its Education Reform legislation has created a class system of privileged and underprivileged students.  The Senate leadership has passed punitive legislation that can remove educators with vast experience, prevents educators from rallying on behalf of student needs, fails to address necessary items to insure the retention of highly trained professionals and much more. The Senate leadership has failed to act in behalf of the majority of West Virginians, but have chosen to act on behalf of out of state interests. Based on the items addressed, the West Virginia Senate leadership is being given Notice  of No Confidence to competently perform their duties.   Therefore, I request that the body governing Senatorial conduct review, evaluate, and take whatever action is merited against any and all individuals who have failed to act in a lawful and reasonable manner consistent with their office.        

West Virginians for Public Education
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Petition to BWRSD School Committee

Keep Allison Lewis as Mount Hope High School PASS Coordinator

The PASS (Personalized Academic Student Success) Program at Mount Hope High School has proven to be one of the most effective tools we have in reaching kids who are at risk of failing or dropping out of school. Superintendent Mario Andrade himself said of the students in the program "Once they see they can do this, it gives the kids extra hope. That's exactly what they need. The program has also been lauded as a reason for increasing graduation rates. The success of the PASS program is largely due to the efforts and capabilities of Allison Lewis, who runs it. Allison implements various strategies to reach kids, allowing them to find interest and success in their education. Her impact on her students is immeasurable. As such, Lewis was named District Teacher of the Year in 2019. However, the award for her efforts and impact was not the only thing she received from the district. She has also been given a pink slip, notifying her that she will not be employed by the district this coming year.  Given the state of our district, our ability to attract top teaching talent will become increasingly difficult, which is why it is vitally important that we keep Allison Lewis as PASS Coordinator. Please sign this petition in support of Allison Lewis, and demand that the School Committee and BWRSD district make the necessary changes to allow Allison and the PASS program to continue the excellent work she has been doing. Please find more about Allison Lewis and the PASS Program in the following article:,24226

Daryl Gould
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Petition to Donald J. Trump


STUDENTS IN THE USA DESERVE BETTER. Ms. Lisa Fernandez is the beloved Peace Principal of PS 119 in Brooklyn.  She has made a career of not just educating the students in her classrooms, but advocating for them with a joyous vigor.  We need that kind of vision for the educational system in America. Since becoming principal, Ms. Fernandez’s mission has been to create a school where children are heard, respected and treated with dignity.  She says, “I’ve been successful at creating a transformative bubble for the children in my school, a place where their dreams and wants are important, a school where their needs are met.” Ms. Fernandez hired diverse faculty and initiated the Peacebuilders curriculum for everyone in the school.  Lisa says her mission has been, “To educate for peace.  To give children experiences and opportunities which teach them to create a culture of peace in the school and community.”  She adds: “Children’s lives are bombarded with negative images and messages.  My goal is to lavish kids with positive messages, so that they find some balance in their lives.” It is her vision to build a culture of peace by using the Peacebuilders curriculum and professional development program as a framework and integrating aspects of the seven core values of the Heartwood Ethics character development program to build academic and social behaviors structured around peaceful practices.  The students at P.S. 119 want to come to school, as evidenced by the high-by-any-standard 98% attendance rate. Ms. Fernandez has always encouraged teachers to be creative and to express their individuality in the classroom by educating the whole child. The result has been a growing community of P.S. 119 graduates who have been transfigured because of Lisa’s influence— a student body that has learned by example to vividly express their own creativity and their own individuality while being life-long messengers of peace. Students in the USA deserve the love and respect of a compassionate educator.  The US education system needs an injection of caring and creativity.  We deserve Ms. Lisa Fernandez as our Secretary of Education.

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