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Petition to UC Davis Administration, Chancellor Gary S. May, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Mary Croughan

We Need Safe, Accessible Working and Learning Conditions at UC Davis

As UC Davis campus community members and those in solidarity, we refute the harmful language and unsupported claims made in the UC Davis Winter Quarter Update: Dec. 30. The update's references to influenza and "living with COVID-19 at an endemic level" make clear that the UC Davis administration is not prioritizing the immunocompromised, the disabled, unvaccinated people, children, those who live with people from any of these groups, or the general health of the public. We also know that COVID-19 has been affecting people with pre-existing social, economic, and physical conditions much more significantly, making them more vulnerable to outbreaks. Given that: Breakthrough COVID infections with the Omicron variant are becoming increasingly more common, Although some breakthrough infections may seem mild, the risk of devastating and disabling long haul COVID persists and we do not yet know what long term effects will result from contracting Omicron, According to Covid ActNow, a nonprofit providing data analysis on the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., "Yolo County, CA is more vulnerable than 82% of U.S. counties,"  As of January 2nd, 8 of the 12 ICU beds in Yolo County are filled, impacting the most vulnerable in our community, and there have been multiple times in the last month when there were 0 ICU beds available, UC Davis positivity rates have increased drastically, to the highest rates throughout the entire pandemic at 2.8% (for the final week of December 2021), before students and faculty have returned to campus en masse from holiday gatherings,  We demand that UC Davis administration offer full online accessibility and options alongside in-person ones (often called a hybrid approach) for lectures, discussions, labs, all other forms of instruction, as well as non-teaching staff positions at UCD. This applies to both this quarter and going forward, not only due to the pandemic but also because this constitutes a vital access need for disabled people. Additionally, for Winter Quarter 2022, UC Davis administration must extend online instruction until appropriate safety features are in place to ensure the health and well-being of all UC Davis affiliates, especially those who are particularly vulnerable during this pandemic. It has been very difficult for both teaching and non-teaching staff to switch between on- and offline, so the administration must also provide support for all staff who are spending many hours doing extra labor without sufficient training, supplies, or compensation.

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Petition to Northside Independent School District, Brian woods, NISD Board

Raise the Pay for IAs #IncreaseTheBasePay

There is a shortage of IAs (Instructional Assistants). Even more so with the pandemic. Being an IA is not an easy task. We instruct and re-teach our students what teachers have taught. Some of us go home with bruises/ scratches from an upset student(s); sometimes daily. The highest paid IA position in an elementary school (Special Education) is paid less than $1,400 a month after taxes (not to include the deduction of insurance). Which means that there are several IAs such as an ISS IA, PE Assistant, Pre K IA, Clerk, etc. that are getting LESS than that. When IAs have asked why we don’t get paid more, the board states that they compare pay to other districts; but what about the increasing cost of living? Especially in these trying times. We love what we do despite the challenges the position may bring. There are IAs that go above and beyond what is expected of us. It is said a lot that Teachers are underpaid. We get paid a lot less than they do even though we often do the same duties that the teachers do. Some examples include making worksheets, buying supplies to help with behavior or supplies to reward behavior, handling the “dirty work” of student restroom breaks and clean up at the end of the day. If we volunteer to help out at school events we aren’t paid for it. Teachers get paid extra for these events. If a sub does not pick up for a teacher (and even sometimes when they do), we take charge of the classroom and teach the students from the lesson plans because we know the routine. Teachers rely on us to help them finish the things they do not have time to do. It is our job to deal with behaviors such as hitting, biting, scratching, etc. so that the teachers can continue teaching the rest of the class. I don’t type all of this to complain about the job. We love the kids and the feeling of making a difference in their lives. Some of us want to go the extra mile and do more than our job description, but it is hard to be motivated to do more when it goes unnoticed and underpaid. Some of us want to volunteer for school events on our own time, but it is hard to justify taking out of the little time we get with our families when we aren’t being compensated. We need to be able to take care of ourselves and our families. The pay we are getting is barely enough to cover our rent/ mortgage payments. Some of us can’t afford to live on our own so we live with family or friends. Some IAs have children/ family we support or medical expenses that, as you can imagine, are very costly. Have you heard the phrase “teachers need heroes too”? It’s referring to IAs. When teachers need help and are overwhelmed, IAs are there to help. When other areas of the campus need support, IAs are there to help. Please sign and help us get the pay we deserve. If you sign, please consider leaving a reason why you support this in the comments. Thank you!

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Petition to Diocese of Brooklyn

Unmask our children

We need to end mask mandates for nursery through 8th grade in St. Luke’s school immediately! After almost two full years of this pandemic we have learned that children are NOT the main spreaders of COVID. They do not transmit it and they do not get sick from it. Schools in other states have dropped mask mandates without any issues. Schools in other countries NEVER had mask mandates and there were no significant rise in cases among children or staff. And now some countries are dropping the mask mandates altogether because of a lack of evidence that they work or do anything to stop the virus spread at all (United Kingdom).Children are being physically and emotionally harmed due to these mask mandates. Physically, masks are extremely unhygienic. Kids are constantly touching their faces to adjust their masks, which is actually causing MORE germs to be spread! In addition, kids are developing headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, etc. due to the restricted oxygen flow while wearing masks all day. Furthermore, emotionally, it is causing significant trauma. Childhood is a crucial time to develop friendships by socializing and interacting with their peers. When wearing a mask, they lose the ability to see facial expressions which plays a critical role in socialization. Kids need to see smiles. By mandating masks, we are also teaching children to be fearful of each other. This will undoubtedly cause long-term negative psychological impacts over a a virus that has a mortality rate of less then 1%. Research shows childhood depression and suicide have risen dramatically this past year due to lack of socialization. Masks are causing much more harm in our kids than benefits! Forcing children to wear masks is nothing short of physical and emotional CHILD ABUSE! Parents should be the only ones to decide what is best for their kids, not the government or school officials! These masks take away our human dignity, covering our faces which are made in the image of God. END MASK MANDATES IN OUR SCHOOL IMMEDIATELY! 

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