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Bring Environmental Education to Lynn

If you've ever taken a walk in Lynn, MA before, you may have noticed the excessive amount of garbage throughout the city. Over the years, the improper disposal of waste has created an extremely apparent issue. Trash, human waste, and even hazardous materials can be found on our school grounds, parks, and ponds, affecting not only the natural wildlife but also the children of Lynn. The issue of littering is deeper than simply appearance. The presence of mismanaged garbage can cause: salmonella tetanus hepatitis A gastroenteritis roundworm (Source) Coming into contact with garbage is putting the children of Lynn at serious risk for life-threatening diseases. But as this trash pollutes these children, it also pollutes the natural habitats that exist within Lynn such as Flax Pond and Lynn Woods. Plastic in particular is known for introducing toxins into the tissues of native organisms, effectively killing them.  Although trash is a problem in many cities, the idea of creating a "zero-waste" city no longer resides outside the realm of possibility as cities across the world and the US strive for this environmental goal. I believe it's time that Lynn also follows in their footsteps. But where would we begin? Obviously an issue of this magnitude could not be cured overnight and treating anything outside of the heart of the issue would prove far too costly.  I believe both the problem and the solution lie in the disregard and disrespect for the environment by the citizens of Lynn. However, respect can be taught through education. Studies have shown that the presence of environmental education for K-12 students not only increased the awareness of the students on environmental issues but also made them more active participants in reducing their environmental impact (Source). An environmental education produces an array of benefits beyond just the health of city grounds. It can: Improve science, math, reading, and writing skills Develop character, team work, and leadership Enhance critical thinking, analytical, and problem solving skills Provide motivation and enthusiasm for learning Thus, I put forth these proposals: Mandatory environmental education for K-8 students including topics such as recycling, composting, littering, waste management and proper disposal, and the impacts of urban development on both the environment and humans Mandatory environmental volunteer hours from 4th-8th grade students involving activities such as clean-ups, trail maintenance on reservations, community gardening, or any work completed with an organization whose purpose is conservation The establishment of a first offense littering fine and an increase in fines for subsequent offenses Environmental community service as the option against jail sentence (in the cases which volunteer work was offered originally) The formation of an Environmental Committee which connects all existing environmentally active groups in Lynn (such as Keeping Lynn Clean, Friends of Flax Pond, Friends of Lynn Woods, etc.), provides assistance in their efforts, pursues the general betterment of the entire city including the health of the water, land, and natural habitats, and seeks to eliminate any hazards to the environment and humans that may arise.  

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Petition to Ydanis Rodriguez, Gale Brewer, Shahabuddeen Ally, Steve Banks

Take Back Community Programs at NYC's Fort Washington Armory!

Please sign this Petition for Change and take BACK Community programs to NYC's Fort Washington Armory.  Please help children, youth, adults and families in dire need in Washington Heights/Inwood and Upper Manhattan. By signing this Petition you are helping to advocate for the utilization and public use of New York City's Fort Washington Armory at 168th Street. The Armory Foundation is overcharging nonprofit groups and not utilizing this city building to help create community programs. In the video above you can see a Community Leader speak of the atrocities going on at The Fort Washington Armory by The Armory Foundation and many others. This campaign will help Open Access to community programs and space at NYC Fort Washington Armory.  Norbert Sander, in DNAInfo, past President, states.."It just happens to be in Washington Heights?” (By Lindsay Armstong October 30, 2014). Children have been denied access to programs and non-profit groups are being charged exorbitant fees (see articles below in updates).   Email for more information and The Armory 168's spokesperson will contact you.    Armory 168 recently received the below email/letter from John Doe, (full version below under "petition letter) "What has happened at the Armory is a travesty to the children of Washington Heights and the entire city of New York!" John Doe The letter documents parts of the "travesty" that have taken place at the Fort Washington Armory. To see the full text, look under Petition letter section. Unfortunately, the Armory, “which just happens to be in Washington Heights”, has forgotten about the needs of this community and it has lost sight of its original mission.  A change in leadership and policy is needed immediately and the only way that this will happen is through informed pressure from our community, local politicians and a boycott/protest of the prestigious Millrose Games. As The Armory Foundation, Jon Schindel and Rita Finkel, and company try to rally support at the upcoming community board meeting, it is important that the information in this letter be shared and investigated.  Our children, our student-athletes, our coaches, parents, and residents deserve better." John Doe By signing this Petition you are helping to advocate for utilization of a public space for children, youth, adults and families at the Fort Washington Armory.

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Petition to Kelli Linville, April Barker, Gene Knutson, Daniel Hammill, Whatcom County Council, Bellingham City Council, Michael Lilliquist, Pinky Vargas, Terry Bornemann, Roxanne Murphy

Bellingham Publicly Owned Fiber Optic Network

Publicly Owned Fiber Optic Internet Bellingham is hurting. Like many other cities nationwide we have high unemployment, low wages, and a host of economic, social and environmental problems. This inexpensive solution would help us address all of them, and maintain net-neutrality by creating a public, net-neutral option. In fact over 450 other cities have already implemented solutions like this, but our leaders are reluctant to even give our citizens access to the resources they've already paid for, much less prepare our city for the future.  As other cities embrace high-speed fiber broadband, Bellingham is getting left far behind. Our city has underutilized public fiber resources and several net-neutral local Internet Service Providers eager to deploy high speed broadband, like they have in Mount Vernon, yet this is held back by rules and regulations that have not kept pace with technology. Fiber would: Create an opportunity for a public access component to make ultra high speed internet broadly accessible in public spaces, provide higher quality low-income connections to those in need, and guarantee a level of internet access to all. Give Bellingham a strong standing among Washington cities, and create valuable infrastructure that we could continue to build on in the long-term. Create jobs: Fiber would draw companies to the city, provide jobs for construction and maintenance, create new internet service providers and other innovative businesses that are made possible by ultra-fast broadband. Reduce Our Impact on the Environment: Fiber would reduce the need for travel to take place for meetings. It is also very durable and usually requires less maintenance than old infrastructure wiring, like copper wiring.   Increase property values: Wiring for fiber-optics has been shown to increase property value approximately 1% Provide a network our government could leverage to deliver data from current and future ‘smart grid’ sensors including those used for parking management, resource monitoring, air quality, muni and other needs. Over the long term smarter management could save the city money and increase our tax base without increasing taxes by reducing unemployment and creating good jobs. This petition asks for the city to give the public access to the broadband resources we've already paid for, expand our critical publicly owned broadband infrastructure, establish a Dig Once Policy for Bellingham and Whatcom County, allow multiple providers into multi-unit dwellings, and provide high quality internet access to all residents that truly address our Digital Divide issues. 

Jon Humphrey
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