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Petition to Joseph R. Biden, Miguel Cardona

President Biden: Cancel student loans in the first 100 days.

Trillions could be injected into the economy with no money needed from the Treasury, and nothing added to the national debt.   Federal student loans have become a national threat.  Before the Pandemic,  One in every 5 adults in the U.S. had student loans, and over 80% of them were either unable to pay, or were paying but their balances were going up.  The default rate for 2004 students is 40%, and they took out less than a third of what today's students have to borrow.  Nineteen U.S. states owe more in student loans than their entire state budgets.  The default rate for current borrowers will likely exceed 75%.  This is more than four times the default rate of sub-prime home mortgages.   By every reasonable metric, this is a catastrophically failed lending system. This is not a partisan problem.  More than half of all student loan borrowers identify as being politically independent, or republican. More than 40% never graduated.  "Red" states are being hurt significantly worse than "Blue" states.   All are trapped by a uniquely predatory lending system from which nearly every consumer protection has been stripped- including  bankruptcy rights that the Founders called for ahead of the power to raise an army and declare war in the Constitution.  The predatory, hyper-inflationary lending system that has resulted is what the Founders feared. The citizens must not, and should not tolerate this unconstitutional lending scam any longer. The President and Secretary of Education have all the authority needed issue an executive order cancelling all federally owned student loans- about 85% of all student debt. Nothing would be added to the national debt, and no tax appropriation would be needed.  This is, by far, the least expensive, and most expedient way to inject trillions into the economy.  President Biden must to do this in his first 100 days in office.  He must also issue an executive order returning bankruptcy protections to federally owned loans, and urge Congress to do the same for ALL student loans. Analysts have predicted that cancelling student loans will increase GDP by about $100 billion for the next ten years, but they do not take into account the borrowing capacity (and thus spending) that such a move would free up. This would be another $1 Trillion injected into the economy in the near and medium term.  Some experts even believe that debt cancellation is the only way to avoid a depression. Claims that cancelling loans will largely benefit people who don't need it are completely wrong.  100% of all borrowers were determined to be "financially needy" as a condition for federal loans. 80% were never going to be able to repay them before the pandemic.  The highest balance borrowers are over 50.  They outnumber people under 25 with student loans and owe 3 times more, despite having borrowed far less.  Importantly: the most successful student loan borrowers tend to refinance their loans out of the federal system, so would not benefit from federal loan cancellation. There simply is no easier, cheaper, more effective, or better targeted way to stimulate the economy. Rest assured, the taxpayers will be fine.  The federal government has been profiting wildly on these loans for many years, and decades of White House Budget data show that the Department of Education has even been making a profit on defaulted loans.  On balance, the taxpayer will have very little- perhaps no- net loss when these loans are cancelled. This is YOUR PETITION.  It requires more than your signature to succeed.  Please get everyone you know to sign, and paste the link to it wherever student loan borrowers are likely to see it (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)  Also, contact your local media, and tell them to cover it. THE SUCCESS OF THIS PETITION DEPENDS ENTIRELY UPON YOUR EFFORTS TO MAKE IT GROW.  PLEASE DO YOUR PART! Petition created by Alan Collinge, founder of StudentLoanJustice.Org and author of The Student Loan Scam (Beacon Press).  

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Petition to The Board of Education

The board of Edu. should require a certification in mental health in order to teach teens

The Board of Education Should Require All Educators to Be Certified in Mental Health    Ladies and gentlemen, we spend more of our waking hours with teachers than we do at home with our guardians. Teen anxiety is on the rise and it is up to teachers to combat this horrifying illness. These adults should be certified in mental health to address mental illnesses in teens and young adults. The fact of the matter is, that mental illness surrounds us all but ultimately does not define us and it can be prevented with the help of certified teachers.  WHAT HAPPENS YEARLY Suicide is the second most leading cause of death among adolescents for the past decade. There are around 6,000 teens that take their own life every year! How many people do you think it should be a year? Some of you may say 1,000 or even 100. Now, look at this picture of a loving family. Now, think of your own family and friends, would you want them to go unnoticed or would you like to help them in this gruesome battle. There should be no deaths by suicide and no one should feel as though they need to take their own life. Teachers must step up to the plate and realize that suicidal thoughts can start occurring by age 9. WARNING SIGNS  Many teens may suffer from low self-esteem, believing no one cares, depressed or could be a victim of abuse of alcohol or drugs. These are suicidal signs that need to be made clearer and be brought to the attention to the board of education. Since we spend over 35 hours a week with teachers they should notice these signs and take action. However, if they have not taken a specific course to know that these may be suicidal signs, they might never know what may be happening! WHY EVERY TEACHER SHOULD BE CERTIFIED We spend around 1260 hours with teachers each year. Death by suicide would decrease majorly if these teachers were certified in mental heath. These teachers are required to hold a bachelor's degree and complete a state-approved teacher education program. Why not infuse a mental health program into the education of these teachers? Wouldn’t you, the student, feel safer knowing that you or a friend could get help easily knowing that each teacher knows how to handle the situation you are currently in?  CALL TO ACTION Suicide affects more than one, so my call to action is to make sure every teacher is certified in mental health so that one day there will be no more deaths by suicide. 

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