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Petition to Commissioner Cole


This is another IMPORTANT community issue that needs your ATTENTION ASAP.  Below is a copy/paste from the Commissioner’s Agenda for the meeting being held Monday, 11/5 at 9 am in Milton at 6495 Caroline St., Milton, FL.  The commissioners are essentially trying to take back their commitment to have the Butterfly House (BH) in the new Navarre Park which was made planned last October.  They are trying to force the issue to move the BH to the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge (ECWR) property on Hwy 87.  The Butterfly House wants to stay in Navarre Park and has had little consideration in these decisions.  First they were not even consulted when a planner made up the expensive plans for Navarre Park.  Didn’t ask them what they needed or wanted.  Planned it way too expensive, so now instead of reducing price and leaving them there, they want to move the BH to the ECWR property.  Essentially taking away the money for the BH and giving it to ECWR.  The BH house has/is presenting a well documented business plan.  Where is the business plan for ECWR???  ECWR does not have enough money to build right now, even with the Impact 100 grant they recently received and they can’t get a mortgage.  So the only way they can build is to get the BH money, share the education building and they say THEY will build a vivarium and THEY will hire staff for it!  ECWR doesn’t currently have money for their own staff!  This is not right.  The refuge and county are taking advantage of the BH. And in the end I fear for the BH existence.  They have been the cornerstone of Navarre for 21 years and are the gateway to the ecological part of the park and beach, leading to the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station and the Navarre Beach Turtle Rescue.  The butterflies know exactly where the BH house is for their migration.  So, PLEASE sign this petition in favor of keeping the Butterfly House in Navarre Park.  We only have a few days. Also, Write the commissioners NOW!  Don’t have to say a lot.  Voice your opinion.  Tell them it’s important to leave the BH in Navarre Park!.  It’s one of the first things tourists see when they come here.  It’s been wonderful education for years.  Leave it there. Don’t fix it if it’s not broken.  The BH can get along by itself very well.  Please WRITE, or call (850-983-1877) and go to the meeting and speak.  Unfortunately, I will be out of town next week and cannot go and speak.  I would really like several people there to speak on behalf of the BH.  Please help.  But PLEASE sign this petition also.  Thanks. Board of County Commissioners Agenda Item Meeting Date: November 5, 2018 Attachments: Department: County Administration Staff: Dan Schebler, County Administrator 1.       PBH business plan october 2018 2.       Item: Butterfly House ACTION NEEDED Discussion and approval of location for a Butterfly House in Santa Rosa County. SUMMARY/BACKGROUND The Board approved the Navarre Park Master Plan, funding the design and construction plans for the Park and also construction of Phase 1 (A&B) to include a Butterfly House Learning Center, Vivarium and fieldhouse at the October 12, 2017 meeting. Due to the significant capital investment (~$1M), the Board directed staff to work with the Panhandle Butterfly House (PBH) to develop a memorandum of agreement that would govern the relationship and responsibilities of the county and PBH. Several meetings were held with representatives from PBH to collect information (profit and loss statements, balance sheet, financial policies, etc.) and to discuss operations, maintenance and sustainment of the proposed facility. Any design or construction plans of the butterfly house and vivarium were put on hold pending these discussions and development of a draft MOA. Following a discussion by the Board at the May 21st Committee meeting and subsequent staff meetings the potential to relocate the PBH to the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge facility on 87S became an option so several more meetings were held with representatives of PBH and ECWR to determine the viability and what agreements and funding would be needed. 3.       The PBH Board met on September 28th and due to a number of issues unanimously voted against going to ECWR. Several subsequent meetings with staff and PBH representatives and PBH representatives and ECWR personnel, it was determined that colocation of the PBH at ECWR was not an option. The final construction plans for Navarre Park are expected by the end of the year followed by bidding with Phase 1 construction to be started after the first of the year. Staff recommends that the issue of location for a butterfly house/vivarium be determined to keep the important improvements. 4.        There are two options to maintain a butterfly house in Santa Rosa County: - PBH would like to remain in Navarre Park. The current identified requirement from the PBH Executive Board is a 2000 sq. ft. Learning Center and a 2200 sq. ft. Vivarium (15 feet high) which includes greenhouse Board of County Commissioners Agenda Item space (400 sq. ft.). Based on current construction cost estimates this would be $930K; essentially the same construction cost in the park master plan. In support of this request the PBH provided the attached business plan October 25th. - ECWR has proposed a shared education center and is willing to add a vivarium to their current site plan in order to have a butterfly house operational in March 2019. Estimated costs to fund this proposal are $550K. ECWR would hire additional staff to support the vivarium and associated programming/education center. 5.        RECOMMENDATION Locate a butterfly house at ECWR to realize significant cost savings and the opportunity to have a butterfly house open next spring. FISCAL IMPACTS As outlined in the summary/.background. LEGAL NOTE Legal has reviewed. NEXT STEPS As directed by the Board.

Nancy Forester
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Petition to Del Phillips III Ph.D, Jeremy Johnson, Jim Hawkins, Sarah Andrews

Stop Stage 1 - Sumner County Schools Temporary Rezoning Plan

Who are we? Stop Stage 1 is a group of concerned families and citizens affected by the proposed temporary changes to Sumner County school zones. Our goals are to provide alternative solutions to the current proposal while remaining empathetic to the needs of the county as a whole. We have two areas of focus: Stop Stage 1 (Temporary Rezoning) Temporary rezoning has the potential to disrupt the learning environment for all K-12 students attending the Beech and Station Camp schools. Under the proposed Stage 1 plan, some students may change schools as many as 5 times before graduating. The educational and psychological impact of these transitions can affect the overall performance of every student in each of those schools, not just those individuals being transferred. Another concern is the strain these temporary changes will place on the affected neighborhoods. Many families in these areas are active participants in their current schools. Stage 1 changes can affect more than just test scores. Athletics, fundraising, and overall community support may falter under these conditions. Additionally, these areas may be negatively affected by the unnecessary increase in traffic. Support Growth (Stage 2) The proposed development of a new school is something we embrace! We understand the need for growth and do not wish to impede progress. By supporting the new school, we are helping to control the overall expansion and lead our communities in a positive direction. We believe accelerating this existing plan is a critical component for the permanent solution to the county wide overpopulation issue. Summary and Execution We agree with the need for immediate action to control the overcrowding of Sumner County schools. However, we disagree with proposed reaction outlined in the Stage 1 plan. We aim to discover Board's motivation to design the proposed map. We will then review the factors the Board utilized when determining this course of action. We plan to attend each School Board meeting in which the public is allowed, to show our support for keeping our community whole. In each instance we are permitted by law, we will address the Board with our concerns and possible solutions. We will be hosting community meetings to discuss the information obtained, and work towards our common goal of preserving the educational integrity of our community. We will be presenting a formal proposal to the Board containing our recommendations. This petition shall serve as one of many evidences that our community is concerned for the education of our children and the preservation of quality of life for all citizens in the affected area. By affixing your signature, you are presenting proof to the Sumner County School Board and other local government officials that you are part of a better solution.

Kevin Stewart
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Petition to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC)

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC): Stop the cover up and do the right thing.

I loved being a doctor.  It was my dream.  I was the first person in my family to go to medical school.  I was so excited about being able to help people through medicine. Just like any other doctor, I sacrificed and worked hard to get into a great radiology residency at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC), in New Hampshire. My dream quickly became a nightmare once I arrived at DHMC. There are no words to fully explain the horrendous situation I had to endure while I was there. It was clear at some point that I was being treated differently than the rest of the residents and that I was no longer wanted in the program.  While this was unfortunate, things happen and this could have been dealt with professionally. However, what DHMC chose to do was to intimidate, harass and threaten me into leaving the residency program.  When I complained about it to Human Resources, they retaliated against me.  I was given an ultimatum; to resign without any assistance or help from them in finding another residency position or be terminated.  I refused to resign from a position that I knew I was capable of doing so they eventually terminated me.  It took them a few months and they even put me on “academic leave” without telling me exactly what that was or why I was on it. They basically needed time to come up with valid reasons to fire me. They never did. Their reasons for terminating my employment changed so many times.  I was told at first that it was because of my medical condition.  Then I was told it was because I was “unqualified” to perform the duties of a resident.  Even though I was never on probation, remediation or relieved of my on call duties. All of the excuses they gave me are unfair and untrue.   I strongly believe DHMC violated both my civil rights and my ADA rights through discrimination, harassment, retaliation and eventually wrongful termination. Unfortunately my dream became a nightmare and it was all 100 percent preventable.  It has been nearly two years and DHMC still continues to deny doing anything wrong.  At the very least, what they did was unprofessional, egregious and mean.  This constant denial makes me worried that they will do this again because you cannot change what you do not acknowledge.  Please take the time to read my petition letter and consider supporting my effort to bring awareness to what this hospital has done to me and my career.  I believe that it is too late to save my career but I hope that this petition will let DHMC know that what they did was WRONG.    

Christyna Faulkner, MD
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