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Petition to Dean Davida B Plummer, William R. Harvey, Hampton University Administration

Start Hampton U Scripps Student-Tutoring

My name is Rachel Childress; I’m a senior Journalism major with a Pre-Law Concentration and a dedicated Hamptonian. As a soon to be graduate from the Hampton University Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications, I feel as though there is a strong need for school sponsored tutoring programs to increase the academic caliber and communicative skills. It is my hope that we can address the need to overcome academic deficiencies through this petition to help start a student and faculty-sponsored program that addresses the following classes and course work: JAC 101 – Media/Multi Society; JAC 105 – Grammar & AP Style; JAC 110 – Intro to Media Writing; JAC 200 – Visual Media; JAC 210 – Reporting & News Writing' JAC 220 – Principles of Public Relations; JAC 265 – Intro to Radio & TV Prod.; JAC 301 – Web Design and Prod.; JAC 305 – Visual Communication ; JAC 307 – Digital Photog. & Imaging; JAC 310 – Advanced News Writing; JAC 320 – PR Writing/Production; JAC 340 – Broadcast News Writing; JAC 404 – Media Ethics; JAC 405 – Media Law; JAC 410 – News Editing; JAC 420 – Media Research; JAC 440 – News Production; JAC 451 – Animation and Graphics; JAC 495 – Senior Capstone... and others    WHERE YOU COME IN: In order to get this proposal off the ground and in effect before the end of the Spring 2018 semester, I need signatures and fast. You DO NOT have to be a Scripps major to sign up, just be a student who's struggled with HU classes before and we'll be sure that we can find a space for you in whatever student lead tutoring program comes from this. It's not about this being one department, but if we can get HU administration to give one to Scripps It wont be hard until they have to apply It to all the other schools on campus. So PLEASE sign up and help this happen. If you want to know a little more, heres the some clips of the proposal below.   Department Requirements The tutoring program will require some monetary funds of the university through either work-study or academically offered under the JAC 465 (Internship in Journalism and Communications) or JAC 460 (Independent Study in Journalism and Communications) designations per semester. It will also rely upon an association of faculty and students who have demonstrated high comprehension of the topics addressed per each course. Students participating in the tutoring of classmates must be nominated by faculty, and show a mastery of the course information and skills or apply to be a part of the program without faculty nomination must have a grade designation of a 90% (A-) or higher in the class and apply a semester prior to their proposed start date. Students will also rely upon the current coursework of the classes and work in tandem with the professors to ensure that similar topics are disgusted outside of the classroom as they were explained within It... The suggested times for tutoring will be the same days that the classes take place, and will be offered in the evenings between the hours of 5 to 9. For example, a JAC 110 course offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays will have tutoring offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 7:30 and 8:30PM. This same style will be applied to Monday, Wednesday and Friday courses, without Friday offerings during the majority of the academic semester. Exceptions will be invoked the weeks prior to midterms and final exams. If necessary the weekend offering may be needed for highly technical classes such as JAC 200, JAC 265, JAC 340 and JAC 440 because of their reliance upon school materials such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Final Cut Pro computer programs...  Time of Establishment It is in my hope that we could establish the program by the end of February 2018 with the focus being to first trial run, student-tutoring sessions before the midterm examination season for the Spring 2018 academic semester. With that in mind I would like the program to be fully supported by the department and the University by final examination season in Spring 2018... Estimated Benefits from Student-Tutoring Program With a student-tutoring program, student involvement within their education would become a forefront of the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications. This would not only help the networking of other students to their faculty and colleagues but also increase the hire ability of the student body post graduation because of increased academic standards and time spent towards the building of portfolio skills that could be an asset to future Hamptonians. Such skills would be intense journalist writing, knowledge of highly technical computer software and editing programs, as well as real-time experience in newsroom like settings focusing on the constructive development of journalistic and public relations content. This investment within the student body could create a higher yield in University funding from alumni donation, greater job opportunities to current and former students as well as increasing the caliber of the students and faculty currently working in the department. With a tutoring program that emphasizes the academic improvement of the student body outside of their classroom time, we increase our own standard of excellence and demand a similar respect the legacy of Hampton University and Scripps Howard deserves amongst its HBCU and non-minority counterparts...  Rachel Childress Hampton University 2014 - 2018 Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications

Rachel Childress
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It was 54 years ago that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX. and still there is no respectable monument to his memory. There is a tiny bronze plate in the ground at Dealey Plaza and a strange looking building a couple of blocks away that no one has any idea of what it is or represents, that is supposed to serve as a memorial. Too much time has passed to not have a monument to show respect and gratitude for this great President. I think a bronze of him about 8 feet tall standing behind a podium over looking Elm St. would be appropriate. It would be between the two concrete embankments of the John Neely Bryan Pergola; one of which Abraham Zapruder filmed the assassination on. On front of the podium could be inscribed to the effect: Here on November 22, 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. A decorated Navy veteran of WW11, Senator and President. We owe the greatest debt to him for not invading Cuba and avoiding nuclear war with Russia. President Kennedy wanted world peace more than anything. The alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald never had a trial and claimed he was a patsy. Naturally we need approval and funding. Please write, FAX, or call the Mayor of Dallas. I don't see why the 6th Floor Museum cannot help with the funding of the monument. They charge $16.00 per ticket and make a fortune. This is the most visited site in Dallas. If they are there for the memory of the President, they should feel obligated to help with this project. Please contact the Mayor and make a personal request. Michael S. Rawlings MAYORCity of Dallas1500 Marilla Street Room 5ENDallas, Texas 75201-6390Fax: (214) 670-0646(214) 670-5111    

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Petition to Chris Reykdal, Seattle Public Schools

Approve District Choice Transfer for Nasir Andrews

Nasir Andrews, a 5th grader in the Bellevue School District, has endured more than what should be considered as persistent and pervasive bullying. Since sharing her bully story viral video and changing schools, the bullying continues. In November, Nasir shared that a district staff at her school, Cherry Crest Elementary, accused her of stealing an ice cream, stopped her and searched her jacket. Nasir did not have an ice cream in her possession at all, leaving Nasir to feel publicly humiliated in front of her peers. As a minority student of color, reinforcing a stereotype of criminalization and poverty can be perceived as an act of discrimination and harassment. THE FAMILY WANTS OUT! Nasir's parents spoke to the Manager of Admissions in their choice Seattle Public School District and was told that their request would be denied due to it not being a hardship. Currently, the two hardships that warrant a district transfer are: homelessness and domestic violence We believe school districts should recognize BULLYING as a hardship! Pervasive bullying can lead to depression, anxiety, and suicide. These are hardships for students and families. Parents often feel powerless and hopeless that their child is trapped in a toxic school environment. The State of Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction will have to approve the appeal of the denial. Please sign this petition in support of Nasir Andrews and other students who may need to transfer school districts before it's too late!  

Backdown Bully
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