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Petition to Nottinghamshire County Council

Reinstating fairness for families with siblings attending Nottinghamshire Primary Schools

Who vs Nottinghamshire County Council.Hundreds of families have been affected by Nottinghamshire County Council's decision to change oversubscription criteria for school places. As a result many families, who chose schools in good faith under previous arrangements, have since learned that younger siblings will not be able to join their older brothers and sisters at Nottinghamshire primary school.Aside from the upset to a great many 4 year olds facing the daunting task of attending school for the first time; there are also significant logistical challenges to families of getting children to different schools which often start and finish at the same time. What Nottinghamshire County Council changed the oversubscription criteria to remove priority for out-catchment children who already have siblings at a primary school, over those who live out-catchment without siblings at the school.  Similar or greater priority for out-catchment siblings is still provided by the vast majority of other authorities in the country (estimated to be in the region of 97%). Such changes can only be made after Lawful “effective” consultation with parents and other interested parties. We believe Nottinghamshire's consultation was flawed with just 9 respondents. This is because they published their usual notice of a consultation which made no mention of the proposal to change the criteria. In comparison Leeds council received 1,917 responses (from a similar population) with just 4 in favour resulting in the proposal being dropped.In the very few Authorities where these changes have been implemented safeguards have been put in place to ensure families with children currently enrolled in out of catchment schools were not disadvantaged. WhenThe change took affect for the 2016/17 school year (which starts next week) leaving many hundreds of families with young children at different schools.The council have also formalised the same arrangements for next year (17/18)It would seem the vast majority of people were not aware of the change until after national offer day and until quite recently there was no mention of it even in the local press.Further more our research suggests that Nottinghamshire County Council are the only Authority in the Country to implement this change in a manner that affects parents with children already attending a school. WhereWhilst this is specific to Nottinghamshire residents other authorities can and have considered similar change. If unchallenged it could set a precedent allowing the same changes to retrospectively affect people in other areas. WhyWe believe it is unjust to remove a priority for out catchment children who already have brothers or sisters attending the school. The Council appears to have failed to ensure that sufficient numbers of parents were aware of the changes allowing concerns to be voiced.A proper consultation involving parents (whether affected or not) could have revealed that most parents are likely to have regarded the change to retrospectively and disproportionately disadvantage parents whose children are already at a school having been accepted under the previous rules or who, may need to move out of the school catchment area in the future. If the current arrangements continue then all families with younger siblings applying for out of catchment school places in Nottinghamshire will face the same issue.This despite the fact their older child may have been offered a non-catchment school to begin with.

Steven Rye
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Petition to UK Parliament, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Theresa May MP, 10 Downing Street, John Penrose MP

Mental Health Education to be a Compulsory National Curriculum Subject in All UK Schools.

I'm Teigan! I'm 21 Years old and I've suffered from Depression, Social Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Since I was 13 Years Old. I feel like I've had 7 years of my young life wasted and I want to make sure that doesn't happen to any more young people!! So Here's What I Want To Happen: Mental Health Education (MHE) to be a Compulsory Subject in The National Curriculum. With students having to attend at least one Compulsory MHE Lesson each Week In all Primary and Secondary Schools. Mental Health Education (MHE) to be equal to Physical Education (PE). Let Me Explain Further:  Physical Education (PE) is a Compulsory National Curriculum Subject and students have 2 one hour compulsory lessons each week in every primary and secondary school in the UK. However Mental Health Education (at least in my secondary school) was only given a couple of lessons each year under the subject of PSHCE. We all have a physical health but we all have a mental health too. Yes you may never have depression but you may never become a professional hockey player either. So why is it only PE that has been deemed important enough to be a Compulsory National Curriculum Subject. And why are students given 2 compulsory one hour lessons each week for their entire school career however that isn't the same for Mental Health Education.   This is not fair and it is not right, not one is more important than the other. There needs to be equality for both Physical Education and Mental Health Education. For Example: Schools would never give students 5 mandatory English lessons each week but make attending maths class optional. It just wouldn't make sense and it wouldn't be fair. That's why I believe the same equality should be applied to both health subjects.    Which is why We need these lessons to not only educate students and teachers on what it's really like to suffer from various mental illnesses away from the stereotypes. But also so that the stigma goes away and we can end up talking as openly about our mental health as we do our physical health. PLEASE PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION AND HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO SO MANY YOUNG PEOPLE IN THE FUTURE!

Teigan-Jo Ledbury
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Petition to Mrs C A Wilson

Sudbury Ormiston Academy to offer GCSE ICT/ Computer Science after year 7

Year 7’s at Sudbury Ormiston Academy are offered one year of ICT, then the subject is dropped from the curriculum with no option to take GCSE Computer Science/ ICT. So students currently have no choice in the matter although both of the other local high schools offer this. We basically need enough willing parents/ students to back this as an option, as we have been informed that if enough students are good at the subject and enough parents ask for it, this can be added as a “bolt on GCSE”. We think it should be added to the curriculum as a subject. It is a technological age and everybody uses computers throughout their lives! Our main reasons for starting this petition is due to my brother having dyslexia and would be heavily reliant on computers daily to help him, but after year 7 he will not get this option at this school. Unfortunately we were unable to get into any other school. But we think ALL children should be taught this subject as it gives good life skills. Our current year 10 was not advised that if enough interest was there that a bolt on subject could be added, perhaps if it was made apparent more parents might of been willing to come forward. If you agree with us and believe that ICT/ Computer Science should be added as a compulsory subject on the curriculum then please sign this petition and share so we get the message out to as many parents as possible! Thank you! :)

Lois O'Beirne
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Petition to Matt Hancock MP, Damian Hinds MP, Jackie Doyle-Price MP, Theresa May MP, Amanda Spielman, Maureen Watt MSP

Get Mental Health Education on the School Curriculum

When recording my podcast a concern that often comes up with our guests is the lack of education on the subject of Mental Health. With one in four of us experiencing mental illness every year, according to the charity Mind, this seems to be a real and very significant gap in our education system. KEY STATISTICS: One in ten children aged between 5 and 16 years has been diagnosed with/shows signs of a mental health problem, and many continue to have these problems into adulthood. (1) Over half of all mental ill health starts before the age of 14 years, and 75% of this has developed by the age of 18. (2) NHS England estimates that poor mental health costs the NHS and society £105 billion a year in England alone. (3) The statistics are shocking, yet whilst there is a whole subject in the curriculum around our physical health in the form of PE, our young people are left without any knowledge on even the most common of mental illnesses. Not only does this leave them unprepared and vulnerable when it comes to looking out for their own mental health, but also sets a standard that Mental Health is not discussed. This plants a seed of stigma that many carry for their whole lives. Upon further research, there generally seems very little in the way of guidelines. For example, when Romeo and Juliet is studied as part of the curriculum when the two title characters kill themselves, this is considered the end of the story. The very serious topic of suicide is frequently not even mentioned as a part of these studies, and yet according to the BBC, suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 49. It’s time to make a change. Even if a law was passed so every child receives one class about Mental Heath during their time at school, this would be more than the vast majority currently get. We are keen to hear back from those in power on a more extensive plan to better the lives of our nation’s young people. CAMPAIGNING FOR: Mental Health education becoming mandatory for all schools in the UK. Every child having the ability to access a qualified counsellor through their school. This is something that many workplaces already offer. Every school offering Mental Health training for its staff. Please join our petition to help bring us one step closer to making these requests a reality, thus helping safeguard the health of generations to come. Thank you for reading, Bobby Temps Host of ‘Mental - The Podcast to Destigmatise Mental Health’. Learn more about this petition and it’s creator at   1. Source: Green h, McGinnity A, Meltzer h et al. (2005) Mental Health of Children and Young People in Great Britain, 2004. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 2. Source: Murphy M and Fonagy P (2012). Mental health problems in children and young people. In: Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer 2012. London: Department of Health. 3. Source: NSPCC. How safe  are our  children? 2016

Bobby Temps
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