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Petition to House of Parliament, Mayor

Black Ancient History taught in schools

As we know black history in schools are not taught well. Most likely students are taught about slavery and post-slavery, there is not enough knowledge about Ancient Africa. UK is a diverse multicultural society, and it is only fair that people should have awareness of each others identity and backgrounds.  In the UK students know about British history, Roman Empire, Greek Empire, American History. More or less the further they achieve in education, they also learn about Middle eastern and Chinese history within the Modules. I did a Politics and International Relations degree and in that experience, the only recollection of any study about Africa, was based upon African colonisation, and their post independence; this was fine, until I started to come across information about African Ancient History post university, by myself, with the help of the internet. The internet taught me so much Ancient Africa, that I was overwhelmed, and quite shocked that I as a degree holder did not much about it. I began to wonder if I did not know so much about it, how about the millions of British people who walked around feeling they were educated about the world, but really knew nothing. Nevertheless missing African Ancient history is like missing a huge chunk of world history, we can not allow British education to be so partial, this needs to stop. I would like to see the followings included in the educational system. Information about..... - Nubia - Isis - Songhai - Osiris - Lost African Kings and Queens such  as: Nefertiti, Sheba, Hannibal - Kemet - Ashanti - Moors (when blacks ruled Spain)  -Benin Empire(1180-1897 CE) , Mali Empire (1235-1600 CE) , Ghana Empire (700-1240 CE) + more I feel there will be less ignorant people in Britain, and less crime by black people if they knew about Ancient African History. Remember the London riots 2011? Why do you think there was such havoc, maybe the underlying reason is rooted behind lack of inspiration of true black leaders, or stories to make them feel proud of their roots. Britain is a very accepting country, and I feel this campaign will be a wake up call to reform the history courses in all levels of education. Whether the Parliament likes it or not, everything is on the internet, even white pupils will come across these hidden history because of the internet, and be disappointed that they are learning it at a later age. Please help the younger generation have a better education, than us. sign the petition to see change.

The Golden Trust
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Petition to Jeremy Hunt MP, Damian Hinds MP, Jackie Doyle-Price MP, Theresa May MP, Amanda Spielman, Maureen Watt MSP

Get Mental Health Education on the School Curriculum

When recording my podcast a concern that often comes up with our guests is the lack of education on the subject of Mental Health. With one in four of us experiencing mental illness every year, according to the charity Mind, this seems to be a real and very significant gap in our education system. KEY STATISTICS: One in ten children aged between 5 and 16 years has been diagnosed with/shows signs of a mental health problem, and many continue to have these problems into adulthood. (1) Over half of all mental ill health starts before the age of 14 years, and 75% of this has developed by the age of 18. (2) NHS England estimates that poor mental health costs the NHS and society £105 billion a year in England alone. (3) The statistics are shocking, yet whilst there is a whole subject in the curriculum around our physical health in the form of PE, our young people are left without any knowledge on even the most common of mental illnesses. Not only does this leave them unprepared and vulnerable when it comes to looking out for their own mental health, but also sets a standard that Mental Health is not discussed. This plants a seed of stigma that many carry for their whole lives. Upon further research, there generally seems very little in the way of guidelines. For example, when Romeo and Juliet is studied as part of the curriculum when the two title characters kill themselves, this is considered the end of the story. The very serious topic of suicide is frequently not even mentioned as a part of these studies, and yet according to the BBC, suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 49. It’s time to make a change. Even if a law was passed so every child receives one class about Mental Heath during their time at school, this would be more than the vast majority currently get. We are keen to hear back from those in power on a more extensive plan to better the lives of our nation’s young people. CAMPAIGNING FOR: Mental Health education becoming mandatory for all schools in the UK. Every child having the ability to access a qualified counsellor through their school. This is something that many workplaces already offer. Every school offering Mental Health training for its staff. Please join our petition to help bring us one step closer to making these requests a reality, thus helping safeguard the health of generations to come. Thank you for reading, Bobby Temps Host of ‘Mental - The Podcast to Destigmatise Mental Health’. Learn more about this petition and it’s creator at   1. Source: Green h, McGinnity A, Meltzer h et al. (2005) Mental Health of Children and Young People in Great Britain, 2004. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 2. Source: Murphy M and Fonagy P (2012). Mental health problems in children and young people. In: Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer 2012. London: Department of Health. 3. Source: NSPCC. How safe  are our  children? 2016

Bobby Temps
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Petition to Sajid Javid, Bim Afolami MP, Communities

Reconsider the decision to build a new Harpenden School on the Site East of Common Lane

We the undersigned, as residents of the Harpenden School Planning Area, petition Hertfordshire County Council (HCC), in conjunction with Education Funding Agency (EFA), to rerun the site evaluation and selection process, including scoring that led to the Site East of Common Lane (Site F) being chosen as a potential new school site, before any further work is carried out on the Harpenden School project due to significant changes in the factors considered in the previous exercise. In the original scoring used to justify site selection no account was taken of the following (in no particular order):   1) Site F's owners ambitions to develop part of the site for housing, and the consequent effects on school building;  2) The ambition of Central Beds to develop housing on the Harpenden Northern border. 3) The rising levels of traffic caused by housing development on the Lower Luton Rd and North Harpenden and the continuing expansion of Luton Airport.   4) Two separate Archaeological investigations by the University of Bristol on only one corner of the site using Magnetometry and Ground Penetrating Radar have revealed a significant variety of constructions on the site which merit a thorough investigation of the entire site, 5) The original decision (as stated in minutes of HCC Cabinet meeting 23 September 2013) was based on a permanent increase in demand of 5 Forms of Entry over current school place provision, while the latest HCC forecasts, produced just 3 years later, show a fall to a demand for 0 Forms of Entry by the end of the forecast period, i.e. no shortfall. We believe this evidence that was not available at the time the search and evaluation processes were undertaken and has a material bearing on the nature and location of an appropriate site for needs of the area. As this evidence was not available at the time the search and evaluation processes were undertaken and has a material bearing on the nature and potential location of an appropriate site for the needs of the area. Any one of the above is enough to mean the circumstances for releasing this site from green belt cannot be justified.

John Hansen
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