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Petition to Sadiq Khan

Save the Shepherd's Bush Market Businesses

Shepherd's Bush Market is one of London's long standing Markets, established in 1914. For over 100 years, the independent traders of Shepherds Bush Market have kept the open-air stalls and railway arches open for business, rain or shine. Famed for its broad offering of exotic foods, fabrics, jewellery, fashion and much more, all for good value, it is one of London's well loved and frequented markets.  Many of the businesses within this 100+ year old market are family-run, and have been passed down from generation to generation.  The SBMTA - Shepherd's Bush Market Tenants' Association have strived for many years to raise awareness to protect and secure this exceptional community of ethnically diverse, independent, and unique businesses. In 2014, Transport for London sold the market to redevelopers Orion Land & Leisure, for the development of a private block of 200+ luxury flats adjoining Shepherd’s Bush Market. In the 12 months that have followed, over 10% of the Market businesses have closed down, and the remaining businesses' livelihoods are being threatened. The redeveloper’s scheme is removing the tenants' security and forcing additional costs and liability onto the Market businesses. It is wrong that the Shepherd's Bush Market Businesses should be compromised. Please sign this petition to show your support for the SBMTA and the businesses of Shepherd's Bush Market, and help us in our battle to protect and preserve these valuable, long-standing, independent businesses.

SBMTA Shepherd's Bush Market Tenants' Association
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Petition to Rt Hon David Lidington, Theresa May MP

Stop Court Order Scams - Stop Illegal Homelessness

Welcome to www.ScamBuster.TV A Public Enquiry is being commanded by the people, into the massive COURT ORDER SCAM of which millions of victims are made homeless and destitute :- An army of violent fraudsters, posing as Court Bailiffs, throw people on the streets, and create wanton HOMELESSNESS. These thugs, claim to hold documents ISSUED BY THE COURT, when they are not. They are stealing Homes, Savings, Businesses, Children + Cars  (HSBC), and terrorising the public, even getting assistance from Criminal Cops. YOU and your family, is more than 90% likely the victim of the above, and YOU have no viable route to getting a remedy, and it will happen again, and again, until YOU put an end to the scam. English Judges were ruling in favour of PPI for decades, without exception. Now we know they were only assisting Criminal Bankers to steal from hard working men, women AND THEIR FAMILIES. This meets the legal definition of Rape and Enslavement. No Heart, no soul, no Moral Compass. This Court Order scam, is a PPI on steroids, and FUNDING IS COMING INTO THE FIGHT.. As a  successful Accountant and Financial Adviser of three decades, running Church Hill Finance, and winning many awards for my work and community efforts, this COURT ORDER SCAM has only been brought to my attention in a personal capacity. As a result of requesting figures from Neil Eccles and Hamish Kean of my  bank, Kleinwort Benson (Channel Islands) Ltd., myself and family, like many others, are being the subject of Terror and Hate Crime, without any lawful foundation. The fact that they were bankers to Hitler, of Nazzi Germany, was concealed from us. We have been deprived of our home and worldly belongings, in circumstances of terror, from Gangsters and British Police alike.   David John Wood of Lattey and Dawe Solicitors, and corrupt court staff, channelled a bogus application 3BT01335 through the Barnet County Court on October 21st  2013, with no supporting evidence, and not even a fee paid for the proceedings.    On March 14th 2014, a date not reflected in the court records, indicating a private "shadow" Court, a bogus "Possession Order" was manufactured, not bearing a Court Seal nor signature of a Judge, does not refer to Vacant Possession, does not give an address for possession, does not refer to a Judgement (CCJ) upon which an Order For Vacant Possession could have been lawfully obtained. Definitely contrary  to the County Court Act 1984 s.135, which carries seven years imprisonment. A crooked Judge or Clerk, will not sign nor seal a dodgy paper (ORDER), for liability reasons, hoping that no one will notice. Nor will your lawyer or Barrister enlighten you, whilst they take your money in the know. The police always say it's a CIVIL Matter, without the evidence. The perfect crime, but not victim-less. In my own case, a Sergeant Peter Dearden, said he was "SATISFIED"  with documents, which are BOGUS. Idea being, that the other links in the criminal chain is expected to say "It has been Adjudicated" that the documents are good. So Nicholas Parfitt  (DJ) could get away with his forgery, and David John Wood (not registered with the law society), of Lattey and Dawe Solicitors, could get away with stealing my house with help from corrupt police officers acting in private, whilst in uniform. The Court File shows, that Ben Kovler was refused copies of the court documents. So where did he get his documents?. Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981. MISSING AND WANTED:-   Richard Jeal - Barnet County Court Manager  disappeared when complaints escalated after he confirmed lies told by  District Judge Nicholas. Nicholas Parfitt - District Judge at Barnet County Court - No one will confirm his wherabouts. Barnet County Court Manager Jane Billyack disappeared when asked to confirm that proceedings have never been Issued By the Court. Sergeant Paul Purdy (Holds a degree in criminal Law), who participated in the Criminal Raid, was put in charge of the investigation, and promised to investigate the matter, but is now missing from his job, when shown the evidence. Christopher Williams (Counstable) who lied and threatened me on video on December 1st 2014, resigned abruptly and disappeared. A view of the court file, is being illegally denied by Court Manager Barbara Mortimer, and Moira Mcvey, covering up the crime on behalf of the offenders. JUDGE GREENWOOD of Harrow Crown Court, disappeared, as he cannot state a case, for the alleged trespass, knowing full well, there can be no such case, in fact and law. TRACEY McDERMOTT, FCA Chief, disappeared, without being able to produce the Court Order which the FCA staff has accused me of being in breach of. Incumbent Andrew Bailey (CEO) can do no better, and is under pressure, from the big press, to resign for Fraud Act concealment. I am determined to obtain justice here. Our MP and cabinet minister Theresa Villiers Expenses Scandal who was guilty of expenses maximising, as well as Chris Grayling, the then  Lord Chancellor, both said they cannot interfere in court matters, when they are fully aware, that the proceedings were never ISSUED BY THE COURT, but made up illegally. Theresa Villiers (MP) is in a conflict of interest, as the said bank gave £800,000 shady "donations" to the Tory party in one year alone, and from which she benefits. Criminal Cops CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS, and BENJAMIN KOVLER, both said, "If a WARRANT was obtained Fraudulently, they're not interested, it's a civil matter". Yet they kidnapped me for alleged Squatting/Theft from my own home on April 1st 2015, when myself and partner Jacqueline Campbell, a nurse, are Owners, Proprietors at the land registry, have never been evicted.   This Public Inquiry, into Court Order Scams, will give hope to millions of victims, and SOON TO BE VICTIMS, which is likely to include YOU and your family.  Should this objective not be met, things are only going to escalate, to the point of potential Breakdown of Law and Order, social unrest, and economic collapse affecting EVERYONE , as Good people, working in the Courts, Police and other law enforcement agencies, will be tarred with the same brush, as those serving a criminal cartel. Www.ScamBuster.TV is the only voice out there, focusing the light, on Court Order Scams, the BIGGEST CRIME SINCE THE HOLOCAUST. Programmes like Can't pay we'll take it away, NEVER validate the Court Orders, nor will the big press even mention falsified (bogus) Court Proceedings, proving a mainstream cover-up of a pandemic. In 2015, 37,000 people lost their homes, and it is estimated, that up to 20,000 could have been Criminal Raids, ASSISTED BY THE POLICE. Nearly all these victims, end up costing the taxpayer and the state, in the form of Housing and other Benefits, aside from being personal tragedies. The WRONGDOERS get unjust enrichment. We the people have put these public servants in their Positions and are paying them. We must not allow them, to commit the offence of ABUSE OF POSITION, AND FRAUD UPON THE COURT, because of OUR failure to hold them to account.   SUCCESSES TO DATE:-  Grant Thornton Arrest  UK Bankers Jailed  HBOS  Illegal Clampers Arrested Solicitors Charged in Mortgage Fraud  Court Staff Sacked Over False Warrants Honest Police quit to refuse Corruption Police admit false Court Proceedings  HBOS Scammers Jailed by Paul and Nikki Turner  THE PRESS AND MEDIA- Many thanks to the Sunday Times and The Times for following us over the last year, and to publish the Scot Young Case. And to the Financial Times (Money Marketing), for publishing this Petition. We have achieved some magnificent results, but there is a tremendous amount remaining to finish the work. If you have been a victim, or want to support the movement, through financial or other methods, or members of the press contact www.ScamBuster.TV and we shall make arrangements. Sign and Share on Facebook, Twitter, Email etc and word of mouth.                                         Thanks for participating. STATEMENT OF TRUTH under the Motu Proprio Exodous 20 :16 By: Sovereign ©Anthony of the family: Badaloo. Authorised Agent and Representative for ANTHONY BADALOO™ All Rights Reserved

Anthony Badaloo
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Petition to DFDS , DFDS Esbjerg, DFDS Group, DFDS Media Contacts, Stena , Regina Line

Reopen the Harwich to Esbjerg ferry Crossing

We Must Bring This Route Back..... And Soon!  In September 2014, a very special route from the UK to Scandinavia closed down. This route was the last ever route from the UK to Denmark and the last route to Scandinavia. Now we are left with the long drive via Dover/Newcastle or an even longer journey for foot passengers who used to use the route. The DFDS Dover to Calais/Dunkirk service do not allow foot passengers, therefore we are forced to go via Newcastle or seek a space onboard one of DFDS' freight vessels to Gothenburg or Brevik. 'To Travel is to live' - Hans Cristian Andersen  The famous Danish author once said 'To Travel Is To Live' meaning that you can only live once you have travelled. Now the historical route that began during Hans' time has been lost due to various excuses that amount to nothing in the grand scheme of ferry travel in the United Kingdom, and abroad.  Excuses include EU sulphur rules, where insignificant when a vessel has been fitted with scrubbers like the Sirena Seaways after it left the route. Other excuses range from passenger numbers, to duty free rules, which all have been proven to be workable.  I am very proud of where this petition has gone, and as of 11/3/16 we have our first endorsement from the Harwich MP, and we hope to increase our supporter count because of this. We have also been subject to various news articles.  RHEG is very proud to be the biggest online community who want this ferry back, and we will continue to champion this case until we get our ferry back! If you have any questions or queries please contact me at or visit our Facebook group.  Thanks for signing, and I hope you can soon enjoy a relaxing crossing to Denmark.  George JOIN OUR ONLINE COMMUNITY:

George Moore
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