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Petition to Walmart, Doug McMillon, Greg Foran, Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Amazon, Brenda Lawrence, Rob Walton, DHL supply Chain, mills Fleet and Farm, osha

Review and remove all red flags in the system at Walmart

I was wrongfully terminated and falsely accused of watching inappropriate material on my iPhone when I never did. I was a victim of invasion of my privacy and I was spyed on which these are against Wisconsin state law. Store manager Ben Faust of store number 1277 in Black River Falls Wisconsin investigated me without having any physical evidence and proof and he never letted me have a chance to tell my side of the story and what he’d do before I could even get a chance to tell him I didn’t watch anything on my phone he’d call me a liar. I also believe that I was discriminated cause overnights Maintance associate Malhon Hanson was investigated for watching inappropriate material on his phone and he admitted to doing it and showing all his coworkers what he was watching and he never got red flag , no coaching done to him, and he never got fired. My phone back in 2014-2015 was on mute (no sound) and I was leaning over my phone and I never showed any of my coworkers what I was doing on my phone. Jeffery Olson (TLE) said he seen Angie Reqoist looking over my shoulder without my permission and she practically leaned over me without me noticing her. Lucy Anderson (Lawn and Garden) told me that my firing was preplaned by ZMS Missy Smothers back in November 2014 before I was even wrongfully coached and investigated with the three lying witnesses. Store manager Shawn who replaced Ben Faust said he wouldn’t had red flag me and it isn’t an act of misconduct, store manager Joe of Walmart in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin said what I was red flag and fired for was not an act of misconduct and he’d be happy to rehire me back to Walmart if I was red flag. My demands: . Reinstatement of my job as a ten year associate and offer other wrongfully terminated associates their job as well . Back pay with a severance package  . An apology from Walmart  . Walmart hires an associate advocate  . My discount card given back to me . My supervisor and assistant manager test back as active so I can apply for those positions  . I get to choose what Walmart location I will work at.  . Investigation will be done on Ben Faust for abuse of power and one will be done on the click group called the fabulous five for corruption of store 1277 . I will be an advocate for any Walmart associates to talk to about how Wrongfull termination affects anyone and how to overcome it . My starting pay to be at $10.55 an hour  . I will not be having to do pathways 

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Petition to City of Newnan, Newnan Police Department, Keith Brady

NEWNAN: Do not host the National Socialist Movement's rally

Newnan, Georgia has agreed to allow the National Socialist movement to meet and rally in Greenville Park on April 21st. The National Socialist Movement is a neo-nazi organization. By allowing their rally in Newnan, the city is showing complacency in the bigotry and hate crimes committed by white supremacists. Newnan should be a welcoming place for all races of people. We live in a society already plagued by social injustices, terrorism, and hatred. Why allow that in our city? Why accept that sort of behavior?  Together we have to make sure Newnan is a safe and accepting place. Hosting a white nationalist group is toxic for everyone involved. We cannot be the city that allows hatred and discrimination, especially when roughly 47% of the population is nonwhite. Allowing the NSM into Newnan shows that people of color are not welcome. By not allowing the NSM and other extremist groups to organize, the city shows that that sort of thought process will not be tolerated and does not represent our community as a whole. Having the rally will only make Newnan seem unwelcoming and hateful with the implied support of neo-nazism. The NSM will be the representation of our town on April 21st. We cannot stand idly by while a hate group holds a demonstration. This rally affects all of us as the events in a city are typically tied to the people who live there. We are not neo-nazis, nor will we allow neo-nazis to gather here. In addition to signing this petition, I urge you to gather friends and family in support of a counter-protest in any way possible to stand against white supremacy and support Downtown Newnan businesses as small stores close in relation to the protest occurring.  

Rachel Cox
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Petition to Loudoun County Public School Board

Stop Student Discrimination in Loudoun County Public Schools

We want the Loudoun County Public School Board to allow English Language Learner (ELL) Students who have not reached 22 years of age on or before August 1 of the school year to be allowed to complete their high-school education at their home school, just as in Fairfax County. This can easily be accomplished by amending policies 8-12 and 8-13 to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by Virginia State Law. ******************************************** BACKGROUND The photo above is Liliana Bran, a 19-year-old student at Broad Run High School, who works her second job pulling duties in the stock room at Chipotle Mexican Grill in Ashburn. (photo courtesy of: Douglas Graham/Loudoun Now) Before the start of the 2017/2018 school year, an arbitrary decision was made to change the interpretation of enrollment policy to immediately revoke the promises made to Liliana and other students that were on a path to graduate from their home schools. This change is forcing Liliana and her peers to make an almost impossible choice: to either complete their primary education via an alternative GED program - or continue to work a job they need to put food on the table. ******************************************** NO STUDENT SHOULD HAVE TO MAKE THAT CHOICE You may think that 19 seems a little old for a high-school student, but it is not unusual for ELL students to need more time to fulfill their high school graduation requirements. Imagine for a moment what it would be like to try to complete high school classes while simultaneously learning a new language - in addition to working multiple jobs to survive! To help ensure the best possible outcomes for these students, Virginia Law (Code 22.1-5, D.) explicitly states that: School boards may accept and provide programs for students for whom English is a second language who entered school in Virginia for the first time after reaching their twelfth birthday, and who have not reached 22 years of age on or before August 1 of the school year. Fairfax County Public School's enrollment policy takes full advantage of Virginia Law to explicitly state that ELL students who are over age 22: "...may apply to complete their educational programs at their local high schools on a nontuition basis." BUT - Loudoun County Public School's existing enrollment policy is far more restrictive than Virginia law allows - forcing out ELL students who are over the age of 20 if they need more than eight credits to earn their diploma. There are only a few options available to students who are forced out of school, and the evidence shows that these alternative programs are NOT the answer: High school graduates earn, on average, about $1,600 a month more than those with a GED (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012). Less than 5% of those with a GED receive a bachelor’s degree, compared to the 33% of those with diplomas that do (U.S. Census Bureau). 77% of GED holders do not continue past the first semester of college (American Council of Education study). The military limits the number of accepted and requires higher scores on the aptitude test for GED holders because the military service dropout rates for GED holders is 45% compared to 24% for high school graduates. ******************************************** WHY IT MATTERS Liliana's story is a familiar one. It’s the story of my legal immigrant parents that were discriminated against as they were trying to become fluent English speakers while working multiple jobs to create a better future for their children. It’s the story of your parents, grandparents, or other relatives not too far down your family’s tree. It is not a happy story - but we have the chance to tell a better one in Loudoun. As Cofounder and CEO of ProJet Aviation, I’ve seen first hand the valuable contributions of ELL workers. The health of our business community and our local economy depends on their efforts. ELL students who receive their high school diploma from their home school are better prepared to enter the workforce - and we are happy to have them join our team! ProJet has taken the lead on creating educational opportunities for young students in our community since we moved our base to Leesburg Executive Airport in 2010. We have developed and sponsored the annual Aviation Education and Career Expo, which has provided over $240k in scholarships for Loudoun students alone. ProJet also sponsors job fairs, fundraisers, and other community events that create opportunities for all Loudoun youth – regardless of their color, gender, or English fluency. The current interpretation of the high school enrollment policy sends a message to all Loudoun youth that it is ok to treat some students differently because they are less privileged than others. It tells the rest of the world that Loudoun is a place where discrimination is alive and well; where we are more restrictive than Virginia law to the detriment of our community. THIS IS THE WRONG MESSAGE FOR OUR COUNTY'S FUTURE - BUT WE HAVE A CHANCE TO FIX IT. PLEASE TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION to protect the future of these students and our community! ******************************************** Here's what you can do: Sign the petition below. Email the Loudoun County School Board to voice your concern at: Read more about Liliana and other ELL students in this article by Danielle Nadler - and please share the article and this petition with your friends who are Loudoun County residents!

Shye Gilad
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