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Petition to Tim Knopp, Greg Walden, Kate Brown, Donald Trump, Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley

PLEASE Help the fight to get Christopher and Hunter back to their parents!

Imagine having your newborn baby taken away from you because of a falsely reported phone call to Child Protective Services and what that would feel like. And now imagine that they will not give your child back to you, despite years of jumping through hoops to prove that you are a worthy parent, with no evidence to the contrary. As a mother of two children, I can’t imagine a more terrifying world to live in...and yet, I’ve seen it happen to someone else. I’m here to share that story with you. Before going into the story, it seems fair to briefly tell you about who I am. Besides being a mother of two wonderful grown children, I am a doctoral student with an M.S. NDR (negotiation and dispute resolution), a B.S. in social science/psychology and an associate degree in criminal justice. I have over 20 years of volunteering in non-profit organizations and currently, I work as a Professional Mediator and Life Coach ( I only share this because it helps to know that my education level and field of study qualify me to make these assessments and hopefully brings credibility to the story. I have been volunteering my time with a family as their life coach/mentor. I met them in May 2016 when I was volunteering at the Department of Human Services (DHS) Child Protective Services (CPS) in Bend, Oregon. My position was to monitor parent visitations for families that had their children in the State of Oregon’s custody. I met Amy and Eric when I was the case worker required to observe them during home visits with their nearly 3-year-old son, Christopher, every Friday. Each visit was for three hours, which provided a lot of interaction for me to observe and document. I quickly discovered that this family had no problem at all taking care of their son. They showed loving attention, were attentive to his needs, and at this point had been fighting faithfully in court for almost three years to prove to CPS that they were capable and loving parents. For those of you doing the math, yes,  Christopher was removed from them when he was only days old. In my professional opinion, after multiple sessions observing Amy and Eric interact with their son for hours on end, I found no reason they should have had their child taken from them and placed in the State’s care. Any reasonably trained and educated CPS worker should have arrived at the same conclusion, as I documented in the session notes of every visit. The couple demonstrated competent parenting skills with Christopher, had no history of abuse or neglect, and expressed a deep desire to have Christopher returned to them to raise him along with the mother’s twin boys. I would also add that it was apparent from their body language and how they treated each other that the couple was in love, and while that is not a requirement to be a parent, it’s a big bonus for a child.  So why was a newborn baby taken away from his mother and father? As the caseworker assigned to the family, I learned their story… Seven days after losing her own mother, Amy Fabbrini (the mother in this story) gave birth to Christopher at home. She was unaware that she was pregnant. Amy suffers from kidney issues (which she says is a genetic thing passed down from her family), causing intense pain at times. She had associated the symptoms of pregnancy with the disorder. After helping with a surprise delivery of his new baby boy, Eric (the father), immediately called 911 and had mother and baby brought to the hospital. Both were in shock of this and were understandably probably affected by this traumatic event. Amy had been living with her parents and her two twin boys after a divorce with the father of the twins. After losing her mother to Alzheimer’s and the surprise addition of a new child, Amy told her father of this event; to hear him tell her that she may not bring the infant back to his home. She was forced to make the decision to move with her twin boys in with her newborn child’s father, Eric. What happens next is what I believe to be a traumatic panic, her grieving father, dealing with the recent death of his wife and now losing the companionship of Amy and the twin boys, called CPS and falsely reported neglect, after he had already known about a falsely reported call from Eric's roommate (after an argument that they had). It sounds confusing but this is the mess the couple was in days after the infant had arrived, without having a chance to settle in as a new family, get adjusted to the idea of a new baby, or get the house ready for such an event, they were dealing with negativity - rather than excitement of a precious little baby boy. Sadly, CPS took infant Christopher, and he has been in foster care ever since. At the time that they took the infant, they also took Amy's twin boys and gave them to her ex-husband who had not really been involved with the boys much. Amy lost all three of her boys within a week after her loss of her mother to Alzheimer's. She was not given grievance counseling or condolences to this day from CPS. Additionally, the parents have complied with all of CPS’s requests from the beginning. There was no abuse. There was no neglect. There was no alcohol or drug use. CPS has simply claimed that they are “retarded” (yes, that was actually the term used by a CPS worker) and that they do not have the intelligence to raise a child. When I questioned this supervisor assigned to the case, he replied with derogatory remarks about the father and mother. I asked why the couple had not been given their child back. His reply shocked me. He said, “Eric is retarded, fat and lazy - he doesn't even brush his teeth. There is no way that I am allowing them to have Christopher.” The way that this supervisor spoke about the parents was anything but professional. It was then that I realized that this couple had been up against a powerful agency that seemed to have little or no accountability. After I had spent almost three months observing this family and reporting weekly on my observations, we learned that none of the reports I had submitted to CPS were given to the court or the attorneys representing each parent. Eric continually asked his attorney to get copies of the reports that I had submitted. After no reports were produced by CPS, Eric’s attorney asked me if I would be willing to testify in court regarding my observations of the visits. I agreed. While on vacation in California, I testified telephonically in court on behalf of Eric and Amy to report my observations that were in the reports which could not be obtained from CPS by either attorney. I reported the interactions that I observed between Eric, Amy and their son, Christopher. I told the judge that I did not understand why CPS had not returned this now almost 3-year-old child back to his parents.  Just a few days after I testified in court, I was notified from CPS that they “no longer needed my volunteer help” because they “had recently hired someone for the position.” I was asked to come in and return my key to the building along with all equipment that CPS had given me to use while I was in an observational role. When I got back from my vacation, I met with the supervisor and turned everything in. During that meeting, I asked for clarification as to why I was being released [just days after my testimony] from a “volunteer position,” and why I was being treated so differently by him that afternoon. He only replied with “we have a new hire for your position,” and then said, “I will need to walk you to the door; you now have no clearance to walk freely.” As I walked to the door (which was approximately a football field away in distance), he walked behind me. The feeling from him was cold as if I did something criminal. His demeanor was completely opposite of how he used to conduct himself in my presence. Prior to the testimony, I gave in court, the supervisors would tell me how thankful they were to have me and my expertise. I decided to continue to work with the family as a life coach and mentor, volunteering my time to help them get their son back. Their case with Christopher is currently back in the county courts, after going to the appellate courts and the supreme courts of Oregon. CPS has moved toward adoption, permanently removing the child from them and terminating their rights as parents. Eric has a normal high school diploma and tested in the middle of his class. Amy also has a normal high school diploma. The two of them have newer vehicles, a three-bedroom, two-bath house and live in Redmond, Oregon. Recently, Amy gave birth to another healthy boy, named Hunter. Even though this new baby is viewed as a “new case,” CPS came into the hospital and took Hunter from his parents. They did not do any investigation to see if this child was at risk. They simply took him. When the worker arrived, he was not even prepared to take the newborn infant. He had to ask the hospital for diapers, wipes, blankets, an outfit, formula and did not once ask the nurses about the care of the infant with the parents. I had spent hours with the family in the hospital, and they kept hourly records of their child (e.g., when he nursed, when he wet the diaper when he had a bowel movement, etc.). They were very caring, attentive, happy, and in love with their new baby boy. The night before CPS came to take the child, they informed me that they were coming to take the infant. I offered my home to CPS for the child, and that I would provide 24/7 observation with the family in my home, and that I would work from home to give this mother a chance to bond while CPS did their “investigation.” They refused. The next morning, I emailed the case worker peer-reviewed journal articles explaining the neuroscience regarding the trauma that occurs to an infant when it is taken from his mother, and how the first several weeks are a very crucial time for nutrition (from breast milk), bonding and attachment development. He emailed me back with, “Can I call you?” However, he never called. He came that day at 2:00 pm and took the infant. In court the next Tuesday we pleaded to have the child returned to me as a caregiver so that Amy could nurse and bond with the infant. The judge agreed to have CPS perform a background on me and encouraged the infant to return to the mother with 24/7 monitoring until CPS was done with their investigation. To this day, they still have not performed a background check on me. I have sent probably 20 emails. We are now asking for an expedited court date and want to expose this case. It is criminal and inhumane what CPS is doing. If you have any ideas; (i.e. contacts for news stories, lawyers, or other organizations that you feel you can connect me to; I would be most appreciative. Please send all inquiries to See updates on news coverage and up to date info and news investigations Thank you so much for your support!!!

Sherrene Hagenbach
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Petition to Walmart, Doug McMillon, Greg Foran, Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Amazon, Brenda Lawrence, Rob Walton

Review and remove all red flags in the system at Walmart

I was wrongfully terminated and falsely accused of watching inappropriate material on my iPhone when I never did. I was a victim of invasion of my privacy and I was spyed on which these are against Wisconsin state law. Store manager Ben Faust of store number 1277 in Black River Falls Wisconsin investigated me without having any physical evidence and proof and he never letted me have a chance to tell my side of the story and what he’d do before I could even get a chance to tell him I didn’t watch anything on my phone he’d call me a liar. I also believe that I was discriminated cause overnights Maintance associate Malhon Hanson was investigated for watching inappropriate material on his phone and he admitted to doing it and showing all his coworkers what he was watching and he never got red flag , no coaching done to him, and he never got fired. My phone back in 2014-2015 was on mute (no sound) and I was leaning over my phone and I never showed any of my coworkers what I was doing on my phone. Jeffery Olson (TLE) said he seen Angie Reqoist looking over my shoulder without my permission and she practically leaned over me without me noticing her. Lucy Anderson (Lawn and Garden) told me that my firing was preplaned by ZMS Missy Smothers back in November 2014 before I was even wrongfully coached and investigated with the three lying witnesses. Store manager Shawn who replaced Ben Faust said he wouldn’t had red flag me and it isn’t an act of misconduct, store manager Joe of Walmart in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin said what I was red flag and fired for was not an act of misconduct and he’d be happy to rehire me back to Walmart if I was red flag. My demands: . Reinstatement of my job as a ten year associate and offer other wrongfully terminated associates their job as well . Back pay with a severance package  . An apology from Walmart  . Walmart hires an associate advocate  . My discount card given back to me . My supervisor and assistant manager test back as active so I can apply for those positions  . I get to choose what Walmart location I will work at.  . Investigation will be done on Ben Faust for abuse of power and one will be done on the click group called the fabulous five for corruption of store 1277 . I will be an advocate for any Walmart associates to talk to about how Wrongfull termination affects anyone and how to overcome it . My starting pay to be at $10.55 an hour  . I will not be having to do pathways 

LaVon Eliason
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Petition to Dr. Geert ten Dam, Dr. Jet Bussemaker, Mr. Ard van der Steur, Mr. Mark Rutte

Justice for Emily

-Important--------------------------------------------- The text below​ ​and​ ​the​ petition ​title​ ​above​ ​are​ ​the​ ​aftermath​ ​of​ ​the​ ​University​ ​of​ ​Amsterdam's​ ​petition tampering.​ ​To​ ​read​ ​our​ ​petition,​ ​please​ ​go​ ​to​ ​the​ ​link​,​ ​and​ ​please sign​ ​only​ ​after​ ​you​ ​have​ ​read​ ​and​ ​agreed​ ​with​ ​our​ ​original​ ​petition.​ ​Of​ ​course,​ ​you​ ​are welcome​ ​to​ ​read​ ​the​ ​tampered​ ​version,​ ​however,​ ​please​ ​note​ ​that​ ​the​ ​statement​ ​below is the university president Geert ten Dam's version of the story and does​ ​not​ accurately​ ​reflect​ ​the​ ​cause​ ​we​ ​have​ ​initiated​ ​and​ ​have​ ​been​ ​supporting. Likewise, the​ grammatical​ ​errors​ ​and​ ​the​ ​incoherent​ ​prose​ ​are​ ​part​ ​of​ ​the​ ​aftermath of the tampering,​ ​and hence​, ​do not​ ​reflect​ ​our​ intelligence ​or​ ​literacy​ ​level.​ ​Please​ ​be​ ​assured​ ​that​ ​the​ ​link​ ​to​ ​our​ ​original petition​ ​is​ ​included​ ​in​ ​the​ ​petition​ ​letter,​ ​and​ ​therefore,​ ​the​ ​recipients of this petition ​​will​ ​receive our​ ​original​ ​petition.​ ​Also,​ ​if​ ​you​ ​condemn​ ​the​ ​University​ ​of​ ​Amsterdam’s​ ​petition tampering,​ ​there​ ​is​ ​a​ ​bonus​ ​petition​ ​to​ ​demand​ ​the​ ​university​ ​stop​ ​petition​ ​tampering.​ ​Thank​ ​you. -----------------------------------------------------------     Disclaimer: This petition is about alleged psychological/verbal abuse of and discrimination against a rape survivor. It is not accusing the University of Amsterdam or its staff of rape or sexual abuse.   Highlights: A rape survivor alleged encounters abuse and discrimination The university dismisses all of her complaints  Soon afterward, the same professor impersonates the dean and sends a letter to the student forbidding her from conducting her graduation fieldwork project While she is appealing against the decision, the university invalidates all of her earned academic credits, stating she has made no progress in her graduation project Without her academic credits, she will lose her student visa and has to leave the Netherlands. Therefore, the university can circumvent the accusations altogether. Imagine you send your daughter to study abroad. One year later, she comes back with rape trauma without a Master’s degree. After spending three years overcoming her ordeal, she goes back to school to complete her studies. However, her past is held against her.  This is what has been happening to Emily (pseudonym). She is a Master’s student at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Five years ago, Emily had to give up her studies and leave the country due to rape trauma. In September 2014, she went back to Amsterdam to complete her degree. She decided not to let rape define her or dictate her future. She started the semester just like other students and did not ask for any special consideration. She did not share her past with her classmates in order to have a normal student life. Emily was happy to be back and continued working hard to successfully complete her studies. However, in October 2014, the director of her program (the only person who knew her from the previous time five years ago), approached her in class and made impudent and condescending comments about Emily’s private matters and health in front of her classmates. A few days later, Emily’s thesis supervisor informed her that the director had excluded her from a project because of “a concern for her wellbeing,” and she had to choose another one from other available projects. Emily felt utterly violated; she was not expecting a stranger to bring up her private matters, let alone tell her what she was allowed to do or not allowed to do based on her personal painful past that she had never consented to sharing. Her supervisor stated “I fully sympathise [with] you feeling you’re not treated like other students and feeling offended by that. At the same time, however, I also understand that what has happened has not only shaped you, but also UvA staff and that they do give [sic, recte: take] previous times into account.” Emily was never informed of any conditionalities when she was re-accepted into the Master’s program. The following week, the director of the program informed Emily that she was now allowed to participate in the project she was initially excluded from since budgetary issues were resolved. Now there was an additional position available. Realizing that her private information was not only inappropriately used, but also was exploited as a pretext for budgetary issues, she emailed her supervisor. She confirmed that the issue was indeed an administrative matter, stating “'using your rape experience against you for the sake of money' is not an accurate description of the decisions initially taken. Monetary issues played their part, but only b/c, in principle, the project had space for only two students. I.e. a decision had to be taken considering three students were interested.” After the series of events: 1. being publicly humiliated, 2. having her trauma exploited, and 3. being completely stripped of dignity and personal autonomy, Emily felt as though she was raped all over again. She filed complaints for harassment, privacy violations and discrimination. She specifically stated that she had never consented to disclosing her confidential information, let alone having it assessed or used for arbitrary and unilateral decisions by faculty members who had no medical qualifications. She requested that the university rectify the issues and ensure her that it would never happen again. In response to Emily’s complaints, the director relentlessly brought up Emily’s untruthful “mental problems” and undermined her credibility. The director claimed that Emily’s professors and classmates had reported that she had been “easily emotionally agitated” and expressed their concerns about her mental well-being at the beginning of the semester. The director used this story to justify her action in class. She claimed that she was not aware of the details of Emily’s private information, and therefore, was not capable of violating her privacy. She also claimed that there had never been a decision to exclude Emily from the project. Emily’s supervisor likewise testified that she had never told Emily that she had been excluded, and denied there had ever been such a decision. The University of Amsterdam officially supported all of the director’s claims and dismissed all of Emily’s complaints. Emily did not know what to believe after being told that her professors and classmates, behind her back, had reported her “mental problems”, which she herself had absolutely not been aware of. Moreover, Emily’s another professor, who had nothing to do with the complaints, showed up at the hearing in support of the director, thereby taking a stance against Emily, despite repeated pleas from Emily that the university handle the complaints confidentially and with sensitivity. Emily was also very puzzled by her supervisor’s testimony, especially since she had always shown sympathy for Emily’s trouble with the director. Furthermore, when Emily expressed her concern about her complaints putting her supervisor in a difficult position at the university, she responded “I would have no problems whatsoever.” Because Emily fully trusted her honesty, she believed this must have been some kind of mistake, and decided to ask her about the testimony. Her supervisor refused to explain and dismissed Emily from her supervision. After that series of events, Emily felt as though everyone was against her, and nobody would believe anything she would say. She felt completely isolated, powerless, worthless and hopeless. When she finally talked with her classmates in June 2015, they were completely shocked and assured her that they had never reported anything about her to the director. They had not noticed anything unusual about Emily, and besides, they would not have bothered to report anything to the director even if a new classmate had come off as different. They were never informed of or consented to their “testimony” which they had never provided. They also agreed that it would have been impossible for professors to pay attention to and observe one particular student among more than 30 students and determine her emotional state during the first few lectures. They signed to confirm that they had never reported anything about Emily, and also wrote supporting letters describing her with words such as: conscientious, hardworking, friendly, passionate, responsible and kind, and called her someone with integrity, diligence, respect, intelligence and empathy, and strongly asserted that the university’s claims had inconsistencies.   In July 2015, Emily received a letter from the dean of graduate school, informing her that she was not allowed to conduct any fieldwork project out of “a concern for her well-being”. She lodged an appeal against this decision. In response, the dean apologized for her feelings and misunderstandings, but denied any wrongful acts or discrimination. When she inquired about the letter, he informally admitted that the letter had actually been written by the director while he was on vacation, and therefore, he had not even read or approved the letter. When Emily asked him why he would not formally state so and why the director was not held accountable, he explained that it would affect his secretary because she helped the director send the letter. Emily has been contending that the dean’s explanations and excuses for “his decision” are pointless and nonsense especially since he is merely a scapegoat who has been cluelessly held responsible for the director’s actions. He is not capable of explaining “his decision” because he never made the decision to begin with. Emily is continuing to demand the issues be rectified based on the whole truth, with integrity, accountability and transparency. In September 2016, the university invalidated all of Emily’s earned academic credits stating that she made no academic progress in the past year. Emily could not make academic progress because the director forbade her from progressing. Furthermore, she was in the process of appealing against the decision, which has been taking significant amount of time and is still ongoing because the dean has been talking nonsense and refusing to provide the whole truth. Without her academic credits, she will lose her student visa, and will have to leave the country. In our opinion, this is whistleblower retaliation, which enables the university to remove her from the country and get rid of the accusations altogether. During the whole ordeal, Emily has been obliged to continue paying her tuition fees (14700 euros per year) even though she has been denied the education that she has been paying for. On the other hand, the university staff has been continuing with their lives and work without consequences, as if Emily does not exist. As Emily’s friends, we find the whole situation outrageous beyond what words can describe. Their actions make a mockery of not only Emily’s courage but also of the whole Dutch education system, whose members work hard to maintain a high standard of institutional diligence and integrity. Moreover, Emily went back to study and focus on topics such as human rights and education. The inhumane attitude and behavior of her professors, whose specializations include education rights, children’s rights and gender equality has been the ultimate betrayal to Emily’s hopes and desires to learn anything from these “experts”. After brutal rape, abuse, discrimination, injustices and retaliation, Emily has been through enough. She overcame horrific trauma she had never wished for. She decided to get her life back by finishing her Master’s degree. She stood up for herself only to ask to be treated like a normal human being. She continues to fight for justice, truth and integrity because that is what she believes in and stands for. She has done nothing to be ashamed of. She deserves justice and the completion of her Master's degree. Therefore, with this petition, we formally request the following.  Requests The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Government of the Netherlands:     Conduct an independent, thorough inquiry into Emily’s original complaints, and hold individuals accountable for their misconduct Immigration and Naturalisation Service, Ministry of Security and Justice of the Netherlands:     Ensure that Emily will not lose her student visa until her graduation The University of Amsterdam:     Retract the invalidation of Emily’s academic credits and exempt her from paying tuition until the ongoing situation is resolved When we saw Emily just before she left for the Netherlands, she was very vibrant and thrilled to finally complete her Master’s degree. We want to see her return with her same happy face with her diploma. Please imagine Emily is you or your loved one. If you are willing to support Emily, please sign this petition. Thank you.    #enoughbsUvA Facebook: Twitter:

Justice for Emily
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Petition to STEPHANIE N ROMER, Senator Dana D. Young, Americans with Disabilities Act, American Disabilities Act, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Deborah A. Kotch, Jimmy Kimmel, shaun white, Ed Helms, < , Marco Rubio, John Rutherford, Charlie Christ, Brad Sherman, Jim Beall, Jim Banks, Anthony Brown, Anthony DeVitis, Jason Lewis, Ruben Kihuen, Carol Shea-Porter, Josh Gottheimer, Thomas Miller, Thomas Massie, Thomas Suozzi, Adriano Espaillat, Claudia Tenney, Ted Budd, Brian Fitzpatrick, Lloyd Smucker, David Kustoff, Jodey Arrington, Pramila Jayapal, Rob Portman, Liz Cheney

Patients Treated as Drug Addicts in Emergency Rooms

Please help me raise awareness and create change by signing this petition about abuse and discrimination in Emergency Rooms across the US, against people with Invisible & Chronic Illnesses, as well as all others. My goal is to have SIGNS put into Emergency Rooms and all Emergency Room staff be educated on INVISIBLE DISABILITIES, such as my condition - Congenital Heart Disease. This mistreatment is due to ER Staff assuming we, as patients are drug addicts, mentally ill, or young and dramatic. This judgement will kill someone one day and I am trying my best to do everything I can to prevent this. The inability to treat each patient as an individual should be the number one priority of every hospital and enforced.  I am 31 years old and am one of the oldest living people in the world with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, which is a very serious form of Complex Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). CHD is the number one birth defect in the US. It is the same condition Jimmy Kimmel's son, Shaun White, Ed Helm's, Danny Gokey's late wife, and millions more were born with. CHDs are very serious heart conditions that require lifelong care and decline as you become an adult and your childhood surgeries don't work anymore. This requires many of us to seek Emergency services frequently. As a result we are seen as drug seekers or labeled overdose patients and treated with extreme disrespect, neglected and even abused. There is no cure for CHD and no fixing it. It is various physical malformations of the heart and is forever. In my case, with HLHS, half of a heart, I will live my entire life this way unless or until I need a heart transplant. Therefore, I am a professional patient, meaning I have grown up in hospitals and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly from hospital staff to criminals to patients. But nothing has been as bad as it is now. I have been a CHD advocate for 10 years. Although most of my advocacy work is behind the scenes, I also make YouTube videos, write blogs, speak to parents, doctors, and survivors, and lead a large Facebook community. I am also working on publishing my first book and beginning a podcast. During my advocacy work I discovered a disturbing commonality among many of us living with various Invisible & Chronic Illnesses. That is, the prevalence of abuse and neglect in the ER and hospitals.This is potentially lethal discrimination against patients with invisible & chronic illnesses. This mistreatment permeates the disabled community. My call to action is to sign this petition to get the attention of someone in power who can help us FIX this. Someone who will enforce real change. The first time I was ever treated like a drug addict in an emergency room was five years ago in Washington DC. I was 26 years old therefore I was already used to going to the ER for 26 years, being treated with love and care and being sent to the back, admitted for observation, and treated appropriately. However, this stopped happening. I didn't think anything of it until it kept happening on and off as I continued to travel the country. It unfortunately has increasingly gotten worse and is now to a point where many hospital staff assume I am a drug addict because I am young with an invisible illness. Then when I try to defend myself and cry they tell me to stop crying, I am overreacting and having a mental problem, and try to give me Ativan or another drug, which I always refuse. This is disgusting. They are annoyed with all of the drug addicts, yet are the ones who create them. They want to shove drugs down my throat instead of listen to the real problem, which goes against anything they learned in school. Not only does this not make any sense, it is medical negligence in every sense of the word, it's abuse, and it's happening all over the United States to innocent patients like me trying to get better by being smart and going to the ER like our Specialty Doctors tell us to.  My goal is for all Emergency Rooms to understand, enforce and make changes according to the following information: 1) Most of all, to enforce that a SIGN in ALL Emergency Rooms across the US be implemented. Along with this sign should be an educational class, mandatory for ALL Emergency Room staff to take to understand the SEVERITY of Invisible Illness conditions and the PTSD and other mental traumas that come along with being born with an invisible, some terminal, conditions and to treat us with respect and an understanding that WE ARE IN THE ER FOR A REASON. We do NOT want to be there anymore than you want us there. We are NOT drug addicts. 2) Know the seriousness of Invisible & Chronic Illnesses, especially in people below 50. Especially in those with Congenital Heart Disease, the number one birth defect in the US. 3) Understand that we are ALL Professional Patients with extremely fragile and sick bodies who look healthy and know exactly what we are talking about. And we WILL be back. Or, for example, in my most recent situation, we are unable to speak, understand our loved ones also know exactly how serious our condition is and no one is being "dramatic" or "exaggerating." We are terrified because we know the seriousness of our health and you, as Emergency Room staff, are being paid to help us, yet refusing to believe the problem. Also, to Understand people with Invisible Illnesses will be back, maybe frequently, to the ER, and do not deserve to be treated any less humane simply because we have more emergencies due to our illness and are not drug addicts. *Please Sign this petition to get someone in power to pay attention to this urgent problem going on across the US, especially with people with Invisible & Chronic Illnesses getting treated like drug addicts and therefore not getting the proper treatment and/or getting mentally, verbally, and physically abused in the process by hospital staff. I have heard many stories since I posted this as a Facebook post and it is so sad to me how many of us are abused and/or neglected, mistreated, and not believed in Emergency Rooms. All it takes is one death for them to listen, right? WHY? Why does it take people dying for people to listen and create Laws? Who's they? The people who can stop this, create a Law, or an ACT for Emergency Room Staff to be fired if they disregard what a patient tells them about their own health, if they discriminate, and/or voice their opinion regarding the type of person they think a patient is, instead of being focused on saving our lives. I thought it was their job to listen to us and help us with what we tell them is wrong, find out how to help us, and decided whether or not we need to be admitted or not. I do not understand how one doesn't believe someone who has scars from heart and other surgeries, as well as 20+ years of medical documents in our records as a professional patient to back it up. However, we shouldn't have to prove our illness to them. Before this epidemic of drug addicts, this has not been an issue to my knowledge.  Please understand, all it takes is ONE ER staff member to choose their judgement of this epidemic of drug addicts over listening to and investigating the reality of what is happening, to kill someone like me.  We look healthy, yet also have debilitating life threatening illnesses. The problem is magnified if you look too young for their liking to be sick. This is the epitome of discrimination and medical negligence.  This issue needs to be solved and I am asking all hospitals all over the country to take charge and implement signs for us before they have other problems to face once these emergency rooms begin causing permanent damage and killing people like us with extremely fragile bodies.  Although I unfortunately have many personal examples, below is my latest and most severe and terrifying experience of ER staff trying to treat me for an overdose while I was having a stroke. Simply based on an assumption from my boyfriend and I being young.  Keep, in mind, this was after my boyfriend had told them, in detail, my lifelong severe heart condition living with half of a heart (hypoplastic left heart syndrome) as well as a history of TIAs. There is one woman in particular whom every time I come in there she says I am faking something. She has said things to me like, "This isn't McDonalds, you can't have it your way! Leave if you don't like the way I'm treating you and go to a different hospital!" And it was this same woman in the story below. I have only reported her twice now, even though it's happened multiple times, yet they keep her there. I have heard many horrible stories since I posted this on Facebook and people told me what they have went through which is equally as horrible.  It keeps coming down to one thing: We are all treated like drug addicts because we are young and look healthy. Please watch my attached Video and/or read below my latest ER Discrimination Story: What happened to me that prompted me to create this petition.  Last Sunday, I completely lost my ability to speak for 12 hours. All I could do was cry, I forgot how to form words. It was terrifying. I was trying so hard and couldn't understand how to talk, couldn't use my hands or legs, and my whole body was numb and tongue swollen. I was happily just eating an ice cream cone after dinner laughing with my boyfriend on our couch and then bam out of nowhere I had no idea what was happening to me. I wanted to lick my ice cream cone but I didn't know how to move my hand to my mouth anymore and I was thinking really hard trying to figure it out. My boyfriend started asking me questions. This is when I figured out I couldn't talk anymore. My brain was shaking so bad I wanted to tell him I think I'm having a seizure but I couldn't speak or move my face. Then he took me to the ER. I was so scared to go, like every time, because of how horrible ERs treat people and have treated me in the past. Esp young people with invisible illnesses. Even after they see the medical history and after they see the scars. Still, all they see in me is the 20 drug addicts from earlier that day or week who may remind me of them. My boyfriend had to leave for a few minutes to move the car, I couldn't tell him no but I tried. I was scared they were about to do something to me. Then sure enough when he walked away the lady he had told I'm having a stroke to said, "ha yeah right this isn't a stroke this is definitely an overdose" then kept asking me what I took and told me to stop pretending I couldn't speak. She wheeled me into room, the guy said whadda we got?" The lady said "overdose" then walks away. Then these people hold me down as this guy rips my pants and underwear off because they said they needed to do a catheter to test my urine to see what drugs I did since I "won’t tell them". They started taking off all my clothes to do a bunch of drug addict people tests and I started screaming and kicking them off of me until my boyfriend got back to me. They all kept saying it’s a drug overdose and I couldn’t speak to defend myself. If I could speak this would have been a different story. Although even when I can speak many of them don’t believe me. When my boyfriend got back I was bawling my eyes out, shaking, and holding on to him and wouldn’t let them do anything to me. Then once he told them again what happened they all changed to ordering MRIs , etc. And then became really nice to me. And this is how PTSD is created. Them holding me down and that guy ripping my clothes off won’t stop replaying in my mind the whole time I’ve been here ..yay more things to add to therapy as if I don’t have enough. Thanks, ignorant ER people. I don’t care how many drug addicts and overdoses you get a day, this is not my problem or any innocent sick person and is not an excuse to treat an innocent sick person like a liar. We are so tired of hearing "yeah but you don’t understand how many drug addicts come in and lie to us, fake different sicknesses to get drugs, etc" No we actually just don’t care because it is 100% irrelevant and has absolutely nothing to do with us as an individual human being. This is called discrimination and discrimination can kill people. Esp. in this environment, with our medically fragile bodies. It makes us not even want to go to the hospital no matter how sick we are. Therefore, our fear alone of being treated like drug addicts and not being able to handle the stress of going to the ER when we are sick, in itself, could cause severe or permanent damage. This would all be avoided if ER Staff would simply listen to our loved ones and us as we tell them the truth from the beginning. The inability to treat each patient as an individual should be the number one priority of every hospital and enforced.  Please help me raise awareness and find someone in power to help us create a Law, ACT, etc by signing this petition about ER abuse and discrimination against people with Invisible & Chronic Illnesses being mistreated and not believed due to them assuming we are drug addicts, mentally ill, or young and dramatic. This judgement and unprofessional behavior is lethal and could easily kill someone one day. I am trying my best doing everything I can to avoid this happening. I write this in hopes it creates a law and saves someones life. I want to try to save as many lives as I can by creating this petition to ask for someone in power to create a Law, an ACT or something to enforce Hospital Staff to treat each patient as an individual case and end patient discrimination and stereotyping. That alone will literally save people's lives. Thank you so much for your support. Video Message:  Stephanie Romer Educate.Inspire.Heal.      

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