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Be Extra Nice to People Challenge

Three years ago I started this petition, "Be Extra Nice to People" after one day of hearing so many painful stories from people while doing my errands.  I had come across several people in dire, suffering conditions.  Today, July 11, 2018, while at a bus stop near a hospital, there was a man who was slumped over and had just been released but had no money for the bus to get to his home.  I reached in my purse and gave him the extra bus ticket I had.  He was so grateful, I told him "You deserve to have a bus ticket to ride all day long wherever you need to go."  What's amazing, the words I wrote below are still a voice of our current condition and I have repeated to offer you the "Be Extra Nice to People Challenge"  We still have the poor with us, the sick and those suffering from chronic illnesses, people with hurts, pains and exhaustion, sorrow, hardships, losses, broken relationships and more.  In addition there has been an increase in fears, worry and distrust in our political systems from Washington down to our local cities.  There has always been differences in political views, policies and opinions, voting for opposing candidates, but never to the level of vivaciousness, cruelty and intolerance of each other that's happening across our Nation and on social media.  Now, added to this, is the threats and fears of ISIS and Terrorists with murders and bombings in America and around the world.  There is a deep loss of trust and respect for diversity of race, prejudice, backgrounds, politics, and gender differences because of radical religions, social and cultural beliefs. Three years ago God instructed me to challenge people to "Be Extra Nice to People" and start this petition.  Wars do not end wars, Peace and Diplomacy end wars.  Would you sign this petition and accept the Challenge to make efforts to "Be Extra Nice to People" as you drive your cars, meet people at your stores, schools, places of employment, be nice to your family and friends, everywhere you go "Be Extra Nice to People."  Then, follow the same kindness and tolerance on the Internet and social media.  Do not return evil comments with more evil comments.  Do not give vivaciousness any support with more comments of hate and intolerance. Our Nation has suffered a great loss of trust, acceptance and of being One People.  As diversity of race and backgrounds grew in our Country--instead of oneness, many people resorted to hatred and separation--"they are not a part of us."  Those attitudes and beliefs are lies, truly,  "We are One World One People created by the design of One God."  If one person takes the Challenge of courage and commitment to "Be Extra Nice to People," and shares this petition with another person, soon we could have a collective mass being extra kind to our world of diversity.  "Acts of kindness are based on Love and it is the most powerful energy in all the world."  (Love is backed by God).

Dorothy Wellington Ministries
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Petition to Department of Justice, Bill Haslam, United States Department of Health and Human Services, Department of

Help Terminal Abuse Survivor Reunite with Her Child!

I'm a survivor of many years of Domestic Violence. When I left my abuser I went to treatment for PTSD. When I came home he took my son a day before his birthday and basically legally kidnapped him. I fought until I was financially drained. I then found out I had a terminal brain disease and haven't been able to work in a year and half. I just got approved for social security, but I will not receive for months. My husband worked two jobs to get the attorneys we had and we ran out of money to continue fighting. My ex was given custody while he was out on bond for assault against me and will not allow any calls. The abuse hasn't stopped, it's just now through the court room and lawyer. I have been bullied by the attorney. She was unethical. They wouldn't allow my mother or my oldest son to be around him because she testified that she saw bruises on me. My ex has been arrested for stalking me and assault. He has multiple felonies and I haven't ever been arrested or ever on drugs. There have been 4 dcs cases against him and not once was I contacted. The judge wouldn't even listen to me. The guardian never interviewed me. My cries for help were ignored completely. The advocate I worked with said that Wilson county is notorious for letting domestic violence slide. That was definitely the case with Judge Gwinn, the guardian, and DCS. This is how domestic violence plays out in court if the judge allows it. This is why so many women stay. This was my worst nightmare that came true. I'm begging for myself and other women that we demand a judge that is capable of making the best decision for the children involved. I can't sleep at night knowing my child is not safe. Please help.

Adrienne Lovett
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