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Petition to Fowlerville School Board Of Education

Better Non-Discrimination rules and LGBT Bullying in Fowlerville Community Schools

The students in Fowlerville Schools are being discriminated against in the school. The schools are Non-Discriminatory, but an instance in the Fowlerville Junior High School caused a student to get suspended/expelled for walking around with a Rainbow Flag on her back. The student is an LGBT supporter and is bisexual and/or Lesbian. The Fowlerville Junior High School Assistant Principal, Mr. James Fitzgerald, Has Discriminated upon a student Named Bree. the student was walking around the school wearing the LGBT "Pride" Rainbow Flag and was told that it is a distraction and a violation of the school handbook. as she went into the Administration Office of the junior high, the student had told Fitzgerald that he is a "discriminating homophobic". if the school system is Non-Discriminatory, then why let an Assistant Principal Suspend/Expel a student just for walking around with a flag on their back? it is NOT ok! as an Anonymous Person writing this petition, I think this is Discrimination against the students. there are a lot of LGBT students in Fowlerville Schools and discriminating against them for being themselves is just wrong! there needs to me a change with both teachers and assistant principals/principals so there is less discrimination against the students, and there are more supportive adults in the school. I think there should also be LGBT counselors for those who are LGBT students, and the normal Counselors for students who are NOT LGBT. this would make better sense so the students that are not LGBT can still get help without being yelled at, and so the LGBT students can get the help they need mentally and physically as well. the level of discrimination in this school is not acceptable. the school is discriminating students when they say in their handbook they are a NON-DISCRIMINATORY SCHOOL. put yourself in a student's eyes. think about the level of discrimination against you if you were LGBT. how would you feel if you were suspended for being yourself? mad? exactly. the discrimination used by the assistant principal is unacceptable, and against the school handbook. this needs to be solved, and will be solved! in the photo above, it is a photo of the states that protect students against Anti-LGBT students. there are only 16 oth of the 50 states that protect the rights of LGBT students. the remaining 44 states do not have a law regarding this. there must be a rule implemented in the school to protect the LGBT students in Fowlerville Community Schools, and other schools alike!

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Petition to Hermitage High School, Henrico County School Board

Let me walk at graduation!

Hi, My name is Corrine Watts. I'm 18 years old and I grew up in Richmond, VA.I will graduate from Hermitage High School this June and I want to walk with my class. They are stopping me from doing so. See, I have mental illnesses that make it impossible for me to attend school daily such as PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. Therefore, I am put on homebound schooling. At the beginning of the year, they sold me a cap and gown and told me I could graduate. I was put on homebound schooling shortly after. They told me I could still walk until about two months ago.They cite the beginning heading of the homebound paperwork for my school district as the reason I cannot walk. They said the only way I could, would be to come back EVERY. DAY. for a month. They know I cannot do that. They thought I'd surrendered, but this is a once in a lifetime celebration I do not want to miss out on. My family didn't think I would see this day. They want this for me as well. The beginning of the paperwork states the following: "Homebound Instruction shall be made available to students who are confined at home or in a heath care facility for periods that would prevent normal school attendance (8VAC20-131-180). The term “confined at home or in a health care facility” means the student is unable to participate in the normal day-to-day activities typically expected during school attendance;and, absences from home are infrequent, for periods of relatively short duration, or to receive health care treatment. Students receiving fulltime homebound instruction may not work orparticipate in extra-curricular activities, non-academic activities (such as field trips), or community activities."I have spoken to several student mental health representatives and they tell me that graduating is a RIGHT I have!I want to fight for this right! I should not have to be forced to come back to a place I physically cannot be in because of my mental health. All I want to do is walk with my class. Last year, a friend of mine got to walk with the class of 2017 after completing a GED through them as well. That does not seem fair to me. Please sign and share, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity I don't want to miss out on because I am mentally ill! 

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Petition to

Amazon Smile: Bar Openly Anti-Semitic Organizations From Receiving Charity

Amazon Smile is a program started by Amazon to support charity organizations by granting them 0.5% of the cost of purchases made by users.  The program is monitored by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to prevent hate groups from receiving donations.  Amazon has stated that, to prevent bias, it does not intend to interfere with its monitoring process, but will continue to ban the organizations classified by the SPLC as "hate groups". However, it has become increasingly clear that the SPLC is unable to properly carry out its duties.  Organizations such as the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and the Islamic Center of Jersey City (ICJC), and several branches of the Nation of Islam (NI) have all made quite known their attitudes against the Jewish people.  As the consumers of Amazon, we demand that these organizations, as well as organizations which have made similar statements, be barred from participation in the program. In 2009, a United States federal court ruling by Judge Jorge Solis found that there is "ample evidence to establish the association" between ISNA and Hamas, which is classified as a terrorist organization. On December 14, 2017, the imam of the ICJC, Sheikh Aymen Elkasaby, referred to the Jewish people as "apes and pigs" from his pulpit, requesting the help of Allah in "killing them down to the very last one". The NI is recognized as anti-Semitic by both the ADL and the SPLC, the very group responsible for monitoring the groups on Amazon Smile. Amazon Smile was created to promote charitable organizations, and by supporting organizations which have been proven to support terrorism or have vocally promoted the hatred of the Jewish people, we believe it is undermining this goal.  Amazon's spokesperson, asked for comment on the SPLC's bias, refused to confirm that the SPLC was not handling their duties in an unbiased way.  Therefore, in an effort to promote the true charitable motives behind Amazon Smile, call for the following changes: 1. The Islamic Center of Jersey City, Islamic Society of North America, and all affiliates of the Nation of Islam, to be barred from receiving any money from the Amazon Smile program; 2. Amazon to immediately begin barring organizations from participation with Amazon Smile based on the SPLC's list of recognized anti-Semitic organizations as well as their list of "hate groups". 3. Amazon to conduct a review into the bias of the SPLC to ensure that it is exercising powers relating to Amazon Smile in a responsible manner, a review whose results should be made public Please sign this petition to help us expose the aforementioned organizations which are very obviously promoting hatred towards groups of people on the basis of ethnicity and/or religion, and prevent them from receiving charitable donations from Amazon Smile.  

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Petition to Makeup Companies, Almay , L'Oreal, Tarte, YSL , kkw , Colourpop

Fix Lack of Shade Ranges in Makeup Industry

It's time for the makeup industry to rethink it's lack of shade ranges and the issue that plagues it: colorism.  For people of color, finding makeup that matches their color of skin is harder than it should be.  Some makeup brands trick customers into thinking that there are more choices for people of color, while it is just an advertising trick. An example of this is Tarte Cosmetics, a company that made it seem that there was going to diversity in their foundation line, but there only turned out to be 3 darker shades out of 15. Going into stores and discovering that there are only 3 options puts people of color in a place where they can believe that they really are the minority and that the makeup world is just another place where they need to accept much less than they deserve.  According to Cayela Cuevas, a student at University of Florida, "by excluding these shades, they are creating social and financial biases against darker complexions." She also states that "some high-end brands defend their decision to exclude deeper shades because they think there “isn’t a market” in deeper-complexion items."   Makeup is a way for people to express their artistic sides and/or to feel good about themselves and companies are limiting people of color in this field. We believe this is unjust.  Sign this petition to demand that beauty companies increase their shade ranges and include all people of color. 

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