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Petition to General Motors

It’s 2019, demand GM to put an end to racial intimidation in the workplace

Physical threats of violence, racial slurs and intimidation - this isn’t a safe workplace. For African American supervisors and workers at the General Motors (GM) Powertrain plant in Toledo, Ohio, this was their workday - everyday. After 14-months of violent racist threats, an African American supervisor had to leave his job. He and eight other African American current and former employees at the GM Toledo Powertrain plant have filed a lawsuit. They filed the suit after they reported these incidents of racism, and GM did nothing. Tell GM to end their culture of racial intimidation - no one should fear for their life at their job. An atmosphere of violent racial hatred made them fear for their lives. One employee found a noose in their locker with the words ‘whites only’ graffitied. An African American supervisor found gun and ammo magazines on his desk, after he received death threats from white employees. Some of those threats went so far as to threaten assault with factory equipment. In one instance, a white co-worker told his black supervisor that ‘back in the day, a person like [him] would have been buried with a shovel’. He reported the incident and his co-worker even admitted to it, but he was told to push it to the side. The threats only got worse. Send the message to GM, workplaces shouldn’t be places of racial terrorism, put an end to racial intimidation in the workplace. After some of these events, employees filed police reports, others filed complaints with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. The Commission enforces laws against discrimination, and conducted a 9-month long investigation into this GM plant. They found that GM allowed a racially hostile environment to flourish. Toledo Powertrain may not be the only GM plant where this is the norm. Tell GM to create company-wide policies that protect workers from harassment. Those policies could include: diversity training, creating a clear process for complaints, installing cameras, increasing security, or penalizing workers who create an environment of racial hostility. GM shouldn’t be allowing racial hatred and intimidation to go unnoticed. Tell GM to end racial intimidation in the workplace.

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Petition to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Equal Aviation Requirement Rights & Non-Discrimination Disability Act For Commerical Pilot

Nowadays many commercial airline companies have a minimum height requirement and certain medical conditions like heart defects or vascular conditions (which I have) that will prohibit you from becoming a commercial airline pilot. Piloting careers should not be restrictive to body size or health diagnosis. I believe anyone who can get through ground school, flight training and FAA physical examination should be alllowed to become a pilot regardless with minor accommodations (i.e. booster seat, rudder pedal extensions) including hearing accommodations if hearing is more significant in one ear to have accommodated headsets. This excluding anyone with blackouts, syncope or seizures. I feel any pilot who can perform the same duties regardless of body size or health complications deserves a job in commercial airline piloting just as much as someone who already meets these requirements by default. Some people dream of piloting their whole lives but get rejected the chance because of something they can’t control, like their height, despite having the same knowledge and capabilities. If you are not deemed disabled under the disabilities act then you can become a commercial airline pilot. I also believe if one completes FAA commercial piloting requirements they should be required to sign a medical compliance form agreeing to keep current medical insurance, medical treatment compliance and annual medical clearance. A waiver should be signed that you will fly at your own risk. The commercial airline is not responsible for causing any harm or health complication during flight with the exception of airline incidents related to aircraft listed in report incidents. Airline staff should be responsible for seeking medical care in an emergency and pilots should be required to sign consent for medical treatment prior to hiring in that event. I believe one should be medically stable for at least 6 months having no medical crisis or needing inpatient hospitalizations before becoming medically cleared. I also believe all will abide by the same probation period and allotted sick days as everyone else and perform the same tasks accordingly. All commercial airline pilots should be trained and up to date in CPR/AED and first aid training for adult, child and infant. I feel anyone who has a health condition should wear a medical bracelet but that their condition should not limit nor prohibit one from becoming a successful commercial pilot. I feel no pilot should be on any narcotics, barbiturates, drugs, alcohol or under the influence at anytime while on the job and random drug checks should be in place to regulate. I believe there should be no height or weight requirement for pilots. I believe there should be a law in place for Equal Aviation Requirement Rights and a non discrimination disability act. Join me now. Sign this petition if you agree and stand by me in this fight for Equal Aviation Rights regardless of gender, size, height, weight and health diagnosis. No pilot should be left behind.

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Petition to Dale Sleva, Mars Area School District

Change the Mars Area School District Dress Code

Contrary to popular belief, this petition has nothing to do with gender or anything else of that sort. This is about freedom of expression. My voice as a member of the student body hasn't been heard. So now, after witnessing Mr. Sleva dress code two girls for their ripped jeans, I'm starting this petition. We, the students of Mars Area High School, refuse to stand for this ill treatment. Rule 2: This rule is essentially saying that "buttocks" are distracting in a school environment through tight clothing. The fact of the matter is that if someone wants to look at another in that way, they will, regardless of what that person is wearing. It's human nature. This rule also calls attention to the fact that one is wearing tight pants without a long top, prompting more people to look. Rules 3-5: Fingertip length is not an accurate measure for the appropriateness of attire, and should not be used as such. The length of one's arms and/or fingertips greatly impacts what a certain individual can wear, but has nothing to do with the appearance of the item of clothing itself. Not only that, but the length of one's arms and fingers varies from person to person, so what is considered "appropriate" for someone else may not be appropriate for another. Furthermore, the style of shorts that are longer are extremely difficult to find for young women, and many girls do not feel confident in this style of clothing. It is already difficult being a teenager. The last thing we should have to worry about is if our legs are too exposed. Rules 8 and 11: I do not understand the scandal of wearing a tank top with thin straps. There is nothing inherently inappropriate about it. Furthermore, bare shoulders are no cause for being pulled out of class and told to change. Shoulders and thin straps are not inappropriate or disruptive to the school environment in my personal experience as a member of the student body. Never once has anyone in this day and age uttered, "Oh my, I'm so offended by his/her shoulders." Rule 17: I understand the part of this rule that includes visible underwear not being school appropriate. However, I have found one issue with this rule. It states, "Any clothing through which...any type of undergarment can be seen..." From my understanding, this rule includes bra straps. It is no scandal that females must wear bras. They are necessary for comfort. I do not think anyone in this school has been distracted or offended by the sight of a bra strap. They are commonplace, not a dirty secret. Young women shouldn't be taught to be ashamed of something extremely normal such as this. Rule 18: Again, I understand why most of this rule is in place. However, it states that "...satanic symbols and lettering..." Are not permitted. You must take into consideration that individuals of all walks of life go to this school. Religious symbols, such as pentagrams, may be considered "satanic" by the standards of certain people, but they are no different than wearing a cross. Banning these symbols specifically is discriminatory. These symbols in themselves are not evil, but it is the fault of stereotypes and superstition that makes them appear this way. By stating that these symbols are not school appropriate, it is furthering belief in these stereotypes. Our school should teach tolerance through allowing people to be themselves and to proudly bare an important piece of their individuality. I have also noticed some other minor issues, such as spandex not being permitted. Spandex is no different than other tight materials, so the banning of spandex specifically makes no sense. Also, the dress code does not specify the extent of which a bandanna is not permitted, as well as the fact that wearing pants with slashes above the knee is no different than wearing "appropriate" shorts, as long as those slashes are not in inappropriate areas, which is not a difficult thing to specify. Disciplinary Actions: Our education is more important than our outward appearance. It is not worth disrupting our learning just because our shorts are more than one inch above fingertip length. Not just our school dress code, but most school dress codes, could use serious reform. If a student chooses to dress the way they want, that is their choice. The only person who should have the right to interfere are the student's parents until the student has become an adult. The school does have a right to enforce the dress code, but it is also extremely important for us, as teenagers who are learning how to be our own individuals, to have the ability to express ourselves through the way we dress, regardless of what others around us may think or assume. It is all a part of growing up. Although it is important for us to learn respect and to obey reasonable standards, some of these standards could be considered unreasonable in today's society and should be adjusted to fit the needs of the student body. These dress code standards are only pushing students to be ashamed of their bodies and what they believe in. Students should be respected regardless of how they dress. If you, as a teacher, look at a young, impressionable student and think they look provocative, maybe you're the one with the problem. Our education is the most important thing while we're in school, and I'm sure you would agree. So why is it that we should have to miss class because you view our clothes as unacceptable for a list of unfounded reasons? Dress codes are very important in school to maintain order. However, these dress codes should have limits, and right now, our dress code is unfair. I would like to use this petition as a gateway for us, as students, to have a say in the standards that we should have to follow. Edit: It has been recently called to my attention that one girl was dress coded for having ripped leggings under a skirt. She was told to remove the leggings, which shows more skin. Knowing that I could be told to remove leggings from under my skirt makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. I do not feel safe in this school environment. Another student has recalled that once she had to miss an entire science exam because of her ripped jeans. It's hypocritical. The dress code's purpose is to create a "non-disruptive" school environment, and yet, her whole exam was disrupted because of a few little rips in her jeans. Think about it. Which is more important? The articles of clothing that we wear to school are completely normal, regular clothes that all teenagers wear. One could argue that the only reason these clothes are distracting is because they are prohibited in the dress code. We all understand that the role of the dress code is to prepare us for the real world in a workplace that has a dress code. However, T-shirts are not appropriate in most workplaces and we are allowed to wear those. If you want us to prepare for a workplace, make us dress like school is a workplace. Banning random articles of clothing for invalid reasons and irrational belief that they are inappropriate has nothing to do with the real world. It is our right to have the freedom to express ourselves. Sincerely, Your very determined students

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