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Florida Long Term Care Medicaid based on need and not income.

 In the state of Florida if you are on Medicaid including Medicaid Long Term Care you must meet certain income requirements. A person cannot have more than $2,000 in assets or have more than $2,205 in income per month. Medicaid Long Term Care helps persons with special needs provide services that are not provided by traditional health insurance or regular Medicaid, which is known as Medicaid Medical Assistance. Many people on Medicaid Long Term Care can work and want to work, but choose not to as they have no way to afford the care they need to live. It also means that if a person chooses to get married they could jeopardize their benefits as it will no longer be based solely on their income. Persons with disabilities should not have to choose between love and getting the care they need to live. Why should persons with disabilities be subject to marriage inequality. This petition is asking that the income requirements be waived for Medicaid Long Term Care so people with special needs can work, pay taxes, contribute to society, and obtain regular health insurance to get off Medicare or Medicaid Medical Assistance. Medicaid Long Term Care should be based on the person's needs and not force those with special needs to live below poverty to qualify. I do not care whether you are democrat, republican, or any other party affiliation I am asking you to help people that want to live a life just like you and everyone else, but need some extra support to do so. If you disagree with anything I said or propose I would love to hear your suggestions. To learn more check out this recent article I wrote, I might be in a wheelchair, but I don’t just sit on my ass..

Zachary Trautenberg
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Remove the Marriage penalty against couples with Disabilities

People with disabilities may have to do things differently than non disabled people, and may look and act differently, but we are alike in so many ways . We all want to have love and our own families.  We want to experience life and how it feels to fall in love . We want to experience how it feels to love someone who loves us in return. Finding love with someone that understands our medical needs can be challenging at times but not impossible. But a lot people with disabilities depend on financial support from the supplemental security for income and getting married makes things more challenging for people with disabilities because they would lose so much by getting married .Like for a couple who are both disabled and both receive help from one of the government programs, they will receive 25% less income (than two individuals living together or separately) if they get married . There is another problem that both disabled and non disabled couples are fighting to change and that is the fact that people are not always allowed to see their loved ones in the hospital for surgery if we are not legally related to the patient .  If you get married in order to have those rights, if you are also disabled, you could be giving up necessary financial help.  When rules prevent people with disabilities from having normal couple and life relationships, those rules need to be changed. We just want to have the same rights as our other non disabled friends and family. Please take a look at this petition and Please consider signing and sharing this petition . This is a problem that needs to be corrected. We can't do this alone . We need all the support we can get . Thank you

Lara Pfeiler
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Petition to Department of Education

Create a review process for School Boards and/or Charter/Magnet schools

No one should receive a response like I did. On July 29 of this year I received a response that I was declined to go to a charter school because of my IEP. This problem has been resolved yet this still happens. Time and time again, this happens in every state across the United States. The United States constitution states the following, “all men are equal…”. Also, the law IDEA shows that all disabled students should have school choice. In the case of charter/magnet schools this is not the case. Therefore, a rigorous standardized review process should be made nationally. I am not challenging the lottery process, yet, I am challenging the process that always causes students with disabilities to be declined for school choice. I am a 14-year-old with Cerebral Palsy and cannot walk. I am in the most advanced classes offered at my school. Just last year, I got a perfect score on the Florida Civics EOC. I applied to go to one of the best middle schools in my county. Yet, I was declined to go to this school because of my Individualized Education Plan. I am starting this campaign not for myself yet for similar peers that have a disability. I believe that there should be punishments for school districts and/or magnet/charter schools and a review process should be made. Repeatedly, school districts and charter/magnet schools fail to comply with IDEA. Therefore, I call for the Department of Education to create a standardized review process so that every disabled student can have an equal opportunity to the best education possible. Let it be that school choice is not only for the non-disabled yet equal to everyone. Therefore, I ask the Department of Education to create a review process that is rigorous and will give a disabled student school choice. Let it be that school choice is not for the few yet for all students in America.

David Gamez
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Petition to Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Mr. Narendra Modi, Maneka Gandhi, Suresh Prabhu

Implement disabled friendly measures in Indian railways

I've been groped and manhandled three separate times by porters. They were helping me board the train because Indian trains are not wheelchair accessible. I am a disabled woman living in Mumbai who loves to travel. I have had to wear a diaper because I couldn’t use the train bathroom. And when I needed to change that diaper, I had no privacy and had to wait for hours for the lights to go off at night The railways treat the disabled as a piece of luggage. This needs to stop! Sign my petition and join me in asking the railway minister and the Prime Minister to implement disabled friendly measures in Indian railways. According to The Disability Rights bill, there need to be facilities available for those with disabilities. The Railway Ministry has been talking of making trains disabled friendly but in reality, we are still humiliated every single time because of poor implementation. My fight is to ensure human dignity for the disabled. I am asking the authorities for some basic things everyone takes for granted- Accessible bathrooms with proper space inside the bathroom, clean and higher toilets, low sinks so we can easily wash our hands.  Accessible coaches for the disabled in all trains, ideally one for each class. Enough space between berths so it is easy to fit a standard size wheelchair between the berths and we can shift onto our seats when needed.  Curtains around the berths for when we need to change. Often, I've needed to change my clothes and the berths are too small for me to role around to change my clothes, as well as have no privacy. Proper infrastructure to cross railroads if needed to change platforms. Beside these infrastructure related demands, I also want an attitudinal shift in the way the disabled are treated: Sensitise people to let those with disabilities board first as the general public normally does not care about our well being. Everyone is in a rush to get to their seats. Sensitise abled-bodied persons to not board the handicapped compartment, especially in local trains. We often see that in the local train, those who are not disabled will climb in. That isn't fair. Train the drivers and TCs to halt the train till a handicapped passenger has finished boarding, especially for local trains. The local train only stops for two minutes and with all the crowd, it is very difficult to board. I want to sit down with PM Narendra Modi or the Railway Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu and talk to them about the difficulties faced by those whom are disabled. Sign my petition and ask PM Modi and Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu to implement measures to make the Indian railways disabled friendly.

Virali Modi
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