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Petition to Department of Veterans Affairs

Help Veteran with Cancer Caused by Serving our Country Receive VA Benefits

Our family friend, Dan Parks, is a U.S. Navy veteran that fought throat cancer. He was discharged from the military, partially, to end his exposure to ionizing radiation during his work in a weapons and ammunition facility. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is denying his claim for life-saving health benefits – despite letters from the VA’s own doctors stating that Dan’s exposure likely caused his cancer. Dan needs your help to get the VA to change their decision before it’s too late. Dan was stationed at Naval Submarine Base New London, where he worked with ordinance. During his time at the base, he was also exposed to ionized radiation. Fast-forward a few decades later and now Dan is suffering from throat cancer. He now has to plug a hole in his throat to talk; a side effect of the cancer. Dan’s discharge paperwork from the Navy includes a stamp saying he was being discharged, in part, due to the radiation exposure. Multiple doctors with the VA have written letters saying there is a better than even chance that the cancer was caused by Dan’s radiation exposure during his time in the Navy. But the VA has denied his disability claim. The reason? They say there’s no proof he was exposed to radiation in the Navy. As Dan says, “If the VA won’t accept their own doctors, where does a veteran turn?” Dan’s been fighting for benefits for three years. He filed an appeal, but the VA won’t review it for another 18 months. Time is running out. He needs access to life-saving treatment before it’s too late. During this month where we honor our veterans, please sign this petition calling on the VA to accept their own doctors’ assessments and grant Dan Parks needed health benefits due to the radiation exposure he endured while serving our country.

Stacy Philllips
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Petition to Bob Steinburg, Bill Cook, Roy Cooper

"Kendall's Cameras" for NC Special Needs Classrooms

Kendall has autism and was physically and verbally abused, suspended, threatened with criminal prosecution and repeatedly mocked at school. Kendall now suffers from extreme anxiety and panic disorder.  She still suffers nightmares and meltdowns from the trauma she endured. Kendall's experience highlights the need for cameras in our special needs classrooms. Cameras will allow us to monitor over 200,000 special needs children and should be considered a protection for everyone. Kendall's story is not unique.  Some of our most vulnerable children are subjected to cruelties while they are at a place we should expect them to be safe. "Something is very wrong when our children are unsafe at school," said George Miller (D-CA).  We plan to meet with legislators to convince them that  "Kendall's Cameras" are something we need for our schools but we can't do this alone. Please watch our video above and sign this petition in support of not only Kendall but all of our children.  In 1998, the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis estimated that 3 individuals with special needs die every week in US schools and Institutions due to abusive practices like restraint and seclusion. The Hartford Courant, which had requested the study, concluded that the actual toll could be three to ten times higher than estimated. Please check the update section for stories from other families to support our need for classroom cameras. 

Toni Kriss
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Petition to Sherrod Brown, Robert Casey, Charles Schumer, Bill Cassidy, Mike Crapo, Pat Toomey, Rob Portman, DIane Feinstein, Al Franken, U.S. Senate, Kamala Harris

Reform Social Security Disability in America

Social Security’s disability program's been broken for decades. Everyone knows somebody who’s endured this tragedy. I wrote a bipartisan Senate bill to fix the problem called the Eastman Disability Reform Act of 2017—the most substantial disability reform in the history of Social Security. This Act restores the public's trust in the agency and Congress. Between 800,000 and 1.2 million people file disability appeals yearly—over half of them later win, taking up to 3 years. During this time, many of these honest Americans declare bankruptcy and become homeless through no fault of their own.  The rejection of all disability claims is mandated by the agency at a level of 85% (or more) of all applications. This objective's cryptically disguised as the National Agree Rate. The agency has been operating without accountability or impunity for decades and has become morally and financially corrupt. We must improve the access and availability of medical records used for determinations by ensuring they're in a usable file format all applicants can securely access. Sending .TIF files to applicants with encryption software which must be installed on a Windows computer with an optical drive makes it impossible for many to see the records in their agency file. Agency contracted physicians examining claimants will finally see relief from extreme patient caseloads. This will allow for vastly better patient evaluations and less unecessary appeals. Please help a million honest people each year who cannot work and have paid into disability their entire career. We must end the "disability impossibility" so future generations don't assume it's an acceptable part of being disabled in America. Click here to download a summary and full text of the bill. Click here to ask your Senator to support this historic reform bill.

Darren Eastman
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