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Petition to Thomas Bach, Thomas Bach

1 minuto de silêncio para PAZ na abertura das Olimpíadas 2016

***** (Língua portuguesa) ***** A abertura dos Jogos Olímpicos de 2016 no Rio de Janeiro será às 20 horas do dia 5 de agosto. No Japão serão 8 horas da manhã do dia 6. Às 8:15 do dia 6 o povo de Hiroshima fará um Minuto de Silêncio pelas vítimas da bomba atômica que explodiu sobre sua cidade nesse dia e nessa hora, há 71 anos atrás, matando imediatamente milhares de homens, mulheres e crianças. O Prefeito de Hiroshima sugeriu ao Presidente do Comitê Olímpico Internacional um Minuto de Silêncio na abertura dos Jogos - momento em que todos os olhos do mundo estarão voltados para essa solenidade - juntamente com o Minuto de Silêncio em Hiroshima, lembrando todas as vítimas das bombas, dos testes atômicos, dos acidentes nas usinas nucleares, da mineração do urânio e de todos os tipos de violência no mundo de hoje. Ele o fez a pedido dos Hibakusha - sobreviventes de Hiroshima e Nagasaki - e em nome dos 7.000 Prefeitos da Associação Prefeitos pela Paz, que ele preside. Os Jogos Olímpicos foram criados para ajudar na construção da Paz entre os povos.  Pessoas e organizações de todo o mundo querem se associar a esta homenagem, vamos juntos pedir um mundo de PAZ!!! Façamos a nossa parte: inundemos o Comitê Olímpico Internacional com cartas, fax, telegramas e mails apoiando a sugestão do Prefeito de Hiroshima, dirigidos ao: Mr. Thomas BachPresident of International Olympic Committeee-mail ................. pressoffice@olympic.orgfax ...................... 41 21 621 6216mail address ....... Chateau de Vidy, 1007 Lausanne, Switzerland. ***** (English language) ***** The opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will be at 8:00 pm on the 5 th August. In Japan, it will be 8:00 am on the 6th. At 8:15 am on the 6th the people of Hiroshima will observe one minute’s silence in memory of the victims of the atomic bomb that exploded over their city that day and at that time, 71 years ago, killing immediately thousands of men, women and children. The Mayor of Hiroshima has suggested to the President of the International Olympic Committee one minute’s silence at the opening of the Games – a moment when all the world will be focused on this ceremony - along with the Minute’s silence in Hiroshima, remembering all the victims of the bombs, atomic tests, accidents in nuclear power plants, uranium mining and all kinds of violence in the world today. He did it at the request of the Hibakusha – survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - and on be half of 7,000 Mayors of the Mayors for Peace Association, which he chairs. The Olympic Games were created to help in building Peace between peoples. For the first time they take place in a continent without bombs and atomic weapons. People and organizations from all over the world want to be associated with this tribute, let us together ASKING A world of PEACE!!! Let's do our part: let us inundate the International Olympic Committee with letters, faxes, e-mails and telegrams supporting the suggestion of Hiroshima’s Mayor, addressed to: Mr. Thomas BachIOC PresidentE-mail………………….. pressoffice@olympic.orgFax………………………. 41 21 621 6216Mail address……….. Chateau de Vidy, 1007 Lausanne, Switzerland.To be disseminated as much as possible. ***** (Japanese language) ***** 南米は 核兵器を所持しない唯一の大陸である。その南米大陸で初めて開催されるリオのオリンピック開会時刻は8月5日午後8時。 地球の真反対に位置する日本、広島では その同じ時刻 8月6日朝8時、71年前に人類初めて炸裂した原子爆弾被害者供養の式典が行われる。世界が注目するオリンピック開会式の午後 8時15分に 広島の世界平和を永遠に願う1分間の黙祷を共有する事は スポーツを通じて 国境を越えた世界平和維持を掲げるオリンピック精神に共鳴すると考える。 この究極な偶然に 広島、長崎被爆者の世界平和願望を重ね 世界に7000人以上の平和市長参加を誇る 世界平和首長会議会長の松井一實広島市長は インターナシオナルオリンピック委員会会長、及び開催都市、リオデジャネイロ市長宛に オリンピック開会式にて 1分間の黙祷を提案している。次期オリンピック開催国日本、世界で唯一原爆の被害を受けた日本 からの提案である。全世界の核被害者、戦争戦闘被害者を弔い 核の無い、テロの無い平和への祈りを全世界へ発信したい! 我々は 団体、個人を問わず この提案に賛同を呼び掛ける。 時間は無い! 今すぐ 直接IOCに `´リオ オリンピック一分間の黙祷´´  賛同の声を下記の何れかで届けよう!!! 世界から 平和への大きなうねりを インターナシオナルオリンピック委員会会長トーマスバッハ氏に届けよう! Mr. Thomas BachPresident of International Olympic CommitteeE-Mail.............. pressoffice@olympic.orgFax.................. 41 21 621 6216Mail address....Chateau de Vidy,1007. Lausanne, Switzerland. ***** (Spanish language) ***** La apertura de los Juegos Olímpicos de 2016 en Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) será a las 20 horas del día 5 de agosto. En Japón serán las 8 de la mañana del día 6. A las 8:15 del día 6 el pueblo de Hiroshima hará un Minuto de Silencio por las víctimas de la bomba atómica que explotó sobre su ciudad en ese día y en esa hora, hace 71 años, matando inmediatamente miles de mujeres, hombres y niños. El alcalde de Hiroshima sugirió al Presidente del Comité Olímpico Internacional un Minuto de Silencio durante la inauguración de los Juegos - momento en que todos los ojos del mundo estarán mirando esta solemnidad - al mismo tiempo del Minuto de Silencio en Hiroshima, recordando todas las víctimas de las bombas, de las pruebas atómicas, de los accidentes en la plantas nucleares, de minería del uranio y de todo tipo de violencia en el mundo actual. El alcalde de Hiroshima atendió a la petición de los "Hibakusha" - supervivientes de Hiroshima y Nagasaki - y en nombre de los 7.000 alcaldes de la Asociación de Alcaldes por la Paz que él preside. Los Juegos Olímpicos fueron creados para ayudar a la construcción de la Paz entre los pueblos. Por primera vez estos juegos se celebran en un continente sin bombas y armas atómicas. Personas y organizaciones de todo el mundo quieren unirse a este homenaje. Colaboremos: enviemos al Comité Olímpico Internacional cartas, faxes, telegramas, e-mails, apoyando la sugerencia del alcalde de Hiroshima, dirigidos al: Sr. Thomas BachPresidente do COIE-mail........................... pressoffice@olympic.orgFax................................ 41 21 621 6216Direccion Postal………… Chateau de Vidy, 1007 Lausanne, Suiza (Switzerland).

Rogério Nagai
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Petition to Federico Addiechi, Head of CSR, FIFA

Keep Slavery out of the 2022 World Cup

At one end of Kathmandu’s international airport, proud parents bid farewell to their sons leaving Nepal in search of better jobs. But the scene is very different at the arrival terminal, where wailing parents are met with the bodies of family members who died in Qatar. Thousands of Nepalese workers are being forced to work in 50C/122F degree heat with no access to food or water, no pay, passports held to prevent them from leaving. Experts estimate over 1 million migrant workers could be at risk of modern slavery in Qatar between now and the 2022 World Cup; an average of twelve workers could die per week unless action is taken at this critical stage in the construction process. Historically, there have been serious challenges to protecting migrant workers from modern slavery in Qatar. But with the prestige of hosting the World Cup on the line, there has never been a better chance to push the Qatari government for change. If FIFA takes advantage of this opportunity for policy reform, workers could be protected from falling into the nightmare of modern slavery in Qatar for generations to come. This could be the break we are waiting for in the entire region. Tell FIFA to help ensure construction for the Qatar World Cup does not use slave labour:  1. Call on the Qatari Supreme Committee for Qatar 2022 to update contracts to meet international labour standards.  2. Include audit requirements for all contracts affiliated with FIFA sporting events that include large-scale construction projects for cases of modern slavery, with the initial bidding process.  3. Publicly report the findings of audits for cases of modern slavery.   Sources:

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Petition to Manoel Dias (Ministerio do Trabalho e Emprego)

Brazil Can Help End Forced Labor!

Brazil must act quickly to adopt and implement the new international law to prevent abuses, protect victims, as well as punish those that force people to work in conditions of slavery. We have already waited decades for this tough new global standard against forced labour. The people trapped on farms, in mines, in factories and in all the other places where forced labour flourishes shouldn't have to wait while our policy-makers drag their heels to put this law into practice. All countries must prioritize this effort to end forced labour: call on the Government of Brazil to adopt this new law immediately. This law – known as the Protocol of 2014 to Convention 29 – creates new responsibilities for governments in the fight against forced labour. The key measures cover: Prevention. Governments are obligated to create national action plans to tackle forced labour and support business to root out and respond to forced labour in their supply chains. Better protection for victims. This includes the safeguarding of vulnerable migrant workers against fraudulent and abusive recruitment practices. Justice. Victims are now protected from prosecution for crimes they may have committed as a direct result of their forced labour.They also have access to justice, including the ability to claim for compensation for the abuses they have experienced, where they occurred. Our collective voice can keep forced labour on the agenda and ensure swift action by the Government of Brazil. Act now!

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Petition to Secretaria de Desenvolvimento Urbano e Meio Ambiente do Município de Simões Filho, Instituto do Meio Ambiente e Recursos Hídricos - INEMA, Ministério Publico do Estado da Bahia - MP/BA, Ministério Publico Federal, Instituto Brasileiro Meio Ambiente Recursos Naturais Renováveis - IBAMA, Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade - ICMBio


DIGA NÃO AO LIXÃO NO VALE DO ITAMBOATÁ!! SAY NO TO THE LANDFILL IN THE ATLANTIC FOREST AT THE ITAMBOATÁ VALLEY!! Santuário da Mata Atlântica Vale do Itamboatá em perigo (conhecido também como BA 093), localizado em Simões Filho, na Região Metropolitana de Salvador (RMS), Bahia, pede SOCORRO!! Atlantic Forest Sanctuary at the Itamboata Valley is in DANGER! Clique Aqui e assista o video da Midia NINJA. (click here to watch the video)***(Please check the English version on the bottom of the text) ****(Deutsche Text: bitte scrollen bis nach der englische Version!) Entre o maior polo industrial do hemisfério Sul (PIC) e o segundo maior da Bahia (CIA), em um município ‘condenado’ a ser um centro de logística a serviço do grande capital, encontra-se um significativo pulmão verde da Mata Atlântica, de riquíssima socio-bio-diversidade e que presta importantíssimos serviços ambientais para tod@s: o Vale do Itamboatá!   O Santuário da Mata Atlântica - Vale do Itamboatá é um território de grande riqueza e importância social, histórica, cultural e ambiental: definido como unidade piloto para a gestão ambiental participativa na Área de Proteção Ambiental (APA) Joanes Ipitanga, situado sobre o Aquífero São Sebastião (uma das maiores reservas subterrâneas de água doce do Brasil), conserva um Corredor Ecológico de Remanescentes da Mata Atlântica que sustenta a quantidade e qualidade dos recursos hídricos do território e mananciais de abastecimento da RMS. Posto Avançado da Reserva da Biosfera da Mata Atlântica Hot Spot (UNESCO), verdadeiro Santuário e habitat de muitos seres vivos (visíveis e invisíveis), flora e fauna diversa, endêmica e ameaçada de extinção, conserva fontes de água pura, rios, riachos, lagoas e nascentes, e, possui também, sítios arqueológicos que nos contam muitas histórias, sobre esta região, até hoje desconhecidas. Esta imensa Riqueza Natural e Cultural - prezada e cuidada por residentes do local (comunidades tradicionais (Dandá, Palmares, Oiteiro e Pitanga de Palmares) e assentamentos sustentáveis (comunidade educadora Xamânica - Terra Mirim, Movimento Católico Pontos Coração - Fazenda do Natal)) - segue sendo desrespeitada pelos Poderes Públicos, pelos interesses privados e imediatos, e, neste momento, está sofrendo uma GRAVE VIOLAÇÃO e AMEAÇA AINDA MAIOR!! As obras, para a implantação do ATERRO-LIXO-LIXÃO da empresa Naturalle Tratamento de Resíduos LTDA, já se encontram iniciadas (em ritmo acelerado) e precisam ser SUSPENSAS IMEDIATAMENTE! Trata-se de DOIS GRANDES PROJETOS de altíssimo impacto socioambiental, econômico e cultural, que prevem a disposição final, neste Santuário da Mata Atlântica, de cerca de "500" toneladas de lixo por dia (urbano, hospitalar, industrial e da construção civil) e coloca em grave risco a saúde da população e ecossistema locais além de importantes mananciais de abastecimento de Água para toda a região metropolitana de Salvador (APA Joanes-Ipitanga, Aquífero São Sebastião)! (Clique aqui e saiba mais sobre a empresa) Estamos nos deparando assombrad@s com muitas ilegalidades, omissões de fatos e informações. A população continua completamente desinformada, ante a ausência completa de participação popular, inclusive do Conselho Municipal de Meio Ambiente, do Conselho Gestor da APA-JI e do Ministério Público. Diversas comunidades, condomínios, populações e ecossistemas sensíveis e protegidos MUITO PRÓXIM@S ao empreendimento foram completamente ignoradas e inclusive omitidas dos mapas dos “estudos técnicos” apresentados pela empresa. Aqui vivem mais de 10.000 pessoas, em sua maioria povos da terra, agricultores, quilombolas, ervateir@s, assentamentos sustentáveis espirituais e religiosos, que utilizam água de poços e vivem de forma sustentável e tradicional. Há também aqui: uma Reserva Biológica Municipal Fonte Nossa Senhora da Guia - ecossistema precioso conectado à cultura local - fonte de água puríssima e sagrada, Reservas Particulares de proteção à Mata Atlântica e muitas áreas de Proteção Permanente (beira de rios, fontes, etc). Estampa-se a vocação do Vale do Itamboatá para o desenvolvimento realmente sustentável: com cultura viva comunitária, educação ambiental, agricultura familiar-agroecológica, economia solidária e muitas iniciativas e empreendimentos totalmente rentáveis e cooperativos. De uma vez por todas precisamos assegurar e defender o direito à floresta em pé, a rios e fontes com água pura, ao ar livre de contaminantes, o direito à autodeterminação dos povos e seu direito-poder de decisão sobre seus territórios e suas vidas – esta é uma grande oportunidade para isso! Precisamos integrar o conhecimento que a Água (que compõe mais de 70% de nossos corpos) é UMA só, fora e dentro de nós. É Hora de nos levantarmos, por um(a) e por tod@s, pela Natureza, nossa Casa Comum, nosso sustento material e imaterial.    Todos os órgãos envolvidos estão sendo acionados e chamados para agirem em defesa desse bem de tod@s! Pela não instalação dessa empresa, chamada NATURALLE, neste Santuário e quaisquer outras que tenham essa destruidora intenção. Por nossas terras, NOSSAS ÁGUAS, nosso patrimônio material e imaterial, os animais, vegetais e minerais… diga NÃO A IMPLANTAÇÃO DESTE ATERRO-LIXO-LIXÃO NO SANTUÁRIO DA MATA ATLÂNTICA VALE DO ITAMBOATÁ! Exigimos que a PREFEITURA MUNICIPAL DE SIMÕES FILHO, através da sua Secretaria de Desenvolvimento Urbano e Meio Ambiente, paralise as obras de IMEDIATO e reveja a LICENÇA UNIFICADA Portaria SEMMA nº 063/2016 - Publicação no DOM 22/12/2016 concedida à Naturalle Ltda. Solicitamos ao INEMA (Licenciamento Estadual) que EXIJA a apresentação, digna, de ALTERNATIVAS LOCACIONAIS que venham a MINIMIZAR EFETIVAMENTE os impactos socioambientais inerentes a um empreendimento deste porte e tipologia, de forma que ele NÃO venha prejudicar áreas remanescentes de Mata Atlântica, mananciais hídricos estratégicos, a vida das comunidades e territórios tradicionais, ou seja, de forma que a realidade SOCIOAMBIENTAL seja efetivamente considerada e não apenas os critérios de rentabilidade logística do empreendimento. Que GARANTA a realização de estudos socioambientais, econômicos e culturais, de forma participativa, que sejam capazes de caracterizar a realidade específica da localidade, inclusive com a consideração de estudos e diagnósticos já produzidos a respeito do território a ser escolhido, bem como a realização e divulgação dos Estudos de Impacto de Vizinhança, EIA\RIMA e Avaliação de Impacto de Saúde, para tod@s interessad@s. EXIGIMOS QUE os Poderes Públicos Municipais, Estaduais e Federais RECONHEÇAM E RESPEITEM o Vale do Itamboatá enquanto Santuário ecológico, socioambiental, cultural e espiritual, do Território Metropolitano de Salvador, de forma que integrem em TODOS os instrumentos de planejamento territorial, zoneamentos, políticas e planejamentos (públicos) econômicos a realidade socioambiental (multidimensional) do mesmo e sua legítima vocação.   NÃO ACEITAMOS a localização da Naturalle nem a de qualquer outro empreendimento que não preserve o Ecossistema local e venha a agravar os riscos ambientais neste território. BASTA! O Vale do Itamboatá, Simões Filho, a Região Metropolitana de Salvador dizem NÃO ao Aterro-Lixo-Lixão no alto do Vale do Itamboatá! Por favor e por amor vamos abraçar essa CAuSA! Assine nossa petição. Lutamos pelo que nos permite viver, nosso bem maior: NOSSAS ÁGUAS, NOSSA TERRA E NOSSA GENTE.  Já está na mídia, confira: Nota Pública do Professor e Vice-Diretor da Faculdade de Direito da UFBA; Acesse o Blog do movimento e ajude a multiplicar a informação:                              *********** ENGLISH  *********** SAY NO TO THE LANDFILL IN THE ITAMBOATÁ VALLEY!! The Atlantic Forest Sanctuary in the Itamboatá Valley is in DANGER!!  Located in Simões Filho, in the Metropolitan Region of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil the Atlantic Forest Sanctuary asks for your SUPPORT!!! The Itamboatá Valley is located between the largest industrial centre of the Southern Hemisphere (the Petrochemical Complex of Camaçari) and the second largest in Bahia (Industrial Centre of Aratu). The Itamboatá Valley is a significant green belt of the Atlantic Forest, it is extremely rich in socio-bio-diversity and provides important environmental services for all of us. The valley is part of Simões Filho, a municipality that is mainly devoted to promoting its industrial and logistic role and to satisfy the private interests of the big capital. The Atlantic Forest Sanctuary of the Itamboatá valley is a territory of great social, historical, cultural and environmental richness and importance. Defined as a pilot unit for participatory environmental management (Area of Environmental Protection Joanes Ipitanga), the Sanctuary is located above the Aquifer of São Sebastião (one of the largest underground freshwater reserves in Brazil) and conserves an Ecological Corridor of the Atlantic Forest Remnants that sustains the quantity and quality of the hydric resources of the territory and supply waters to the Metropolitan Region of Salvador. The area is recognised by UNESCO as an Advanced Post (Hot Spot) of the Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve, and is a true sanctuary and habitat for many living beings (visible and invisible) and for diversified flora and fauna that are in danger of extinction.It also preserves sources of pure waters, rivers, streams, lagoons and springs; and it offers archaeological sites which hold important historicalstories about this region, many of which are still unknown. This immense Natural and Cultural Richness – appreciated and cared by local residents from the traditional communities of Dandá, Palmares, Oiteiro and Pitanga de Palmares and from the sustainable settlements of Terra Mirim (Shamanic educative community) and Fazenda do Natal (Catholic Movement Heart Points) – has been disrespected by public authorities, by private interests, and, at the moment, is suffering an unprecedented acts of SERIOUS VIOLATION!! A company called Naturalle Waste Treatment has already begun the works for implanting A SANITARY LANDFILL in this precious area. These works need to be SUSPENDED IMMEDIATELY! The company wants to implement in this Sanctuary of the Atlantic Forest a project which will have extremely high socio-environmental, economic and cultural impacts. This will involve the disposal of around 1,000 tons of garbage per day (urban, hospital, industrial and civil construction) in the proposed landfill. This project willput in serious risk not only the health of the population and of the local ecosystem but also the important sources that supply water to the entire Metropolitan Region of Salvador (Area of Environmental Protection Joanes Ipitanga and Aquifer of São Sebastião)! We are stunned by the several illegalities,omissions of facts and information around this landfill project. The population remains completely uninformed, and the project lacks participation and consultation with the wider communities.For example, the maps of the "technical studies" presented by the company completely ignoreand even omitted several communities, condominiums, local residents and sensitive and protected ecosystems located VERY NEAR to the proposed establishment. More than 10,000 people live in this area. They are mostly “peoples of the earth”, farmers, quilombolas, people that work with herbs and residents of the sustainable spiritual and religious settlements. They alllive in a sustainable and traditional way and use water from the communities’ well (which could be highly contaminated if the landfill was installed). In this area, there are also a Municipal Biological Reserve called Nossa Senhora da Guia that is a source of pure and sacred water and a precious ecosystem connected to the local culture; Private Reserves of protection to the Atlantic Forest and many areas of Permanent Protection (river banks, natural water springs, etc.). The Itamboatá Valley aspires for a real sustainable development that offers a living community culture, environmental education, agro-ecological family agriculture, socialeconomy and many profitable cooperative initiatives and businesses. Once and for all we need to ensure and defend the rightsof the forest; to pure water from the rivers and springs; to air free from pollution and contaminants; to self-determination of peoples to make decisions over their territories and their lives. This is a great opportunity for understanding that we need to integrate the knowledge that the Water (which makes up more than 70% of our bodies)is only ONE, outside and within us. This is the Time for us to stand up for Nature, our Common Home, our material and immaterial sustenance. All the institutions involved are called upon to act in defence of this common good! For the non-installation in the Atlantic Forest Sanctuary of this company, called NATURALLE, and of any others that have this destructive intention. For our lands, OUR WATERS, our material and immaterial heritage, animals, vegetables and minerals ... say NO TO THE INSTALLATION OF THIS LANDFILL IN THE ATLANTIC FOREST SANCTUARY IN THE ITAMBOATÁ VALLEY! We demand that the MUNICIPAL CITY OF SIMÕES FILHO, through its Urban Development and Environment Department, stop IMMEDIATELY the works, and review the UNIFIED LICENSE SEMMA Ordinance No. 063/2016 - Publication in the DOM Dec 22, 2016 granted to Naturalle Ltda. We request that INEMA (State Institution that grants the license for the implementation) REQUIRES a worthy presentation of LOCAL ALTERNATIVES that will EFFECTIVELY MINIMIZE the socioenvironmental impacts inherent to an enterprise of this size and type. In a location that it will NOT HARM the remaining areas of the Atlantic Forest which are strategic water sources andwill NOT HARM the life of traditional communities. We request that the SOCIO-ENVIRONMENTAL reality is effectively considered and not only the profitable logistic criteria of the area. We request to ENSURE the execution of socio-environmental, economic and cultural analysis, in a participatory manner, able todefine the specificcharacteristicsof the area. We request thatexisting studies and reports regarding the territory are taken in to consideration, as well as the realization and dissemination of impact studies with the communities that will be involved and possible affected by the landfill. WE DEMAND THAT the Municipal, State and Federal Authorities RECOGNIZE AND RESPECT the Itamboatá Valley as an ecological, socioenvironmental, cultural and spiritual Sanctuary of the Metropolitan Region of Salvador, and that they integrate the socio-environmental (multidimensional) context of this area and its legitimate vocation in all the territorial planning, zoning, politics and public economic decision. WE DO NOT ACCEPT the location of Naturalle or any other business that is not compatible with the local ecosystem and which has the potential to aggravate the environmental risks of this territory. STOP IT! The Vale do Itamboatá, Simões Filho, the Metropolitan Region of Salvador say NO to Landfill in the Itamboatá Valley! Please and for love, let's embrace this Cause! Sign our petition. We fight for what allows us to live, our greatest good: OUR WATERS, OUR LAND AND OUR PEOPLE.   SAGEN SIE „NEIN!“ ZUR MÜLLDEPONIE IM ITAMBOATÁ-TAL!!! Das Atlantische Waldschutzgebiet im Itamboatá-Tal ist in GEFAHR !! Gelegen in SimõesFilho, in der Metropolregion Salvador, im brasilianischen Bundesstaat Bahia, bittet das Atlantische Waldschutzgebiet Sie um Ihre UNTERSTÜTZUNG! Das Tal Itamboatá liegt zwischen dem größten Industriezentrum der südlichen Hemisphäre (dem Petrochemischen Komplex von Camaçari) und dem zweitgrößten in Bahia (Industriezentrum von Aratu). Das Tal Itamboatá ist ein bedeutender Grüngürtel des Atlantischen Waldes, es ist äußerst reich an biologischer Artenvielfalt und liefert uns allen wichtige ökologische Dienste. Das Tal ist Teil der Gemeinde SimõesFilho, die sich vor allem der Förderung ihrer industriellen und logistischen Rolle widmet und die Kapitalinteressen der Industrie befriedigt. Das Atlantische Waldschutzgebiet des Itamboatá-Tals ist ein Gebiet von großer sozialer und historischerBedeutung, sowie von kulturellem und ökologischem Reichtum. Es ist heute ein anerkanntes Pilotprojekt für das partizipative Umweltmanagement im Naturschutzgebiet JoanesIpitanga. Es ist oberhalb der Grundwasserschicht von São Sebastiãogelegen (eines der größten unterirdischen Süßwasserreservate in Brasilien) und konserviert einen ökologischen Korridor der Atlantischen Waldreste, der die Menge und die Qualität der Wasservorrätefür die Metropolregion Salvador aufrecht erhält, in der über 3 Mio. Menschen leben. Das Gebiet Itamboatá ist von der UNESCO als fortgeschrittener Standort (‚Hot Spot’) des ‚BiosphärenreservatAtlantischer Wald’ anerkannt und ist ein wahres Heiligtum und Lebensraum für viele Lebewesen (sichtbare und unsichtbare) sowie für abwechslungsreiche Flora und Fauna, die vom Aussterben bedroht sind. Es beherbergt Quellen von reinen Gewässern, Flüssen, Bächen, Lagunen und Quellen, und es bietet archäologische Stätten, die wichtige historische Geschichten über diese Region erzählen können, von denen viele noch unbekannt sind. Dieser ungeheure natürliche und kulturelle Reichtum –wertgeschätzt und gepflegt von den Anwohnern aus den traditionellen Gemeinden Dandá, Palmares, Oiteiro und Pitanga de Palmares und aus den nachhaltigen Siedlungen von ‚Terra Mirim’ (Schamanische Lerngemeinschaft) und ‚Fazenda do Natal’ (Katholische Bewegung) –wurdeschon immer von den öffentlichen Behörden und von privaten Interessenten mit fehlendem Respekt behandelt, und erleidet im aktuellen Augenblick weitere schwere Rechtsverletzungen undgroße Bedrohungen! Ein Unternehmen namens ‚Naturalle Abfallbehandlung’ hat bereits mit den Arbeiten für die Einrichtung einer Mülldeponie in diesem wertvollenGebietbegonnen – diese Arbeiten müssen SOFORT GESTOPPT WERDEN! Das Unternehmen ‚Naturalle’ will in diesem Heiligtum des Atlantischen Waldes ein Projekt umsetzen, das extrem hohe sozio-ökologische, ökonomische und kulturelle Auswirkungen haben wird. Hierbei handelt es sich um die Einbringung von rund 1.000 Tonnen Müll pro Tag (Haushalts-, Krankenhaus-, Industrie- und Bauabfall) in die Deponie. Dieses Projekt bringt ernste Gefahr – nicht nur für die Gesundheit der Bevölkerung und des lokalen Ökosystems, sondern auch für die wichtigen Quellen, die das Wasser für die gesamte Metropolregion Salvador liefern! Wir sind bestürzt über die vielfältigenRechtswidrigkeiten unddas Unterschlagen von Fakten und Informationen rund um dieses Deponieprojekt. Die Bevölkerung bleibt völlig uninformiert, und dem Projekt fehlt die Teilhabe und Beratung durch die breiteBevölkerung, einschließlich des örtlichen Umweltrates. Die vom Unternehmen ‚NaturalleAbfallbehandlung’ präsentierten Karten über "Technische Studien" ignorieren und unterschlagen beispielsweise mehrere Gemeinden, Wohnsiedlungen sowie sensible und geschützte Ökosysteme, die sehr nahe der vorgeschlagenen Mülldeponie liegen. Mehr als 10.000 Menschen leben unmittelbar in diesem Tal in traditioneller und nachhaltigerLebensweise. Sie sind meist "Völker der Erde", also kleine Landwirte, Kräuterkundige,und Menschen die mit Bewohnern der spirituellen und religiösen Siedlungen zusammenarbeiten. Sie alle sind angewiesen auf das Wasser aus dem Gemeindebrunnen, der durch die Mülldeponie stark verunreinigt werden könnte. In diesem Bereich gibt es weiterhinnoch ein städtisches Bio-Reservat namens ‚Nossa Senhora da Guia’, das eine Quelle von sehr reinem und heiligem Wasser beherbergt, sowie private Reservate zum Schutz des Atlantischen Waldes und anderedauerhaft schutzbedürftige Bereiche (Flussufer, natürliche Wasserquellen usw.). Das Itamboatá-Tal verfolgt einewirklich nachhaltige Entwicklung, die eine lebendige Gemeinschaftskultur, Umweltfortbildung, ökologische Familienlandwirtschaft, solidarisches Wirtschaften und viele profitable kooperative Initiativen und Unternehmen ermöglichen. Einfür alle Mal müssen wir die Rechte des Atlantischen Waldes sichern und verteidigen: für reines Wasser aus den Flüssen und Quellen, saubere Luft, sowie die Selbstbestimmungsrechte der Bevölkerung, um die Entscheidungen über ihre Territorien und ihr Leben selbst zu treffen – dies ist eine großartige Gelegenheit!Wir müssen uns klarmachen, dass all das Wasser (das mehr als 70% unseres Körpers ausmacht) nur EINES ist, außerhalb von uns wie in uns. Jetzt ist die Zeit, um für uns alle, für die Natur, für unsere gemeinsame Heimat, fürunsere materielle und immaterielle Existenzgrundlage aufzustehen! Alle beteiligten Institutionen sind aufgefordert, zur Verteidigung dieses Gemeinwohls zu handeln! Für die Nicht-Einrichtung der von der Firma „Naturalle“ geplanten Mülldeponie im Atlantischen Waldschutzgebiet, und gegen alle anderen, die diese zerstörerische Absicht haben. Für unser Land, unser Wasser, unser materielles und immaterielles Erbe, alle Tiere, Pflanzen und Mineralien... Sagen Sie „NEIN!“ zur Errichtung dieser Mülldeponie im Heiligtum des Atlantischen Waldschutzgebietes von Itamboatá! Wir fordern, dass die Gemeinde SimõesFilho, vertreten durch ihre Stadtentwicklungs- und Umweltabteilung, die Arbeiten von ‚Naturalle“ unmittelbar beendet und die Zulassungan die ‚NaturalleLtda’ mit der Verordnungs-Nr. 063/2016, veröffentlicht im DOM am 22. Dezember 2016,widerruft. Wir fordern, dass die staatliche Lizenzgeberin INEMAvon ‚Naturalle’ eine angemessene Präsentation alternativer Standorte einfordert, die den– einem Vorhaben dieser Größe und Art innewohnenden –  sozioökologischen AuswirkungenRechnung tragen und sie minimieren. An einem Ort, an dem die strategischen Wasserquellen in den verbleibenden Gebieten des Atlantischen Waldes geschützt sind und das Leben der traditionellen Gemeinschaften nicht beeinträchtigt wird. Wir fordern, dass die sozioökologischen Gegebenheitentatsächlich betrachtet werden, und nicht vorrangig die Rentabilitätder logistischen Kriterien dieses Gebietes. Wir fordern, die Gewährleistungsozio-ökologischer, wirtschaftlicher und kultureller Analysen partizipativ zu erörtern, um die spezifischen Merkmale dieses Gebietes zu definieren. Wir fordern, dass sämtliche Untersuchungen und Berichte über das Territorium in Betracht gezogen werden, und wir fordern die Realisierung und Veröffentlichung von Auswirkungsstudien mit allen Beteiligten und allen von der Deponie betroffenen Gemeinden. Wir fordern die Kommunal-, Landes- und Bundesbehörden auf, das Itamboatá-Tal als sozioökologisches, kulturelles und spirituelles Heiligtum der Metropolregion Salvador anzuerkennen und auf diese Weisedembesonderensozioökologischen Kontext dieses Gebietes und seiner legitimen Berufung in der gesamten Gebietsplanung und allen folgenden öffentlich-ökonomischen Entscheidungen Rechnung zu tragen. Wir akzeptieren NICHT den geplanten Standort der Mülldeponie von ‚Naturalle’ oder andere Vorhaben, die nicht mit dem örtlichen Ökosystem vereinbar sind und die das Umweltrisiko dieses Gebietes verschlechtern können. ES REICHT! Das Tal vonItamboatá, die Gemeinde SimõesFilho, die Metropolregion Salvador sagen„NEIN!“ zur Mülldeponie im Itamboatá-Tal! Um der Sache willen und um der Liebe willen, lasst uns diese Sache voranbringen! Bitte unterschreiben Sie unsere Petition. Wir kämpfen für das, was uns erlaubt zu leben – unser größtes Gut: UNSER WASSER, UNSER LAND UND UNSERE LEUTE.

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