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Petition to Linfield University

Update Linfield University's Covid-19 Policies to Better Protect Our Community

Linfield University's McMinnville campus is currently in the midst of a Covid-19 outbreak. Despite the growing number of Omicron cases and increasing evidence that breakthrough infections are common with Omicron, no steps were taken to ensure the safety of students upon returning to campus from winter break. Since January 1st, the McMinnville campus has had 77 new cases. Between July 1st, 2021, and December 20th, 2021 (the last update for 2021) there were only 58 cases. Given the optional nature of Jan term, many students have yet to return to campus. Without proper procedures in place, Linfield will almost certainly see another, likely larger, outbreak when spring term starts on February 7th. Those procedures must be put in place now for the health and safety of our community. These procedures must apply to all students, faculty, and staff physically present on the McMinnville campus, hereafter referred to as "community remembers." Here's what needs to happen:1. Conduct contact tracing for all confirmed Covid-19 cases and notify community members of their exposure. Require testing for all exposed community members 5 days after exposure, per CDC recommendations. 2. Have the entire campus quarantine for the first 10 days of spring term. Given that housing opens February 5th but all students may not arrive on the 5th, this should start on the first day of classes, February 7th, and continue until February 17th. Should any community member choose to delay returning to campus, they will have to quarantine for their first 10 days back on campus. Classes that cannot be accommodated online, such as labs that can not be replicated outside of the classroom, may be permitted to happen during this period. 3. Between the 5 and 10 day marks of the quarantine, test the community for Covid. In acknowledgment of the testing supply shortage, this prioritization should be followed if not enough tests are available:       1. Community members who were not on campus for Jan term and traveled back using public transportation.      2. Community members who were not on campus for Jan term and traveled back using private transportation.      3. Unvaccinated community members who have not already been tested.      4. Community members who have been vaccinated but have not received their booster shot and have not already been tested.      5. Community members who have not yet been tested. The students of Linfield have placed this trust in our school to keep us safe while we receive our education. We recognize that this pandemic is unprecedented and trying to find the balance between safety and continuing life is difficult. We believe that these steps are an adequate balance between following the CDC guidelines, allowing students to feel safe on campus, and continuing to receive a quality education. The Linfield community is strong and we will survive this pandemic, but it will take all of us working together, so let's implement these procedures for the good of us all.For questions, comments, and concerns please contact Sabrina Heizenrader at

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Petition to Ron DeSantis, Michael L. Parson, Kristi Noem, Greg Abbott, Doug Burgum, Mark Gordon, Greg Gianforte, Mike Dunleavy, Doug Ducey, Bill Lee, Virginia Governor

Stop the illegal federal mask mandates

We, the undersigned, appreciate that many states have challenged illegal federal vaccine mandates in court. However, there's one area where every state has disappointingly refused to act, and that's federal mask mandates - even when the mandate directly conflicts with state law. While past legal challenges have been unsuccessful so far, they were largely filed by airline passengers, and aviation is traditionally an area of federal jurisdiction. Legal challenges should instead focus on intrastate surface transportation, as outlined below. The federal transportation mask mandate exceeds CDC's statutory authority the same way the eviction moratorium did. The mandate also violates the 10th amendment by claiming jurisdiction over intrastate surface transportation - that includes rideshares, local transit, and school buses. The mask mandate also threatens a $100,000 fine and/or 1 year in jail for violations by individuals, and a $200,000 fine for violations by organizations, per 42 CFR 70.18. We, the undersigned, call upon state governors and attorney generals (as well as any interested local governments, transportation providers, and school districts) to step in and take legal action against the federal transportation mask mandate, focusing on how the mandate violates the 10th amendment by claiming jurisdiction over intrastate surface transportation. More details on the federal biosecurity state are available here. There's also another federal mask mandate, which applies to Head Start programs, and has similar legal deficiencies to the CMS and federal contractor vaccine mandates.

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