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Petition to Dr. Alfred Rankins Jr., Tate Reeves, Glenn Boyce, John Yaun

Reimburse Students at The University of Mississippi for Discontinued Services!

In response to the circumstances and recent events surrounding the SARS-CoV-2 virus, The University of Mississippi has closed all 17 of its on-campus residential halls and student apartments. This requires that all students leave their on campus residence and remotely participate in their classes from home. As a result of this change, students have been displaced and can no longer utilize the meal plans that they have bought and paid as much as $1,985 for. Because of this, many students are now incurring additional living expenses for food, housing, and so much more that they would otherwise not have to pay. These expenses come on top of the overpriced rooms that students have paid for but can no longer occupy. (Between $2,675 and $3,613 each semester).  Ultimately the leaders at our university have failed to consider just how much these changes have affected the students that pay to keep our institution running! They have failed to acknowledge that most parents and students have taken out loans to pay for the services that they are no longer able to take advantage of! With that said, we demand that refunds be issued for services that have been discontinued! After all, students and the Department of Student Housing have entered into a contract in which the students have upheld by paying for the services they were promised. Now it is time that the department upholds its end by offering reimbursements for the services they choose to no longer provide! Sign this petition today to show your support for this cause, as it is only fair and just that The University of Mississippi honors these simple requests.  *At least 50% of housing and dining should be reimbursed (63/125 days)

Shayden Smith
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Petition to University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, John Hoey, Lynn Priddy. Ph.D., Sam Guo, Melanie Storms. Psy.D., Neetu Trivedi. PT. DPT. COEE, Ana Lopez-Blazquez, Richard Krygiel, Paul Nicoletti

Lower Residential Tuition Cost for Spring and Summer Terms at USAHS Across All Campuses

In light of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) global pandemic, the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (USAHS) administration has decided to convert all classes and instruction remotely beginning 6:00 p.m. PST on Monday, March 16th and will continue until at least July 5th. USAHS Residential DPT, MOT, and OTD students across all campuses (San Marcos, CA; Austin, TX; Miami, FL; St. Augustine, FL) are entitled to a partial refund for tuition for Spring Trimester 2020 and a decrease in tuition for Summer Trimester 2020. USAHS students are no longer able to benefit from most of the services offered on campus. These services include but are not limited to the use of cadavers, use of high-low/massage tables, open lab hours, the Wellness Center/Crunch gym membership, etc. Consequently, the costs of providing students with such services most likely have decreased significantly. Many services have since been transitioned into virtual avenues, which has resulted in the cancellation of open labs (loss of wages for many student workers), guest speakers on campus, networking events, career fairs, and reduced face-to-face time with professors and colleagues. The services that have been made available to us include tutoring, advising, ComPsych support, and financial aid via online means. Although we appreciate the resources that have been adjusted to meet the students' needs in the current situation and the strong efforts of some of our professors to provide us with the best education possible online, there is a larger void due to the resources we are missing. Therefore, we are respectfully seeking a reduction in our tuition from this current Spring Trimester 2020 and Summer Trimester 2020. A partial refund of this trimester's tuition and a reduction in tuition for next trimester would greatly assist students by alleviating the financial stress and uncertainty of this situation. If the administration decides against this, we would appreciate a complete breakdown and explanation of how our tuition will be better utilized to help the students, professors, and faculty during this global pandemic. However, we highly encourage the administration to consider granting us a monetary return and a reduction in tuition. DPT student (San Marcos campus) fees per trimester (not including all fees): Tuition: $14,770 -- We ask for an adjustment to the tuition for Spring and Summer Trimester 2020 in order to account for the decline in the quality of education. Students are pursuing our degree through an accelerated program with a heavy course load of classes which includes those with lab-intensive courses.  Therefore, paying full tuition for online courses seems unjust. Due to the lack of precedent, the faculty who are not familiar with teaching a lecture, let alone a lab course, online affects the quality instruction. It is seemingly taking more time for us to learn the course material online. Although we highly appreciate some of the faculty for going above and beyond to help us learn, it is simply not the same as having face-to-face meetings with the use of our resources/equipment. Campus Access Fee: $160 -- We ask for an adjustment to the campus access fee for Spring and Summer Trimester 2020 because students are unable to access/use the special equipment and technology, such as cadavers for Gross Anatomy, dry lab models from the library/Gross Anatomy Dry Lab, high-low/massage tables, Center for Innovative Clinical Practice (CICP), and assistive devices.  Student Activity Fee: $20 -- Due to the regulations (shelter-in-place and social distancing) set in place, this fee should be subtracted from our school expenses as there most likely will not be any student activities planned this trimester and next trimester. Room and Board: $8,000 (estimation) -- Regardless of the amount paid for room and board, we again ask that there be a reduction in tuition and fees paid in order to ease any financial stress that may have been brought on by the nature of this global pandemic. There are many students who have moved to San Marcos or the surrounding area to attend school physically. We desired to enhance our higher education with hands-on learning and interactions with our professors and classmates, which is why we have chosen to go through the Residential program instead of the Flex program. To continue, due to the rigor of this program, many students are unable to work and those who do may have been financially impacted by COVID-19.   We, the students, completely understand that this situation was unexpected and out of anyone's control. We are aware that these are very challenging times and require patience and diligence from all parties involved. It is critical to uphold regulations of social-distancing and shelter-in-home guidelines, which is why it is impossible for the students to be provided with the entirety of the academic experiences we are paying for. Although this was a wise decision on the administration's part, something must be done to compensate for the change in the quality of education. The resources and opportunities for health professional careers taught at USAHS are diminished. Our learning primarily stems from being able to interact with our peers and professors, as well as our interprofessional colleagues, rather than from the lectures themselves. Being able to physically apply the information we have learned in a clinical aspect is what we need in order to progress in our careers as health professionals.  The USAHS Residential students are most concerned about the effects of this time period of online learning and how it will impact us further down the road as therapists as well as taking our board exams. Due to the lack of hands-on experience we are receiving, we do not believe that we are adequately learning these skills. We would appreciate information on what the institution and professors are able to do in order to help us master the skills that we are currently learning virtually, i.e. extension of open lab hours and attendance of professors during open lab hours to assist us or to re-continue holding office hours in the Blackboard course rooms. In regards to our lecture material, we request for collaborate sessions to replace any face-to-face classes on campus. Some professors have chosen not to hold virtual collaborative sessions, which has made learning the material more difficult since we are unable to ask questions in real-time. In order to decrease the number of emails received on both ends, it would be helpful to be able to discuss the material, assignments, or confirmation of skills as a class. We extremely appreciate those who have started using the Blackboard collaborative sessions as it has been imperative to our learning. Any other feedback the institution is able to provide will be greatly appreciated. Many students are strongly considering taking a leave of absence due to all of the uncertainty surrounding these tough times. The students with these fears would greatly appreciate more clarity as to how the university will be handling these concerns to make more sound decisions. We thank the faculty for all of their dedication to providing students with the best quality education possible and know that you have our best interest in mind. After all, the first core value of USAHS is "student first", meaning "[s]tudent success comes first [... and the institution] strives to provide [them] with support and services that they need to be successful". That being said, we hope the institution strongly considers what has been said and continues to put their students first. 

Dianna Chhay
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Petition to Regent University

Rebate Restitution: A Romans 13:7 Command

Regent University is offering a $500 rebate to students who had been living on campus before being evacuated because of the coronavirus. However, this rebate is small in comparison to what we as students paid for housing. 650 on-campus students were evacuated. 650 evacuated students × $500 rebates=$325,000 650×$2,350 each student paid per semester of housing=$1,527,500 RU profit $325,000 RU loss÷1,527,500 RU profit=21.26% Regent is complaining about cutting 'too much of a loss' when they reimbursed only 21.26% of their income from evacuated students' housing payments, and that's assuming every student paid for the cheapest housing accommodation. The loss for those in the more expensive housing is even more as everyone is only getting $500. Assuming every student stayed on campus for spring break and the week following (evacuation week), that means that each student stayed 10/16 weeks of the semester or 62.5% of what they paid to stay. 1-0.625=0.375 0.375×2,350=881.25 Therefore, Regent students did not stay in housing for 37.5% of the semester, the equivalent of $881.25. Yet we are only being refunded $500, less than half of our due! In other words, Regent University's 650 evacuated, formerly on-campus, students are cutting a 47.5% loss as opposed to Regent's 21.26% - and again, this is assuming every single student lived in the one-bedroom apartment. Realistically, however, Regent's loss percentage is even lower due to other, more expensive, housing arrangements and students who stayed off-campus, other than coming to get their belongs for spring break and evacuation week. Romans 13:7 says, "Pay to all what is owed to them: taxes to whom taxes are owed, revenue to whom revenue is owed, respect to whom respect is owed, honor to whom honor is owed." Please sign and share this petition to give Regent students the money back they deserve!!!

Natalee Wilson
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Petition to Doug LaMalfa, Jared Huffman, John Garamendi, Tom McClintock, Mike Thompson, Ami Bera, Paul Cook, Josh Harder, Mark DeSaulnier, Barbara Lee, Jackie Speier, Eric Swalwell, Jim Costa, Anna G. Eshoo, Zoe Lofgren, Jimmy Panetta, TJ Cox, Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy, Tony Cárdenas, Brad Sherman, Pete Aguilar, Ted Lieu, Jimmy Gomez, Lucille Roybal-Allard, Mark Takano, Ken Calvert, Maxine Waters, Nanette Diaz Barragán, Harley Rouda, Mike Levin, Juan Vargas, Joel Anderson

Demand Your Reps. Partially Refund Tuition & Fees

Hi brothers and sisters and others (students of California), We, the students and student-workers of California, demand that California public colleges and universities partially or fully refund tuition and fees for the Winter/Spring semester and Spring quarter!  Students have more weight on their shoulders these days than ever before, and COVID-19 has brought many students and student-workers and their families to the cusp of basic survival. Despite various programs in the State of California set up to aid students and workers with great financial need in times of crisis, students and student-workers across the state are struggling due to immense costs of tuition, books, fees, living, food, and various other necessities which are vital to functioning as a productive student. This petition demands that, in accordance to the extreme economic conditions resulting from COVID-19, California public educational institutions refund students and student-workers. Why should students and student-workers be required to pay full-price for online education? We are getting an inherently less-valuable product, so we deserve either a pro-rated tuition refund, or a full refund of tuition and fees for the quarter/semester. Share, donate all that you can, and let's get California's students the refunds they deserve! In solidarity from UCLA, Tanner N. Coe (t.n.c. ucla '22) ___________________________________________________________________

Tanner Coe
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