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Petition to Kay Ivey, Joseph R. Biden

Reinstate Alabama Federal Unemployment Benefits

    As many of you know, Gov. Kay Ivey of Alabama announced on May 10, 2021 that she will be ending participation in All Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation Programs including but not limited to PUA, PEUC, FPUC, MEUC and the $300 federal unemployment boost on June 19, 2021. This will end unemployment eligibility to independent contractors, gig-workers, and sole-proprietors and many more citizens who are no longer eligible for regular unemployment benefits who are not able to work during these troublesome times. Ending these programs will cause a lot of families to lose their homes, source of income, food, etc... Not everyone on unemployment is just being lazy. For most of us the federal programs mentioned above have been our lifeline during the Covid-19 pandemic when the jobs we worked for have completely shut down or dramatically reduced hours. This is no longer about politics, we are talking about families, children, and the elderly that will be on the verge of homelessness if these programs are ending while still under a pandemic as well as the Alabama state of emergency (Until July 6,2021).  So we the people of the great state of Alabama are asking Gov. Kay Ivey to reconsider her actions to end these federal programs short of the federal end date of September 6, 2021.  We are also asking President Joe Biden to step in and take action against these Governors in any way he legally can. EXECUTIVE ORDER.   Thank You.      

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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

$2000/month to every American #moneyforthepeople #covid19

**UPDATE: Our country is still deeply struggling. The recovery hasn’t reached many Americans – the true unemployment rate for low-wage workers is estimated at over 20% and many people face large debts from last year for things like utilities, rent and child care. These are all reasons that checks need to be targeted to people who are still struggling and that Congress needs to learn from this past year. It took nine months for Congress to send a second stimulus check, and just moments to spend it. Moving forward Congress needs to make recurring checks automatic if certain triggers are met. No more waiting around for our government to send the help we need. Sign to join our movement to get recurring checks to the people. My name is Stephanie, and I am one of millions of Americans who fear for my financial future because of this coronavirus crisis. With businesses and schools closing across the country to control the spread of this virus, many people have already lost their jobs. Others are being forced to stay home. This is catastrophic for working families like mine.  I’m calling on Congress to support families with a $2,000 payment for adults and a $1,000 payment for kids immediately, and continuing regular checks for the duration of the crisis. Otherwise, laid-off workers, furloughed workers, the self-employed, and workers dealing with reduced hours will struggle to pay their rent or put food on the table. My husband and I own a restaurant in Denver and these past two weeks have been a blur. Our restaurant community is wrestling with seeing everything we all have worked so hard for irrevocably changed. Our hearts were breaking as we watched our staff divide the ingredients in our kitchen to bring to their homes: a dismal token for employees who worked tirelessly every day. Our talented and cherished team, some of whom have been with us since we opened our doors 15 years ago, are now without an income. Like our team, my family has lost all of the income from our restaurant, and business owners and the self-employed can't claim unemployment. This is the story of America right now. For our team and other Americans who can claim unemployment, even the maximum payments will not be enough for most people to continue paying their bills – and avoid slipping into poverty. The facts are, even successful small businesses can’t go months with their doors closed.  But supplying Americans with monthly support until they can get back on their feet can save our communities from financial ruin. We need immediate checks and recurring payments so that we can keep our heads above water.  Congress needs to make sure that we won’t be left financially ruined for doing our part to keep the country healthy.

Stephanie Bonin
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Petition to Joseph R. Biden, Miguel Cardona

POTUS: Cancel ALL Federal Student Loans, and Return Bankruptcy Rights to the Rest.

Trillions could be injected into the economy with no tax money needed, and nothing added to the national debt.   Before the pandemic,  80% of the 45.4 million people holding federal student loans were either unable to pay, or were paying but their balances were going up.  Over one-third of U.S. states have student debt loads that eclipse their entire state budgets. People over the age of 50 with student loans outnumber people under 25, and they owe 3 times more, despite having borrowed far less.  The default rate for 2004 students is 40%, and they took out less than a third of what today's students have to borrow.   The default rate for current borrowers will likely exceed 75%.  This is more than four times the default rate of sub-prime home mortgages.  By all rational metrics, this is now a catastrophically failed, and nationally threatening lending system. We do not have to take this. The President and Secretary of Education have all the authority needed to cancel all federally owned student loans- about 85% of all student debt. Nothing would be added to the national debt, and no congressional approval or appropriation is needed.  The President can also order the Department of Education to stop opposing student loan borrowers in bankruptcy court.  For the good of the nation, it is time to end this broken federal lending system.  We call on President Biden cancel all federally owned loans by executive order, and replace this failed lending system with a less expensive, more state-friendly funding model for higher education.  We also call on both the President and Congress to return standard bankruptcy protections to ALL student loans, by executive order and through legislation. This will greatly stimulate the economy.  Analysts have estimated that cancelling student loans will increase GDP by over $100 billion for the next ten years, but they neglect increased borrowing capacity that will enable people to buy homes, start businesses, etc.  This would be an additional $1 Trillion (roughly) in direct spending in the near/medium term.   This is not a partisan problem.  More than half of all student loan borrowers identify as being politically independent, or republican. "Red" states are being hurt significantly worse than "Blue" states.    Claims that cancelling loans will largely benefit people who don't need it are wrong.  80% of all borrowers were "underwater" on their loans before the pandemic. All borrowers were determined to be "financially needy" as a condition for federal loans. More than 40% never graduated.   The most successful student loan borrowers tend to refinance their loans out of the federal system, so they won't benefit. Rest assured, the taxpayers will be fine. The federal government has been profiting greatly on these loans for many years, and the Department of Education has even been making a profit on defaulted loans for decades.  While it is not known how much of the $1.6 Trillion federal portfolio is unpaid principal, it is likely a small fraction of the total. On balance, the taxpayers will have very little- if any- net loss when these loans are cancelled. PLEASE HELP GROW THIS PETITION: Paste the link to it across social media platforms. Tell your local media to report on it. Get at least ten people you know to sign.  Give it a boost. Follow us on Twitter and re-tweet this.  PLEASE...DO YOUR PART.  THIS HISTORIC PETITION REQUIRES MORE THAN JUST YOUR SIGNATURE TO SUCCEED! Petition created by Alan Collinge, founder of StudentLoanJustice.Org and author of The Student Loan Scam (Beacon Press). 

Student Loan Justice
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Petition to unemployed, Uber, small Missouri business, sole proprietor Missouri, Lyft, Gig Workers, mothers of distance learners, Missouri State Senate, Missouri Governor, Sam Graves, Jason Smith, Billy Long, Josh Hawley, Roger F. Wicker, Emanuel Cleaver, Vicky Hartzler, Blaine Luetkemeyer, Shamed Dogan

Let the Missouri Government know that ending unemployment benefits will hurt the state.

The governor said the state will end participation in all six federal pandemic-related unemployment programs effective Saturday, June 12, including the $300 weekly supplemental money.  Those programs include : Pandemic Unemployment Assistance;Emergency Unemployment Relief for Government Entities and Nonprofit Organizations;Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation;Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation;100 Percent Reimbursement of Short-Time Compensation Benefit Costs Paid Under State Law; andMixed Earner Unemployment Compensation. Gov. Parson stated, “With more than 221,000 known job openings across this state, we know that the jobs are out there. One of the last remaining hurdles to full economic recovery is addressing this labor shortage." What the governor is not addressing is the fact that this is going to be a vicious cycle that is not good for the local economy they’re forcing people back out into jobs where they can get sick they’re forgetting about the mothers that can’t go back to work because their kids are home from school distant learning and they’re taking money away from the people that are going to go frequent these restaurants where are these people have been forced to go back to work from now little to no pay because if they’re not gonna have anybody visiting the restaurant.  For all the parents that are forced to be home due to not sending their child to school for various health concerns or the fact of the school is strictly virtual. Now they’re leaving them without any type of assistance and no way to get a job as well because they still have to have childcare. I need to add that they’re doing this just 30 days notice and at the end of the evection memorandum protecting everybody who’s in their homes this will inevitably force even more of the population out of their home unable to pay rent unable to pay mortgages and no protections again.  I know the governor didn’t get to where he is today without a sprinkle of wisdom so this must be a decision made without thinking ahead too much but It’s time that Governor Parsons do what he was elected to do.   “As public servants, we constantly strive to be the best for the people of Missouri, and it is our responsibility in state government to provide reliable and responsive service to the people of Missouri.” 

Briana Barnes
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