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Enough with Government and their threats to cut or end Social Security

Nearly 66 million Americans depend on Social Security to pay their bills. How many years have the American people faced Government, especially congress threatening to reduce or end Social Security, which rightfully belongs to the people? Americans work for years, and social security deductions are taken from paychecks consistently. Yet, over the years, it appears Government has borrowed against Social Security through the sale of bonds and invest in capital while paying back a portion of what is borrowed through interest. Hence, the question is, where is the principal?  Does this sound like a Ponzi scheme? Yes! It is time for accountability. Give us our money back and cease to continue deducting from our paychecks and allow the American people to decide where they want to invest their money.  Additionally, where are social security dollars going when an American passes away and has paid into Social Security during their working years? It was disconcerting to find that after my mother died, her Social Security would return to the Government. She worked for over 45 years and retired for only a short period before her passing. A law should require Social Security to be given to the deceased's children regardless of whether they are over 18 years old. If no children exit, social security should go to the estate. Social Security is money that you and your loved ones have earned by putting in hard labor.  Please share this same passion as I do and sign this petition calling for Government Action Now.

Bridget T.
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Petition to US Congr, US Congress


This is a petition to tell Congress the MUST intervein on the ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act) Case being heard Unconstitutionally before the U.S. Supreme Court. As it states in 25 USC1901-Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 of the United States Constitution, "The Congress has Power to regulate commerce with Indian Tribes, and through this and other Constitutional Authority. Congress has Plenary Power over Indian Affairs. The Chief Justices swore an Oath to uphold the Constitution. It is unconstitutional and treasonous for any Chief Justice or Judge to swear an Oath and make any decisions on this ICWA Case, or any other cases of Indian Affairs as that falls on Congress alone. The Attorneys who represent the Plaintiff in the case, also represents the BIG Oil Companies are using the ICWA Case as a vendetta against all Indigenous People to get their hands on what they cannot have. The OIL. Title 5, Part 3, Subpart B, Chapter 33, Subsection 3331-Under Oath of Office clearly states that an Individual who is elected or appointed to an Office or Honor of Profit MUST take a solemn Oath to protect and uphold the U.S. Constitution. Failure to do so is a High Misdemeanor and an Act of Treason which violates the Constitution of the United States (Judges and Justices). We are Petitioning Congress to do what they need to do and step in and stop the ICWA Case from being heard any further from the Supreme Court. And let the Chief Justices know they have NO JURISDICTION ON ANY INDIAN AFFAIRS.

PJ Jackson
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