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Petition to Kathleen Sullivan, Scott Lee, Lisa J. Clement, Sarah Nebeker, Lianne Thompson, Clatsop County Board of Commissioners, Heather Hansen, Cameron Moore


We respectfully ask the Clatsop County Board of Commissioners to reverse its decision to dissolve the Southwest Coastal Community Advisory Committee (SCCAC, aka SWCCAC).  Please meet with and work with the concerned and engaged citizens of Arch Cape, Falcon Cove Beach, and the entire Southwest Coastal Community to keep the important aspects of the SCCAC and allow for continued citizen involvement in our region of the County.  For more than 40 years, the SCCAC has worked actively and persistently to maintain the Southwest Coastal Community’s livability, natural resources and beauty. In the 1970’s the SCCAC help draft the Southwest Coastal Community’s Comprehensive Plan. This Plan guides development in the Southwest Coastal Community by protecting our beaches, headlands, streams, wetlands, forestlands, and Highway 101 from improper development. The Plan was progressive for its time and remains a guiding document for the community and our land use ordinances. The SCCAC provides the opportunity for local people to advise the County on proposed developments, provides critical local knowledge, and helps to ensure that developments are done properly and in the best interest of the community.  Without the SCCAC and the Plan, we believe that the Southwest Coastal Community could look much different today. The entire Highway 101 corridor could become a commercial strip like Rockaway Beach. Ocean front homes could be three stories high like in other communities, blocking the view of everyone living behind them and changing the natural feel of our glorious beach. All vacant lots could be cleared of trees and natural vegetation leaving our neighborhoods void of the remarkably lush coastal rainforest in which we live. The SCCAC and its Plan are the core of our community.  We do not understand why, after all these years of the SCCAC working selflessly to protect the resident and communities of the Southwest Coastal region of Clatsop County, that the BOC was so determined to dissolve the SCCAC against the wishes of the residents of the community, and with little opportunity to hear public comment and deliberate.  And why dissolve a citizen advisory committee, if a primary principle of Oregon’s planning goals is citizen involvement? As an unincorporated region of the county, citizen input is all the more important to provide appropriate representation. We are pledged to complying with the law and respecting our neighbors, and we strongly believe that the SCCAC can and should continue to play a role in advising the County regarding decisions affecting our area.  Please work with us.

Save Arch Cape - Falcon Cove Beach
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Petition to Ed Trzaska

Cancel the Montgomery Rodeo

            The rodeo is made out to be an entertaining and family-friendly event, when in reality it is nothing but a cruel spectator sport based on the suffering and exploitation of animals. Still, every year, signs appear all around my town and nearby towns advertising the Montgomery Rodeo. The Montgomery Rodeo is a fundraising event that claims to want to bring the community “a true rodeo experience.” Although it may be for charity, this does not excuse the fact that the rodeo is still just a western themed circus that masks animal abuse and exploitation as an amusing sport. At the rodeo, people may be winning prizes, but the animals are the one paying the price. I am deeply saddened when I start to see advertisements appear for a rodeo very close to where I live. The Montgomery Rodeo features many cruel events, and the especially cruel calf roping, team roping, and goat tying. Calf roping, or tie down roping, is an extremely violent and pathetic “sport.” Someone (or two people if it’s team roping) riding a horse tries to catch a petrified running calf with a loop rope, dismounts the horse, then ties the calf by three legs in the shortest time possible. This results in calves being slammed to the ground, and getting severely injured. Goat tying is the same event, but with a goat instead of a calf. This unnecessarily cruel event in my town could be replaced with something much more family-friendly and enjoyable.            Please join me in asking the mayor of Montgomery Township, NJ to stop the rodeo from taking place this summer- or ever again.   

Emma C
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Petition to All residents of Arkansas.

A show of support for Emerald's Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

So, we're dropping a little bit of news. Emerald's Triangle LLC is applying for a medical marijuana dispensary license! While your show of support here may not directly influence whether or not the application gets approved. It serves to show that you, a vital part of this community, are in favor of Emerald's acquiring a license. This petition will serve to show that you agree with one or more of the following, and that ultimately you believe Emerald's Triangle LLC will have and hold the interests of Arkansans relating to medical marijuana: 1. You believe that Emerald's Triangle LLC will truthfully, accurately, eagerly, and morally serve the population of Arkansas via a medical marijuana dispensary. 2. You believe that Emerald's Triangle LLC's operation of a medical marijuana dispensary will  be of great benefit to patients whom are qualified to purchase, procure, and use medical marijuana in Arkansas. 3. You believe Emerald's Triangle LLC will ethically uphold the interests of Arkansans, as it concerns medical marijuana 4. You have experienced the morale, integrity, character, and environment associated with Emerald's Triangle LLC and believe the level of such traits will be of great benefit to all who seek a tentative, informative, compliant, and pleasant experience involving a medical marijuana dispensary; to Arkansans and visitors alike. In general, A petition is used to bring much needed attention to an injustice in our world that has gone un-noticed, or that has gone without action. In this case, there is no injustice. Just the possibility of a great addition to our community and we would like to be the one to serve you. If you feel in alignment with ANY of the above. Would you sign our petition to show your support for this undertaking? Yes, we are just as excited and your support can only be beneficial, as it always has been. We are thankful for all of our patrons and visitors. Without you there would be nothing to strive for or seek growth for. Thank you for all of your time and support!   Thanks Again Arkansas, Emeralds'    

Richard Johnston
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