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Petition to Polly Trottenberg

Demand safety for Pedestrians at Fort Independence Intersections!

Dear Neighbors, As you know, there are several dangerous intersections in our neighborhood that have been problematic for many years. Fort Independence Street intersects with Giles Place, Kingsbridge Terrace and Heath Avenue – creating a dizzying roadway with insufficient traffic and pedestrian regulation.ALL pedestrians – including children and the elderly — are at risk of being hit by relentless oncoming traffic from multiple directions. With limited to no visibility of what's coming around the corner, pedestrians are forced to take their chances and dart out with fingers crossed that no bus or car is going to mow them down out of nowhere. There are NO crosswalks at essentially 3 intersections of these very busy streets.Drivers are at risk as well. Two bus-lines, cabs and every-day commuters navigate this intersection blindly, constantly in danger of being involved in a traffic crash or hitting a pedestrian. After receiving several official complaints, The Department of Transportation (DOT) conducted a survey of the intersection in December 2014 and declared that a traffic signal was not necessary at this time. This is unacceptable!When will DOT install what's obviously necessary? AFTER someone has been injured or killed? As of this month - January 2017:NO traffic signal has been installed.NO crosswalk has been designated.NO crossing guard has been assigned.NO protections at all have been applied to these dangerous intersections.Let's not wait until a tragedy occurs to make noise about this issue.We are a strong community of parents, students, workers, community leaders and business owners.We CAN and WILL be heard.Something must be done NOW - before it's too late. Please sign below in support of this petition. We hope to gather 1000 signatures in the next 30 days. It will be presented to the following Public Officials: Polly Trottenberg, Commissioner, NYC Department of TransportationBronx DOT Commissioner Constance MoranBronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.Congressman Adriano EspaillatState Senator Jeffrey KleinAssemblyman Jeffrey DinowitzCouncilman Andrew Cohen     Councilman Fernando Cabrera            Community Board 8 Chairman Daniel Padernacht

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Petition to Strategic Acquistions Inc, Peter Baer, Tony Hershman


Help #savethegangstagarden and The Ron Finley Project's HQ that ignited a worldwide food justice revolution by signing the petition and generously giving what you can.All Ron Finley wanted was healthy food for himself, his family and neighbors. After picking up a tomato that was labeled “coated with shellac” in his local South Central Los Angeles grocery store, it hit Finley: there was a complete lack of healthy food in his community. This is true for not only Finley’s community, but most underserved populations nationwide. More than 29 million Americans live in food deserts or what Finley has termed “food prisons”.“the drive-thrus are killing more people than the drive-bys”In 2010, Finley decided to take his health and the health of his community into his own hands and “Plant Some Shit”, turning a strip of city-owned land in front of his property into a food oasis. After a citation, fine and eventual warrant for Finley’s arrest over the grass that he transformed into an edible landscape for his community, word spread quickly about the “Gangsta Gardener”, sparking a global food justice movement. Luminaries such as René Redzepi, Russell Brand, Alice Waters, Rainn Wilson, Penny Marshall, Aloe Blacc, Carson Daley, Rachel Hunter and Robert Horry reached out to Finley in solidarity of his work, followed by statewide dignitaries, namely Mayors Aja Brown, Kevin Johnson and Councilman Herb Wesson. Soon after, the Gangsta Garden began to be visited and studied by local K-12 classrooms and universities all over the world including renown institutions such as Harvard, the University of Southern California and MIT.“Kids who grow kale, eat kale. If they grow tomatoes, they eat tomatoes. But when none of this is presented to them, they blindly eat whatever you put in front of them.”Over the last few years, the owner of the RFP property has been battling with the bank and has made several attempts to receive a loan modification to no avail. The bank recently foreclosed on the property and sold it to Strategic Acquisitions Inc. RFP has requested that Strategic Acquisitions allow them to continue operating from the location as to sustain with the important work they are doing in the community. The only solution they have been offered is to purchase the property, otherwise, face eviction. HQ has grown into more than just a garden since 2010, including RFP offices, an educational center and a propagation station for more edible urban landscapes. The loss of this property is a continuation of the injustices perpetrated against the members of the South Central Los Angeles community and persons struggling with food insecurity around the world. Finley took on city lawmakers in 2010 sparking a worldwide food justice revolution. Now the world needs to rally behind him!RFP needs to raise $500,000 to #savethegangstagarden that has become a symbol of healthy change for Los Angeles and cities all over. If you have been touched by RFP or support access to healthy food for ALL communities, please sign the petition, donate on our crowdfunding site, share and comment on how the The Ron Finley Project has inspired you.

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Petition to BCHO Board members

Save BCHO clinics!

To Members of the Board of the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, This petition from the current medical staff, community physicians, and former residents is in response to the Board of Directors’ proposed cuts to the ambulatory programs of UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland (UBCHO).  We are concerned that these proposed cuts are contrary to the Board’s responsibility to the mission of the hospital, are based on incomplete data, and raise questions about the management of the hospital.   We demand more transparency about the accounting related to the expenses and the budget of these programs, in order to better understand the issue at hand. We also demand more information about how these cuts will impact the residency program and its ability to comply with ACGME requirements.   We believe the leadership at UBCHO needs to be proactive and not reactive in providing new, innovative solutions, as previous cuts have not worked and have left us with options that are not sustainable.  Broad-based cuts like those proposed cause community physicians and our patients’ families to lose faith in the hospital as a whole, decreasing referrals to all programs, including those not affected by the changes. Chronic poor management should not preclude proper care of our community’s children. By March 15, 2017, we request a response, which includes: - An extended timeline for consideration of changes to these programs- Clear, reliable data about costs and revenue- A working group, which includes community physicians, members of the MEC, and members of the Board to make a thoughtful appraisal of all of the options.- A thorough appraisal of how the current proposed cuts will affect the ability of the residency program to comply with ACGME requirements.- A response as to where the patients who utilize these critical programs will go for care, considering that our mission is “to ensure the delivery of the highest quality pediatric care for all children through regional, primary, and subspecialty networks, a strong education and teaching program, a diverse workforce, state-of-the-art  research programs and facilities and nationally-recognized child advocacy efforts”. On behalf of the medical staff, community physicians, and former residents, Respectfully, Margery Lackman, MD (Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation - Pediatrics) Jennifer Louie, MD (Palo Alto Medical Foundation Fremont - Pediatrics) Jennifer Miller, MD (East Bay Pediatrics) Jaleh Niazi, MD (New Day Pediatrics) Daniel Robbins, MD (Lamorinda Pediatrics) Elizabeth Salsburg, MD (Managing Partner, Kiwi Pediatrics) Christina Vo, MD (Managing Partner, East Bay Pediatrics)    

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