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Petition to Michele Stanton, David Petrarca, Martin Busch, Patricia Gionta, Julies Grose, Darrell Rapp, Tim Ward

Engage the community in hiring the next Swissvale Borough police chief

We, the residents of Swissvale, demand transparency in the hiring of the next Swissvale Borough police chief and the opportunity to engage in the process of selecting this important public servant. On November 1, 2017, Chief Geppert of the Swissvale Police submitted his resignation. That same night, without engaging the community, the Swissvale borough council voted to begin advertising for his replacement immediately, utilizing a job description that was written in 2005. Private requests to borough council members for more information about the hiring process have gone unanswered and the deadline for candidate applications is a mere 10 days away. While we recognize the importance of filling the position quickly, we also embrace the reality that Interim Chief Watson is more than capable of managing the department long enough to allow for a transparent process that ensures the best person for the job is selected. Much has changed in our community and in the world at-large since 2005, and the requirements and characteristics of a candidate for police chief should evolve as well. Furthermore, the overall process for how a new police chief is hired should be outlined publicly. Since the dated description has already been circulated and the community was not consulted, we demand the opportunity to meet and ask questions of top candidates for the job. Several communities nationwide have held open forums like the one we are requesting. Examples: Swissvale government officials have made great strides in the last 2 years in becoming more transparent and communicative with community members. This important job vacancy is an opportunity for council members to step up and show that they are really invested in the input of the people that elected them. In summary: Residents of Swissvale demand a seat at the table and the opportunity to engage in the process of selecting our next police chief. Petition to be delivered to Swissvale Borough Council.    

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Petition to Polly Trottenberg

Demand safety for Pedestrians at Fort Independence Intersections!

Dear Neighbors, As you know, there are several dangerous intersections in our neighborhood that have been problematic for many years. Fort Independence Street intersects with Giles Place, Kingsbridge Terrace and Heath Avenue – creating a dizzying roadway with insufficient traffic and pedestrian regulation.ALL pedestrians – including children and the elderly — are at risk of being hit by relentless oncoming traffic from multiple directions. With limited to no visibility of what's coming around the corner, pedestrians are forced to take their chances and dart out with fingers crossed that no bus or car is going to mow them down out of nowhere. There are NO crosswalks at essentially 3 intersections of these very busy streets.Drivers are at risk as well. Two bus-lines, cabs and every-day commuters navigate this intersection blindly, constantly in danger of being involved in a traffic crash or hitting a pedestrian. After receiving several official complaints, The Department of Transportation (DOT) conducted a survey of the intersection in December 2014 and declared that a traffic signal was not necessary at this time. This is unacceptable!When will DOT install what's obviously necessary? AFTER someone has been injured or killed? As of this month - January 2017:NO traffic signal has been installed.NO crosswalk has been designated.NO crossing guard has been assigned.NO protections at all have been applied to these dangerous intersections.Let's not wait until a tragedy occurs to make noise about this issue.We are a strong community of parents, students, workers, community leaders and business owners.We CAN and WILL be heard.Something must be done NOW - before it's too late. Please sign below in support of this petition. We hope to gather 1000 signatures in the next 30 days. It will be presented to the following Public Officials: Polly Trottenberg, Commissioner, NYC Department of TransportationBronx DOT Commissioner Constance MoranBronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.Congressman Adriano EspaillatState Senator Jeffrey KleinAssemblyman Jeffrey DinowitzCouncilman Andrew Cohen     Councilman Fernando Cabrera            Community Board 8 Chairman Daniel Padernacht

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