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Petition to Ydanis Rodriguez, Gale Brewer, Shahabuddeen Ally, Steve Banks

Take Back Community Programs at NYC's Fort Washington Armory!

Please sign this Petition for Change and take BACK Community programs to NYC's Fort Washington Armory.  Please help children, youth, adults and families in dire need in Washington Heights/Inwood and Upper Manhattan. By signing this Petition you are helping to advocate for the utilization and public use of New York City's Fort Washington Armory at 168th Street. The Armory Foundation is overcharging nonprofit groups and not utilizing this city building to help create community programs. In the video above you can see a Community Leader speak of the atrocities going on at The Fort Washington Armory by The Armory Foundation and many others. This campaign will help Open Access to community programs and space at NYC Fort Washington Armory.  Norbert Sander, in DNAInfo,  states.."It just happens to be in Washington Heights?” (By Lindsay Armstong October 30, 2014). Children have been denied access to programs and non-profit groups are being charged exorbitant fees (see articles below).   Email for more information and The Armory 168's spokesperson will contact you.    Armory 168 recently received the below email/letter from John Doe, (full version below under "petition letter) "What has happened at the Armory is a travesty to the children of Washington Heights and the entire city of New York!" John Doe The letter documents parts of the "travesty" that have taken place at the Fort Washington Armory. To see the full text, look under Petition letter section. Unfortunately, the Armory, “which just happens to be in Washington Heights”, has forgotten about the needs of this community and it has lost sight of its original mission.  A change in leadership and policy is needed immediately and the only way that this will happen is through informed pressure from our community, local politicians and a boycott/protest of the prestigious Millrose Games. As Dr. Norb Sander and company try to rally support at the upcoming community board meeting, it is important that the information in this letter be shared and investigated.  Our children, our student-athletes, our coaches, parents, and residents deserve better." John Doe By signing this Petition you are helping to advocate for utilization of a public space for children, youth, adults and families at the Fort Washington Armory.

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Petition to California Department of Public Health, Jerry Brown, California State House, California State Senate, police

Stop the Needle Exchange Program in Costa Mesa, CA

Dear Costa Mesa, It terrifies me that any program would want to operate this close to our Businesses, Homes, Schools & Sober Living Facilities. Help us stop the exchange program that would only enable more drug users and encourage them to come to Costa Mesa to partake in this deadly culture even more. The Research shows that these programs DO NOT help the public discard of needles or the spread of HIV/AIDS. Please read more via the link below & develop your own opinion, and quickly. This has been happening for almost 90 days and We now only have till Monday June 25th to make our voices heard. The public notice just went out this morning (June 20th)!   Sign the petition if you agree that this is an unnecessary addition to our community & would make you feel even more out of control in what the state has allowed in Orange County.    Thank you,    Talia    The Costa Mesa Police Department has concluded that a proposal by the Orange County Needle Exchange Program (OCNEP) to distribute syringes in the Westside of Costa Mesa has the potential to increase discarded needles in the city and present a safety risk to residents and others. According to the Department of Public Health website, the Orange County Needle Exchange Program has submitted an application to operate its needle exchange program daily in Costa Mesa from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in an area bounded by (N) West 18th Street, (E) Monrovia Avenue, (S) West 16th Street, (W) the outer border of Armstrong Petroleum. The Costa Mesa Police Department submitted a response to the California Department of Public Health opposing the program. Click here to read the response. Members of the public who are interested in more information or commenting on this program can visit the California Department of Public Health’s application page. Responses can be sent to this email address Click here to read the full application by the Orange County Needle Exchange Program.

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