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Petition to Bracknell Forest Borough Council

Save Easthampstead Park

Easthampstead Park is a beautiful Victorian mansion set in the Berkshire countryside, it is listed by the Department for the Environment as "a building of historic and architectural interest. Surrounded by 60 acres of woodland, parkland and formal gardens it is a much loved wedding venue, event showground and business conference centre. The house and its surrounding grounds are owned by Bracknell Forest Council and due to government austerity cuts they are considering selling the house and its grounds. More worryingly Bracknell Forest Council HAD submitted the grounds to their own housing development process (or call for sites) which estimated the site could have a maximum potential yield of nearly 600 houses (although the council has suggested 114 flats could be more suitable). During the first week of this petition it received over 6,000 signatures from concerned residents and Bracknell Forest Council have taken these concerns on board by withdrawing the Easthampstead Park from the current site allocation process which is FANTASTIC news. HOWEVER the future of Easthampstead Park House and its grounds remain uncertain while the council continue discuss its potential sale. The concern is if sold BFC will have no control over the fate of the house or its grounds and it will inevitably be converted into flats and the grounds partially consumed by housing. Residents of the greater Bracknell area must unite to protect this historic and well used community asset and as such it should remain undeveloped and within the safe hands of the borough council. The aim of this petition is to encourage the borough council to change their mind and instead offer a guarantee to protect Easthampstead Park house and its grounds.  

David L
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Petition to Melinda Katz, New York City Council, Bill de Blasio, Xinyuan Real Estate, New York City Landmarks, Tony Avella, Toby Ann Stavisky, Peter Koo, Ron Kim, Grace Meng, CB 7

Save The RKO Keith's Theater in Flushing, Queens

Please restore the RKO Theater's original landmark status and restore the physical theater itself. The RKO Keith's Theater in Flushing is one of two atmospheric theaters left in Queens (the other is presently a church and not used as performance space). In February, 1984 it's interior was fully landmarked, but most of the theater lost that status due to an ambiguous decision by the NYC Board of Estimate in July of that same year. Since then it has passed hands from owner to owner and it's currently in a state of ruin; shuttered and cut off from the outside world. Recently it was bought by Xinyuan Real Estate who, while restoring the landmarked portions, will turn the actual theater part into a high rise luxury condo and has no public plan for public access to the landmarked lobby. Other theaters across the country and in New York City have been restored and there is no reason why the RKO has to be left to die. Since the theater has been shuttered there have been attempts to make it into either a museum or performing arts center in Queens, an equivalent to BAM. This may be our last attempt to save a piece of our history. While the Flushing area does have two accomplished spaces, Flushing Town Hall and the Queens Theater, those performance spaces are much smaller, have a fraction of the seating capacity, and are in no way atmospheric in the same degree. We are not asking Xinyaun Real Estate to give up the performance space, but understand that a functional restore theater with the character and beauty of a RKO would attract more people to the area and could be a profitable venture. So please sign this petition to save the RKO Keith's Theater before one of our great buildings is gone forever.

Richard Thornhill
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