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Petition to Keith Budden

Save Our Temple Inn

                                               The Temple Inn                                               82 Forest Road                                                 Liss Forest                                                 GU33 7BP  The above public house was closed by its owner, Fuller Smith @ Turner Plc, in February, 2017.  This was the only public house in Liss Forest. Without the pub, the community has lost its only place to meet and socialize. Without a meeting place, the community is lost.  Under Section 70 of the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) of 2012, local planning authorities are required to guard against the unnecessary loss of valued facilities. We have already lost our post office and shops. We do not want to lose our pub for good.  Our village has a great community spirit, but losing the pub would be severely detrimental to that and it is not something that we can allow to happen.  Whilst we hope that our petition will demonstrate the strength of feeling about The Temple Inn, we would also encourage you to write to the council to explain what our Temple Inn means to you and why we cannot allow it to simply become another one of the twenty pubs a week that closes in the UK. Please address your letters to Keith Budden. His contact detail are below:                                                                         Cllr Keith Budden                                  East Hampshire District Council                                                   Penns Place                                                   Petersfield                                                   Hampshire                                                     GU31 4EX

Save Our Temple Inn
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Petition to Mike Cartwright, Mayor., Steven Cowan LBHF, Tasnim Shawkat, Kim Dero, Ian Ross


Do you know what your local park in White City is called ? It's called Hammersmith Park​ even though it is no where​ near Hammersmith main streets, shops, flyover or Bridge. WIKIPEDIA actually lists it as Shepherds Bush and as we already have a Green there l think it's perfectly reasonable to have our park called White City. It is after all on the edge of our Estate. It is also set near all the developers boards announcing new homes, hotels, leisure facilities and shops at White City living and White City Place. People come to work here via White City Tube station.  Imperial have named their innovative ground   breaking new campus, at the top of Wood lane, White City. " WHITE CITY PARK "is a 1.4 mile walk from Hammersmith Town Hall on King St . IT TAKES WELL OVER 20 MINUTES TO GET TO HAMMERSMITH ON FAIRLY SWIFT FEET !! We have other aptly named parks and open spaces in the area. Wormholt Park near Wormholt Estate and Wormwood Scrubs by Wormwood Prison/ Old Oak Estate. Ravenscourt Park is considered to be the Boroughs flagship park, yet it bears it's geographic location name. Why has our rich heritage of the White Pavilions from the Great Exhibitions of 1902 to 1910 been overlooked, not to mention the Olympics and Commonwealth games. I have no idea how it came to be named Hammersmith but l believe this is an opportune point in time to have it changed. Other names in the hat are White City Green, Wood Lane or the popular non geographic Television Park ( echoes of its nickname BBC Park) which is in keeping with its later 20 th & 21st Century incarnation as a sister to the newly revamped Television Centre development residences, hotel, and underground media studios. We can ask our council to take a name change proposal seriously, amend the borough maps and website. We can urge our MP Andy Slaughter and ward Councillors Colin Aherne, Max Schmid, and Sue McMillan to assist. I can request Google to verify its new name as a local guide level 8. We can then proudly direct people to their own park, not a satellite of Hammersmith.  To date on March 20th we have 201 signatures which l believe means the decision makers will have to address this issue through a public meeting in May or soon after. During the local elections we have an ideal opportunity to raise our target to 500 which would carry even more weight. Every resident living in Batman Close, Wood Lane, along South Africa Road, Loftus Road, Frithville Gardens and on White City Estate is eligible to sign, visitors past and present and of course all those who work in the area that regularly use this wonderful green space. Imagine if they did !  It would be a loud declaration of pride in where we live and a powerful claim of honourary ownership of our park. So you see every signature gets us nearer to that great vision and helps create a genuine 21st legacy for our children and grandchildren. We are not a satellite of Hammersmith. We want to play and picnic in a park  that is called WHITE CITY, or a name chosen by a popular democratic vote. I PROMISE YOU A RELAUNCH OF THE PARK WORTHY OF ITS NEW NAME whatever that turns out to be. A non geographic but fitting one has been thrown into the mix.... TELEVISION PARK ! I think Stanhope would love that.    

Suzanne Iwai
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Petition to Vincent Paliczka

Save Easthampstead Park

Easthampstead Park is a beautiful Victorian mansion set in the Berkshire countryside, it is listed by the Department for the Environment as "a building of historic and architectural interest. Surrounded by 60 acres of woodland, parkland and formal gardens it is a much loved wedding venue, event showground and business conference centre. The house and its surrounding grounds are owned by Bracknell Forest Council and due to government austerity cuts they are considering selling the house and its grounds. More worryingly Bracknell Forest Council HAD submitted the grounds to their own housing development process (or call for sites) which estimated the site could have a maximum potential yield of nearly 600 houses (although the council has suggested 114 flats could be more suitable). During the first week of this petition it received over 6,000 signatures from concerned residents and Bracknell Forest Council have taken these concerns on board by withdrawing the Easthampstead Park from the current site allocation process which is FANTASTIC news. HOWEVER the future of Easthampstead Park House and its grounds remain uncertain while the council continue discuss its potential sale. The concern is if sold BFC will have no control over the fate of the house or its grounds and it will inevitably be converted into flats and the grounds partially consumed by housing. Residents of the greater Bracknell area must unite to protect this historic and well used community asset and as such it should remain undeveloped and within the safe hands of the borough council. The aim of this petition is to encourage the borough council to change their mind and instead offer a guarantee to protect Easthampstead Park house and its grounds.    

David L
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Petition to Alastair Carruthers

Retain the Sanctuary Mahi Whenua gardens and food forest

Located in the heart of Mt Albert, Auckland, New Zealand, the Sanctuary Mahi Whenua is a precious open green space. It includes a mature food forest and beautiful biodynamic gardens. The Sanctuary Mahi Whenua is situated within the Unitec Mt Albert campus and includes a well used public greenway connection to the Oakley Creek Walkway. The fertile volcanic soils of the site have been cultivated by Maori since pre-European times. For the last 18 years, it has been a showcase for sustainable living, demonstrating how to preserve the land, grow food organically and stay healthy. Today, over 140 tree species, including several from New Zealand's offshore islands and many hundreds of other plants and animal species are established there. The Sanctuary Mahi Whenua is a biodiversity jewel for Auckland city whilst being a high-quality recreational space enjoyed by a wide range of members of the wider community. The Sanctuary Mahi Whenua is under threat  The Wairaka Land Company (WLC), a subsidiary of Unitec, has advised the land on which the Sanctuary is sited, is to be sold for development, and the Sanctuary will cease to exist in its present form. This will result in the loss of the cultural heritage, biodiversity and key location that makes the Sanctuary a natural pivot and connection point with its wider surrounds. Unitec’s land company (WLC) has advised that the Sanctuary must be vacated by 1 May 2018 in preparation for the land being sold for development by the end of 2018. You can show your support and help save this significant green space for future generations by signing the petition.  The Sanctuary Mahi Whenua society on behalf of the community, will present the petition to the Acting Chief Executive of Unitec asking that the Sanctuary Mahi Whenua be retained for the community as a valuable taonga.  Thank you for your support and vision.  

Sanctuary Mahi Whenua Gardens and Food Forest
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