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Petition to Tower Hamlets Council, John Biggs


The Save Jamboree campaign now has a chance to ask the council to step in to help prevent the music venue Jamboree from closing. To do this, we must collect 2,000 signatures from people who live or work in Tower Hamlets, requesting specifically that Tower Hamlets council take action. We don’t have much time though, we must present the signatures by this Wednesday, March 7th. If we can do it, the council will have to debate the closure in a council meeting on March 21st, and we have a chance of having the mayor step in to help us. If you live or work in Tower Hamlets, please would you sign this petition: Calling on the mayor of Tower Hamlets to intervene in this case and ask Sudbury Properties to revoke their decision not to renew Jamboree’s lease. Calling on Tower Hamlets council to review our application for Cable Street Studios, the building where Jamboree is located, to be awarded the status of an asset of community value, which was declined without due process being followed and without steps for appeal being provided.  Calling on Tower Hamlets council to recognise that if Tower Hamlets wishes to become the London Borough of Culture, it must take actions to support the venues that are providing the lifeblood of cultural life in the borough. Calling on the mayor of Tower Hamlets to ensure that any future development plans will include Cable Street Studios' cultural value and protect its community.  The previous petition - which was signed by not just local people but others from across London and even abroad - will remain up online, and will add to our campaign. However, the next step is to show the council we have overwhelming support in the local community too.  Jamboree is a much-loved grassroots music venue which is being forced to close at the end of March after the landlord refused to renew its lease, giving no explanation. We are aware of plans by Sudbury Properties for the building to be redeveloped, however, no official information has been shared with the tenants, and the online page for the development plan was taken down last week. In the heart of the East End, Jamboree has provided a stage for musicians from around the world for almost a decade and is a hub for the local community. The number of live music venues in London is dwindling with 40% of grassroots venues lost since 2008, and the Mayor of London supports Jamboree’s effort to stay open.    Thank you for your support and please watch the Save Jamboree Facebook page for more updates. 

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Petition to Tasnim Shawkat, Kayode Adewumi, Max Schmid, Sue McMillan, Ben Coleman, Lisa Homan, Adam Connell, Andrew Jones, Larry Culhane, Wesley Harcourt, Daryl Brown


Do you know what your local park in White City is called ? It's called Hammersmith Park​ even though it is no where​ near Hammersmith main streets, shops, flyover or Bridge. WIKIPEDIA actually lists it as Shepherds Bush and as we already have a Green there l think it's perfectly reasonable to have our park called White City. It is after all on the edge of our Estate. It is also set near all the developers boards announcing new homes, hotels, leisure facilities and shops at White City living and White City Place. People come to work here via White City Tube station.  Imperial have named their innovative ground   breaking new campus, at the top of Wood lane, White City. " WHITE CITY PARK "is a 1.4 mile walk from Hammersmith Town Hall on King St . IT TAKES WELL OVER 20 MINUTES TO GET TO HAMMERSMITH ON FAIRLY SWIFT FEET !! We have other aptly named parks and open spaces in the area. Wormholt Park near Wormholt Estate and Wormwood Scrubs by Wormwood Prison/ Old Oak Estate. Ravenscourt Park is considered to be the Boroughs flagship park, yet it bears it's geographic location name. Why has our rich heritage of the White Pavilions from the Great Exhibitions of 1908 to 1910 been overlooked, not to mention the Olympics and Commonwealth games. I have no idea how it came to be named Hammersmith but l believe this is an opportune point in time to have it changed. Other names in the hat are White City Green, Wood Lane or the popular non geographic Television Park ( echoes of its nickname BBC Park) which is in keeping with its later 20 th & 21st Century incarnation as a sister to the newly revamped Television Centre development residences, hotel, and underground media studios. We can ask our council to take a name change proposal seriously, amend the borough maps and website. We can urge our MP Andy Slaughter and ward Councillors Colin Aherne, Max Schmid, and Sue McMillan to assist. I can request Google to verify its new name as a local guide level 8. We can then proudly direct people to their own park, not a satellite of Hammersmith.  To date, 9th July, we have 207 signatures. By my estimation we need at least 500 to get the powers that be to take us more seriously. Every resident living in Batman Close, Wood Lane, along South Africa Road, Loftus Road, Frithville Gardens and on White City Estate is eligible to sign,  students and staff at Imperial College and the White City campus of the Royal college of Art, visitors past and present,... and of course all those who work in the area that regularly use this wonderful green space. Imagine if they did !  It would be a loud declaration of pride in where we live and a powerful claim of honourary ownership of our park. So you see every signature gets us nearer to that great vision and helps create a genuine 21st legacy for our children and grandchildren. We are not a satellite of Hammersmith. We want to play and picnic in a park  that is called WHITE CITY, or a name chosen by a popular democratic vote. I PROMISE YOU A RELAUNCH OF THE PARK WORTHY OF ITS NEW NAME whatever that turns out to be. A non geographic but fitting one has been thrown into the mix.... TELEVISION PARK ! I think Stanhope would love that.    

Suzanne Iwai
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