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Petition to Temple University, Endri Baduni, Aramark

Make Temple's Morgan Dining Hall More Eco-Friendly

Temple University can be proud of a lot-- Bob Saget went here, we have the coolest students, and were ranked #115 in National University’s Best College report-- but we definitely can’t brag about being a waste free campus. In Morgan Dining Hall, students are served single use plastic utensils, plates and cups. Temple University students and the members of Temple University’s Student for Environmental Action are looking for something to brag about. We are asking Aramark and Endri Baduni (Resident District Manager of Temple Dining Services) to find alternative solutions to single use plastics in Morgan Dining Hall. We know that these solutions are possible on campus because of sustainable dining practices available at Johnson and Hardwick's Esposito Dining Hall. Johnson and Hardwick composts all food waste produced in the dining hall: both pre- and post-consumer waste. Because Morgan Dining Hall only composts pre-consumer waste, hundreds of pounds of food waste mixed with plastic cutlery and china are being sent to the landfills. Temple University students prefer the eco-friendly options that J and H has to offer. We believe that Morgan Hall has the potential to be just as eco-friendly. Through this petition we are proving that this is an issue that Temple students are concerned and disappointed about, so sign below!   Interested in staying updated? Follow us on Facebook at

Temple University SEA
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Petition to the Under Secretary of the Department of Education

Require every high school to have college preparation courses

Many students discover that college is much harder than they anticipated while in high school. Most high schools focus on academic achievement and standardized testing while neglecting to prepare their students with the life skills needed to succeed in college. This has caused many students to assume that college will be similar to the testing and the studying they did for the standardized tests, but leaves them unprepared for the workload and stress of actual college life. As a result, large numbers of freshmen feel overwhelmed, suffering from anxiety and depression. Tragically, many even commit suicide. This is far more than any student (or family) should bear, especially when college should be an exciting time of learning and growth. Although no program can eliminate every problem, many students would be greatly helped if college preparedness classes were offered in high school. These classes would teach students about dorm living, college level workloads and performance expectations, how to manage time and sleep, how to take care of themselves, and what type of resources are available (i.e. tutoring, counseling, health and financial aid). I am a college freshmen and I and many of my friends have faced some of these issues. If high schools required college preparedness classes, students would be better able to adjust to college life and succeed in their academic careers. 

Katie Schaefer
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