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Petition to Peralta District Office, Sean Brooke, Suzanne Kunkel, Brenda Martinez

College Student's Right of Choice For Health Insurance

  We are the International Students from Peralta Colleges in California and are part of the community. We believe that it is unwarranted to have a mandatory Health Insurance without a realistic waiver. It should be up to us to choose to either say yes or no.  大家好!我们是来自Peralta college的国际生。我们相信一个没有任何减免可能性的强制保险政策严重背离了全体国际生的意愿。我们应该拥有选择是否参与这一保险的权利!   What about health insurance today ? As of now, international students are required to subscribe to any choice of health insurance in order to apply and enroll in classes at the Peralta Community College District. The International District Office checks for the validity of the health insurance only once, when applying for the first semester. Students are thus free to choose the health insurance that suits them the best. 此前健康保险政策情况如何? Peralta collge要求所有学生必须拥有健康保险,才可以申请或者继续注册课程。Peralta district 工作人员会在所有学生入学前核查是否拥有健康保险。但是,我们始终拥有自由购买属于我们自己的健康保险的权利。 What about health insurance for Spring 2017 semester ? All international students will be automatically enrolled in the Peralta International Student Health Insurance Plan. No matter whether or not they are already satisfied with their own. 此次保险套餐(2017年春季学期起实施)情况如何? 从2017年一月一日起,全体学生将会被自动注册peralta international insurance plan, 但是非国际生拥有重新选择自身保险的权利。对于国际生而言,该保险政策将会被强制加入学费,这意味着当国际学生支付学费时,该保险的费用将会被一起支付,无法避免。 How much is it going to cost international students ? The fee for Spring and Summer semesters will be $801.50. We still have no idea as to why there is no fee for Spring semester only. 对于此次保险政策,每名学生需要支付多少费用? 2017年春季学期费用为801.50美元。我们仍然对于未来保险费用的政策变动一无所知。 What if international students refuse to pay the health insurance fee ? The Health Insurance fee will be part of the tuition fee. If tuition fees are not paid before January 9th, 2016, international students will be dropped from their classes. They will then loose their F1 status since they're not enrolled in 12 units anymore. 国际学生拒绝支付该保险费用的后果? 该项保险费用将会成为学费的一部分。如果在2017年1月9日前,国际学生没有按时支付学费(包括该项保险费用),国际学生将会被所有课程开除,国际生将会失去F1签证,在90天内会被遣返回国。  Is there any health insurance fee waiver ? As of right now, these are the only three circumstances where students may waive the health insurance fee: 1. Students who receive health insurance from their US resident spouse or US resident parents.2. Students who receive government sponsored health insurance.3. Students who receive health insurance from their place of employment in the US. In other words, there will be no (or a very few) international students who will be able to waive the fee. 那么针对不同国际生的情况, 该项保险费用有任何减免可能性吗?  目前,只有在三种情况下学生有可能申请对该项保险费的减免。 已具有通过美国公民配偶或者美国居民身份的父母获得的保险。 已具有政府资助的健康保险。已具有由雇主提供的保险。换句话说,所有的国际学生不满足以上任何情况,因此没有任何可能申请减免。  Why did the Office of International Education come up with this health insurance ? For whatever reasons, some international students don't extend or even cancel their health insurance after their first semester. Some of them have had to come back to their home country after health related issues because they simply weren't able to pay the total of expenses. Lots of community colleges around California have imposed their own health insurance to international students. 为什么国际生办公室出台了该项强制保险,并且没有任何减免的措施? 某些国际生在第一个学期后,不再对健康保险进行续约,甚至取消保险。他们在出现事故后无法承担高额的医疗费用,因此会被遣返回国。因此国际生办公室出台了这一保险政策使所有学生都能够自动加入,避免被遣返回国的风险。 Why is the health insurance mandatory ? The Office of International Education negotiated with a few health insurance companies. From their point of view, they managed to get a very good plan for a very reasonable price with one health insurance company.... as long as all current and new international students are automatically enrolled. 为什么该项保险是强制性的?  国际生办公室和一些健康保险公司进行了交涉。他们认为, 该保险套餐是我们国际生的最佳选择,只要我们能够被自动加入无须繁杂手续。 Why did the Office of International Education agree to this mandatory health insurance ? They told international students they don't have the resources to check on the health insurance of about a thousand international students every semester. There are 13 student workers, we guess some of them can check on it during the first weeks of every semesters. 为什么国际生教育办公室会批准通过该项强制保险计划? 国际生办公室声明他们没有足够的资源来对每一名学生保险状况进行核查,但是国际生办公室拥有13名学生工作人员,我们认为他们能够承担这一核查工作。 Why do international students refuse this health insurance ? Simple answer. Most of us have better coverage for a cheaper price.As examples : "My insurance not only covers medical expenses but also any repatriation and legal assistance, personal liability, personal accident, luggage cover and delayed departure in the United States of America as well as in my home country (France). I pay 49€/month." "I am covered through my fiance who benefits from Kaiser's coverage, which is basically one of the best ones in the USA." We managed to gather a large number of current international students who totally refuse to pay the fee because they encounter the same situation. We have already planned to meet and work on our argument but none of us know about US laws. We are all very motivated and have done some research that, unfortunately, are not profitable for now. We need to know in which direction organize our research. 为什么国际生拒绝接受该项保险计划? 很简单。大多数国际生已经拥有了比该计划性价比更高的保险计划。  来自国际生: “我的保险不仅包含医疗花费,还包含遣返,法律援助,私人问题,个人事故,行李托运和飞机延误,以及我在法国的花费。一个月只要49欧。“ “我的保险来自我的未婚夫,他的保险是全美最好Kaiser。” 我们有很多的国际学生,因为已经有了保险套餐的缘故,对此项强制保险计划持否定态度。然而,我们对于美国的法律并不了解,我们无法确立一个明确的方向,因此我们希望能够同时在此寻求帮助。 To sum it up ? New and current international students will have no choice but to pay the health insurance fee to keep their F1 status, even if they already have a better personal health insurance. They will have to pay both or cancel the other one.As much as we all are upset about this news, the Office of International Education worked hard for it and started with a very good intention. But lots of current international actually don't need it and don't want to pay more than twice the price for less coverage.In conclusion, international students are asking for nothing but to be able to waive this fee when they are already covered. 总结 未来,所有新入学的国际学生将没有任何选择保险套餐的权利,为了保持F1签证的有效性,他们将不得不支付该项保险费用,即使他们已经有了更好的保险套餐。他们唯一能做的就是支付双份保险,或者取消已有的保险套餐并支付违约费用。所有的国际生对该项保险计划非常沮丧,国际生办公室的确付出了心血,为我们争取了该项保险,我们都明白国际生办公室的好意。但是,大多数国际生并不需要该保险计划,也并不想支付几乎是两倍于其他保险套餐的费用,来换取更少的保障。  总结一下,所有国际生再次呼吁,希望学校能考虑到我们的情况,能够让已有保险计划的国际学生可以拥有减免该项强制保险费用的权利。  

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