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Petition to Dr. Chester Gipson, Deputy Administrator USDA APHIS (Deputy Administrator), Tom Vilsack, Kevin Shea, Administrator USDA APHIS


  "SORING" Tennessee Walking Horses is animal cruelty and a crime. These noble horses are the ONLY breed in the WORLD shown in heavy Stacked Shoes with Chains on their legs. Over 50% of the Horses inspected by the USDA Vets at the 2014 Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration in Shelbyville, Tennessee were "SORE". “Soring” is the illegal and cruel practice of using chemical and mechanical methods to create pain in a gaited show horse€™'s front legs to exaggerate their animated step.   The Horses are forced to perform the CRUEL and unnatural high stepping "Big Lick" gait".   The rich and influential people HURTING these Horses have now used political influence to force the USDA into making a Rule Change. Under the 2014 "SCAR RULE",  if a Horse had "SCARS" on both front legs,  it was disqualified from showing.   The 2015 "SCAR RULE" permits certain "SCARS" to be on the Horses front legs, and still allows them to show.    In plain English, the 2015 "SCAR RULE" says "if you can push on the SCAR with your fingers and spread or flatten it out, then it isn't a SCAR." These "SCARS" result from "Training" the "Big Lick" Tennessee Walking Horse by putting harsh burning chemicals on their front legs, and then putting Chains on top of them. The flesh is injured, and "SCARS" develop.  A salicylic acid mix is used to try and burn off the "SCARS". The new 2015 "SCAR RULE" change will HURT the Horses. Sound Horse organizations FOSH (Friends of Sound Horses) and AAWHA (All American Walking Horse Alliance)  protest and object to the new 2015 USDA "SCAR RULE" change. The 2015 "Big Lick" Show Season starts at the Mississippi Charity Horse Show on March 26 - 28 in Jackson, Mississippi.  Last week, UMMC (University of Mississippi Medical Center) cut ties with the event, and refused to accept donations due to the controversy surrounding the abuse of Tennessee Walking Horses. Now is the time to let the USDA know that the American Public opposes the 2015 "SCAR RULE" change. Horses should NOT be HURT and "SCARRED" for the sake of rich people enjoying institutionalized animal abuse in the name of family entertainment. This cruelty to horses should definitely not be in the view of families and children There's not much time, so let's please all stand up for "The Horses". Please Sign this Petition, and an automatic email will deliver your message to: • Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture• Kevin Shea, Administrator -USDA APHIS• Chester Gipson, Deputy Administrator - USDA APHIS "The Horses" are depending on US to protect them.

Joanna Blue
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Petition to FJ Productions

FJ Productions: Replace Tai the elephant with a CG elephant!

There is no place for animal cruelty in entertainment – and I’m asking for your help to try and stop it. Today we have the technology to replace live animals in film productions, so there is no excuse for using live elephants or other wild animals, who are cruelly trained to perform. Yet a film currently in production, Saving Flora, is using an elephant. To make matters worse, the company is using Tai – an elephant who was stolen from her family in the wild as a baby and trained to perform, including in circuses – to tell the story of an elephant who is escaping a circus! Sign this petition urging FJ Productions to replace Tai with a computer-generated elephant in the filming of Saving Flora! Have Trunk Will Travel, the California-based company that owns Tai, was caught on camera during a training session in which handlers forcefully struck and hooked elephants with a bullhook – a weapon resembling a fireplace poker that is designed to inflict pain and punishment. Tai’s owners have publicly defended using bullhooks on elephants. I am one of the people who signed an open letter to FJ Productions, joining the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), national animal protection organizations, elephant sanctuaries, and other entertainment industry professionals in condemning the use of Tai for this film. Sign this petition to join me in urging FJ Productions to reconsider the use of Tai and instead utilize a computer-generated elephant to tell their story. Thank you!

Bob Barker and Performing Animal Welfare Society
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Petition to Erin Jaggers, Executive Director, Tony Massey, Charlie Norman


On April 24 - 25, 2015, one of the CRUELEST Horse Shows - the "Big Lick" Tennessee Walking Horse is coming to the Maury County Park at Columbia, Tennessee. The barbaric Show failed in Panama City, Florida due to lack of support. It has now moved to Columbia, Tennessee where it will be called the "Gulf Coast Charity Celebration",  although it is over 400 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.   "Big Lick" Tennessee Walking Horses are "SORED" to perform the "Big Lick" - a high stepping gait with large hoof build-ups, severe bitting and overweight hunched over riders on Two Year Old Horses. (See Picture) “Soring” is the illegal and cruel practice of using chemical and mechanical methods to create pain in a gaited show horse€™s front feet to exaggerate their animated step. Columbia, Tennessee is a progressive beautiful city of 35,000 people about an hour South of Nashville.  Columbia's reputation should not be marred by "Animal Cruelty" being displayed at the Maury County Park in the name of family entertainment. The Southern States of Mississippi, North Carolina and Alabama have recently risen up against the "Big Lick" Tennessee Walking Horse "Animal Cruelty". • March 6, 2015 - MISSISSIPPI - The UMMC (University of Mississippi Medical Center) Children's Hospital severed ties with the Mississippi Charity Horse Show in Jackson, Mississippi. It refused to accept "blood money" donations from the "Big Lick" horse show due to the national controversy regarding the care and training of "Big Lick" Tennessee Walking Horses. • March 13, 2015 - NORTH CAROLINA - The North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner banned "Big Lick" Tennessee Walking Horses from the 2015 NC State Fair. • APRIL 2, 2015 - ALABAMA - Over 70% voted landslide "NO" in The Decatur Daily newspaper online Poll Question: "Should Celebration Arena Have Hosted The Tennessee Walking Horse Trainers Show Given Its Previous Horse Soring Violations?" Now, it's time for TENNESSEE to make its statement.   America and the World are ready to HELP innocent Columbia, Tennessee say "NO MORE ANIMAL CRUELTY = NO MORE "SORE BIG LICK" Tennessee Walking Horse Show. Please Sign This Petition.

Harold Marvin Wilson
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