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Petition to Prime Minister Hun Sen

Stop Orphanage Tourism in Cambodia

The Gaurdian on September 29, 2016 elaborates, orphanage tourism refers to the practice of recruiting children from poor families to pose as orphans in an effort to extract money from volunteers. ABC on July 1, 2017 contends, these orphanages span continents but are mostly in Cambodia, South Africa, Nepal, and Indonesia. But, calling these places “orphanages” is misleading as it implies the children have a need to be there. According to Probono Australia on August 2, 2017 of the 8 million orphans around the world, 6.4 million of them aren’t actually orphans- they have at least one living parent but were forced into a life of exploitation and abuse.  Unicef Cambodia on March 30, 2016, these institutions force children to hunt for their dinner of insects, fish and mice in nearby fields and ponds, sleep on the floor, and go days without showers, clean clothes or water. According to Unicef Cambodia, children growing up in these orphanages suffer brain damage because parts of their brain actually die. Furthermore, due to rampant abuse, Intrepid Travel on January 13, 2017 reiterates, these children are 500 times more likely to commit suicide. Cambodia's government does not have any current initiative to ban the practice of orphanage tourism or the existence of these institutions. Sign this petition to put pressure on Prime Minister Sen to outlaw these abusive institutions and the presence of tours that endorse them.   

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Petition to New York State Department of Corrections Parole Board

Deny Parole for Deborah Soule DIN # 96G0391

I am starting this petition to show the NYS Department of Corrections Parole Board that Deborah Soule (DIN # 96G0391) is a violent murderer who should not be granted parole.  On January 14, 1995 Deborah Soule viciously beat, my son,  two year old Nicholas Miller to death as he slept, while he was on a weekend visitation with his father. (Deborah Soule was his father's live-in-girlfriend.) Deborah Soule later confessed to stomping, kicking and punching Nick as he slept on the bedroom floor.  At the trial, the injuries Nick received were compared to him being in a car accident, kicked by a horse and falling from a three story building. He died from a ruptured intestine after suffering for hours. Not only did she beat him, but she saw how sick he was, knew what she had done and chose to not get him the medical treatment he desperately needed.  In March and  September 2015, she was denied release.  After 22 years, she is still lying about what happened that night and still refuses to take any responsibility for her actions! She is  scheduled to go before the Parole Board again in September 2017. Please take a minute to sign this petition asking the NYS Parole Board to DENY her parole and KEEP DEBORAH SOULE IN PRISON.  If you have already signed, please share this petition with your family and friends, and consider sending a letter, I can't do this alone.  Please help us be Nick's voice! The picture above is of Nick with Santa just weeks before he died.  I remember him pointing to Santa while we were standing in line, he had his little arms wrapped around my neck as he whispered in my ear "Santa".  He was in awe.  He had carried a magazine picture of Santa and Coke around for weeks before he finally got to sit on his lap.  He never had a chance to live and grow, Deborah Soule took that all away and the hole he left in my heart and our family is immeasurable.   If you would like to write a letter to the NYS Parole Board you can use this link:  If you would like to read more about Nick's story you can visit my blog at Thank you, Katie Wise, Nick's mom <3

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Petition to Andrew Cuomo, Cheryl Dinolfo, Anthony Daniele, Corinda Crossdale

Justice for Brook Stagles

We want Child Protective Service workers Colleen Cufari and Kelly Powlen put on administrative leave pending criminal charges and a complete investigation for not doing their job, which allowed this tragedy to continue. This is happening across America! UPDATE  SEP 15, 2017 — This was Brook's living conditions. Colleen Mawn-Cufari never went into the house and inspected anything. According to Mike Stagles, Colleen Mawn-Cufari only talked to Mike at the door. She was there to inspect her bedroom and living conditions. She was there for a living quarters inspection just like at Ashlee's house and reports of Erica Bell abusing Brook. Brook died an agonizing and horrific death for three days. When she was not alone suffering, they were dragging her all over town, to buy drugs, go to babies are us, and a baby shower. Mike and Erica did their best to hide Brook from everybody by wrapping her up in Mike's shirts constantly and applying makeup to her to cover bruises. Over a hundred people had come into contact with Brook. Some in the medical field and others, parents them selves. This was all made possible because of the blatant disregard for Brook's life that Colleen Mawn-Cufari and Kelly Powlen showed. The Judge said this house is in-humane. The house was infested with bugs like there was a dead person in there for 2-3 days. There was drug paraphernalia everywhere. A motorcycle in the living room and basement(Brooks room). Officer's said this was the worst house they had ever seen. Colleen and Kelly needs to face criminal charges for their actions, Please help. CPS is run like a business that is failing and instead of losing money they are losing children. On November 14, 2016 in Rochester, NY Brook Stagles suddenly lost her short lived life; she was 3 years old and was beaten and suffered with internal injuries for days and later dies while she was on a visit with her biological father and his new girlfriend. Brooks death was ruled a homicide by the Coroners Office. There have been 4 prior cases presented to CPS throughout her short lived life. There has recently been an open CPS case with suspicion of child abuse. Repeated calls from multiple people were made to CPS by many family members on Brook's mother side of the family as well as neighbors and the social worker at CPS failed to return calls even after proof was given to them . We need signatures to show government that we don't want this to happen again to another child. Brook's death was a agonizing painful one and this horrific act of violence was completely AVOIDABLE! We would like the CPS Vigorously reformed! Please sign this petition, for the safety of all our children. We are there one and only voice! Update Rochester, NY......While Colleen Mawn-Cufari was investigating Erica Bell, Erica Bell had a warrant for her arrest the whole time. CPS lied.How could Colleen Mawn-Cufari not know she had a warrant for her arrest the whole time she was under investigation by CPS. Colleen Mawn-Cufari worker was told multiple times that the bruises and marks started to happen when Erica Bell came into the picture. The CPS supervisor Kelly Powlen of Monroe County Child Protective Services was also told what was going on!! When we went to court October 31, 2016 for visitations to be documented in court, because this was going on!! Mike Stagles waived his right for a lawyer. The judge , my daughter Ashlee Geer and her lawyer , were all in agreement for a set court order schedule and Brooks Law Guardian Victoria Lagoe asked to reschedule because she wanted to talk to Brook first. (a 3 year old!).She said she would call us that week and never called. Brook died two weeks later.Brook suffered for 5-6 days or more with her internal agonizing injuries.  Prior to that, we talked to the father on Monday, a week before her death, and he said she had "the flu"so we believe she suffered much longer ! PLEASE HELP US HELP YOU  We need Child Protective Services reformed!!!!! Share!! Share!!! Share!!! We the people need to be a voice for our children's safety!!!!! Please share!!! Click here to GOOGLE BROOK STAGLES FOR ALL NEWS STORIES and NEWS PAPER ARTICLES! I want to thank all of you that have signed the petition so far. We need ALOT more signatures to reach our goal, in order to help make sure that Child Protective Services can actually do their job to protect all children that need it !Here's some facts about the number of cases of children dying from abuse. 505 substantiated deaths in New York State ALONE in 3 years is Unbearable. USA has one of the worst records of losing between 4 and 7 children a day to child abuse and neglect. Over 1800 children died in the USA last year and 70% of them were under 3 years old and it would be 30-50% higher now, because that was a 2014 statistic. 27% were avoidable. Another low number. We need to warn the public about  Child Protective Services.Together as a nation we can make it happen through the Justice for Brook petition.

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Petition to Maria Cantwell, Jeff Merkley, Roni Norton, Washington State Attorney General, Washington State Department, Oregon State Department


  Adriana UcanEverett, WA APR 29, 2017 — So my Sister and and I went to Yukatan and managed our way through this foreign country and we brought Adriana home!!!!!Yukatan Authorities had no idea Oregon State took Adriana from her family here in the United States....Between the Consulate and DIF we were successful in proving Oregon State's Negligence in sending Adriana there. They had no idea Adriana had never been there before and never met her family there.They had NO idea of her families desperate search for her in the United States.Now that Adriana is home and safe it is now time to move forward with demanding rights for Grandparents so no other family has to endure what Adriana and our family endured. I fully intend to continue this fight for justice for Grandparents and thousands of children who have no voice in their fate...Please continue to pass this VERY IMPORTANT PETITION to stop the Abuse of Power forced upon families from State agencies that do not have children's best interests at heart and give Grandparents the rights to protect their families.Ken and I want to thank each and everyone who supported our efforts to bring Adriana home safe and sound to be reunited with her family. We are not done yet. There are thousands of children across this great nation who still need to be saved. Adriana's story is now being discussed at the Senate in Washington D.C. With Senator Jeff Merkley.This is our platform......Lets change these agencies from abusing the power given to them by the government and put these children first!!!!! Please join us in changing things for all these families and children. Adriana and our suffering has not been in Vain.... Thank You!!!!Ken and Roni Norton                                           

Adriana Ucan
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