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PLEASE- Urge US Senate to PASS 20-week Abortion Ban - HR-36 - Unborn Child Protection Act

Lucky for many people, I don't get to make the laws.  I think Abortion is murder from Day One.  In my mind, the spark of a new human life starts at conception, but I don't intend to turn this into a religious or philosophical debate.  Let's try to keep this scientific and factual. Science says most women will know they are pregnant by 4 weeks after conception.  By only 3 weeks into pregnancy though, that little life already has a full set of human DNA from both parents.  By 5 weeks, the baby has a heartbeat.  Over the next few weeks, everything from facial features to arms and legs, vital organs, and even tiny fingers and toes are forming or already formed.  And by 20 weeks, that tiny human baby, which is now a boy or a girl, can even hear the voices of the family it will be joining.  Or he/she might hear the voice of a doctor talking about how this is where life ends. As it stands, the bill gives protection to expecting mothers who choose abortion after 20 weeks due to Rape, Incest, or to Save the Life of the Mother.  I never condone taking a baby's life, but even in those extreme cases, the mother should be able to make that decision before 20 weeks as well.  That is 4 months to make a life-ending decision. Those who would fight this bill argue that it will push women into dark alleys and/or even attempt self-induced abortions- and those would be the women who willingly accept that risk in order to perpetuate their "my body, my choice" perspective.  This is an emotionally charged issue, and in my mind, abortion is murder.  The fact that the penalty for killing an adult can be LIFE imprisonment or Execution, but killing a Baby only holds a consequence of 5yrs in prison is insanity to me. But lucky for those who disagree, I don't get to make the laws. I think we can all agree that any woman who would argue for the right to kill a baby has more than enough time to make that choice before 20 weeks- when the baby can hear the discussion, and feel the pain that it did nothing to deserve.  This bill is a small step in the right direction. Urge your State Senator to Vote YES and PASS this bill into law.  Our children are our future. God Bless.

Nathan McVey
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Petition to Maria Cantwell, Jeff Merkley, Roni Norton, Washington State Attorney General, Washington State Department, Oregon State Department


  Adriana UcanEverett, WA APR 29, 2017 — So my Sister and and I went to Yukatan and managed our way through this foreign country and we brought Adriana home!!!!!Yukatan Authorities had no idea Oregon State took Adriana from her family here in the United States....Between the Consulate and DIF we were successful in proving Oregon State's Negligence in sending Adriana there. They had no idea Adriana had never been there before and never met her family there.They had NO idea of her families desperate search for her in the United States.Now that Adriana is home and safe it is now time to move forward with demanding rights for Grandparents so no other family has to endure what Adriana and our family endured. I fully intend to continue this fight for justice for Grandparents and thousands of children who have no voice in their fate...Please continue to pass this VERY IMPORTANT PETITION to stop the Abuse of Power forced upon families from State agencies that do not have children's best interests at heart and give Grandparents the rights to protect their families.Ken and I want to thank each and everyone who supported our efforts to bring Adriana home safe and sound to be reunited with her family. We are not done yet. There are thousands of children across this great nation who still need to be saved. Adriana's story is now being discussed at the Senate in Washington D.C. With Senator Jeff Merkley.This is our platform......Lets change these agencies from abusing the power given to them by the government and put these children first!!!!! Please join us in changing things for all these families and children. Adriana and our suffering has not been in Vain.... Thank You!!!!Ken and Roni Norton                                           

Roni Norton
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