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Protect Migrant Children & Families

Over the past few months, coloured immigrant families have been harassed by ICE. America used to be the country where others who were less fortunate could come here for a better chance at life. America, the country who was built by immigrants seeking a better life. They are not here to steal our tax dollars, they are not here to steal our jobs. Every time you drink wine or eat grapes, remember that a Mexican migrant worker made that wine and picked those grapes in a sizzling California valley only making in a week what the average U.S. citizen makes in a day worth of work. They are not fleeing from their home countries by the droves just for giggles. The parents that bring their children over are only looking for a better quality of life for their family. Ripping children away from their parents and vice versa, rounding them up like vermin and shipping them off to god knows where is not making America great again, I can only liken this to all of the stories about the holocaust that I've learned in class.  Here is what needs to happen to keep immigrant families together: Hold Jeff sessions accountable for allowing ICE to separate children from their parents. Make it easier for immigrant families crossing the border to become citizens.  Make tighter regulations on who ICE can release immigrant children to.  Cite ICE Agents & Employees for child abuse,reckless endangerment of a minor, and trying to obstruct evidence  No longer allow ICE to detain immigrants unless they are an active threat  (ie: drug dealer, gang member, pedophile, rapist) Articles:  Jeff Sessions Allows Separation of Parents and Children Crossing the Boarder ICE Loses Nearly 2,000 Migrant Children Children Neglected & Abused by U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection   This is not what America stands for and we are all in this together, immigrants are the foundation of this country, and are people just like you, me, and the next person down the street. They're humans and they deserve to be treated as such.    "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

Angie Hanley
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return gabby ,mason,dallas,lillyana,zuri church home to mom

my  husband  and  i got  our beautiful amazing  kids  stolen from us for  lies  that  we  had  a  dirty  home  , my  mental health , and  housing unstablity and that  my  kids  were  in immediate  danger. my  court  appointed  attorney  bullied  me  into commitenment saying  that  it will get  my  kids home  faster.  all the steps  dcf  asked  me to do and  the court  asked  me  to do has  been done for almost  two years  now. my  children are suffering  at  the hands  of  dcf  here in  ct. my  son d known as  baby dlyan here  in ct  almost  lost  his  life  because  of  dcf  , he  was  almost straved , beaten ,  they  allow  my  rapist  around  my  daughter  lilly even knowing  hes  on  drugs, they changed  my  kids  birth certifcate  without  allowing  me  to fight  it. all my  kids  suffer  from emotional trauma  and  just  want to come  home  and  be  with eachother and  mommy  and daddy. i been emotionally  belittled  by  dcf  beaten verbally  . they  havent  been documenting  my  case  for  almost 7  months  but  claim we  didnt  make  enough progress. please  help me end  my  familys  specially  my  five  little ones  suffering  and  get them home  and  i promise to help others in  this  fight.

Kirsten Fauquet
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