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Petition to U.S. Department of State


There are two children that go by Amya Carmichael (13) and Amir Carmichael (5). These two children are countless victims of DCFS, and the victims of corporate white collar crime, corruption, child endangerment and kidnapping right here in the U.S. judicial system. They have been illegally held against their will in foster care despite their cries to be with their mother. Here in California, Stephanie F. Padilla, Commissioner of Antelope Valley Dependency Court made a ruling to have the two children detained and held for 24 hours against their will without grounds. They were due to be returned to the mother within 24 hours but unfortunately eight months later that day never came. They have silenced the children's voices in the mist of keeping them hostage. This is the most critical time a child should be heard. While in DCFS care, Amir was bit in the face by a dog of the foster parents, Amya and Amir were sexually prayed upon by the foster parents nephew, Amya went missing for 90 days in their care, rapped and stabbed by strangers. Please help these two children return to their mother who anxiously awaits for their arrival. Let's expose DCFS and CPS for not having children's best interest. Let's began to hold these agency's and agent's accountable for wrongful cases brought upon the parents of these victimized families, let's prevent intimidation, harassment and falsified information against our families. We need to stop letting judicial systems and agents steal our children for profit, further placing them in less fortunate homes. When children want to return home to their families, the law should acknowledge the children's request and emotional interest. Hold your local State officials, city council, county council, ombudsman's, administrative directors, responsible for children getting lost in foster care and adoption out of greed. We the people seek independent State funded investigations, that should be implemented in the U.S. Justice Department. Why doesn't the FBI look into children trafficking and exploitation within the dependency courts as if this doesn't exist? They're choosing to hide the grey areas of corporate child kidnapping... for profit.  We must ask for the over sight of audits and controls as well as independent investigations.  Together we can address white collard crime, DCFS/CPS child abuse, judicial corruption, fraud, slander against families, civil rights violations, using children for collateral and illegal kidnapping. This will prevent them from being funded until the investigation has be concluded and verified by more than one party. Passing this petition will help prevent families from effortlessly handing over their rights or authority to the government for negligent parental dictatorship. If this continues it will further allow greedy agency's like this to become powerful, rather than productive. Stop these prideful acts of corporate greed that devalues parents and there rights. Help stand against unethical separation of children from their families. I ask all 50  U.S. State Departments to reform and adopt new family unification programs that cater to building families "stronger" together, and monitors the activity of the state and government agencies. We question the unethical system designed for children and families. We request each child to be assigned an advocate unbiased. This should be an automatic for children in foster care. These children need a voice that can be heard through the advocates for moral and emotional support, these children suffer from the lack of emotional support. Today we can petition and establish a reformation: The Carmichael Foundation. For all FAMILIES. We will stop these greedy agencies that pray on working parent's for profit. Stop them from abusing the judicial system by pushing for higher court fee's and ongoing calendar hearings. Enforce the state to pay for punitive damages and the recovery for these families that are victims of white collar crime, child abuse, corruption, loss of wages, relocation, defamation of character, time lost etc. Make the U.S. State Department responsible for sexual abuse of a child while in their licensed care, when it does occur make the State pay for life time medical for mental health and related medical expenses of these victims. These enforcement's will promote safety living inside foster homes and stricter liability within the judicial system. This will prevent the wrongful conviction's and allegations being brought to court against families. Incorporate DCFS/ CPS agencies to work with parents to unify rather than divide. Initiate the State to stop pushing D.A.'s to push cases that don't meet criteria or standards to be heard in court, but yet they go on to steal children legally/illegally without the proper grounds,  no evidence and wrongfully pursue parents that truly love their children. We the people and the public support Family Reunification but we ask for State and Government Agencies to literally ask the child whom do they wish to live with and always acknowledge "the child's" interests. Allow advocates to highlight and address family concerns, recommendations and civil rights for children and their parents. Make State and local Government Agencies provide informative information on laws for "children's rights" and "family rights" to be listed on their building walls and provide these rights to parents upon any investigation. We are suggesting mandatory polices to be adjusted that compromise family ethics. Let's start aiming to protect family rights within the U.S. Stop the war on families!   Other reference links of DCFS documented abuse:

Cassie Carmichael
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Petition to Charlie Baker, Edward Markey, Massachusetts State Senate, #JusticeforChloe , Michelle Obama, Joan Lovely, Maura Healey, Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts State House, Jim McGovern, Michael Capuano, Niki Tsongas, Richard Neal, Katherine Clark, Ellen Story

Change MA law regarding child abuse. Harsher jail sentences and more rights for Children!

Our current laws in Massachusetts to protect innocent children and to get the justice they rightfully deserve is broken. Your attention to this matter is requested. The laws in Massachusetts regarding child abuse are not acceptable. My two year old was physically abused by a "man" named Nathan St. Pierre. This man got out on $1,000 bail! The parents of the abused child (myself and Joshua Renaud) were never notified. I am living in fear of this monster constantly. A protection order means nothing. My daughter deserves to see justice from what this monster did to her. 5 years is nothing! He took her innocence away, caused her PTSD, night terrors and separation anxiety.To top it off the MA law states that the accused has a right to face their accuser. Well the accuser is a 3 year old little girl who was a victim of his malicious violence. If we go to trial she will have to face the monster who abused her. She has to sit and point him out and say what he did to her. No child should have to be victimized again. The MA law as it is right now is victimizing children for a second time. The child should be able to sit in a separate room and see a picture of the man and say that is the man/woman who hurt me. They should not be expected to go on the stand. I am looking for harsher punishments and to help our child not be re-victimized again! I want to make a law called Chloe's Law.  Please help our system change. Our children need to know they got justice! #JusticeforChloe.

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Petition to Honorable John J. Flanagan, Honorable Andrew Lanza, Honorable Diane Savino, Honorable Michael Gianaris

Stop Bail Reform from freeing perpetrators of domestic violence and child abuse

Across America, organizations that care more about a criminal's rights than the rights of innocent victims are spewing propaganda to set people who commit misdemeanor crimes free without bail. If you think misdemeanor crimes aren't so bad, here are some misdemeanors in NYS: assault, sexual abuse, endangering the welfare of a child, endangering the welfare of the physically or mentally disabled, menacing, reckless endangerment, stalking, strangling, forcible touching, unlawful imprisonment, arson, killing or injuring a police or service animal, aggravated assault and much more. Domestic violence victims suffer many of the abuses listed above when their attacker decides to use them as a punching bag. Forcible touching is usually what pedophiles are charged with along with endangering the welfare of a child. Still think misdemeanors aren't so bad? On January 24, 2017 Senator Michael Gianaris of Queens succumbed to the rhetoric being espoused by criminal rights activists and introduced S.B. 3579 – we call it the “No Bail = No Jail” bill because, if it passes, suspects of misdemeanor crimes won’t have to post surety bail to be set free.  This year, New Jersey eliminated surety bail and it resulted in those accused of domestic violence and pedophiles such as Christopher Wilson being set free without surety bail to ensure he returns to court. Governor Chris Christie is defending Bail Reform even though it is setting suspected child molesters free. He promised his constituents that it would save them money, but it didn't. Instead it became an unfunded mandat because now police officers who arrest suspects have to try to find them again when they don't return to court. When NJ had bail, private bounty hunters would find the suspect and return him or her to court at no cost to the taxpayer.  The added cost of bail reform has led to legislators considering property tax hikes to pay for it. Don't believe the hype that poor, first time offenders are languishing in jail. Judges usually allow first time offenders to go free on their own recognizance as long as they are not dangerous and they aren't a flight risk. The people who can't make bail are most likely people who abused their friends and family to the point that they won't post bail for them any more. Don't allow New York to suffer the same fate as New Jersey.  Sign the petition to ask the NYS Legislator to vote "no" on Gianaris Senate Bill 3579. Sign the petition to protect victims rights.

Citzens Against NoBailNoJail
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