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Petition to Trey Gowdy, Department of Justice, Jason Chaffetz, Claire McCaskill, Pat Roberts, Lynn Jenkins, Kevin Yoder, Sam Brownback, Rand Paul, Barbara Lee, Mazie Hirono, Cory Booker


Adrian Jones was a young boy brutalized and tortured to death by his parents Heather and Mike Jones. They abused him in the most horrific manner using tasers, starvation,beatings, handcuffing him outside in frigid temperatures, making him stay overnight up to his neck in a filthy pool, blindfolding him and strapping him with wooden planks, and this was uploaded onto apple i cloud. The house had at least 30 cameras which were used to film his abuse. Under the guise of "homeschooling" Adrian was never seen in public but was beaten to a pulp and starved at the hands of his wicked,evil parents going on for at least 9 months. When they finally murdered him through beating and starvation his small body was thrown into a pig sty and fed to the pigs.There can be no true justice in this lifetime for Adrian. We can only work to prevent such catastrophic abuse from happening to other children.He reported being hit and punched in the stomache by Mike Jones during an interview by Missouri Department of Social Services. No action was taken.  #AdriansLaw will be used to force any  child welfare agency whether social services,DCF,CPS, or other to be mandated to take immediate action to remove the child to a temporary group shelter at FIRST REPORT BY THE CHILD OF ABUSE until a full investigation is completed by a state court with guardian ad litem in place. No child should ever suffer abuse and to leave a child residing with abusers is tantamount to being culpable for his death. 

Lisa Cardon
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Petition to Andrew Cuomo, New York State Senate, New York State House, John Flanagan, Carl Marcellino, Terrence Murphy, Thomas O'Mara, Simcha Felder, Ruben Diaz, Neil Breslin, James Tedisco, Jeffrey Klein, Linda Rosenthal, Brad Hoylman

43,000 New York kids will be sexually abused in 2017. Help Governor Cuomo protect them.

I'm a strong Latino woman. I've been a business owner. I was a valedictorian. I got a scholarship to City College of New York and I earned a degree in psychology. But there are times when I have felt so powerless. I felt an emptiness that nobody else could understand. When I was nine,  my father’s business partner was helping me make copies in my father's office. He knew I would be alone each day while my mother picked up my younger brothers at grade school. This man would show me pornography and grope me while I sat there, alone and terrified. I stayed silent, in order to protect my father’s business. If he learned the truth, my family would be devastated; financially as well as emotionally. Eventually, I told my mother a little bit of what happened. I was too humiliated to talk about the details, and just told my mom that the man had “been fresh” with me. I was afraid if I told the whole story people would think I was damaged. My dad terminated his relationship with the man. But nobody went to the police. I filed a report with the NYPD in September 2012, when I was 32. But the police said they couldn’t help me because of New York’s statute of limitations on child sexual abuse. I discovered that day New York’s laws protect the predators that prey on innocent children and not the children themselves and now I work every day to ensure we change this. I'm a mother and our children must be protected. Every day I know that this man who abused me is still out there, and I'm sure he’s still abusing other kids. And until we change New York’s laws, there is nothing I can do to protect them. I’m getting my life back on track. I’m in therapy, and it helps, but it’s never easy. Please. Sign the petition. Share it with your friends. It’s such a simple thing you can do to protect children from sexual abuse. Ana WagnerMother and Child Protection AdvocateFounder of the Brooklyn Bridge Survivors Walk - June 4th 2017 Watch The Full Video by Megan Miller ---------------------- Here are the facts:Currently 1 in 5 (22%) children are sexually abused (Source CDC) [1] It takes survivors an average of 21 years before they can disclose their abuse [2] Only 1 in 10 (10%) of people who sexually abuse children will see a day behind bars [3] because they are protected by NY State laws called statutes of limitations. This all adds up to 43,000 sexually abused children in New York each year. But it doesn’t need to be this way. The Child Victims Act (S 809) will eliminate the Statute of Limitations for child sexual abuse. The act has the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senate and Assembly Democrats and the Independent Democrats, but is being blocked in the Senate on a party line split with Republicans who have always prevented the bill to come to the floor for a vote. Stand with us, protect NY’s children and not the predators that prey on them. Sign the petition, and support Governor Cuomo, Senator Hoylman, and Assemblymember Rosenthal in passing this bill. Tell our leaders to pass the Child Victims Act this year. Protect our children from sexual abuse. Because one child is too many.

Stop Abuse Campaign
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Petition to Steve Kunzweiler, Sarah McAmis

Victory Christian School fails to report CHILD ABUSE once again.

In July of 2016, 19 month old Lincoln Henry Lewis was murdered at the hands of his mother’s then boyfriend, Bert Franklin. Franklin was a prominent member of the Tulsa, OK community where he owned his own Dental Practice.  At the time of sweet Lincoln’s murder, everyone was under the impression that Franklin’s actions were an isolated, one-time incident.  However, at Franklin’s bond hearing in August, 2016 a crucial detail emerged that shed even more mystery upon Franklin’s actions towards sweet Lincoln. *According to official court transcripts* A detective testified at the bond hearing, stating that during the course of their investigation into Lincoln’s murder that they had uncovered an abuse allegation from Franklin’s own 10 year-old daughter.  On December 2, 2015, Franklins daughter wrote a note to her teacher at Victory Christian School in Tulsa, OK outlining several allegations of physical abuse from her father.  At the time that this allegation was made, Bert Franklin was a known monetary donor to the school.  Franklin’s mother, Joyce Franklin, was/is also an employee of the school.Rather than report these allegations, as mandated by Oklahoma Statute 10A O.S. §1-2-101 (B(1)), school officials instead held a meeting with the family and made the decision to ignore the complaint and allow the family to handle it privately, and they believed the girl was seeking “attention.”  Victory Christian School had in their hands a letter from a 10 year-old child stating that she was being physically abused by her father, yet they did nothing.  Seven short months later, an innocent baby was brutally murdered by this same man.Sadly, this is not the first time that Victory Christian School has silenced abuse allegations to protect their own.  Victory has been sued for negligence stemming from accusations that officials of the school have covered up sexual assault of a child by a staff member when a 13 year-old girlcame to them after being raped in a stairwell.  Instead of reporting this, the school instead decided to pray for her; the school neither called the police, nor even attempted to contact the girl’s family. They simply decided to pray for her. The family on the other hand, stood up for their daughter and fought to protect her rights. Since this “fall from grace,” five staff members have faced criminal charges and handed down stiff sentences. Apparently however, Victory still has failed to remember that they are not exempt from Mandatory Reporting as they failed not only Franklin’s daughter, but in turn sweet baby Lincoln.Victory Christian School was handed a 5 year probation following the rape that they failed to report by their staff member.  Here we are, still in this probation period and they fail to report, again.  The allegations made against Franklin were brought to the attention of the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office in August, 2016.  It is now May, 2017 and no charges have been brought against Victory Christian School, or its employees.  Can someone please explain why?As a teacher, I am a mandated reporter.  It is not a glamorous aspect of the job—but I would choose the safety of my students over money any day of the week and make these phone calls anytime one is warranted. I am so saddened and sickened to see this situation being swept under the rug!!  This happens far too often, and Victory needs to be held accountable for their lack of action!So here I am, asking you to come together as a community to make sure that those who played a role in these events—events which led to the murder of an innocent child, are brought to justice.  We are taught as children to know the difference between right and wrong. Victory’s actions led to a child being silenced when going to her teacher, someone who should be a safe-haven and a protector for her to speak with about horrendous matters. Bert Franklin was allowed to live his life as if nothing happened because of Victory’s inaction, and just seven short months later he was able to be in the position to murder Sweet Baby Lincoln.Again, I am asking you to join me in this fight.  #JusticeForLincoln#ICannotBeSilenced

Kimberly Moore
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Petition to Maria Cantwell, Jeff Merkley, Roni Norton, Washington State Attorney General, Washington State Department, Oregon State Department


  Adriana UcanEverett, WA APR 29, 2017 — So my Sister and and I went to Yukatan and managed our way through this foreign country and we brought Adriana home!!!!!Yukatan Authorities had no idea Oregon State took Adriana from her family here in the United States....Between the Consulate and DIF we were successful in proving Oregon State's Negligence in sending Adriana there. They had no idea Adriana had never been there before and never met her family there.They had NO idea of her families desperate search for her in the United States.Now that Adriana is home and safe it is now time to move forward with demanding rights for Grandparents so no other family has to endure what Adriana and our family endured. I fully intend to continue this fight for justice for Grandparents and thousands of children who have no voice in their fate...Please continue to pass this VERY IMPORTANT PETITION to stop the Abuse of Power forced upon families from State agencies that do not have children's best interests at heart and give Grandparents the rights to protect their families.Ken and I want to thank each and everyone who supported our efforts to bring Adriana home safe and sound to be reunited with her family. We are not done yet. There are thousands of children across this great nation who still need to be saved. Adriana's story is now being discussed at the Senate in Washington D.C. With Senator Jeff Merkley.This is our platform......Lets change these agencies from abusing the power given to them by the government and put these children first!!!!! Please join us in changing things for all these families and children. Adriana and our suffering has not been in Vain.... Thank You!!!!Ken and Roni Norton                                           

Adriana Ucan
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