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Petition to Andrew Cuomo

Justice for Brook Stagles

On November 14, 2016 in Rochester, NY Brook Stagles suddenly lost her short lived life; she was 3 years old and was beaten and suffered with internal injuries for days and later dies while she was on a visit with her biological father and his new girlfriend. Brooks death was ruled a homicide by the Coroners Office. There have been 4 prior cases presented to CPS throughout her short lived life. There has recently been an open CPS case with suspicion of child abuse. Repeated calls from multiple people were made to CPS by many family members on Brook's mother side of the family as well as neighbors and the social worker at CPS failed to return calls even after proof was given to them . We need signatures to show government that we don't want this to happen again to another child. Brook's death was a agonizing painful one and this horrific act of violence was completely AVOIDABLE! We would like the CPS Vigorously reformed! Please sign this petition, for the safety of all our children. We are there one and only voice! Update Rochester, NY......While Colleen Mawn-Cufari was investigating Erica Bell, Erica Bell had a warrant for her arrest the whole time. CPS lied.How could Colleen Mawn-Cufari not know she had a warrant for her arrest the whole time she was under investigation by CPS. Colleen Mawn-Cufari worker was told multiple times that the bruises and marks started to happen when Erica Bell came into the picture. The CPS supervisor Kelly Powlen of Monroe County Child Protective Services was also told what was going on!! When we went to court October 31, 2016 for visitations to be documented in court, because this was going on!! Mike Stagles waived his right for a lawyer. The judge , my daughter Ashley Geer and her lawyer , were all in agreement for a set court order schedule and Brooks Law Guardian Victoria Lagoe asked to reschedule because she wanted to talk to Brook first. (a 3 year old!).She said she would call us that week and never called. Brook died two weeks later.Brook suffered for 5-6 days or more with her internal agonizing injuries.  Prior to that, we talked to the father on Monday, a week before her death, and he said she had "the flu"so we believe she suffered much longer ! PLEASE HELP US HELP YOU  We need Child Protective Services reformed!!!!! Share!! Share!!! Share!!! We the people need to be a voice for our children's safety!!!!! Please share!!! Click here to GOOGLE BROOK STAGLES FOR ALL NEWS STORIES and NEWS PAPER ARTICLES! I want to thank all of you that have signed the petition so far. We need ALOT more signatures to reach our goal, in order to help make sure that Child Protective Services can actually do their job to protect all children that need it !Here's some facts about the number of cases of children dying from abuse. 505 substantiated deaths in New York State ALONE in 3 years is Unbearable. USA has one of the worst records of losing between 4 and 7 children a day to child abuse and neglect. Over 1800 children died in the USA last year and 70% of them were under 3 years old and it would be 30-50% higher now, because that was a 2014 statistic. 27% were avoidable. Another low number. We need to warn the public about  Child Protective Services.Together as a nation we can make it happen through the Justice for Brook petition.

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Petition to Andrew Cuomo

End Child Solitary Confinement in New York

New York is one of two states that will continue to sentence youth under the age of 18 as adults until at least late 2018. Many of those children will end up in adult prisons. Because of a federal mandate under the Prison Rape Elimination Act, New York recently created separate correctional facilities for inmates under 18 years of age. Sadly, in the newly reconfigured prisons for teenagers, DOCCS continues its inhumane and destructive practice of confining young people in solitary confinement as punishment for misbehavior, including minor rule violations Solitary confinement is not only ineffective for youth, but it is profoundly damaging. Solitary confinement can cause mental, emotional, and physical harm, including a significant risk of self- injury. More than half of all suicides in juvenile facilities occur while young people are held in isolation. Recently a 17-year-old with a suicide attempt serious enough to warrant his transfer from prison to a secure mental hospital was returned to prison to face disciplinary charges for his suicide attempt prior to completing his treatment. Rather than provide this young man with intensive counseling and supportive services, he was sent straight to solitary pending the outcome of his disciplinary hearing. Teenagers need activity and healthy engagement with peers and adults, not forced isolation and sensory deprivation in lock-down cells for hours, days, weeks or months on end. Adolescents in DOCCS custody have different behavioral and developmental needs than adults. At a time when their brains, bodies and social and intellectual skills are rapidly developing, they should not be isolated and confined to small spaces. Solitary confinement can exacerbate the mental illness and post-traumatic stress responses suffered by many youth in DOCCS custody and prevent them from receiving education, therapy, and other services. This abusive practice must end. Most parents would consider it abusive if a neighbor locked their own children in a small, barren room for hours or days, especially if that child suffered from mental illness. Children who unfortunately touch the justice system are no more deserving of abusive practices in DOCCS custody. END SOLITARY CONFINEMENT FOR KIDS under 21 now. Go to on your mobile phones to see how long you can witness the harsh realities that children are suffering through in solitary. Once completed, the site will automate a tweet for you to share demanding change from our Governor! 

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Petition to Oklahoma Logan County Courts Judge Louis Duel


THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA: LOGAN COUNTY COURTS : JUDGE LOUIS DUEL SAVE BABY M FROM ABUSE TOO  We, the undersign are petitioning the Logan Courts & OKDHS once again to please do not return the last child we know only as "Baby M" to her mother Krystal Elaina Taylor maiden name is Edens. Mrs. Taylor and her estranged husband Gerald severely neglected and abused their first four (4) children for years who were all under the age of 5 years old. While their four (4) children were in Foster Care, they had a had a 5th child named Stephen. He too was removed by OKDHS and after years of abuse their parental rights were finally terminated eventually of all five (5) children. Mrs. Taylor had a 6th child by another father, a baby girl (Baby M) who is in Foster Care or may have already been placed back with her. We are pleading that you please do not place baby M with her mother and to remove this child if she has been placed back with her mother. We are deeply concerned for the safety of the 6th baby because the mother is very abusive and neglectful with her previous children. Her sons were found naked at a church. Her oldest daughter had kicked holes in the wall trying to get out. Proof of Abuse Photos The house is unfit to live in and needs to be condemned. There is roaches, mice, snakes, and the children even had gotten lead poison. Their rooms had no carpet or curtains, wires pulled out of the sockets. One of the children were shocked. The list of abuse and neglect goes on and on.  Child Abuse – The children had burns, bruises, hair cut off or dyed black to cover up headlice. The boys would be in a soaked diaper hanging clear to their knees. The boys both had lead poisoning. One of the boys drank bug poison. They were whipped with a board, bruises and she would use make up to cover up the bruises, The mother wouldn't take them to the doctor's appointments. She would leave them alone in bathtub as infants, slap them in the face as hard as she could. She wouldn't get up and take care of her own children. The house they lived in needs to be condemned and baby M doesn't not need to be in this house or live with her mother who is so abusive to her children. Baby M deserves freedom from abuse and a chance for a real life without abuse just as her five siblings we pray now has. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN BABY M TO HER MOTHER!  I am the all the children grandmother, I witnessed, reported and have document proof of the abuse. Please feel free to contact me. ________________________________________________________ HORRFIC CHILD ABUSE - STEVE WILKOS SHOW DOCUMENT PRO0F OF NEGLECT & ABUSE   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACTS: Judge Duel and ask him not to place the 6th child (Baby M) back with her mother Krystal Elaina Taylor and terminate parental rights to protect this child from abuse too. Oklahoma Logan County Judge: Judge Louis Duel 301 E. Harrison Rm. 202 Guthrie, OK 73044 Telephone: (405) 282-6114 Email: _______________________________________________________________________ Oklahoma Logan County District Attorney Laura Thomas D.A.301 E. Harrison, Room 300 Guthrie, Oklahoma  73044 (405) 282-0655 FAX (405) 282-8159  

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