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Kentuckians and the World united in renaming our airport Muhammad Ali International (ALI)

On June 3, 2016, Louisville's greatest son Muhammad Ali passed away at age 74, succumbing to his greatest fight against Parkinson's disease. Ali was undoubtedly boxing's most brash, its most colorful, and its greatest champion. The proud Louisvillian went on to become not only boxings greatest champion but a instrumental global ambassador, and humanitarian for peace. Although we are saddened by his passing, Ali's greatest achievement was in his death. His memorial service brought together people from all walks of life, rich, poor, learned, unlearned, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, and religion. Ali did that, his home-going service was his greatest contribution to our global community. His message was simple, peace, love, understanding, and using inspiration to maximize our human potential. Renaming Louisville International Airport, often times still referred to as Standiford Field (SDF), will bring attention to the humanitarian legacy of Muhammad Ali and our great city. Although some may see this as a simple name change, we have an opportunity to show the world our appreciation for Ali's legacy and his life. It's an opportunity to unite our city and the world in the name of Peace and Love. It's what Ali was all about. We call upon people all over the globe to participate in our efforts. Ali inspired people all over the world to come together and shed our differences. This is an opportunity to unite in Ali's life mission. We humbly invite you to join our effort to rename our airport to Muhammad Ali International. (ALI)

Global Friends of Muhammad Ali
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Petition to tell celebrities we don't care what they think!

We are sick and tired of the political videos and rants by celebrities! Although it was amusing at first, it is insanely annoying now to see this all over social media, in newspapers and on TV. They are making a joke out of Hollywood (Martin Sheen - this means YOU especially!). Performing in a movie does not make you smarter than anyone else, does not make you more informed, does not make you a better person, and DOES NOT make anyone care just because you said it. As a matter of fact, it often tends to make people want to do the opposite. Celebrities need to remember that they are only famous because of the fans, the people that spend money to see them. We are not interested in your opinion about President-Elect Trump! We only care how you will entertain us in the future. If we don't like you, we will stop spending our money on your and you be history. You should be making videos thanking us, not telling us who to vote for. Don't you know how stupid you celebrities look ranting about President-Elect Donald Trump and not saying a word about real issues going on? While Meryl Streep was crying about a debunked story of Trump mocking a disabled reporter, no one said a word about the young disabled man kidnapped and brutally beaten just days ago. It's shameful! Please, celebrities, go back to your dressing rooms and just stick to the script from now on!

Maggie Mulroy
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