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Petition to McKinsey , Deloitte , EY , Price Waterhouse Coopers, Oliver Wyman, Baine & Company, Siemens , Credit Suisse, Roland Berger, Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute, HSBC, Boston Consulting Group

Send the message: kidnapping and murdering a journalist is not how you win global business

After the disappearance and suspected murder of an outspoken Saudi Arabian exile and journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, global businesses are still planning to attend a conference later this month in Riyadh. Khashoggi went missing at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey. He went there to obtain documents for his upcoming marriage and hasn’t been seen since. Turkish officials say he was killed and dismembered by Saudi assassins. It’s very likely the Saudi Arabian government had him disappeared, or worse. After news broke of Khashoggi’s murder, Virgin, J.P. Morgan Chase, Ford, Mastercard, Viacom, Uber, the New York Times, Bloomberg, the Los Angeles Times and other global companies all withdrew from the Future Investment Initiative conference after this disturbing news came to light, but many global companies are still planning to attend. Tell McKinsey, Deloitte, EY, PWC, Oliver Wyman, Bain & Company, Siemens, Credit Suisse, Roland Berger, the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute, HSBC, and the Boston Consulting Group to stand up for basic human rights and free speech - withdraw from the Future Investment Initiative happening 23-25 October. The summit is being hosted by the Saudi Arabian government, as a way to encourage more foreign direct investment, with the hope of creating one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world. American companies alone invested $55 billion in Saudi Arabia last year. It’s time these companies stand up for global human rights. Tell these global companies that global business cannot continue as usual. Journalists are on the frontlines defending human rights. State-led kidnapping and suspected murder is not something that can be overlooked. From 1992 to present, 1,322 journalists have been killed globally. It's not just Khashoggi's murder, there’s been a sweeping crackdown on women in Saudi Arabia that has the whole world watching their human rights record. Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia detained 17 women activists who called for the freedom to drive, and so far 6 of them remain behind bars - despite the nation now granting women the right to drive. Demand global companies stand up for human rights.

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