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Petition to Ubisoft

Bring back the Prince of Persia franchise

Prince of Persia used to be one of the most popular and strong IPs at Ubisoft. Created in 1989 by Jordan Mechner, the first games reached many people. When Ubisoft released The Sands of Time trilogy, the Prince became more popular and many people loved that franchise. After an attempt to reboot the series in 2008 (which epilogue never was released on PC and it never got a sequel) and the release of The Forgotten Sands in 2010 by the same time the movie was released, the fans were not very happy about the quality of these games. Now, Ubisoft seems to have focused on other IPs like Assassin´s Creed or FarCry (specially the first one) leaving the Prince of Persia forgotten. Even though the fans have asked for the return of the Prince many times, all that Ubisoft says is "wait and see", but after waiting for more than 4 years, nothing new has been announced, only remakes of old games for smartphones and tablets, and rumors of games that were already cancelled. Not even the 10th anniversary of the release of The Sands of Time was mentioned by them. Prince of Persia is a classic in the videogames world, which 25th anniversary is getting closer and closer, and seing that other classic videogames are getting news now, the fans of the Prince of videogames want to ask for his return. No more portable remakes, no more fake rumors, no more cancelled cames. We want a good game for consoles and PC, a AAA game like the ones we used to play in the past. We don´t care if it is a reboot or a game related to the previous ones, but it has to be GOOD.  So, if you are a fan of the Prince of Persia franchise and you want the Prince back, please sign this petition and share it with your friends, so that Ubisoft sees that the fans haven´t forgotten about this franchise.  We start this petition from the Prince of Persia Fans community and we hope that Ubisoft will listen to us this way.  Thank you! 

Prince of Persia Fans
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Started 2 weeks ago

Petition to Bank Of America

Tell Bank of America to not end their free checking accounts

Bank of America has provided fee free checking accounts to people who do not use a teller to make deposits and withdrawals. Bank of America will start charging a $12 monthly fee to people with these accounts as of January 19, 2018. In order to avoid the maintenance fee customers will have to have a direct deposit of $250 or more per month or keep a daily minimum of $1,500 or more per month. Many low income families do not meet these requirements. There have been times where I've only had $10 to my name. That wouldn't even cover the maintenance fee.  Bank of America was one of the only brick-and-mortar bank that offered free checking accounts to their customers. Bank of America was known to care for both their high income and low income customers. That is what made Bank of America different. Bank of America was the bank of every American with a dream. Now sadly, Bank of America seems to have changed their mind and wants to no longer offer free checking accounts to the American public. The future is uncertain for many BOA customers because of the changes BOA plans to make to their accounts. We live in a virtual world where virtual transactions are the main and sometimes only way of paying bills or purchasing goods and services.  I urge you to let Bank of America realize that this is unfair to their customers that have been loyal to them for years. Tell Bank of America to not end their fee free checking accounts. Please sign this petition and make a difference.

Mel San
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