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Petition to Hon Scott Morisson MP, Hon Michael McCormack MP, Mr. Richard Goyder, Qantas Board of Directors, Mr. Alan Joyce, Mr. Allan McArtor, Mr. Tom Enders, Hon Anthony Albanese MP

QANTAS GROUP: Forgotten Heroes of Qantas Flight QF72!

                     MEN OF VALOR! No one gets left behind! After more than 10 years, we the undersigned respectfully call on the Qantas Group Chairman, Mr. Richard Goyder, Qantas Group Board of Directors, and Qantas Group CEO, Mr. Alan Joyce, to please acknowledge and recognise publicly on behalf of the Qantas Group, Qantas Captain Kevin Sullivan (Ret.), First Officer Peter Lipsett, and Second Officer Ross Hales, for their heroic actions in saving the lives of 315 passengers and crew onboard Qantas Flight 72 on October 7, 2008. We are also respectfully calling on the Australian Prime Minister, The Hon. Scott Morrison MP, to please acknowledge and recognise publicly, on behalf of the Australian Government, Qantas Captain Kevin Sullivan (Ret.), First Officer Peter Lipsett, and Second Officer Ross Hales, as Australian National Heroes for their commendable and outstanding contribution to Australian Aviation and to the Australian Nation. Against all odds, these courageous men skillfully pulled off one of the most remarkable near-death escapes in aviation history when they critically handled and recovered a falling aircraft from the sky not once but twice when all they could see was the Indian Ocean. Their selfless act, courage, and cool-headed actions under extreme pressure ensured the lives of 315 passengers and crew was safely back in their hands. 119 passengers were injured, twelve seriously, in what was described by many of the passengers as the "Terror Flight from Hell!" Sullivan a born American (who calls Australia his home) is a former U.S. Navy Top Gun fighter pilot. Sullivan had no option but to execute a military manoeuvre to safely land the Qantas Airbus A330 aircraft. A move that was familiar territory for Sullivan having practiced it many times in the Navy for similar situations. In doing so, he and his crew cautiously avoided the possibility of another sudden nosedive which would have been catastrophic and fatal. Sullivan now medically retired faces an uphill battle in dealing with the struggles of managing his chronic PTSD constantly every day as a direct result of Qantas Flight 72. This extraordinary human being has certainly gone above and beyond the call of duty and has certainly ticked all the boxes by far. A very modest and well-respected citizen, Sullivan downplays his heroics acknowledging that it was a team effort just doing their job. Below are just some of the many comments from letters received from some of the passengers. Names have been withheld as respect to their privacy. Your courage, expertise, and experience saved my young family’s life. You are all heroes! The crew absolutely exercised tremendous intelligence, skill and professional composure to bring us home to our extended loved ones on that day You should be all extremely proud of yourselves dealing with such arduous circumstances. Please uphold the faith in your judgement and ability, as you all saved many people that day. I spoke to the Pilot immediately following our emergency landing and although he was physically shaken and drained his first reaction was for the passengers and he travelled through the plane talking to the passengers and calming them. Again our deepest thanks and appreciation to your wonderful crew who were totally professional and deserve public recognition from the company for their actions. I am writing to thank you for saving the lives of my treasured daughters. If it weren’t for the swift skilled actions of the Captain and the care of the crew, their lives could have been cut short.                                   Award Recommendations: The Qantas Chairman's Diamond Award for displaying such extraordinary valor, selflessness, and remarkable courage, which was crucial in protecting the aircraft and the safety of all 315 passengers and crew on board in circumstances of extreme peril. Australia's highest civilian Bravery award, the 'Cross of Valor" for acts of the most conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme peril. Australia / Channel 7 - Full documentary of Qantas Flight 72: Readers Digest Article: The Sun: https://he Sydney Morning Herald:  Sunday News: Facebook Page / Photos: I’m respectfully calling on the people of Australia, and the world at large to please join me in this fight by signing this petition, share it online, and making it go viral, until Qantas, the Australian Government, and Airbus do what is right and acknowledge these heroes. Lastly, I appeal to all those to please help push this across the line by writing to your local MP, and to the office of the Australian Prime Minister to bring our petition to their attention. We can no longer ignore the fact that the Qantas Flight 72 incident is now part of our Australian Aviation history. Together we can make this happen! God Bless, Fuzzy MaiavaQF72 Flight Attendant (Medically Ret.)  

Fuzzy Maiava
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Petition to Malcom Turnbull, Nigel Scullion, Bill Shorten, Ben Wyatt

An INDIGENOUS person to be APPOINTED INDIGENOUS AFFAIRS MINISTER Fedral and State Govt Why hasn’t there ever been an Aboriginal Indigenous affairs minister? Nigel Scullion was originally born in England and migrated here but somehow has now been the Aboriginal affairs minister since 18 Sept 2013? I feel somewhat perplexed that our own Aboriginal affairs are not being lead and governed by an actual Aboriginal! There’s talk in the media, government and society about having Aboriginal representation that has influence within the government and the ability to affect positive change but to date i have seen very little evidence of this and i don’t hold much hope for the near future. I feel like the first line of approach should be that it’s a requirement to have an Indigenous leader as the minister for Aboriginal affairs! It only makes sense to me that someone from our Aboriginal community is more likely to understand the issues and challenges facing the Indigenous population and therefore better represent the goals and aspirations of our people! I’m dead sure that there are many among us that have the aptitude, skills, empathy, compassion and experience to manage the portfolio of minister for Aboriginal affairs and that the reason the role has never been held by an actual Aboriginal person is due to the government’s lack of care, understanding and the governments disrespect for our values and culture. I personally don’t feel an immigrant with no connection to Aboriginal people is a suitable candidate and it should be reviewed and changed to reflect what should be happening… An Indigenous leader selected by the Indigenous population for Aboriginal affairs! Why do we allow this injustice to continue in this day and age? It’s like having a shark being minister for seal affairs! Sharks eat seals! What can we do as a community that wants to get a voice inside government that is actually listened to and isn’t a toothless tiger? How do we get an Aboriginal to be elected Aboriginal affairs minister? In my mind this is a subject we need to address and demand that a representative from our people to take the responsibility to be our minister for Aboriginal affairs and not some immigrant from England who’s only good at playing politics and has shown a track record of poor performance and neglect towards what Aboriginal Australians need! A genuine, homegrown, proud and respected Indigenous leader as minister for Aboriginal affairs can and should only be occupied by an Indigenous person! If the government was serious about helping us close the gap, reduce social and cultural barriers and improve the overall lifestyles of the Indigenous population surely the government could develop a legitimate path for an Indigenous leader to take the role as minister for Aboriginal affairs. Pauline Hanson’s in parliament and Clive Palmer bought himself a position so it’s obvious that you can buy your way in or manipulate the ignorant to enter government so surely we can assist the government legitimately elect a leader that truly does have influence and power within the government that is an Aboriginal for aboriginal affairs. This article is a passionate opinion piece by David Barker. If you’re interested in having your very own article published, please get in touch with us via email or via our Welcome to Country Facebook page.

David Barker Yarnold
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Petition to The Australian Minister for Agriculture


On Tuesday the 14th of May the Australian Government announced that they have issued an import permit for one shipment of Canadian wheat into Australia. The company which the Government issued the import permit for is the Manildra Group, which they confirmed is for use in their Shoalhaven Starches facility in Nowra, Rural NSW. The reason for the issuance of the permit was cited by the applicant, stating that there are "inadequate supplies in Australia". This comment is untrue. There are adequate local stocks of the quality required for sale each day in the local Grain Market. This is confirmed by the growers and bulk handlers storing this wheat, as well as the price. Which has been under significant pressure recently, falling around $100, to a level that sees us currently exporting high protein wheat from QLD. Wouldn’t a true deficit warrant continued local price support? Australia has not seen bulk wholegrain imports since the 2002/2003 season, and in the past, whole grain imports have been heavily regulated by Government. Previous permits demanded the grain was restricted to the Metro area unless it was heat treated, to ensure biosecurity standards and protect Australian agriculture. This criteria changed late last year, so now we will see the first cargo arrive and be transported into rural areas without any treatment required. All of this is without substantial consultation or advice to Australian farmers. And for no economic benefit: CANADIAN IMPORT CALCULATION – Late March (US$250 FOB + US$23 Ocean Freight) / 0.708 + AU$40 (Unloading & AQIS Fees) + AU$15 (Inland road freight) = AU$440/mt This is compared to an Australian price of sub $400/mt. I cannot understand why the government is allowing this biosecurity risk for no net benefit to the Australian economy. The landed price of imported grain is higher than local grain of equal quality, but this will not stop imports. Consumers with import permits, will use imported stocks and the threat of further imports to keep their foot on the throat of us Australian farmers, leaving us and the trade trying to export into the competitive world market, while imports come in through the front door. Australia is currently exporting around 1 mmt per month into world markets - Do not be fooled, these exports include high protein grades that the importer and government say are not available. The machinations of this extend beyond this year and could have serious consequences to our on farm profitability moving forwards. Lower yields may no longer be offset by good prices if these imports become a regular occurrence. This will add more pressure to regional communities, requiring further government assistance, depleting land values and longer-term production security. The Government has frequently and continually denied that any permits have been granted, Even as late as last week. But there has been rumours in the market for a long time that imports were imminent. Why wasn't the Australian farmer informed over this period? The logistics involved in this type of import involve months of forward planning and the vessel is on the berth in Vancouver as I write. It is obvious that the cargo was already set to come to Australia a long time ago, but only those in the know could prepare for this market moving event. The stakes are significant, we are potentially importing the bio security issues that currently give Australia a preference into certain grain markets. Canadian Thistle, Karnal Bunt, GMO Corn and Soy can all be present. They say the risk is "low", but is it worth it? This comes at a time when the vulnerability of our biosecurity has never been so high, even the smallest slip up has potential to derail our billion-dollar industry. There are rumours in the market that more Canadian Grain has been booked (without a permit), and the Department of Agriculture, Water and Resources have indicated that they are assessing multiple import permits. The risks are all on the farmer, but the choice seems to have been made for us. This is our chance to have our say. Let’s make some noise here and not take this lying down. Let’s be our own voice and make the government accountable, as it is clear no one is looking out for us.

Georgina Warne
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Petition to Darren Chester, Darren Chester MP, Andrew Laming, MP, Andrew Hastie, MP

Australian Defence Members & First Responders Killed-In-Service

Award a Killed-in-Service (KIS) clasp on their campaign or service medal to complete their story of personal service and sacrifice. KIS 4 KIS Keep it Significant 4 Killed-In-Service Story telling is important to our nation. As Australians, we do this through our honours and awards system. We award medals to athletes to celebrate their sporting achievements and to those who have excelled in academia and community service. We award bravery medals to everyday citizens who risk their lives for others. We honour Defence families with a remembrance pin. Yes, we also award medals, citations, clasps and commendations to Australian Defence Members & First Responders. These tell the story of where they served and for how long. But of those Killed-In-Service both overseas and at home, in response to emergencies, conflict and disaster, we do not officially personalise their sacrifice or conclude their record of service. Acknowledging their Personal Sacrifice is the Right thing to do!  __________________CALL for ACTION ______________________________  Please write to the Minister to express your support and include a return address for a response. The Hon. Darren Chester MPMinister of Veteran AffairsEmail: Cc: Andrew Laming MPAustralian Government (LNP)Email: Gosling MPAustralian Labor PartyEmail: Hastie MPAustralian Liberal Party (LP)Email: _________________________________________________________________ This campaign was the initiative of Warrant Officer Class 1 (Rtd) Kerry Danes, CSM  to honour fallen comrades in the Australian Defence Force and First Responders who have been Killed-In-Service.  Why the Wattle?The wattle is our national floral emblem linked to the Australian Bravery Association, the Order of Australia awards system and the highest office of the land - our Governor General, so it holds an appropriately prestigious place in the life of our nation.  Our Numbers Original petition at has over 31,543 signatures. Combined we have close to 45,000 signatures supporting this campaign (as at 22/04/18). We have also included a proposal to the Australian government for medallic recognition for those Injured or Wounded in Service, including recognition for those suffering mental illness due to service.

Kerry and Kay Danes
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