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Petition to Disney Australia, Marvel, Melbourne City Council, Daniel Andrews, Docklands , Rita Panahi, Margy Osmond, Wanda Group, Yarra Trams, Marvel Stadium, Scott Morrison, The Walt Disney Company

Bring Disneyland to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

This petition is for why the city of Melbourne needs a Disneyland. Why Australia needs a Disneyland. And why the Docklands in Melbourne is the perfect place for it. Disneyland is currently in USA, France, Japan, and China. It has been countless years, decades even that these famous parks have been open to millions upon millions of tourists across the globe. And thus, bringing in massive amount of economy to these countries. The park is considered the happiest place on earth after all. So why not Australia? Why not Melbourne? There is the old argument that there is not enough per capita in the country to warrant the infrastructure to build a Disneyland down here; that the population is too small. Well this can be countered by saying that building infrastructure like Disneyland would increase the population growth, would boost the economy, would increase the per capita. There are several themes parks up in Queensland and across NSW. Where as Melbourne only has Luna Park in St Kilda and this new Aussie World in the middle of nowhere. And as Disney has bought out Etihad Stadium to rename it to Marvel Stadium, the Docklands would be the perfect spot to build a Disneyland. It is not far from the CBD, it is right next to Marvel Stadium, and right now it is just boring. There is not much there that would make anybody visit the docklands aside from the resturants, cafes and corporate business buildings. Building a Disneyland would not only bring something new to the Docklands and Melbourne, it would make it exciting, a place to be, and become a major tourist attraction.  There is so much benefit from building a Disneyland in Melbourne. It would drive our economy up, would open up jobs and opportunites for bigger and better things, and it would make Melbourne great again.  Australia needs a Disneyland and we need Melbourne to become the happiest place on earth.  

Stuart Mander
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Petition to The Hon Scott Morrison MP, The Hon Michael McCormack MP, Mr Alan Joyce, The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT & QANTAS GROUP: "Real Heroes Need To Be Officially Recognised!"

  QANTAS FLIGHT 72: TERROR FLIGHT FROM HELL! We the undersigned respectfully call on the Australian Prime Minister The Hon Scott Morrison MP, the Deputy Prime Minister The Hon Michael McCormack MP, and the Chief Executive Officer of Qantas Group Mr. Alan Joyce to officially acknowledge and recognise publicly Qantas Captain Kevin Sullivan (Ret.), First Officer Peter Lipsett, and Second Officer Ross Hayes as Australian National Heroes for their extraordinary contribution to Australian and Worldwide Aviation. Against all odds, these courageous men skilfully pulled off one of the most remarkable near-death escapes in aviation history when they critically handled and recovered a falling aircraft from the sky not once but twice when all they could see was the blue Indian Ocean. Their selfless act, bravery, and cool-headed actions under extreme pressure ensured the lives of 315 passengers and crew was safely back in their hands. 119 passengers were injured (nine seriously) in what was described by many of the passengers as the "Terror Flight from Hell!" Sullivan a born American (who calls Australia his home) served in the U.S. Navy on the USS America during the Iran Contra Hostage Crisis as a Top Gun Fighter Pilot, had no other option when all else had failed them but to execute a military manoeuvre to safely land the Qantas Airbus A330 aircraft. A move that was familiar territory for Sullivan having practiced it many times in the Navy for similar situations. In doing so, he and his crew cautiously avoided the possibility of another sudden nosedive which would have been catastrophic and fatal. Sullivan now medically retired faces an uphill battle in dealing with the struggles of managing his chronic PTSD constantly every day as a direct result of Qantas Flight 72. This extraordinary human being has certainly gone above and beyond the call of duty and has certainly ticked all the boxes by far. A very modest and well-respected citizen, Sullivan downplays his heroics acknowledging that it was a team effort just doing their job. October 7, 2018, will mark the tenth anniversary of that horrific flight and still to this day not a single mention has been made of any public acknowledgement or an official announcement recognising these heroes either from the Australian Government or from the Qantas Group CEO Mr. Alan Joyce.  So without delaying this any further I believe that this is now the appropriate time to remind the powers that be of the mission impossible act that these brave men courageously pulled off and that their heroic actions also significantly played an important role in solidifying the iconic Qantas brand, its reputation, and its reliability of Australia's National Carrier worldwide to this day. Sullivan has had a huge impact on my life and he is certainly “The Man” you can always rely on when it matters most. Trust me, I know this, because he and his men saved our lives and that this very important petition is our way of thanking them for bringing us all back home safely to our loved ones.  Below are just some of the comments from letters forwarded onto Qantas Care from some of the 303 passengers of Qantas Flight 72. Names have been withheld as respect to their privacy at this time. 1. Your courage, expertise, and experience saved my young family’s life. You are all heroes! The crew absolutely exercised tremendous intelligence, skill and professional composure to bring us home to our extended loved ones on that day. 2.  You should be all extremely proud of yourselves dealing with such arduous circumstances. Please uphold the faith in your judgement and ability, as you all saved many people that day. 3. I am writing to thank you for saving the lives of my treasured daughters.  If it weren’t for the swift skilled actionsof the Captain and the care of the crew, their lives could have been cut short. So let's all do this!  Their commendable heroic actions can no longer be ignored. Your much-needed voice and support will help ensure that our Forgotten Heroes will finally receive the Official Recognition they rightfully deserve at the highest level for their distinguished acts of heroism, meritorious and loyal service to the Australian People, Australian Aviation, Qantas Group, and to all the people from around the world who have traveled (past & present) on Qantas and on its code-sharing partners globally. NB: "Let us all remind the Qantas Group CEO Mr. Alan Joyce once again that its loyal staff is what makes an airline SURVIVE!"   (The link below is the full documentary of Qantas Flight 72.) Mayday - FreeFall. Season 18 Ep.7 Readers Digest Article: Facebook Page / Photos: I sincerely thank you all again for your prayers and support in signing this worthy petition. God Bless, Fuzzy MaiavaQF72 Flight Attendant (Medically Retired) P.S. Please help by sharing this forward for public awareness!  

Fuzzy Maiava
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Petition to To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives


"AGGRESSIVE & UN-AUSTRALIAN &  TACTICS BY LOCAL COUNCILS & LOCAL GREEN MEMBERS IN RANDWICK NSW TO USE HERITAGE LAWS AND SPOT REZONING TO STRIP AWAY & STEAL AUSTRALIANS OF THEIR EXISTING PROPERTY RIGHTS". Despite Local Town Plans and Development Guidelines already in place, Councillors (elected by fellow Australians, to develop plans and visions on our behalf and betterment of all the electorate), should remained focused on protecting our rights, and not MISUSING their powers or the  HERITAGE ACT to implement Spot Rezoning that is "stripping away" our rights.    "THIS ACTION IS SIMPLY .. UN-AUSTRALIAN".                                                ******************************* Like many other Australian families, we purchased a property with the plan to establish a home for our family.  After nearly a year of owning our property in Coogee, NSW, we received a letter from the local Randwick Council advising that our property, along with several others in our street, were being proposed for ‘spot rezoning’ as a heritage items and for conservation listing, a proposal that was occuring outside of the typical Local Environmental Plan (LEP) revision cycle. This outcome will greatly impede on our dreams for improving the property as a family home, not to mention the financial consequences with any future resale values.  To make matters worse, despite knowing to the contrary, we were portrayed by the local GREEN COUNCILLORS as being ‘BIG BAD DEVELOPERS’ for opposing their proposal, and wanting to redevelop our own family Home.  Despite laws in place, ultimately we are given "NO SAY" in what we can do to OUR OWN FAMILY HOME. Does this sound like a Council you want to elect or have representing you? ABSOLUTELY NOT! "We are asking for the Heritage Act be amended. To include provisions making it compulsory, for anyone wanting to propose a property for Heritage and/or  Conservation Listing. That all such proposers, are made responsible for obtaining the written consent, and agreement, for the proposal, from the current Property Owners, and before the current property owners property, can be proposed, considered or approved, for either Heritage Listing or Conservation listing, in any Local, State or Federal Government listing or register etc, in any State or Territory, of Australia". This petition is about a FAIR GO for all Australians. The current Heritage Act is 110% UnAustralian, and allows others to steal our home ownership Dreams, and is stripping away Australians Property Rights. To quote a famous Australian film, “It’s not a house, it’s a home” and no one should dictate what you can do with your home. Thanks for your time.   GREEN HERITAGE HYPOCRISY   "THIS ACTION IS SIMPLY .. UN-AUSTRALIAN".  

Andrew Kidd
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