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Petition to Asahi Group Holdings Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director, CEO Mr. Akiyoshi Koji

[ONGOING] Call on ASAHI GROUP to ban animal testing for foods and beverages

[UPDATE]On May 12th, we submitted the 31,419 signatures gathered by May 10th and comments on this site to the president of Asahi Group Holdings by mail. However, we will continue this campaign until we get the answer of "BAN". Thank you for your continued cooperation in sharing and spreading. Due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games scheduled for this summer have been postponed. On April 6th, Asahi Group Holdings Co., Ltd. with Asahi Breweries, one of the gold partners of Tokyo 2020, posted a policy of not conducting animal testing on its official website. Basic stance on Asahi Group animal testing “We have adopted a policy that Asahi Group will not fund, conduct or commission animal tests that are not explicitly required by law in the field of food, beverages and cosmetics.” We should be careful not to be deceived by the policy they are holding up. JAVA met Asahi Group this FebruaryWhat is the exclusion rule for ban animal testing of Asahi Group? When we, JAPAN ANTI-VIVISECTION ASSOCIATION (JAVA), met with the people in charge of this issue of Asahi Group on February 21th 2020, we confirmed about the “legally required” animal testing that are not subject to the ban, and they are the following three. In case of public health accountability such as after market accidents. In case of legally required by the system of other countries such as Novel Food of EU and GRAS of USA. Various permission applications and notification to the Japanese government (FOOD AND BEVERAGE: application for permission of food for specified health uses (FOSHU)  and notification of food with function claims (FFC) to Consumer Affairs Agency, COSMETICS: request to revise cosmetics standards, application for manufacturing and marketing approval of quasi-drugs , etc.) Should be a problem about 3. Food for specified health uses(FOSHU) & Food with function claims(FFC)FOSHU & FFC are the most brilliant fields in the Japanese food industry right now.FOSHU is required to apply for permission and FFC is required to notify Consumer Affairs Agency. Animal testing are not required if eating experience and human test data are used when they develop new products. On the other hand, safety and functional data are required when they develop new products they don’t have enough eating experience and human test data.Animal testing is legally required for safety and functional data. IT IS JUST AN OPTION.Because of the option, it is Asahi Group’s excuse that animal testing is unavoidable.Under the cause of “extending healthy life expectancy”, in the current food industry unnecessary animal testing is being conducted in order to add unnatural functionalities to foods, develop new products, obtain patents, and obtain profits. Other companies stopped animal testing for FOSHU & FFCKikkoman, Yakult Honsha, NISSIN FOODS Group, FUJI OIL HOLDINGS and Kewpie that JAVA has so far requested to end animal testing, have proven it by corporate efforts.But Asahi Group considers the animal testing that the above –mentioned companies could abolish as “not subject to ban”. So, Asahi Group’s “policy of not conducting animal testing” is inadequate and we cannot approve it. Sign by May 10th!On March 24th, JAVA issued a “request form for the termination of animal testing in the fields of food and beverage, cosmetics and daily necessities” to the president.The deadline for replying to the request is the end of May. Now that the coronavirus pandemic is in a serious situation, so it may seem that Asahi Group issue is not important.However, Asahi Group will make a management decision as to whether or not to completely abolish animal testing within a month and a half.So, the signature deadline is May 10th. Asahi Group is a holding company with a gold partner of “Tokyo 2020”, and is drawing attention from all over the world. Now is the time to become a cruelty free company.Please support our campaign. We hope as many people as possible will sign the petition! Please check our website for more details (This site is only available in Japanese).

NPO法人動物実験の廃止を求める会 (Japan Anti-Vivisection Association;JAVA)
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Petition to 環境省 野生生物課 御中 環境省 自然環境局 総務課 動物愛護管理室 御中 環境省 官房総務課 御中


奄美大島5市町村及び環境省で計画されたノネコ管理計画ですが、この計画は本来の目的である環境保全とは大きくズレてきており、法令違反にも抵触してきております。   その原因と根拠は以下となります。   ノネコ管理計画開始間もなく一般人が許可なく不当捕獲したとされるさくらみみの猫を奄美環境省が不適切に受け取るというあってはならない事態がありました。   環境省、業務委託先業者の捕獲方法も不適切と思います。大自然で襲われる可能性があるのにも関わらず、また熱帯夜に一晩中カゴわなを放置したり、そして檻がこわくて逃げたい一心が原因と思われるケガをしている猫が多数います。これは虐待ネグレクトです。また、有識者の方が見つけていただきましたが、捕獲器を瀬戸内町の許可をなく設置し道路法違反をしました。(瀬戸内署把握)   奄美環境省及び奄美市は捕獲から短期間で何回も不必要な麻酔をかけ死亡のリスクを高めており、動物愛護、動物医療の観点から不適切です。       情報によるとおよそ収容された猫の1割がさくらみみの猫です。また、ほとんどが一歳前後の幼齢であり人馴れしていることから環境省のノネコの定義には当てはまらず、奄美大島は自然保護区とは関係のない地域で無差別に捕獲しており野良猫もしくは飼い猫の可能性が高いです。これは動物愛護管理法や民法である所有権問題に抵触しています。   また、殺処分担当でもある島の委託獣医がマッチングを終え譲渡先も決まっていた小さな幼齢の猫に不適切な手術を行い無惨な死亡をさせるという事が起こり国民は悲しみに苦しんでおります。   なぜこれだけの問題を起こすのでしょうか、   奄美大島はマングース駆除が終わる10年前から殺処分計画を立てており、地元民の書き込みから島の収入のために立ててた計画、奄美大島を6割はげ山にし環境破壊したのは人間、殺処分する方向に持っていくための論文を書いた、といった聞き捨てならない情報や猫もうさぎの命も大事というご意見が多数あり島民もこの管理計画には批判的な様です。   1年で100匹満たない捕獲、そもそもその数で猫が環境破壊をするとは到底考えにくい、また人馴れしている市街地の猫が山で生息しているはずがないと考えます。   環境保全を掲げるならゴルフ場等の建設で山を開拓するのは不自然です。環境破壊はこの様な人間のおごりが原因であり猫のせいにするのは幼稚で浅はかです。   本来、国の目的は環境保全であり猫の殺処分ではありません。保護譲渡でいいはずですが、奄美大島の関係者であろう保護譲渡反対派いわゆる駆除派は何故か命を善意且つ自力で守る有志の方々に嫌がらせをしたり言葉の暴力を振るい続けており、国の施策でもある譲渡事業への妨害行為も犯罪化しております。   これは殺処分を生業にしている方々の反対勢力であり、如何に動物利用し収入にするかとビジネスとし国の施策に乗せてきた外郭団体のいつもの動物愛護関係者への妨害パターンと危惧します。   また、過激な発想はエスカレートし海外の様に毒撒きをしたらいいがまだましな殺処分方法をすることにしている、など恐ろしい発信をしており、島の獣医もこれについては賛同されている様です。   このままでは何でも簡単に命を絶つ国に成り下がります。教育上や精神衛生面でもよくありません。   駆除と正当化し不必要な動物殺しや忌まわしい犬狩り…、過去の過ちを繰り返さないために以下を要望します。       1.黒うさぎも猫も人間も共生できる健全な施策にシフトしてください。   2.猫の捕獲殺処分の制度を即廃止してください。 国家予算、およそ3000万の血税を捕獲殺処分ではなく保護譲渡に使用してください。   3.猫にも山で暮らすにはリスクがあります、侵入しなくていい様に緩やかな保護にシフトし譲渡事業を奄美市から環境省(中央)が仕切り直しをしてください。   4.国の民度を下げる様な反日行為を監視してください。     [English edition] It is a cat management plan planned by Amami Oshima 5 municipalities and the Ministry of the Environment.This plan is far from the original objective of environmental conservation,and has also violated laws and regulations.   The causes and grounds are as follows.   Soon after the start of the cat management plan,there should have been a situation where the Amami Ministry of Environment improperly received Sakuramimi's cat,which was assumed to have been caught illegally by ordinary people without permission.   I think that the capture method of the Ministry of the Environment and subcontractors is also inappropriate.In spite of the possibility of being attacked by nature,there are many cats that have been injured due to leaving the basket trap all night in a tropical night,and the cause of a heart that wants to escape due to the scare  The  This is an abuse neglect.In addition,an expert found it,but installed a trap on the town road without permission and violated the road law.  (Understand police station)   The Amami Ministry of Environment and Amami City have increased the risk of death by applying unnecessary anesthesia many times in a short period after capture,which is inappropriate from the viewpoint of animal welfare and animal medicine.   According to the information,about 10% of cats housed are Sakuramimi cats.In addition,because most of them are young childreわn around 1 year old and are familiar with them,the definition of cats by the Ministry of the Environment is not applicable,and Amami Oshima is caught indiscriminately in areas unrelated to nature reserves and stray cats  Or the possibility of a domestic cat is high.This is in conflict with the animal rights management law and civil law.   In addition,the nation's contracted veterinarian,who is also in charge of slaughter,has suffered sadness as a result of improper surgery on a small infant cat who had been matched and given a transfer destination to cause miserable death.   Why do they cause these problems!!   Amami Oshima has been planning to kill cats 10 years before the end of mongoose extermination,A plan made for the island's income from the writings of local people,Amami Oshima made 60% bald mountain,the human being destroyed,wrote a paper to take in the direction of killing,There are a lot of opinions that such information that can not be abandoned and the life of the cat rabbit is important,and the islanders are also critical of this management plan.   Capture less than 100 in one year,it is hard to think that cats will destroy the environment in the first place,Also,I think that familiar urban cats should not live in the mountains.         It is unnatural to cultivate mountains by constructing golf courses etc. if we are to protect the environment.The destruction of the environment is caused by such human waste,and it is childish and shallow to blame cats.         Originally,the purpose of the country is environmental conservation,not the killing of cats.The transfer of protection should be fine,but the so-called extermination group,who is related to Amami Oshima,continues to harass and wave violence of words for volunteers who protect their lives in good faith and on their own.The act of obstructing the transfer business,which is a national measure,is also criminalized.   This is the opposition of people who are killing their lives,and they are concerned about how to use animals and make income,and the pattern of obstruction to the usual animal welfare personnel of the outer organization that has been put into business as a business.       In addition,we are terrifying that radical ideas are escalated and poisoned like overseas,but we still have a better way to kill,The island veterinarians seem to agree with this.   In this situation,anything can easily become a country that will die.  It is not good for education and mental health.   Exterminating and justifying,unnecessary animal killing and obscene dog hunting ...、 In order not to repeat past mistakes,we request the following.   1. Shift to a sound policy that allows black rabbits,cats and humans to live together.   2. Please abolish the system for cats killing. Use the national budget,approximately 30 million blood taxes,for the transfer of protection,not capture and killing.   3. Cats also have a risk to live in the mountains,so please shift to gradual protection so that they do not need to enter and transfer the transfer business from Amami City to the Ministry of the Environment (center).   4. Please monitor anti-Japanese acts that reduce the country's population.  

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Petition to 神戸市立須磨海浜水族園 , 鴨川シーワールド , 株式会社サンケイビル , 株式会社グランビスタ ホテル&リゾート

日本のシャチたちをこれ以上家族から引き離さないで! Don't pull the orcas in Japan away from their family any more!

神戸市立須磨海浜水族園のリニューアルにあたり、シャチの搬入が予定されています。同園は鴨川シーワールドと提携し、シャチを移動させる予定とのこと。(鴨川からの移動については、市議会でも話題に上がっているようなので、間違いはないのかな…と、思います ) シャチは本来、家族単位のポッドと呼ばれるグループで生活をしています。現在日本で飼育されているシャチはすべて血縁関係にあり、鴨川シーワールドと名古屋港水族館の2館に分かれて生活をしています。シャチの大きさを鑑みれば1館だけで全頭を飼育するのは難しく、これまでにもシャチの飼育経験のある2館がこれまで日本のシャチたちを飼育・展示してきました。 鴨川シーワールドと提携を結んでいるといえど、これまでシャチの飼育経験のない須磨海浜水族園へわざわざ分離する必要はあるのでしょうか? これまでも日本のシャチたちは鴨川シーワールドと名古屋港水族館の間で移動を繰り返してきました。シャチたちに負担をかけ、家族を引き離してまで移動させる意味とは何でしょうか。 動物園や水族館は、その性質上”種の保存”に多大な貢献をする場所だとこれまで思ってきました。しかし、今回の須磨海浜水族園のリニューアルについては、入園料の値上げなどにより地元神戸の市民からもシャチの搬入をやめて欲しいという声が上がり、署名活動も行われています。 リニューアルされる須磨海浜水族園では、人工授精による繁殖設備の強化なども取り上げられていますが、果たしてそれは現在の2館では不可能なのでしょうか。 鴨川シーワールドと名古屋港水族館では、これまでにも自然交配によるシャチの出産、育成に成功しています。人工授精による繁殖となれば課題はもっと多いはずです。それなのにシャチの飼育経験もない須磨海浜水族園でそれを行うことが、本当に動物のためになるとは考えられません。 本当に”種の保存”が目的なのであれば、シャチたちが今以上に増えて、2館では飼育しきれなくなった段階で須磨海浜水族園さんに手を貸していただくわけにはいかないのでしょうか。 ただの話題作り、ただの金儲けのためにこれ以上シャチたちに負担をかけてまで移動させることはどうかやめていただきたい。   The current plans for the renewal of the Suma Aqualife Park includes the transfer of orcas in cooperation with Kamogawa Sea World. Usually, orcas live in the family groups, called pods, and all orcas bred in Japan are from the same pod. As they are large animals and it is difficult to breed them all in one place, they live separated in two groups, one at Kamogawa Sea World and the other at the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium. Until now only these two aquariums with experience with orcas where breeding and exhibiting them. However, the orcas will be pulled away from their familly and transfered to Suma Aqualife Park, which, while it will be in cooperation with Kamogawa Sea World, has no experience with orcas. Is it necessary and in their best interest? What do you think about this? The orcas have been transfered many times between Kamogawa Sea World and the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium. Why burden them with more unnecessary transfers and pull them away from their family? Citizens of Kobe also are campaigning for the cancelation of the orcas transfer and are currently petitioning against it. Suma Aqualife Park has been accepted by the citizens, as an inexpensive and friendly aquarium but the arrival of the orcas will more than double the entrance fee Both the orcas and the citizens of Kobe do not venir from the plan which will serve only the interests of the aquarium owner by creating buzz and money. We do ask for the cancellation of those plans to protect the comfortable life of the orcas. We ask you one more, "What do you think about this?"   ※R1.10.31 言葉が足りず、一部の方にご指摘いただいたため文章の一部を変更しました。繁殖→出産  R1.11.11 英文を追記しました。

Ohkubo Hitomi
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Petition to 内閣総理大臣 安倍晋三


需要が低迷する和牛の消費のための経済対策として、日本政府は「お肉券(仮)」を配布する構想を進めています。 2012年、国連が地球環境や食料需給に大きな問題であると畜産業について警告し、地球環境問題、動物愛護、信条、健康等の理由で、訪日外国人客はじめ肉食を控える人が増えています。 畜産業者は困っているのでしょうが、それについては、他の方法で対策すべきです。世界中で進む代替肉開発の援助もできるでしょう。 政策費用は全て税金から支出されます。 お肉券配布は、肉食をしない人には不必要で税金の無駄遣いであるばかりか、環境や命を尊ぶ人への冒涜、不利益な税金の使用方法となります。 昨年小泉環境大臣がステーキを食べるアピールをしたことで、日本は環境大臣でさえ、環境に配慮する姿勢がないと批判を受けたことはまだ記憶に新しいことです。 お肉券発行は、SDGsを意識する企業が増える中、日本は地球環境意識が低いとさらに国際的評判を下げ、私たち国民みなの大きな不名誉、不利益につながります。 また、動物愛護意識も広がり、券で交換することにも不快感を覚える人がいます。 やめましょう、お肉券! As economic measure for consumption of the Japanese beef which demand hovers around, the Japanese Government pushes forward a design to distribute "a meat ticket" (provisionally) to.In 2012, the United Nations warns a global environment and the food supply and demand that it is a big problem about the stock-raising industry, and, for reasons of the issue of global environment, the animal protection, the creed, the health, people writing down eating meat in the visit to Japan foreigner visitor beginning increase.The stockbreeder will be in trouble, but, about it, should take measures by other methods. The support of the substitute meat development to advance all over the world will be possible.The policy expense is expended all from a tax.Not only the meat ticket distribution is unnecessary for the person who does not eat meat and is a tax loss messenger, but also it is the usage of the profanity to a person respecting environment and a life, the disadvantageous tax.It is still new in memory last year that Japan received criticism in having emphasized that Minister of the Environment Koizumi eat a steak if there is not a posture to consider environment even in the Ministers of the Environment.Japan lowers the international reputation while companies being aware of SDGs increase if global environment awareness is low, and the big dishonor of all we nations is disadvantageous, and the meat ticket issuance is connected.In addition, there is the person who feels a non-pleasure in changing the animal protection awareness with an expanse, a ticket.Stop the meat ticket! (by weblio) we need a translator !

一般社団法人 日本vegan協会
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