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Stop the Proposed FAA NextGen Flights Over Culver City

The FAA is proposing changing the flight paths over Culver City beginning 2016. The proposed new flight paths will fly over Culver City High School (and nearby Farragut Elementary School and Middle School) and over downtown Culver City (and Linwood Howe Elementary School). This change is part of the FAA's implementation of a new air traffic control system (NextGen) that allows more planes in the air, flying at a lower altitude, and closer spacing between planes along a narrower flight path, which concentrates flight paths over our homes and schools.. Culver City residents have noticed an increased amount of aircraft noise over our once quiet Culver City neighborhoods. The sky is humming with jet noise, spaced within as little as 60 seconds of each other, plane after plane, throughout the day and night, and the jet noise is noticeably loud (not quiet from a distant). Some of them are flying at such a low altitude residents are able to identify the airline from below. The jet noise and pollution WILL GET WORSE when NextGen takes effect in 2016, and has the potential to negatively change the characteristics of our city and neighborhoods. Many Culver City residents are concerned the increased jet noise and pollution will negatively impact our home values, businesses, environment, our children's ability to concentrate and learn in school, and their ability to safely play outside without the spew of toxic chemicals from the jet fuel overhead. Other cities have recently sued the FAA over increased aircraft noise in their neighborhoods due to NextGen. Phoenix sues FAA over flight path changes: Plane exhaust kills more people than plane crashes: Lower altitudes of proposed late night flights over Culver City may negatively affect residents' health and sleep: The proposed FAA NextGen flight paths over Culver City have the potential to squash a flourishing, vibrant American community that is in the midst of a renaissance. Culver City is on the international map, known worldwide for art, architecture, and food. Citizens around the world are talking about Culver City as “a magnet for lovers of the arts, good food and culture” and it is considered “L.A.'s new restaurant mecca.” The Culver City Arts District is home to the world’s most cutting-edge art galleries and architecture that, according to the NY Times and the BBC, rival those of other cities around the world. Innovative startups and technology companies (such as NantWorks and Beats Electronics) and entertainment industry giant, Sony Pictures Studios, have made Culver City their home. Although located within the urban metropolis of Los Angeles, Culver City has its own highly acclaimed local government and has a small town feel where involved residents actively form block party committees to organize annual Fourth of July celebrations with their families, friends, and neighbors. Culver City is an ideal, united, and all-American town that takes pride in its racial, ethnic, religious, and socio-economic diversity. We celebrate and honor our senior citizens and veteran’s community. Families throughout Southern California and around the world move to Culver City because of our highly ranked, award-winning public schools at the elementary school, middle school, and high school levels. The first public dual-language immersion school in the U.S. began in Culver City. Culver City is also home to some of the most prestigious private schools in Southern California. Culver City is also known as a pedestrian community where residents, young and old, enjoy and bond with one another in outdoor spaces. When you walk around the residential neighborhoods of Culver City you will see neighbors walking their dogs, environmentally conscious citizens tending to their organic vegetable gardens, senior citizens practicing Tai Chi every Saturday morning in Culver City’s many parks, fathers playing soccer with their sons, and mothers and daughters going door-to-door to raise funds for their schools. The proposed FAA NextGen flight path over Culver City is a THREAT to EVERYTHING we (and the world) love about Culver City. We implore you to use all your power, influence, and connections to protect this flourishing, internationally acclaimed American city. The World is Talking About Culver City: Culver City: LA’s hottest new neighborhood. An art district grows in Culver City.,0,3849,full.story Culver City is the site of a burgeoning food scene.,0,3270162,full.story Culver City: L.A.’s newest design destination. Culver City is a tech haven. Culver City’s local government as a model for other cities. CBS News Media Coverage. Respectfully,Parents and Residents of Culver City

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Petition to Patty Murray

Mandatory Drone Geofencing

How would you feel if one of your loved ones died, because of an inexperienced drone pilot failed to follow the FAA safety guidelines? On New Year’s Eve, a drone accelerated at increasing speeds  towards the Space Needle in Seattle nearly colliding with pyrotechnic workers who were preparing the fireworks display for that evening. Imagine if the drone had struck one of those workers and had caused them to lose balance and plummet towards the earth. Or even if the drone itself had suddenly plunged towards the earth at terminal velocity and struck someone far below. We can all agree that it is terrifying thinking about mechanical objects raining from the sky at terminal velocity, or a plane crashing because it collided with a drone upon taking off. My cousin is a pilot and he’s told me about his own scary close call that he himself experienced with a drone when he was taking off and it had me shook. Maybe 25 feet determined whether my cousin would crash his plane.  That is why I chose to research this topic. I would like to explain WHY drone regulations need to be stricter by mandating geofencing on drones. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than the cure.” I also believe this. I would rather never have to be afraid of my airplane that’s leaving Sea-Tac Airport colliding with a drone that is flying in restricted airspace because no preventative measures were taken. Drones themselves are Unmanned Aircraft Systems that usually carry a camera used for taking scenic video. Everybody is legally required to follow both community and FAA UAS safety regulations if they are to operate a drone in the United States. Sadly, people break these safety regulations quite often according to thousands of close calls reported by pilots. According to the FAA, from February – September of 2016, there were 1,274 drone near misses reported by pilots of aircraft, some of which are recorded to have only missed the aircraft by 15 feet.  “Impacts from drones are NOT the same as impact of birds,” says Javid Bayandor, associate Professor and Director of the CRASH lab at Virginia Tech. “Drones are like mechanical geese from Hell…” Bayandor’s simulations showed what happened when drones and birds meet a choppy death by jet engine. "Birds can disintegrate relatively get something like a very viscous bulk of fluid on the other side" says Bayandor. "A drone can be like a rock going through the engine." In the past, it has taken only a flock of birds to take out an airplanes engine. Just one reckless drone pilot who ignores safety regulations could kill you or a loved one in a plane crash. On New Year’s Eve 2016, while pyrotechnic workers were setting up the fireworks display at the top of the Space Needle in Seattle 605’ above the ground, a drone accelerated towards them and crashed into the needle. This dangerous event should never have been able to happen. The FAA UAS safety regulations prohibit drones from being flown above 400 feet, while the space needle stands at 605’ tall. Furthermore, in Seattle’s special events permitting handbook, it specifically states that no drone use is allowed in the City of Seattle unless the drone activity is for commercial filming and is permitted with a Seattle Master Film Permit. The drone community may argue that the fact that they need to register their drones before they can legally fly them is more than enough if not too much government oversight among drones. However it is clear that human error, unless prevented, may lead to the death of others. People do things they aren’t supposed to. We’ve all broken a rule before and people aren’t about to stop breaking the law. It only takes one stupid person, flying a drone where it isn’t supposed to be, to crash an airplane or to accidentally knock someone off a building. Let me explain what geofencing is. Geofencing is software that can be loaded onto drones This software acts as a shock collar like you would put on a pet to prevent it from going where it’s not supposed to be Geofencing software should be mandatory in all drones which prevents them from flying above 400 feet as well as preventing flight in restricted airspace which gives the user no choice but to obey the law. With geofencing being mandatory in all new drones is a preventative action that can be taken before any true devastation has occurred. It’s not a matter of if a drone will collide with a commercial airliner because the user decided not to follow FAA guidelines, it’s when. Drones running this software will physically be unable to fly in restricted airspace which will keep drones away from airports preventing them from colliding with commercial airlines. Drones won’t be able to fly above 400 feet which keeps everyone safer as they won’t be able to reach the altitude of airplanes that are landing or taking off. Humans will not be able to decide what part of the law they want to follow and what part they choose to ignore because the drone will have its own decision that will prevent the user from breaking the law in the first place. I think we can all agree that it’s a necessary preventative measure that will save lives.  I think that this is a necessary, simple, preventative measure to take to make the skies safe.

Noah Wittman
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