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Petition to Joshua Lindsay

Recall California Governor Gavin Newsom! Make California Great Again.

We did it! As of 7/4/2020 we have an officially approved petition in circulation to Recall Govenor Gavin Newsom.  Official Petitions have to be printed and "signed in ink", which must be physically approved and counted by the CA Secretary of State. Please download, Sign, and mail in the petition here, Whats Next? If you'd like to join the conversation go  to  Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter ext are restricting all political conversation which contradicts the Official Narrative, threw Censorship and Deplatforming.  See you there. Summary of the Problem,  Governor Gavin Newsom in addition to Governor Jerry Brown have declared California a Sanctuary State, importing illegal immigrants to replace the people of California, and give them California's tax payer funded goods and services in order to alter the voting demographics against Americans, and in favor of Democrats. Recently, in 2019 within months of taking office, Governor Gavin Newsom pulled troops off the southern border when President Trump attempted to stop illegal immigrant caravans from entering the United States which threaten all of the United States not just California, and continues to allow immigrants to flow into California threw the Southern border. Because Democrat Governor Jerry Brown and his Lieutenant Governor, now Governor Gavin Newsom declared California a Sanctuary State.  These policies have rapidly increased California prison population and homeless encampments with illegal immigrants, and impacted public schools, and prohibit State Law Enforcement to cooperate with Federal Law Enforcement, ie ICE who's job is to deport illegal immigrant criminal offenders. Californians did not vote for Sanctuary Cities, or for California to feud with President Trump to bring in illegal immigrants to replace Californian citizens.  Therefore, here is a petition to Recall Governor Gavin Newsom.  If you agree please sign the Petition. Thank you for your time.  Make California Great Again! Download the petition and sign it PLEASE NOTE: Recall petitions have to be printed and signed in ink. They have to be approved by the CA Secretary of State. "Signing" here on will NOT count towards triggering a recall election. But there is an officially recognized recall petition circulating. Here it is: Donate, (do not donate to, does not give the money to my effort, keeps the money for themselves, as a for profit organization) You can also join me on facebook,  For more information on the process to recall a California Governor, goto: The Last Californian Governor to be recalled was Governor Gray Davis, who was replaced by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  

Joshua Lindsay
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Petition to Brian Kemp, Georgia State Senate, Georgia State House


We believe in “No Taxation Without Representation.” Over 266,000 law-abiding Georgia citizens who are on parole or probation are denied representation by being denied the right to vote. They go to work, pay their taxes, and are contributing members of society, and yet they are denied a voice in the growth and direction of their own communities. They can't vote because of the Reconstruction Era creation of a new Georgia Constitution in 1877, designed to restrict the newly received rights of slaves. (Article II, Section I, Paragraph III.),_Georgia_Constitution The power of the vote is the power of self-determination. Casting a vote gives citizens a deciding voice in what we believe to be best for ourselves, our families, and our communities. To deny access to government and the distribution of the power that exercises authority over us, while at the same time imposing scores of taxes upon us, is fundamentally unjust and unamerican and needs to be corrected immediately. Representation in exchange for taxation was one of the founding principles of the United States of America. It embodies our national resistance to tyranny. Yet in 2020, centuries after the U.S. gained freedom, justice, and democracy, Georgia has more people on parole and probation than any other state, and remains one of 30 states that does not restore voting rights upon release from prison if under supervision. Such denial makes a mockery of the American democratic experience. Join us in eradicating this State sponsored second class citizenship by calling upon our Georgia state legislature to bring back dignity to hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens (neighbors, friends and family members) and fully restore their right to vote. Our goal is to reach over 266,000 supporters. Sign this petition today!

IMAN Atlanta
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