Make Zomato accessible with screen readers for visually challenged people

Make Zomato accessible with screen readers for visually challenged people

7 February 2020
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Zomato (Zomato Media Pvt Limited)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Aziz Minat

I can no longer order food online.
You must be wondering why is that an issue?
It is because UberEats has been acquired by Zomato.

As a person with visual disability, Uber Eats has been a comparatively more accessible option for me. I could easily order food.
But now that Zomato has taken over UberEats, I no longer have that option.

Zomato screens cannot be read by various screen readers. This makes Zomato inaccessible for people who have visual impairment. It was not the case before, but in the race of surviving in the market, they started becoming more and more inaccessible. Before they become completely inaccessible, it is important to draw their attention to this issue.

In this competition amongst the online food delivery platforms, it is us who have to suffer.
Things which I could do easily one and half years back, either it takes so much effort  unnecessarily or I have to rely on people to do the same. I can no longer independently order food. I will have to take someone’s assistance or go and get my own food.

I cannot believe that big businesses like Zomato still choose to remain inaccessible to people with disability.

Most of the websites anyway do not have tools to make them easy to use. Screen-readers are a great help.

It is time that we ask them to make their platform open to all.
Please sign my petition asking Zomato to do the following-
- Make their platform screen reader friendly
- Add descriptive text to images

Please sign and share in large numbers because inclusivity is a right and no one should have to fight every day for services that are easily available for all.

Your support for this small change will be a huge step towards making this society accessible, one step at a time.

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Signatures: 14,471Next Goal: 15,000
Support now