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Urge and encourage the Chinese government to implement and enforce national comprehensive animal welfare legislation

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Mahatma Gandhi once said "the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated".

Meat markets...fur markets/farms...foie gras farms...zoos.  While these industries alone may not cause horror or disgust, the practices and the abuse that surrounds them do.  13-16 million dogs and cats, some of which are stolen pets, are butchered every year for human consumption in Asia.  The amount of dogs that are killed would wipe out every pet in Canada.  The brutality of treatment in the meat markets in China is nothing short of barbaric.  These animals are brutally beaten and stabbed, electrocuted, hung and boiled while fully conscious. The fur markets/farms are equally horrific.  Animals such as raccoons, minks, foxes, rabbits, and even dogs and cats, are still alive and conscious when they are skinned.  In foie gras farms birds are force fed grain to the point that they can barely move due to their oversized bodies and must resort to pushing themselves along with their wings.  Chinese zoos employ the most destitute conditions and living environments for the animals within them.  None of the treatment in any of these industries can be described as humane and the abuse that these animals endure ends with their deaths after needless prolonged suffering.  

There is absolutely no reason why these animals needs to endure the amount of suffering and pain that they are forced to experience at the hands of heartless humans. The majority of the world makes attempts to reduce the amount of suffering that animals experience through animal welfare legislation and standards but China does not.  Mainland China does not have a comprehensive animal protection or welfare law.  There is no legislation in existence to protect these animals from their excruciating suffering.  Animal cruelty of any sort is not a punishable offence.  In an online poll, 89% of Chinese citizens called for the country to enact anti-cruelty legislation for animals. This is evidence that the Chinese people want change. 

By signing this petition you will implore Canadian government officials, including the Chinese Ambassador, to add their voices and influence to the growing call within China and across the world to end these barbaric practices.  By signing you will help urge the Chinese government to create, implement and enforce COMPREHENSIVE animal welfare legislation.  Your voices will urge these officials to encourage and support the Chinese President and the Chinese Communist Party to change, improve and implement animal welfare laws to prohibit the inhumane practices currently occurring in China. 

We, the undersigned, call for swift action by all Canadian government officials, including Zhang Junsai, Chinese Ambassador to Canada, to urge the Chinese President and the Community Party of China, to create, implement and enforce national comprehensive animal welfare legislation for all animals, domestic or otherwise.  

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